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31 octobre 2009 6 31 /10 /octobre /2009 16:30

This set captures the final years of ’s remarkable pop-music flowering—1976 and 77—as the Derg is setting up the mechanisms of its brutally oppressive regime. By now, Amha Records has closed down and the action is left to Ali Tango and his label Kaifa Records. These are simple 2-track recordings made in dinner clubs where there were still early evening shows, despite the strict enforcement of an urban curfew. These 17 tracks include satisfying work by now familiar veterans like Muluqèn Mèllèssè and Alèmayèhu Eshèté, and there are new voices as well, notably Ayaléw Mèsfin & Black Lion Band, who crank out a fiery blend of 6/8 and funk. Two strong tracks by Assèlèfètch Ashiné & Géténèsh Kebrèt & Army Band feature deep, clopping drums and soulful flute playing.

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