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Born the youngest son of Vivienne Johnson and renowned musician Winston "electric dread" Mcanuff,Matthew was born in 1986, Kingston Jamaica and grew up in Sedburgh North East Manchester.He was introduced to stage performance at age 9 which aided is blossoming career .Matthew then went on to recording professionally at age 13 which led to the compilation of his first two singles "I know" and "cruising",recorded at First Rise studio.Due to academic pursuits,the young musician paused his musical endeavor to complete his studies at Knox College High.After graduating,he spent two years at Knox Community College before reigniting his musical flames.He then returned to kingston where he started recording with Builders music and The Uprising Band led by drummer (his eldest brother) Rashaun "Black Kush" Mcanuff. it was then he created songs such as "acoustic melodies'."set me free"."life in the past" and others.After which he released his hit single "Be Careful" with Earl "Chinna" Smith on Makasound "Inna Di yard" vol 2 production which got heavy rotation on France Inter and Radio Nova in France and debut 1 on Natty Dread sampler.
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