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5 mars 2012 1 05 /03 /mars /2012 11:00



Origine du Groupe : Russia
Style : Alternative , World Electronic
Sortie : 2010

From http://www.amazon.co.uk

In September 2009, Yat-Kha's Albert Kuvezin embarked on a journey. It was to take him from Kyzyl in Tuva to the remote Scottish island of Jura, an island of 200 people best known perhaps for its whisky and as the home of George Orwell when he wrote 1984.

From a city that is one the furthest points from the sea anywhere on Earth, Albert voyaged to a makeshift recording studio, installed in an old stone one room school perched above a lonely bay and a stretch of sea that is aptly called The Sound Of Jura. This studio is the workplace of producer and multi instrumentalist Giles Perring, and together the pair spent a month working on the 12 tracks that have become the new, and purely acoustic album 'Poets And Lighthouses'.

To accompany Albert's vocals and acoustic guitar playing on this solo project, a new band assembled alongside Perring's contributions of percussion, vocals and various other instruments to create an unexpected but perfect sound for the project. It comprises bass specialist Simon Edwards [Fairground Attraction, Talk Talk, Beth Gibbons, Billy Bragg, Alain Bashung], string and fret maverick Lu Edmonds [The Mekons, PiL, The Damned, and Yat Kha], classical and folk clarinetist Sarah Homer [Sarum Orchestra, Royal Shakespeare Company] and vocalist extraordinaire Melanie Pappenheim [whose recorded work with Jocelyn Pook and Murray Gold is featured in major film and TV scores such as 'Eyes Wide Shut', 'Gangs Of New York' and 'Doctor Who']. The album also features a duet with guest Neil Cameron, a local master piper and whisky distiller.

The album includes songs in Tuvan and Russian and a number of English translations of Japanese poetry by Amano, Kamimura and Yamamoto, in whose work Albert immersed himself during his time on Jura. While the new album has emerged as a completely acoustic project, don't imagine for a second that this approach has in any way watered down Kuvezin's passion and power. The album will completely redefine and revise your notions of that remarkable beast that has been Albert Kuvezin's take on rock energy for the last 15 years. The band is blistering, sensual, atmospheric and funky, while Albert mutters, soars, intones and enchants like the true shamanic soul that he is.

Tracklist :   
1. Arga Eezi-bile Chugaa (Talking To The Spirit Of The Forest) I
2. Poets and Lighthouses
3. Kara Deer Ugtug Kham (I'm From Black Heaven)
4. The Philosopher
5. Baiyrlyg (Goodbye)
6. The Cry
7. Arga Eezi-bile Chugaa (Talking To The Spirit Of The Forest) II
8. Are You Scared Of Death
9. The Way My Poetry Should Go
10. Daglar Eezi-bile Chugaa (Talking To The Spirit Of The Mountains)
11. Sad Morning Song
12. Soluuru (Metamorphosis)

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1 mars 2012 4 01 /03 /mars /2012 15:00



Origine du Groupe : Argentina
Style : Tango
Sortie : 2008

From http://www.guardian.co.uk

Argentine performer Daniel Melingo has hit world music gold. He may look wasted at first sight, but he's come up with a fresh spin on the world-weary troubadour routine that keeps Nick Cave and Paolo Conte in business. With a brilliantly wayward cast of musicians to illuminate Melingo's vignettes - lowlife soap opera, really - Maldito Tango shuffles, twitches, breathes and roars into life, with twanging guitar, sonorous double bass, passionate violin, birdsong and eruptions of tango-like violence. It's deceptively tender and desperately catchy, yet Maldito croons his sleazy scenarios without recourse to cliche. Pequeño Paria is "a prayer for a child raised in loneliness", intensified by an urgent arrangement. En Un Bondi Color Humo is about the arrest of a pickpocket, both sunny and "dark", while Eco Il Mondo is an atmospheric, dignified tone poem about the last hours of a womanising spendthrift

Tracklist :
1. En un bondi color humo (03:36)
2. Julepe en la tierra (04:30)
3. A lo Magdalena (02:36)
4. Se igual (02:03)
5. Fabriquera (01:49)
6. Luisito (02:39)
7. Cha digo! (04:15)
8. Pequeno paria (06:42)
9. Montmartre de hoy (03:25)
10. Cuando la tarde se inclina (03:03)
11. Eco il Mondo (08:45)

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18 février 2012 6 18 /02 /février /2012 11:00



Origine du Groupe : Brazil
Style : World Music , Samba
Sortie : 1981

By Moos from http://globalgroovers.blogspot.com

Woke up with a samba feeling today. This 1981 LP by
Alcione has a lot of the earlier stuff. It sounds well produced
like it should coming from '81, but the music has a strong 70's
feel. I think this woman has a unique voice, so powerful, so strong,
I can't seem to get enough of it. The LP is a bit dusty maybe
but it contains some great songs, track 12 even has
an African title and touch, rare, hope U like.

