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25 avril 2014 5 25 /04 /avril /2014 12:00



Country : France
Genre : Nu-Jazz
Style : Electro Jazz, Experimental , Downtempo , Abstract Jazz

Label : Swarm Productions
Year : 2014

DJ DEMONANGEL Rating : 4/5
FAN Rating : 4/5








Rhapsody & Computer E.P. is the second release of that french duet. After Mad in November 2012, that project starts an age of collaborations for the Jezz.
The first track, Rhapsody & Computer is a kind of Downtempo with Classical influences melt up with electronic sounds. In second comes California Widow, wich is the succesfull realisation of a collective work between the Jezz At Home, the jazz pianist PAC and the producer/singer Luky U. The result of that collaboration is a slow, deep track, between Dub and Jazz. The third composition, You Drive Me Crazy, was the perfect occasion to invite the guitar player Grand Daddy Double Woo to play his rock sound on the most lively song of the E.P.

The first remixer is Miekky Vij, a huge electronic music admirer, who deliver a deep sound, made of underground samples, analog synthesizers and percussions of all kinds, which results in a mix between electronic music, ambient, down tempo and abstract hip-hop. Pending his debut E.P., Miekki Vij made a stunning remix of California Widow.

Luky U is a photographer, movie maker and music producer. he used to be for several years the lead singer of the funk/rock band The Daffs. Due to a fad for Ableton Live, his style turned to a more abstactive direction. His debut album « From J to C » is an experimentation between rock, soul and abstract Hip-hop, released on the french label Apostat. His edit of California Widow brings a subtil touch of psychedelic rock and low tempo to the E.P.

The third remixer is One track Mind, a classical performance pianist who work on electronic fusion projects. With a combination of keyboards, saxophone and samples, OTM creates multi genre music that ranges from upbeat to easy listening. Her Rhapsody & Saxophone melt her control of the saxophone with a breakbeat rythme.

Faithfull to his musical conviction House/Techno, Horstmeier takes part in that project as a Swarm Prod founder member. The productor of Feel Good (released on 2013 on WellDone Music, label of Marlon Hoffstadt) sign here a remix full of subtetly and delicacy.

Who else than Georges Cauld, Radio host, graphic designer, event organizer, Dj, producer and active member of Swarm Prod to make the last remix, going on his serie of the Ugly Edit. Rhapsody & Computer doesn’t escape to the rule, and conclude the E.P. on a Detroit, Techno note.



Tracklist :


01 - Rhapsody & Computer (5:08)     
02 - California Widow (feat PAC & Luky U) (6:40)    
03 - You Drive Me Crazy (feat Grand Daddy Double Woo) (3:04)     
04 - California Widow (feat PAC & Luky U - Miekky Vij remix)(4:50)    
05 - California Widow (feat PAC & Luky U - Luky U edit) (6:24)    
06 - Rhapsody & Saxophone (OTM remix) (5:10)     
07 - Rhapsody & Computer (Horstmeier remix) (7:36)     
08 - Rhapsody & Computer (Georges Cauld Ugly edit) (7:12)

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8 février 2014 6 08 /02 /février /2014 12:00



Country : USA
Genre : Abstract Jazz
Style : Downtempo , Abstract Hip Hop Jazz , Chill

Label : Auto Prod.
Year : 2012

DJ DEMONANGEL Rating : 5/5
FAN Rating : 5/5






Ars Mars is an electronic musician/producer based out of New England. Influenced by the likes of DJ Shadow, Squarepusher, Mr Scruff, and Bernard Moss, Ars Mars attempts to fuse together elements of funk and jazz from as wide a spectrum as possible.



Tracklist :

1.Extension Of The Human Intellect 03:24
2.Rush Me Out The Door 04:27
3.Read The Music 03:05
4.Driving Ad Hoc 02:56
5.Jazzing Up Your Melody 06:34
6.Autumn Keys 04:06
7.While You're Sleeping 04:22
8.Good Or Bad 03:51
9.Low Sodium Jive Turkey 04:25
10.Where's Your Class 06:41
11.Rio Intermission 03:54
12.Cross That Country 03:22
13.Sewer Loops 05:03
14.Thundersnow 05:21

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8 novembre 2013 5 08 /11 /novembre /2013 12:00



