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14 juillet 2010 3 14 /07 /juillet /2010 16:00


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Founded in 1978 by Lutz H. Tempelhagen, who is guitarist, composer, writer and leader of the band.
Michael Guenther-Fame plays bass, Vico Grumbrecht - drums, Manfred Opitz - keyboards & male vocals, and last not least The Black Magic Lady who sings the female vocal parts. The age of the group's members is between 22 and 28 years. The band is located in Berlin, West Germany. Flyer's music compensates the musician's feeling with the discosound of today.


Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Soul Funk
Sortie : 1978

Tracklist :
1 - Discomotion
2 - Need your lovin' eyes
3 - My lady
4 - Get on movin'
5 - Lonely nights
6 - Mainline is sunshine
7 - Stand by man



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5 juillet 2010 1 05 /07 /juillet /2010 14:00


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Trois ans déjà que Dinner At The Thompson’s nous avait littéralement séduits par l’osmose artistique, la vitalité et le groove qui se dégageaient de leur tout premier opus “Lifetime On Planet Heart“. Depuis, le duo franco-américain a sérieusement consolidé sa carrière, entre scène et studio, entre Paris et LA, pour finalement remettre le couvert aujourd’hui avec la sortie de leur nouveau “Off The Grid”. Incontestablement, Dinner At The Thompson’s a mûri, affûté ses atouts et gagné encore en consistance, sans perdre une miette de ce qui a fondé son succès, et qui en fait l’un des duos soul-hip-hop-electro les plus prometteurs de l’hexagone. On retrouve ainsi cet hétéroclisme travaillé et précis, oscillant entre new-soul (”Spirulina Queen”, “This Day We Call Hope”), trip-hop (la douce ballade “Western Spaghetti”), et hip-hop qui tâche (”It All Began” aux notes jazzy), sans négliger la collision maîtrisée des genres (le tranchant “Levitating”, le funky “Rise Up”, le medley réussi “You Are Love” clôturant l’opus). Les influences d’Erykah Badu  et de Portishead planent toujours sur les titres, particulièrement du côté du chant de Lucille Tee qui, si elle n’a de toutes évidences ni le grain Billie Holidesque et indépassable de la diva de Dallas, ni la puissance métaphysique du timbre de Beth Gibbons, tire très bien son épingle du jeu avec son chant inspiré et sensuel, flirtant volontiers avec un rap féminin et percutant (”Whatever It Takes”). Côté versions instrumentales, Fablive enchaîne les performances, maîtrisant parfaitement les astuces du sampling, la justesse des enchaînements et l’art des contretemps. Le tout dans une harmonie bluffante, restée intacte depuis les débuts du combo. Cet album d’une richesse plus qu’appréciable réserve enfin une très bonne surprise: la présence de deux featurings d’exception, l’un avec le roi du funk Lee Fields, admirable sur une version boostée à la bossa, l’autre avec l’un des piliers de l’écurie Stones Throw Guilty Simpson, sur un musclé “Rice ‘N’ Beans”. Finalement, Dinner At The Thompson’s continue sur une belle lancée avec cet “Off The Grid” généreux et gourmand du haut de ses quinze tracks, que l’on dégustera sans modération. On conseillera juste au talentueux duo de tenter d’explorer de nouvelles directions à l’avenir, et de faire évoluer un brin leur marque de fabrique, car les meilleures recettes peuvent devenir à la longue un peu écœurantes. Mais avec une énergie et une créativité pareilles, on ne se fait pas trop de souci pour la suite…


Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Nu-Soul , Hip Hop
Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. How Wan I
03. Spirulina Queen
04. Just A Dream
05. It All Began
06. Levitating
07. Rise Up
08. Different Beings Feat. LEE FIELDS
09. Whatever It Takes
10. I Can Do Anything
11. Running
12. Western Spaghetti
13. Rice n Beans Feat. GUILTY SIMPSON
14. This Day We Call Hope
15. You Are Love




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2 juillet 2010 5 02 /07 /juillet /2010 14:00


