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Origine du Groupe : Russian , Various World
Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Trip Hop , Electro , Downtempo , Experimental , Alternative
Sortie : 2010

Ultra Vague Recordings presents:
The second release from Ru Trip Community - "Imprints"! It includes both well-known crews that have already won their audience as well as very talented beginners. This compilation is quite different from its predecessor. First of all it’s double! Its first part contains 16 choicest tracks. These are 16 songs proving that Russian trip-hop not only has the right to exist but is bound to. The second part of the album is compiled of... remixes. Remixes of the same tracks made by the very same participants. But no one got to choose the songs he wanted to work with. Everything happened in a promiscuous manner. Absolutely random picking gave all songs a new life. They gained an entirely different sound carrying the imprints of alternative musical vision. To make the compilation even more extraordinary for maximum impression there is an individual booklet made for each track presenting the designer’s vision of it. Therefore each song demonstrates two viewpoints on itself (the remix and the booklet) which illustrates the omnitude of Russian trip-hop.

Tracklist :
1.KAVver. - Dusty Spring 04:54
2.Mike - The Tour 04:22
3.Pandub Bear - 24 Hours 04:54
4.вБЕНЗИНЕестьОБЛАКА - Cray Piano Experience 02:18
5.Пойду искупаюсь в бассейне - Космонавт 04:57
6.Coldreavers - For My Brother 04:11
7.KARIZZA - Женщина декаданса 02:22   
8.Fetish Silence - I Know Who Killed Her 03:40
9.KBC pres Mariachi - Too Old Memoirs 04:11
10.Поводки Нетерпения feat. Abama - GSM 04:15
11.POLI.ANT - Scrible Zero 02:46
12.SpaceCave - Авалон 02:55
13.Wonderville - In Prison 04:42
14.Stemvelta - Windowsight Scares Me 04:50
15.Melatonin - Glory 04:04
16.My Automata - Давай убежим 05:56   
17.вБЕНЗИНЕестьОБЛАКА - Cray Piano Experience (Mike remix) 04:26
18.KBC pres Mariachi - Too Old Memoirs (My Automata remix) 04:57
19.Pandub Bear - 24 Hours (coldreaver remix) 04:04
20.KAVver. - Dusty Spring (Fetish Silence remix) 03:46
21.Поводки Нетерпения feat. Abama - GSM (POLI.ANT remix) 03:26   
22.Fetish Silence - I Know Who Killed Her (Wonderville remix) 04:06
23.KARIZZA - Женщина декаданса (KBC pres Mariachi remix) 04:35
24.Late Shiff vs. Mike - Gifted Misfits/The Tour 04:32   
25.My Automata - Давай убежим (Pandub Bear remix) 05:10   
26.POLI.ANT - Scrible Zero (Поводки Нетрпения remix) 03:52   
27.Stemvelta - Windowsight Scares Me (Пойду искупаюсь в бассейне remix) 05:07
28.Melatonin - Glory (KARIZZA remix) 03:46
29.SpaceCave - Авалон (KAVver. remix) 04:04
30.Wonderville - In Prison (Stemvelta remix) 03:13
31.Пойду искупаюсь в бассейне - Космонавт (вБЕНЗИНЕестьОБЛАКА remix) 04:06   
32.coldreavers - For My Brother (SpaceCave remix) 05:16


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