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31 octobre 2009 6 31 /10 /octobre /2009 14:30

In 1996 Kenichi Asai, branched out from his main band, Blankey Jet City and formed a new band "Sherbet." This band was completed by: Qumico Fucci on Keyboards and Chorus Kenichi Nakata on Bass Kimitoshi Sotomura on Drums They released their first single Ghost on 10th July 1996, a one track single priced at just 500 yen to promote the upcoming debut album Sekilala which was unleashed upon the world just two weeks later on July 24th. This was a very nice album and showed just what sort of music they were capable of making; it was softer than the BJC sound, largely due to Qumico Fucci�s keyboard but still with Kenichi�s impeccable songwriting talents. It sounded more eclectic and dreamier than anything he had done before. However Kenichi was still in BJC at the time so it was a while before anything else was released. The next release was the High School single on 7th July 1999 by which time they were signed to Polydor and had changed their name to Sherbets. This single was a slightly harder sound than that heard on Sekilala, but very good nevertheless. The release of High School preceded the release of their second album Siberia which was issued exactly three years after the first, on 24th July 1999. Between then and the band's demise in 2001 they released a further three studio albums, a two disk live album and four singles. Their finest work was on their last studio album Vietnam 1964 which was good from the start to the last note, especially the unmissable groove of the third track "Sally." Sherbets' sound is both complex and dreamy at times, varying from 8 minute epics like the stunning "Black Jenny" to shorter, harder songs like "High School." Their live show was, in typical Kenichi style, a no frills affair, concentrating on the music with no fancy stage set or effects. One tragic thing (to me at least) is that though they released two live videos on VHS they have yet to see the light of day on DVD so not many people have had the opportunity to see them. In 2002, they disbanded with the formation of Kenichi�s next band, Jude....or did they. It would seem not, after three and a half years of hiatus they are back with a new album, Natural to be released March 9th 2005.
- Simon
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