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Unless you enjoy a fully-clothed, midsummer, smoky community sauna with barely enough elbow room enough to scratch your own nose, it is a given prerequisite to have ample dancing room whenever seeing these guys live. Having caught them at the end of their west coast tour, it's my advice to arrive early and stake out your boogie box. Anything less is sacrilege; the Motet and physical expression are inseparable. Though they've gone through a number of incarnations since their inception, the core group of this Colorado-born band has retained their subterranean funk threads, the somatically-inspiring Afro-Cuban hand-drumming of Dave Watts and, perhaps most distinctive of all, their signature, brassy jazz infrastructure. Add to that, the intermittent loungey bedroom vibe, inspiring 70s soul flashbacks for a closed-eyed groove solo, these guys bring a tangible heat to the atmosphere, regardless of the notable size of their faithful fanbase. Beyond the sizzle of the sax-fronted prowess, the Motet has a highly-developed sense of musical conversation within the band- something often lost in this scene where laying down a chewy funk line is supposed to be enough. But no, along with their core jazz influences, they bring one of the greatest assets of jazz's contribution to all of music- the respect for intertwined lines, weaving in and out and around each other with definite purpose and placement. In other words, this music doesn't only travel linearly, but it travels vertically, conceived in terms of how it breathes as a whole. That might sound a wee bit academic for a band that comes in a casual, down-to-earth package, but this is the phenomenon where the sophistication of jazz is not lost in the reincarnation through rock hybrids. Of course, it's no secret that music captures what words cannot, so find that little 'Play' button and go to town.

by Tamara Turner

Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Funk , Soul , Jazz
Sortie : 2004

Tracklist :

1. Cheap Shit (6:22)
2. Power (7:09)
3. Black Hat (8:14)
4. The Magic Way (9:40)
5. Fearless (6:12)
6. Corpocratic (7:07)
7. What's The Purpose (6:41)
8. Them Or Us (10:48)



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1 juillet 2010 4 01 /07 /juillet /2010 16:00


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Raymond Harris is a talented keyboardist from Glasgow who successfully manages to blend dancefloor jazz with latin vibes, a touch of funk & soul, and Brazilian sounds coming directly from the 60’s and 70’s. Ray Harris has won the “Brewin Dolphin” newcomer award in 2008, and together with The Fusion Experience band has opened for the late godfather of soul James Brown and supported Funk Legends The Average White Band, MTV award winners Jaga Jazzist, MOBO Award winner Denys Baptiste as well as performing with Ian McCulloch (Echo & The Bunnymen).

Media interest has been extensive with Harris being featured in a live Session on BBC Radio Scotland's "The Jazz House", in another live session on BBC6 Music's "The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show" and with his being interviewed on STV prior to his performance at the Glasgow International Jazz Festival. Radio play worldwide has been considerable with Mark Lamarr of BBC Radio 2, voting "One of A Kind" by Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience one of his top 10 tracks of 2009.

The Fusion Experience band is composed of Jamie McGrory on drums, Signy Jakobsdottir taking care of percussion, Ian Thomson on guitar, Chris McGarvey on bass, and Marie Claire Lee, Susie Palmer, Jane McLaughlin, and Lana Shilvpe contributing vocals. Ray Harris is of course on the keyboards, but also takes care of production and vocals.

Record releases worldwide include Record Kicks Italy, P-Vine Japan, DIW Japan, Demajors Indonesia, Mr Bongo Records UK, EMI Holland, and Chin Chin Records Germany. Such releases have coincided with extensive touring of Asia and Europe with prolific performances at Jakarta International Jazz Festival Indonesia, Penang Island Jazz Festival Malaysia, IJazz Festival Holland, The Hague Jazz Festival Holland and also touring performances in China, Japan & Europe.


Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Nu-Jazz , Soul Funk
Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :
01. Scaramunga (album version)
02. In Your Eyes
03. Freedom
04. One Of A Kind
05. Interpretation
06. Where Do We Begin
07. Tokyo Blue
08. Scaramunga (jazz-dance edit)
09. Scaramunga (Lack Of Afro rmx)
10. Freedom (Lack Of Afro inspiration)



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29 juin 2010 2 29 /06 /juin /2010 14:00


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A much-needed full length set from Root Soul - aka Kenichi Ikeda - a Japanese artist who's really been winning our ears with his earlier singles! The groove here is upbeat and soulful - a heavy influence from the UK scene of recent years, particularly that side that's more based in classic jazz/funk modes of the 70s! Vanessa Freeman steps out on two great tracks for the set -- and other guests include Andrea Clarke, Lyric L, Leon King, Shea Soul, and Cro-Magnon - but the core grooves are really what win us, and they feature some great jazzy horn parts dropped in alongside the beats and keyboards - more of a jazz/funk style of instrumentation than the usual Japanese groover.


Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Nu-Soul , Funk
Sortie : 2009

1. Spirit Of Love (Feat. Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto) (4:35)
2. Sky High (4:55)
3. It's The Way (Feat. Vanessa Freeman) (6:07)
4. Override & Fly (Feat. Andrea Clarke & Lyric L) (5:39)
5. Moog Rock (7:15)
6. Fuselage (Feat. Leon King) (6:14)
7. Feeling Good (8:43)
8. Disco-Tech Tribe (Feat. cro-magnon) (7:03)
9. On & On (Feat. Shea Soul) (5:48)
10. My Dream Came True (Feat. Leon King)(6:13)
11. Spirit Of Love (Feat. Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto - Phil Asher's restless soul Boogie mix) (12:45)



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29 juin 2010 2 29 /06 /juin /2010 11:00


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The Soul Investigators as it was when they started had known each other for their whole lives, playing together since 1998. Guys were digging the same kind of music, such as James Brown, The Meters, Booker T. & The MG's and Mickey and The Soul Generation just to mention few and they decided to make their own music with the same feeling.

The Band had a classic line up when they started: guitar (Pete Toikkanen), bass (Sami Kantelinen), drums (Jukka Sarapaa) and organ (Antti Maattanen). Jukka, Antti and Sami played also in a band called Mood (later known as Maor Presto) and Pete plays in a garage-rock band called The Paisley. First 45 as Calypso King & The Soul Investigators was made in the year 1998 on Jive and it got fairly good response so it was followed by another 45 in the year 1999.

In the year 2000 just before "Soul Strike" was recorded (released on Soul FIre records in the year 2001) Soul Investigators hooked up with DJ Didier who's pretty much into sound engineering and good funk music as well. He also plays gongas and tambourine on some of their latest releases. Still mainly spending his time in studio.

In the year 2001 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators started to do music for TIMMION Records. It started with two different projects, Ostari Njengi and Soultors. There were four 45's released in the year 2001. Latest two of them gives you an idea of what you should be expecting from their stuff in the future.

Just before "Hot Pants On Fire" was released three more members were included in the band. Horn section includes Saxophone (Lasse Tolvanen), Trumpet (Eero Savela) and Trombone (Erno Haukkala). Style itself hasn't really changed but their music has gone a step forward lately and not only beacause of the horn section. Lasse played also in Mood with other Soul Investigators, Eero nad Erno are know maybe best from a band called Soul Captain Band.


Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Soul , Funk
Sortie : 2006

1. Sassy strut (4:32)
2. Rag Doll Pt1 Feat. Nicole Willis (2:32)
3. Lets Have Some (3:10)
4. Ahh Soul (2:14)
5. Mo Hash (2:08)
6. Ma Gee (3:04)
7. Make You Wanna Holla (3:34)
8. Compin and Smokin (2:32)
9. Good Food (3:34)
10. Investigators Testifying (3:00)
11. Soul strike (3:10)
12. Ci Ca Boo (3:07)
13. Calypso strut (2:56)
14. Home Cooking pt 1 & 2 (4:34)
15. Raw Steaks (3:14)
16. Micro Popcorn (3:28)



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28 juin 2010 1 28 /06 /juin /2010 18:50


Note :

A righteous underground soul classic from Del Jones -- message-oriented funk at its best! Jones is working here in the spirit of some of the best locally-crafted indie outings of the time -- like work by Mike James Kirkland, Oneness Of Juju, The Pharaohs, and other important righteous regional acts of the 70s.

The lyrics are extremely progressive, and deal with hard themes of African-American life at the time -- stated clearly enough by titles that include "Soul of Black Folks", "Court Is Closed", "Prelude Ta Hell", "Needle N Spoon", and "Inside Black America" -- and backed up by some great arrangements that throw a lot of fuzzy funky guitars into some tight, jazzed-up grooving. The album also includes the massive "Vibe-Ing Theme" -- and the whole thing's a treasure that should be ranked with the best of its sort!

Enjoy it!

by Greg

Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Funk , Soul
Sortie : 1972

Tracklist :



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26 juin 2010 6 26 /06 /juin /2010 14:00


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Sevilla, España. Los andaluces Fügu empiezan su camino por el mundo musical hace casi 6 años y después de cambios en la formación Fügu se ha convertido en un directo inigualable, fügu son temas ligeros y frescos, fügu es funky-rock soul y ritmos, fügu son letras sinceras y cercanas, fügu es la protesta reivindicativa por las cosas cotidianas, creamos funky cargados de energía, adrenalina como logo, sensaciones pa bailar. Fügu combina calidad, soltura y guassa, Fügu es la música esquisita y la


by Rebel Sounds


Origine du Groupe : Spain
Style : Funk
Sortie : 2008

Tracklist :
01 - Buscanos
02 - Ey Voz
03 - Hoy
04 - Rumores
05 - Sal
06 - Vamos A Bailar




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25 juin 2010 5 25 /06 /juin /2010 15:00