Tracklist :
1 Sem perdão
2 Força do amor
3 Pintura sem arte
4 Marcas no leito
5 Sangue novo
6 A volta da gafieira
7 Novo amor
8 Minha filosofia
9 Ave coração
10 Luto
11 O papeiro é meu
12 Nzambi-Muadiakime

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9 février 2012 4 09 /02 /février /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : Mali , France
Style : World Music
Sortie : 2012
Durée 01:02:07

Pour http://liveweb.arte.tv

En 2008 paraissait Tchamantché, le quatrième album de Rokia Traoré, couronné par les Victoires de la Musique. Après plus de deux cents concerts à travers le monde, la tournée Tchamantché s’achève en août 2010.

L’année suivante, Rokia compose et interprète la musique de la nouvelle création du metteur en scène Peter Sellars : Desdemona. Sur scène avec elle, trois musiciens (kora, n’goni, bolon) et trois choristes formées au sein de la Fondation Passerelle qu’elle a créée à Bamako.

A l’automne dernier, à l’issue des représentations de Desdemona dans le monde entier et avant la réalisation de son prochain album qui paraîtra l’an prochain, Rokia Traoré a présenté, avec cette formation, un projet qui lui tenait à cœur : Roots. Un hommage à ses racines, à l’Afrique, à la chanson française, à Bob Marley…

Une nouvelle tournée Roots est prévue en octobre prochain.

hd dvd rw




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18 janvier 2012 3 18 /01 /janvier /2012 11:00


Origine du Groupe : Cape Verde
Style : World Music
Sortie : 1999

By Stacy Phillips from http://www.rootsworld.com

Cap-Vert: Raiz di Djarfogo presents the sounds of one band, the "Roots (Raiz) of Fogo Island" (This island is also represented in An Archipelago of Music). They are a typical old time group sound of guitars and shakers, centered around the vocalist. Besides mornas and coladeiras, the band is trying to revive song styles associated with local saints' festivals. Some of these are dependent on lyrics for effect, and don't particularly work for someone who does not understand the language. But there are some interesting local variations of the music of Cape Verde and this band has just the right sort of relaxed approach to be enjoyable. There is some very nice stuff here, but I am particularly taken by the double album anthology. If you are looking for one album from Cape Verde, that is the one.

Tracklist :
1. Principe De Ximento
2. Alice
3. Rabolada
4. Djarfogo
5. Braga Maria
6. Mino
7. Catcho
8. Bia
9. Tuna
10. Nha Code
11. Lucia
12. Grandeza Di Djarfogo
13. Brial




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7 janvier 2012 6 07 /01 /janvier /2012 11:30



Origine du Groupe : Cuba
Style : World Music , Jazz World
Sortie : 2004

By Jack Smith  from http://www.bbc.co.uk

Although not quite as memorable as its predecessor, this is still one of the finest...

Omara Portuondo made her solo debut for World Circuit in 2000, three years after her show-stealing cameo with Compay Segundo singing 'Veinte Años' on the block-busting Buena Vista Social Club album.

Her solo career actually dates back to 1959 and she's done numerous records, but only World Circuit have given The 'Buena Vista sista' the red carpet treatment and lush settings she really deserves.

Buena Vista Social Club presents Omara Portuondo found her in the very capable hands of musical director Demetrio Muñiz and was a tough act to follow. This time around, World Circuit founder and producer Nick Gold has chosen to work with Muñiz again as well as Brazilian producer Alê Siquiera, known for his work with Carlinhos Brown and Caetano Veloso. Once more, the songs are mostly vintage pieces from the Great Cuban Songbook.

The closing 'Casa Calor' is a strangely stirring retro-futurist offering by Brown, which sounds almost like it might have fallen off the track-listing from last year's wonderful joint album by Ry Cooder and Manuel Galbán. The former Los Zafiros guitarist maintains an uncharacteristically discreet presence on rhythm guitar throughout much of 'Flor de Amor', even though both 'Hermosa Habana' and 'He venido a decirte' (one of Omara's finest vocals) were originally performed by Los Zafiros.

