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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2003


Ijahman Levi has one of the sweetest voices and the most harmonising lyrics of the past few decades. He has sometimes been bypassed by many Roots music lover and often overlooked as a quality international artist. “On A Journey” features two live events, the first in England and the second recorded in France. There are also some one-on-one interviews with the man himself, in fact the film opens with Ijahman sitting on his mother’s grave in Jamaica singing “Jah Heavy Load”. You then get a quick tour of his then house before the music starts with the awesome “Africa”, need I say more.

There are many top moments from the film, including some of his biggest hits and as always excellent musicianship from Carl and the rest of the band.

One of my favourite bits is when we see Ijahman’s 11th child, his new born daughter and the comment is made “InI blessed that Ijahman still has the gift of life”. Having stage managed a UK tour with Ijahman, I understand his philosophy and the hard journey he has had. He is a gentle man that demands nothing except quality from his musicians and your time to listen to his story in musical rhyme.

It’s pretty hard to find this DVD in the shops or online but there are a few places offering it, I found it at BlakaMix Shop but cannot vouch for the service, as I was fortunate to get my copy from the man himself. However, if you get the chance it’s well worth it, some seriously thoughtful tunes and a small insight into the quality artist that is Ijahman Levi.

Respect as always..

Reviewed by Dean Marcel from http://www.ukreggaeguide.co.uk

Tracklist :
1. Africa
2. President Mandela
3. Burn Burn
4. Book Of Prophecy
5. Are we A Warrior
6. Knock Knock
7. Lets get Eclipse
8. I Want To be Free
9. Beauty & The lion
10. Bob & Friends Over There
11. Armegeddon Warrior
12. Jah Heavvy load
13. Moulding

Bonus tracks in Jamaica

1. jah Heavy Load
2. Mister CB
3. Buffalo People 
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