Country : USA , UK , Russia , Bulgaria
Genre : Abstract Hip Hop Jazz
Style : Downtempo , Trip Hop , Instrumental , Abstract Jazz

NetLabel : Dusted Wax Kingdom
Year : 2013







Painkillers & Parasites is a journey through half a year of ups and downs.
released 03 November 2013
Album artwork by B0ilbUttzZ: www.facebook.com/b0ilbUttzzZ
Featuring vocals by Bliss (tracks 2 and 8) - soundcloud.com/ascendedmasters
Featuring production by Esbe (track 3) - soundcloud.com/esbe1988
Featuring vocals by Elenika (track 5) - elenika.bandcamp.com
Featuring production by Groove Cereal (tracks 8 and 21) - soundcloud.com/groove-cereal
Featuring horns by Vicky Flint (5, 6 and 14) - soundcloud.com/vickyflint
Mastering by VPD of Dusted Wax Kingdom (tracks 8 and 21) - dustedwax.org




Tracklist :

1.Black Coffee (Intro) 00:51
2.Long Way Back (feat. Bliss) 04:32
3.Cloud Diving (feat. Esbe) 08:00
4.Passerby (Interlude) 00:54
5.The Blue Angel (feat. Elenika & Vicky Flint) 05:00
6.A Killer Dressed In Red (feat. Vicky Flint) 04:22
7.Nighthawks 02:20
8.Penumbra (feat. Groove Cereal & Bliss) 04:39
9.The Storyteller (Interlude) 01:27
10.Waiting For The Train 03:07
11.Catching A Ride 03:08
12.Toxic Kids (Interlude) 01:12
13.Swamp Voodoo 03:19
14.Walkabout (feat. Vicky Flint) 02:21
15.Moon 05:11
16.Désolé (Interlude) 01:30
17.Last Kiss, First Goodbye 02:37
18.Rat's Theme (Redux) 05:23
19.On and On (Outro) 01:22
20.Long Way Back (Instrumental) 04:32
21.Penumbra (feat. Groove Cereal)(Instrumental) 04:39

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2 mars 2013 6 02 /03 /mars /2013 12:00



Country : Germany
Genre : Downtempo
Style :  Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat , Electro Soul

Netlabel : Dusted Wax Kingdom
Year : 2013


[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0]






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Meta Force is an instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop project by Germany-based producers Astronut and Dario Scenario. After about 2 years of work, their debut album "Orion 7" comes into the world. It contains 11 frisky tracks cooked up in early 90s hip-hop manner with delicious jazzy samples and phat drum breaks.Source


Tracklist :

01-Live From Mars (feat. Johnny Fisher)
02-What You Wanna Know (feat. Charly Bless & Jules Jefferies)
04-This Is Today (feat. Lorenzo Dolce & Johnny Fisher)
05-Ci Sarrano Sogni Per Noi
06-Cherchez Doom (feat. Charmie Pfeffer)
07-Matrem Colere
09-If You
10-There Is Love Underwater
11-Good Things



Info File :

Playtime: 00:42:02
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 97.4MB

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27 février 2013 3 27 /02 /février /2013 12:00



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Abstract Downtempo Jazz
Style :  Psychedelic Atmospheric , Trip Hop , Abstract Electro Jazz , Downtempo , Electronica

Label : Cult Classic Records
Year : 2013




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The band filters the sounds of classic post-bop jazz through their own post-rock, post-hip-hop musical experiences, blending live improvisation with scratchy samples. With no traditional chordal instrument, the group focuses on deep rhythms, expansive melodies, and atmospheric textures, while using electronic processing to expand the harmonic possibilities of the trumpet.Source


Tracklist :

1.Other Days 03:35
2.Sidewinder 05:12
3.Difference Engine 05:13
4.Winchester 04:42
5.Teleology 04:25
6.Red Dawn 06:03
7.While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cover) 04:39 

Black Chamber is:

      Brian McCauley – drums
      Chris Gustafson – upright bass
      David Binnig – trumpet and samples 


Info File :

Playtime: 00:33:53
Audio codec: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
File: Zip
Size: 79MB

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25 janvier 2013 5 25 /01 /janvier /2013 12:00



Country : U.S.A
Genre : Downtempo
Style : Abstract Electro , Downtempo , Ambient , Abstract Hip Hop

music and artwork by Dr. Quandary for Prism Institute, LLC
additional mixing by Jim Moreland at Vault 46, Boston




