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Origine du Groupe : North America , Nigeria
Style : Afrobeat
Sortie : 2008

"ZOZO"Taken from the goun or fon dialects in the republic of Benin west Africa meaning something steaming hot truly keeps the Afrobeat fire burning.13 piece ensemble led by Kaleta real name Leon Ligan-Majek is a renown world music/afrobeat producer,arranger,guitarist,percussionist and singer born in the republic of benin but lived all his adolescent life in Lagos Nigeria,a city STONE THROW from his native country Benin,where the culture is similar in terms of language and music to that of Nigeria where he grew up.with ZOZO AFROBEAT,Kaleta music pays homage to the greats and yet still maintains his distinctive sound and energy.
He had performed,toured and recorded albums with legendary FELA KUTI,king SUNNY ADE,SHINA PETERS,and lately went on world tour with Lauryn Hill ...to mention but a few.

by http://www.cdbaby.com


Tracklist :
1. Country of Guns
2. Shake Your Nyansh
3. Gete (Dancing Lambs)
4. Baba Nla Iya (Intense Hardship)
5. Get Up
6. Fimile (Live and Let Live)
7. Peace No Dey (No Peace)


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