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21 avril 2013 7 21 /04 /avril /2013 12:00



Country : France
Genre : Abstract Hip Hop
Style : Abstract Jazz , Beatmaker

Label : Auto Prod.
Year : 2013




Feeding the lions EP is my second release as ProleteR. THis EP was entirely made with NI Maschine mkII

All beats produced and mixed by ProleteR
Mastered by Le MELODiST (studio atomix) www.atomixproject.fr
Artwork cover by Kid Cosma fr-fr.facebook.com/kidcosma
Scratches on Slits by DJ Crabees

Thanx to :
all the people that have been showing me support through the past two years, my friends (you know who you are guys), my parents and my brothers, my girl, and the people involved in this release, DJ Crabees, Le melodist and Kid Cosma



Tracklist :

1.It don't mean a thing 03:38
2.Valentine's day 05:40
3.Sometimes (Int.) 01:35
4.Nothing at all 02:24
5.Slits 04:02
6.Memories 02:49
7.Romance (Int.) 01:46
8.Street boyz 05:05

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