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Origine du Groupe : Ethiopia , Finland
Style : Folk , Blues
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.bonevoyagerecordings.com

Mirel Wagner is a 23 year old singer/songwriter, born in Ethiopia and raised
in Espoo, Finland.  Since age 16 she's writing gloomy Blues and Folk songs,
stripped down to the bone. It's just about her airy but rough voice and a
minimalistic guitar picking. Avoiding theatralic gestures effortlessly her
music has a unique intensity and emotional weight.

"...Townes Van Zandt once said that there are two types of music. 'The blues and zip-a-dee-doo-dah'. This falls into the blues category and a graveyard full of black metal guitarists couldn’t create anything half as heavy and raw as Mirel Wagner’s self-titled debut album. ...In overall, this rugged, sad & beautiful blues/folk album is simply amazing. It is able to travel into such deep and muddy waters that sometimes I can just barely see the surface, but I’m still fairly confident that these songs are more likely to heal me than drown me." (One Chord to Another)
"...Mirel Wagner is the real deal, an innovator among imitators. In a genre ridden with cliches she cuts through with the sheer the power of her lyrics and intricately fingerpicked guitar. And that voice.When I first heard her perform at an open mic night in Helsinki a few years back, it was THAT voice that blew me away. Deep and dark, it is the antithesis of how a young woman in her early twenties should sound. It has those world-weary and resigned tones that make Billie Holiday and Leonard Cohen so appealing. It sounds like the truth...." (Jean Ramsay/Rumba)
".. In her words and her sound you can see a landscape lit by full-moonlight, fog swirling about like ghosts dancing a slow waltz, stately old trees hanging heavy with Spanish moss. You sense an eerie otherworldliness in the atmosphere she weaves, and you can't tear your ears away from that voice and that melody.

She has created something that you rarely or never hear these days. On the banks of the Mississippi Delta in the 1920s it might have been common. But the thing is, Mirel Wagner is here now, in the second decade of the 2000s, and she's from Finland." (Spydersden)
"...really beautiful recordings and songs..." (Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth on Vampire Blues)

Tracklist :
01. To The Bone
02. The Well
03. No Death
04. No Hands
05. Red
06. Despair
07. Joe
08. Dream
09. The Road

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