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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2007

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By Brian Tucker  from http://bootlegmag.blogspot.com

Fuzz and Mac (Fuzz Jackson and McClain Sullivan) come together on this EP to produce seven tracks that are catchy, groove you and head straight for the soul. Mac’s sweetly pitched vocals and Jackson’s even keeled warm rap style sound solid, transcending typical rap offerings.
Mac doesn’t over sing, she doesn’t have to, channeling Billie Holiday and Res but keeping it all her own. Her vocals are sultry on ‘In the Evening’ sounding peaceful and harmonious. It is a tune for the ladies, a slow groove with spice. The beats are firm, laced with sparse piano. I never needed you like I do today/I never thought these words I’d have to say. Jackson trades off with echoing vocals, a blend of KRS-ONE and Kanye. I just do my thing/rap the underground…Just doing my thing/What you expect from me?
‘Valerie’ is a cautionary tale, a mid western girl caught up in a scene forgetting self respect. It is the heaviest track musically, fuzzed out keyboards with Jackson laying out a sermon and Mac mixes up spoken word with harmony, partly fiercer than Jackson, a welcome, different approach. This wasn’t to be me/I was supposed to get married/Have a family portrait of three…Somehow I got lost between the beginning and the end/Got caught up in the shady life where the devil pretends to be your best friend.
‘Thank You’ is musical appreciation for parental support, shades of Jay-Z and The Commodores in there also. You never left my corner/I never changed for this biz Jackson throws out. The outro goes long but on it you hear Jackson sing. It would have been excellent to hear him sing on a track or two.
‘Malibu’ slows thing down, a staccato drum beat, horn samples shouting in the background. It echoes Massive Attack’s slower, moody songs. Mac’s vocals are different on this track too, gentle and sultry, like Lisa Gerrard or PC Kahuna but less whiny and honey soaked. ‘Disco’ works the Jamiroqaui field of play and vocally is very 1978. This one’s for the clubs if people are hip to it.
A blend of musical styles, some buried deep in the way it is mixed together. Although not heavy on guitar, the rhythm of rock is under there, blending hip hop and soul. Together Again is a wonderful combination of soul, love, attitude and harmony. All these tracks are memorable and timeless. After listening, the refrain of Baby you got it from ‘You Got It’ will linger. And you’ll like it.

Tracklist :
01-You Got It
02-In The Evening
07-The Things I Love You For



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