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Tracklist :

1.Feijão 03:38
2.Branches & Bells 02:51
3.First Law of Harmonics 04:10
4.Oneiric Field Mandala 04:04
5.Galaxy in Niafunke 01:41
6.Schala's Song 03:19
7.Bedouin Drums 03:07
8.Varanasi 02:42

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15 juillet 2012 7 15 /07 /juillet /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : Bulgaria
Style : Abstract Hip Hop Jazz , Downtempo
Sortie : 2012

(cc) by-nc-nd

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From http://dustedwax.org

After 4 years hard work the long expected "Whiskey Sessions" album is finally ready. VPD teamed up with 10 amazing artists
from Dusted Wax Kingdom family for an incredible lo-fi samples-based jazz improvisation session.

Tracklist :
01    Introduction (Main Sample Source)
02    Whiskey Sessions
03    Whiskey Sessions (David Rinman Remix)
04    Whiskey Sessions (Mr. Moods Minding Mix)
05    Whiskey Sessions (Innereyefull Remix)
06    Whiskey Sessions (Kisszanto Remix)
07    Whiskey Sessions (Soulslept Remix)
08    Whiskey Sessions (Daakoon Remix)
09    Whiskey Sessions (Revolted Child Remix)
10    Whiskey Sessions (Dustmotes Sodden Remix)
11    Whiskey Sessions (Daakoon Uptempo Remix)
12    Whiskey Sessions (GDaddie & VPD Drunk Remix)
13    Explicit Thanks (feat. Mr. Moods)

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4 avril 2012 3 04 /04 /avril /2012 11:00





Origine du Groupe : North America , Canada
Style : Electronic Jazz , Downtempo , Trip Hop , Ambient
Sortie : 2010

From http://www.cdbaby.com

LR-60 released a new album "Coldest Memories" in June 2008 and another project "Ultraviolence" in June 2009, says LR-60’s Skip Warren. The newest CD "Cosmic Serenades" is scheduled for release in April, 2011 after a year and half in production.

2008’s “Coldest Memories” opened wide the floodgates for the presentation to the world of LR-60’s atmospheric, soaked-in-hooks style. “Coldest Memories” brought forward LR-60’s captivating conglomerate of post-modern jazz, trip-hop, dub, chillout and so much more. LR-60 is professional trumpet player Skip Warren, who found the fulfillment of a vision when he discovered – via online contact –electronic artist Christian Denis – aka Mr. Moods. Through their correspondence they discovered that they shared the same musical goals and tastes.
Warren’s extensive jazz, blues and soul experience perfectly dovetailed with Mr. Moods’ electronic excursions. Their partnership combines the organica of LR-60’s trumpet with Mr. Moods’ electronic ambience-summoning.
LR-60 toured with the late “Disco Lady” Johnnie Taylor for four years in the late 70s and early 80s and also played with the late Z.Z. Hill for a year. He toured with blues legend Bobby “Blue” Bland for a decade from 1981 to 1991. That connection nabbed him countless shows with B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Greg Alman, Albert King, Little Milton, Clarence Carter, Tyrone Davis, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Wilson Pickett, Junior Walker & The Allstars, John Lee Hooker, Dr. John, Millie Jackson and James Brown – just to name a few.
He also enjoyed a stellar opportunity – recording with gospel singer Kirk Franklin on the Nu Nation Project album with noted gospel artist Fred Hammond. LR-60 has also written and recorded original compositions for CNN

Tracklist :   
01. Silently (04:21)
02. DeCollage (06:56)
03. Hal & Dave (05:04)
04. Word Problem (04:58)
05. Out of the Pod (07:17)
06. Groove Modulation (03:54)
07. Mirage (06:05)
08. Summer Came Early (04:35)
09. The Moon (05:01)
10. Tamas (07:16)

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18 mars 2012 7 18 /03 /mars /2012 11:00



Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Electro Jazz , Downtempo , Nu-Jazz , Drum & Bass , Alternative
Sortie : 2012

Officiel Myspace :

Après 3 albums contre la pollution et la déforestation, Pic de Pollution, Ghost Forest et sa suite remixée, le collectif éco-citoyen UHT° revient dans une titanesque messe pour notre planète bleue.

