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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Abstract Electro , Electro-Acoustic , Ambient , Electro Dub , Psychedelic Soul , Alternative , Experimental
Sortie : 2011

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By Properlychilled.com from Official Site :

Kansas City’s Monta At Odds, brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore, display their passion for dub, abstract funk and postrock then roll it up into an atmospheric trip. Tracks wind and blend into the next seamlessly without the soundscape ever getting predictable. The album hinges on collected ambiance and voice sounds recorded during Delaney’s travels through a variety of Eastern European and Asian countries -these sounds all help keep things deep and emotional from beginning to end. A sublime journey guaranteed to transport.

This special release also includes 4 remixes of ‘Disappointment’ by: Carter Monroe, Rogg Agent, Solus and DF Tram and the track ‘On The Fly’ an outtake from the original album recording sessions.

The music of "Unsuspecting" is often dark, always moody and perfect for a long, quiet drive, or a slow night in. While Monta At Odds draw from inspirations of jazz, and dub, their sound is an entirely unique combination of brushed snares, jazz horns, drifting string pads, abstract, dubby vibes, melancholy guitar and piano, with sparse and always distorted vocals. This album is more for closing your eyes and drifting away than nodding your head or moving your feet, and if you can make any level of emotional connection the first time you hear it, "Unsuspecting" is guaranteed to grow on you like a vine.

Tracklist :
1. Some Times Almost Never Happens (2:17)
2. Disappointment (5:14)
3. Discard (4:58)
4. A Scratch A Nick A Scuff (3:37)
5. Message From Istanbul (5:14)
6. Kindred Spirits (7:06)
7. A Little Better (5:07)
8. Between America (2:11)
9. Relatively Unexplored (2:47)
10. Sharp (2:08)
11. Make The Most Of It (4:13)
12. Last Day In Istanbul (3:04)
13. Slwpoki (3:51)
14. Discard (Samer Saba Remix) (5:24)
15. On The Fly (4:36)
16. Disappointment (Carter-Monroe Remix) (5:07)
17. Disappointment (Rogg-Agent Remix) (7:02)
18. Disappointment (Solus Remix) (5:25)
19. Disappointment (DF Tram Ambient Remix) (7:28)



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