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Note :


Origine du Groupe : Australia
Style : Electro Dub Hip Hop , Ragga
Sortie : 2005

From Wikipedia :

The band's name came about because they used to drive around in a camouflage painted van that looked like a giant wombat.

...one day whilst we were touring around the desert with our solar powered sound system (Labrats) my mate Rufus said why don't you call your band Combat Wombat... so we did.
—Monkey Marc[1]

Monkey Marc met Izzy in Darwin in 1998[2] where they started up a solar powered party political sound system.

She had this whole solar-powered sound system that she had hooked-up to this old quad-bike, a four-wheeled pedal bicycle. It was basically pedal and solar-powered. I arrived with my decks and my mixer, a sampler and an 808 drum machine, and that was kind of the start of Lab Rats and Combat Wombat
—Monkey Marc[3]

Elf joined the band in 2000 after they all met whilst living together in a squat in the heart of Sydney.

The squat lasted two-and-a-half years. It was the venue of many benefit parties for the forests, land rights and Lake Cowal. It had alternative movie nights, dumpster picnics and many thriving underground and grass-roots gatherings
—MC Izzy[2]
We had this warehouse out the back that became known as the Pigeon Poo Palace, and that's where we started jamming with Elf Tranzporter. We were doing heaps of free parties and Reclaim The Streets parties at the time. So he'd just rock up and start doing some rhymes, and we just started up this friendship
—Monky Marc[3]

DJ Wasabi joined the band in 2002.[1] Their first real performance as Combat Wombat was on a Channel Seven music program[3]

Of course, it was heavily censored. The song was about four-and-a-half minutes long, but by the time Channel Seven got hold of it and cut up the footage of us performing live, they chopped it down to about a minute-and-a-half. They'd taken everything out of it, you know, there were lines about Nike exploitation of workers, Shell drilling hell and none of that was in there. But they left in the stuff about cops selling smack and stuff). It seemed fairly obvious who the program sponsors were.
—Monkey Marc[3]

This led to the release of the band's debut album, Labrats Solar Powered Sound System, and their subsequent signing to Elefant Traks. The band released its second album, Unsound $ystem, in March, 2005.[4] Within a week of its release, Unsound $ystem was receiving airplay on Triple J, with the single, "Qwest" reaching #2 on the Net 50.[5] Unsound $ystem features a number of guests artists such as The Herd's Ozi Batla and TZU's Seed MC, but the most confronting cameos are from MCG and SMS: two Afghan refugees who had escaped from Woomera detention centre.

We knew these guys from Woomera and bumped into them and invited them in to record. I played them a song, an emotive arrangement of gypsy strings, and they just tried to write whatever they could. They had never rapped and wanted to know what this song was about. I said, 'Displaced people.' They wrote this rhyme in Persian that was pretty much like, 'Why has God forgotten us? Why are we the forgotten people?' They were beautiful guys and we recorded it in an hour and took them out for pizza. Unfortunately they were locked up and sent to Baxter.
—Monkey Marc[5]



Tracklist :
01 - Displaced peoples [ft. chris mutiny]
02 - Alternative energy [ft. ozi batla]
03 - Lost paradise
04 - Qwest [ft. seed mc]
05 - Star wars [ft. ozi batla]
06 - Redneck shock jock
07 - Police brutality [ft. ozi batla]
08 - Days like these
09 - A loggerrhythm
10 - Radio woomera pt. 1
11 - Radio woomera pt. 2
12 - Milk cow mantra
13 - Corruption dub
14 - Human shields
15 - Clockwork [ft. raceless]
16 - End of the world dub



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