It's the guitars and their relations that really shine, most notably in the solo by Brazilian player Swami Jr. on the upbeat 'Mueve la cintura mulato'. There's a touch of laoud from Barbaríto Torres, and plenty of subtle licks from Irakere's electric guitarists Carlos Emilio and Jorge Chicoy.

Lastly, tres player Papi Oviedo, (who's been an entertaining live sidekick for the singer in recent years) backs her alone, and very tastefully, on 'Amorosa Guajira'. It's a sharp contrast with the sweeping strings and cooing backing vocals that feature in most of the other lush arrangements, along with plenty of demurely noodling clarinet by Javier Zalba.

Though she's capable of Shirley Bassey-style belters, the focus is on the more intimate aspect of Omara's work, with danzones, boleros, and guajiras dominating the fourteen tracks.

Maybe it's the lack of duets, the absence of the late great Rubén González, the material or its sequencing, but somehow, gorgeous as it is, 'Flor de Amor' isn't quite as memorable as its predecessor. That said, this is still one of the finest Cuban albums you'll hear this year.

Tracklist :
01 La Sitiera
02 He Perdido Contigo
03 Donde Estabas Tu?
04 Mariposita De Primavera
05 Canta Lo Sentimental
06 Ella Y Yo
07 No Me Vayas A Enganar
08 No Me Llores Mas
09 Veinte Anos
10 El Hombre Que Yo Ame
11 Siempre En Mi Corazon

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30 décembre 2011 5 30 /12 /décembre /2011 14:00



Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : World Music , Gypsy Music , Alternative , Folklore
Sortie : 2011

From http://sobamelagaita.tumblr.com

Cuenta la leyenda que Yegor Romantsov (ucraniano….cantante de Debauche) se paseaba por todo New Orleans cantando estas canciones que el las denonima como “Russian Hooligan Songs“…..

De primera oida el sonido te lleva a ritmos balcanicos y gypsy con momentos de frenesi punk.…¿otra banda que se colgo de las bolas de Gogol Bordello?…no señor!!!…

Tracklist :
01. Bublichki   
02. Lemonchiki   
03. Makintosh   
04. Csardas
05. Liolka   
06. Russian Orphan Song   
07. Man’ka   
08. Murka   
09. Kaby Nas
10. Mamochka Mama (Russian Lesbian Song)




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18 décembre 2011 7 18 /12 /décembre /2011 14:00



Origine du Groupe : Senegal
Style : World Music , World Jazz
Sortie : 1980

By Moos from http://globalgroovers.blogspot.com

Na twee super gezellige try-outs, zogezegd, moeten we komende
zaterdag echt nog een keertje profiteren. Het wordt drukkend warm,
er kan een buitje vallen maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Ik wil
je bij deze dan ook uitnodigen naar het Vondelpark te komen.
Vanaf zo'n 15.00 uur strijk ik neer onder de grote bomen naast
het standbeeld van Joost van den Vondel. Met de Global Groove's
Mobile Soundsystem probeer ik dan het tropisch zwetende sfeertje
verder af te maken. Afrikaanse klanken, broeierige latin grooves,
Calypso en reggae, oude jazz en zigeuner muziek, van alles wat.
Als je een stukje naar beneden scrollt, vind je 'n filmpje van laatst.

Saturday the 10th of september is going to be one of this summers
last hot days. It will be one of the last opportunity's we'll have
to go to the park and chill out under the blue/grey sky. Bring some
food and drinks and join us at the Amsterdam Vondelpark. From
around 15.00 hrs. the Global Groove's Mobile Soundsystem will be
playing from underneath the big trees next to Vondel's statue. Be my
guest and come around if you're near.

From 1980 wit Papa Seck, Doudou Sow, Mar Seck, Magatte
N'Diaye, Malick Hann, Alioune Diallo, Amadou Madani Tall,
Mamane Fall, Ally Penda, Paja Diop, Paja Seck, Yakhya Fall,
Babacar Fall and Moustapha N'Diaye. One of Senegals legendary
groups from that era. Class A material for collectors in the genre.
That sounds awful, no really this is stuff you don't want to miss !
Wonderful atmospheric sound of Dakars early eighties.

Tracklist :
1 Fatu sarr waasanaan
2 Medoune xule
3 Lii lumuy nuru
4 Jiko
5 Kumba
6 Ngomar

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Origine du Groupe : Spain , Cuba
Style : World Music 
Sortie : 2009

From http://buika.mondomix.com/en/itw5455.htm :

Flamenco singer Concha Buika and Cuban piano maestro Chucho Valdés talk about the moving experience they shared recording this tribute to Chavela Vargas.