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Dennis Coffey (born in Detroit, Michigan) is an American guitarist, notable as a prominent studio musician for many soul and R&B recordings. Coffey learned to play guitar when he was 13 in Ontonagon County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. At 15 he played on his first record session backing Vic Gallon on "I'm Gone" on the Gondola label. In the early 1960s he joined The Royaltones who had had hits with "Poor Boy" in 1958 and "Flamingo Express" in 1961. The Royaltones played sessions with other artists including Del Shannon. As a member of the Funk Brothers studio band, Coffey played on dozens of recordings for Motown Records, and introduced the wah-wah guitar sound to Motown producer Norman Whitfield's recordings. He also played on Edwin Starr's "S.O.S. (Stop Her on Sight)”, The Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing", and Freda Payne's "Band of Gold". In addition, Coffey scored the blaxploitation film Black Belt Jones. In 1971, Coffey recorded Scorpio which was a million selling single and in 1972 Taurus, both with The Detroit Guitar Band. Since then, he has recorded several solo albums, most of them for the Sussex and Westbound labels.

In the early 70’s, Dennis Coffey, Motown ‘Funk Brother’ and super-session guitar man, seemed determined to write soundtracks – even if he wasn’t commissioned by a Hollywood studio. Indeed, the four studio albums he cut for the Sussex label between 1971 and 1974, from which this compilation is culled, are like a big personal advertisement for potential film score work.

Coffey’s raw, compressed guitar style – his big city breakbeat funk - certainly evokes a tough, urban landscape inhabited by tough, urban gangsters.

by Dj Uilson

Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Funk , Soul
Sortie : 2006

Tracklist :
1. Son of Scorpio (3:07)
2. Guitar big band (3:26)
3. Theme from Enter the Dragon (3:08)
4. Chicano (5:07)
5. Lonely moon child (3:17)
6. Impressions of (4:37)
7. Ride Sally ride (3:02)
8. Taurus (2:54)
9. Scorpio (4:10)
10. Getting it on (2:24)
11. Big city funk (2:50)
12. Whole lot of love (2:26)
13. Garden of the moon (3:15)
14. Capricon's thing (2:09)
15. Outrageous (7:27)


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17 juin 2010 4 17 /06 /juin /2010 15:00


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The primary difference when comparing this live performance and the rendering simply titled Go (1976) is that Go Live From Paris (1978) presents the proceedings (as they exist) in a properly linear fashion, as correlated to the Eastern mythology that informed the extended two-part suite. This is in direct contrast to Go, which assembled the contents out of sequence. The stage show was recorded at the Palais Des Sports in Paris, France on June 12, 1976 and the recital setting allows for considerably longer and more exploratory interaction amongst Stomu Yamashta (percussion/piano), Steve Winwood (vocals/keyboards) and (drums). They are joined by legendary jazz axeman Michael Shrieve,Al DiMeola (guitar) as well as Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel veteran Klaus Schulze (synthesizer) -- all of whom had contributed to Go. Filling out the band are Jerome Rimson (bass), Pat Thrall (guitar), Brother James (congas) and Karen Friedman (vocals). Specifically, the licks traded between DiMeola and Shrieve are comparable to the workouts the pair shared as part of the Borboletta (1974) era Santana. In terms of sheer intensity, it is hard to beat DiMeola's searing leads and Winwood's blue-eyed soul on the driving "Ghost Machine," easily topping its former incarnation. "Surfspin" lands into the funky mid-tempo "Time Is Here" highlighted by Karen Friedman's expressive exchanges with Winwood, while Rimson punctuates the rhythm with some penetrating bass interjections. This is followed by the sole Winwood composition "Winner/Loser," which further exemplifies how the spontaneity of the concert yields results that best their predecessors. In fact, on the whole the material on Go sounds like a blueprint for the exceptional and inspired outing found here. The second movement commences with fairly even renditions of the trifecta "Solitude," "Nature" and "Air Voice" -- which had previously been given the name "Air Over." "Crossing the Line" is an additional zenith, spotlighted by Winwood's emotive vocals and the untamed and otherwise incendiary frenzy of fretwork courtesy of DiMeola. Clocking in just shy of a quarter-hour, "Man of Leo" provides another opportunity for the players to loosen up and fuse their collective improvisations behind DiMeola's intense soloing and the similarly seminal instrumental offerings from Shrieve, Rimson -- who is at his most melodic -- and Freidman's haunting warbles.

by Spinato's Musicpills

Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Funk , Soul , Experimental
Sortie : 1976

Tracklist :
01 Space song
02 Carnival
03 Wind spin
04 Ghost machine
05 Surf spin
06 Time is here
07 Winner Looser
08 Solitude
09 Nature
10 Air voice
11 Crossing the line
12 Man of Leo
13 Stellar
14 Space Requiem



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