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Nicknack - Improving silence
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Nicknack - Improving silence (2003)

"Improving Silence" can best be described as a combination of jazz and hip hop. The result is a sultry, soulful downtempo instrumental sound that is sure to move you whether you like jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b or downtempo electronica. The album is a solid 60 minutes of quality music which features a stellar cast of guest appearances such as Laura Scarborough (vocals and wurlitzer), Mike Malone (sax), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Brannen Temple (drums) and D Madness (electric bass). See what everyone is saying:

"I can't figure out if I'm listening to a new 12" or some classic Bob James ish."

DJ Graffiti (88.3FM WCBN)

"Merging hip-hop and jazz into nothing short of beautiful music, Improving Silence should be heralded as a classic."

Austin Chronicle (4 star review)

"Improving Silence is an impressive album that deserves all the attention and support."

The Daily Texan

"NickNack's unique brand of downtempo is just what the doctor ordered to counter these stressful days. As a member of the jazz band Blaze, Nick brings a knack for melodic instrumentation to the table, coupled with his hip-hop background as a DJ in his native Texas. The result is a smooth-operating long-player that'll leave you with sweet dreams on wax."

URB Magazine (El Dopa) April 2004

"If you're as sick of rappers as I am, then you sometimes just want to zone the fuck out and walk off your hangover with a bottle of orange juice and some music that doesn't feature a screaming moron in your Walkman....So I'm not even going to try to tell you about these records, I'm just going to tell you that they've been good to me as I've stumbled home at four in the morning with a bloody nose and fresh set of batteries...NickNack's 'Improving Silence'[the jazzy one]"

Vice Magazine (Fritz The Cat) Vol 11 No 2

"Really lovely stuff with loads of guest musicians and even a few sulty vocals...for fans of Wide Hive or classic GiantStep sounds."

XLR8R Magazine (Toph One) March 2004

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