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3 décembre 2010 5 03 /12 /décembre /2010 14:00




Origine du Groupe : Grece
Style : Funk , Alternative Fusion
Sortie : 2009

Biri Biri have made a hell of a good album (which btw, sounds even better live, where they play covers, too). A hell of a good album, I say. This is good fusion as we know it: damn funk, intelligent and very fun, the musicians know the deed, lots of instruments (sax, trumpet, bongo, cowbell, cymball, drums, bass, etc), it's upbeat (mostly in the second part of the album), it's the bomb, i tell ya. Music to move the body and get the chicks to the next drink. These guys must hit on chicks all summer long down at their base, Crete island. "Killing Me Woman" is my favourite track.

by http://stopthatsound.blogspot.com

Tracklist :
1. Breaking Stones (5:16)
2. Chlup (5:11)
3. Tsu Tsunation (5:48)
4. Doze 8 (6:43)
5. Killing Me Woman (3:26)
6. Walslante (6:05)
7. Wake Up (3:54)
8. Jacket (5:44)
9. Matala (5:22)
10. Dirty Boy (4:52)
11. Wrong Way (7:08)

vocals: Mihail-Paul Mihailos
guitar: Manos Kamaratos
bass: Yorgos Diapoulis
drums: Vasilis Papadourakis
trumpet, rudal heater: Simeon Delikaris-Manias
trumpet, woodblocks: Nikos Lavranos
tenor saxophone: Yorgos Tsotsis
bongos, congas, timbales, shaker, cowbell, cymbals : Christos Sayient
sound engineer: Markos Pinakoulakis


guest percussionist:
cajon, pandero, darbouka, small chinese Gong: Yiannis Moutsakis
frame drum: Yiannis Papayianoulis


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