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1 mai 2014 4 01 /05 /mai /2014 10:00



Country : France
Genre : Electro Folk
Style : Indie , Shoegaze , Trip Hop

Label : Auto Prod.  
Year : 2014

DJ DEMONANGEL Rating : 5/5
FAN Rating : 5/5








All tracks produced by GroundBoy, except "Echoes" by GroundBoy and UM Le Villain (Blackelk Recordings).
Recorded at the UnderGround Studio, Montpellier, France.
Mixed and masterised by GroundBoy & Dom at the HiBoo Studio, Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, France.

Thanks to all the people who inspired me, gave me strength to make this EP and love in my life: Christel, Mum & Dad, (H)éloïse, Mamat, Lolo, Jay, Fabien, Bilo, David & Cécile, UM, Leokadie, Céline Righi, Laetitia L, Matthieu B, Max Tico, Nico, Vince, Duff, Noodle, Ben M, Colin, Emmanuelle F, Aline L, S Vinzz, Georgia, Kevin D, Fonky de Nakar, Radio Campus Montpellier, Divergence FM, Watch The South, Your Music Today, Edith Piaf... and many more!
I probably forgot a lot of people, sorry!

Cover Art by Leokadie.  



Tracklist :


1.Echoes 04:34
2.Keep Thinking (feat. Obi Lori) 04:34
3.Psyché Avenue 03:27
4.The Same 04:15

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