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27 juillet 2009 1 27 /07 /juillet /2009 17:49

The Margareds’ first album is a phenomenon which is difficult to be described. When you hear its first sounds you will feel an incredible dose of esthetic elegance which irrespective of how the situation is changing will make you listen to it patiently till the end. And that’s ok because it is the key to discover what Margareds’ music is really like. Why is the content of the album worth being treated carefully? Because it contains 13 carefully polished up songs. Anybody who approaches music and only looks forward to an immediate increase of dopamine will be disappointed. The whole album is structurally at the similar level of expression. Listening to it you won’t hear any sudden changes of the tempo and main parts being like a black spot on a white piece of a paper. Everything in here which is the tastiest is hidden in nooks and crannies. Individual instruments and soundtracks aren’t connected with one another the way it usually is. They intermingle and plait as if they wanted to be favourites. And the object of their sighs is not a listener but the vocalist Goosia. She has an incredible voice, amazing ideas, beautiful and mature lyrics. It’s mainly her singing that determines the structure of a particular song. Her voice carries the feelings which are defined by all- embracing and appearing from all sides sounds of synthesizer, low bass guitar and inspiring sounds of saxophone and guitar. Although Margareds’ is an original and unique group you can’t help noticing that its creation is based on some strong foundations. You can hear a lot of interesting inspirations in here. As far as instruments are concerned the associations with Paradise Lost (”Host” album), Depeche Mode, Mazzy Star, Massive Attack and Goldfrapp come to your mind. Goosia’s voice sometimes sounds like Tori Amos’, sometimes like Elizabeth Fraser’s and you could even find some more names, but we can be sure that her singing is moving and charismatic. Margareds’ album is a one- hour stylish journey into the mysterious world of peace, sophisticated taste and the future. It’s universal and ambitious music full of hidden surprises. It’s like a book you keep coming back to and you form your outlook on life on it.

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