Having featured her songs in several of his film soundtracks, Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar dreamed up the idea of a tribute concert to celebrate the 90th birthday of legendary singer Chavela Vargas. The concert took place in Havana in April 2009 performed by another of Almodóvar’s favourites, Mallorcan flamenco singer Concha Buika with Cuban piano maestro Chucho Valdés. The live show was an absolute triumph and was immediately followed by a recording session resulting in El Ultimo Trago. Buika and Valdés pay homage to Chavela Vargas by pouring genuine emotion into their interpretations of her Mexican rancheras and boleros, tinged with flamenco, jazz and rumba.


When the producer Javier Limón suggested this encounter, conceived by Almodovar, what was your reaction?
Buika: Wow! I got a call and I found out the idea was to record with Chucho…I was so excited! I remember the first time I saw the maestro in concert, there were moments when I actually felt frightened by what I was hearing. The things he was playing…it was just astonishing.
Chucho Valdés: I accepted straight away because, with Buika, I felt something so special. Her sound, how she expresses herself, how she sings, the timbre of her voice…it’s so unique to Concha. I’m drawn to artists who have that particular quality – to inspire you to grow. My father Bebo, who knew Chavela, believes that Buika is the best possible choice of singer to interpret her repertoire. An absolutely perfect fit!


And you Buika, what have you learnt through playing with Chucho Valdés?
B: I can’t tell you everything, some of the discoveries I made are very personal things. What I can tell you is that every time we play together it just keeps getting better and better. I learnt that a melody is not just a series of notes. It’s as if each note is on a quest and it does everything possible to find what it is seeking. You see just how mischievous that note can be as it tries to seduce you. There are colours, melodic lines which can open up your deepest feelings. That’s what I learnt from the maestro – the way a note can reach right inside you. It’s a series of adventures, you see, a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean, but on an interior level.


Where do your two universes intersect?
B: Do-ré-mi-fa-sol-la-si-do, flat, sharp.


How did you prepare for this musical encounter?
B: I’m a front-line girl, a fighter. So apart from listening to the originals, to be honest I just wanted to go with the flow.
CV: In fact, we communicated a lot, and we built a relationship. It came very easily. From the first second we had exactly the same intuition about what would happen.


Tell us about those intense 11 hours in the studio to record El Ultimo Trago…
B: The session was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed ourselves. We could look over at each other, we were connected, symbiotic, in a very warm, family atmosphere. There were some fantastic moments, very beautiful.
CV: Not many artists dare to record vocals in one take. Here, you have an artist who is drawn so deeply into the music, that she sings as if she’s performing live. That’s why this album is so magical, it’s lit up by its own energy, in a direct, everlasting communion.


Tell us about Chavela Vargas
B: God, she’s the queen of the Hispanic world, the absolute queen. Like Edith Piaf is in France. I mean, what can you say…she is one of those artists who just floors you. You hear Chavela everywhere, forever, she stays with you. Her music has been with me for years…as if I’d recorded the same record my whole life! Today, I exist through this very beautiful woman.


She listened to three of your tracks. Did she like them?
B: Of course she liked them…I mean, how could she not like them?!


You both seem very proud of this collaboration
CV: This project was made with a lot of heart, love and spontaneity. We wanted to do something in the name of music, FOR music.
B: One of my ideas with this record was to push young people to go back to this love of poetry. That they go out there and reconnect with words and melody. That they return to what they have neglected, and don’t content themselves with quick little poppy songs for an instant hit. No. That they go back to something deeper, a real love of music.

Tracklist :
1. Soledad
2. Sombras
3. Las Ciudades
4. Cruz De olvido
5. El Andariego
6. En El Último Trago
7. Se Me Hizo Fácil
8. Un mundo raro
9. Las Simples Cosas
10. Somos
11. Luz De luna  
12. Vámonos

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Origine du Groupe : India , U.K
Style : World Music
Sortie : 2001

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Par Pachouille pour http://www.dmute.net

Nouvelle sur la scène indo-pakistanaise britannique, Susheela Raman nous offre avec Salt Rain douze petites perles originelles. Mélangeant parfaitement la musique traditionnelle indienne et la musique occidentale, la "Tina Turner indienne" propose un voyage inter-culturel. Passant par des textes écrits en anglais mais aussi en sanscrit, tout y est parfait. Un disque enchanteur.

Tracklist :
1. Ganapati
2. Maya
3. Mamavatu
4. Woman
5. Mahima
6. Trust In Me
7. Bolo Bolo
8. Salt Rain
9. Kamakshi
10. Nagumomo
11. O Rama
12. Song To The Siren




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