Respect des fonds marins, désastre écologique des marées noires, gâchis de l’eau, impureté des océans, autant d’émotions traduites en ode par les chorus sombres des instruments, les envolées free jazz ou les scratches solistes et les lâchés de thèmes évocateurs. Une flute limpide qui donne des frissons jaillissant sur un rythme en ébullition, un saxo tonifiant rencontrant une clarinette pétillante, un trombone coulant sur une basse qui brise la glace : entre poésie et furie UHT° repousse les limites de l'acoustique, mélange les sons longue conservation, électro, hip hop, drum’n’bass, symphonique et jazz pour nous livrer un nouvel album H2O fluide et cristallin.

Réunit autour des piliers Dj ClicK DA producteur et Niño Korta aux platines, se joignent Ludivine Issambourg croisée aux côtés de Wax Tailor aux flûtes, Thomas Julienne le contrebassiste de United Fools, la folie free du saxophoniste Franck Dadure (The Fakir), Daniel Zimmermann du quintet progressif DPZ au tuba et trombone et pour la touche traditionnelle Émile Calmé au xiao bambou chinois.

Du souffle pour l’énergie, de la chaleur incendiaire pour les programmations et les bois, un tracklisting tantôt doux et salé, pour un résultat encore plus inspiré et lyrique qui réveillera les eaux dormantes…

En dix ans, plusieurs albums et remixes, le collectif a su se renouveler, innover tout en restant original ; des nuances improvisées du jazz au charme de la pop. Ces performers hors pair ont depuis toujours aimé organiser les rencontres et confronter leurs talents aux musiciens tels Akosh S, Gnawa Njoum, Patrick Muller, Julien Loureau et d’autres, jusqu’à la tournée précédente avec Eric Truffaz au festival Jazz à St Germain, ou encore Nguyen Le aux Ateliers Jazz de Mayenne. En live ils passent maintenant du trio au quintet et nous livre un set organique d’une pureté toute renouvelée.

" Capable de réunir les habitués sans œillères du Rex et du Sunset" Nouvel Obs

"La formation qui impulsa la fusion drum’n’bass-jazz aux débuts des années 2000" Télérama

"Pour écouter du jazz touche-à-tout aux frontières du genre…" Direct Soir

"U.H.T. comme Usine Hautement Tubesque !" Octopus

"Le trio mélange audacieusement scratches, samples, beats électro, instruments live... et bonnes idées ! Depuis 2001, le trio UHT° pasteurise des sons en tous genres" musiqualite.net

"Ce groupe sème la panique et décolle les étiquettes musicales une à une… Tout simplement magistral." sourdoreille.over-blog.com

Tracklist :   
01. Planete Bleue 6:25
02. Blue City 3:22
03. Le Cycle 4:06
04. Labichette 4:33
05. The Silver Wood 4:04
06. Only 4 U 3:58
07. Snow Walking 3:40
08. Nine Dragon Juniper 2:03
09. LPO 3:41
10. Thank You Very Much BP 5:16
11. Au Fil de l'Eau 3:22
12. Nino's Breaks 3 1:11
13. Xylorizon 4:10
14. Deep Water 2:08
15. Pollution Record 11:17

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15 octobre 2011 6 15 /10 /octobre /2011 14:00



Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Electro Jazz , Downtempo Hip Hop , Acid Jazz
Sortie : 1998

By 70's Baby Early 80's Child from http://90something.blogspot.com

Waiwan was one of the prodigal sons of Manchester trip hop and nu jazz scene of the 90s that gave us so many great artists, starting with Aim and ending with.. ehm, Waiwan. His only self-produced album Distraction was released on short-lived Autonomy label, whose roster included only him and The Philadelphia Bluntz (will post their album Blunted At Birth soon). The lack of strong distribution channel probably caused that it was soon forgotten despite his huge single hit Goddess. Which is a shame because Distraction is a small gem packed with fat beats, deep and dark soundscapes and enchanting vocals (featuring Veba, The Muse of Manchester music producers). If you enjoyed the Grand Central albums posted here earlier, I swear you'll fall for this one too.

Tracklist :
1. The Deep
2. Nightmare
3. Ain't Easy
4. Yesterday
5. Goddess
6. Blue
7. Hindsight
8. Filtered Funk
9. Revenge





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