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Country : Nederlands
Genre : Trip Hop
Style : Electro , Alternative

Label : Auto Prod.
Year : 2012





"The Cult of the Secret samurai is an effort that sprouted from the creative, messed-up minds of Ægir Þór Þórðarsson and María Magnúsdóttir. Both hail from the green pastures of Iceland, a country that is known for music of the ethereal, inspired kind. The Cult transcends its humble origins by combining the near-impossible to grasp allure of Nordic mysticism with a healthy dose of sex and nonsense. Their music is, as all interesting music should be, hard to describe. You have the immediate appeal of María's voice; a thundering, commanding presence with plenty of range. She herself a mostly jazz trained singer, providing most of the vocals here, and whenever she takes center stage she does so with spine-chilling bravado. On the other end of the spectrum, there's her long-time partner in crime Ægir Þór, providing dirty, grimy beats to propel the music forward and occasionally lending his rough vocals to the music. Whenever he does, he delivers an interesting alpha-male counterpoint to María's more sensual approach. With his semi-acoustic guitar - which he got from a bum for some crack cocaine, true story - and his trusty looping pedal, he creates sounds that reverberate, crawl around until they come together to form a beautifully expansive canvas for the both of them to sing, holler and howl over. All of these elements combine to form an eclectic sort of electro-pop with a dreamy, vibe. Music to make love to, music that pulses with a carnal energy derived from their passionate creators." Source


Tracklist :

1.All in vain 03:37    
2.Sodom 03:17        
3.Just dance 03:06    
4.Tunnel's end 05:00        
5.Healing 05:23


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