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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Funk
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.mrconfuse.com
On ‘Do You Realize’ Mr. Confuse picks up on the distinctive, organic and powerful sound he introduced on ‘Feel The Fire’ and takes it a step further. ‘Do You Realize’ tells a story from the beginning to the end: ‘We Gonna Bring The Funk To You’ with featured singer and main vocalist Dan Salem allows no second thoughts as a perfect opener and leads into ‘Catch Me’, the first single release. In a total of 13 tracks and with fullon party tunes like ‘Never Let The Rhythm Go’ and ‘Let’s Get The Feeling’ the album keeps a steady pace. The second single releases ‘Too Hot’ and the conscious and soulful ‘Why Can’t You See Me’ carries ‘Do You Realize’ to the perfect ending with the moving soul ballad ‘Cool Smooth Waters’ introducing the mighty soul voice of Mrs Elaine Thomas.

It would not be a true Mr. Confuse album if it would not pay tribute to a musical pioneer. With his versions of ‘Boogie Down (Bronx)’ (with the voice of well know German Reggae artist Benjie) and ‘Man Made’ (featuring Dan Salem) Mr. Confuse pays tribute to Man Parrish as one of the innovators who translated Funk and Boogie into the HipHop-Era of early Electro and Freestyle. ‘Do You Realize’ comes as an apt title then.
Accompanying the album there will be a colourful bunch of remixes released in various formats. Remixes by well known producers such as Smoove, Dr. Rubberfunk, Lack Of Afro, Daytoner, The Uptown Felaz, Tom Eno, Przasnik and Funkmaster Ozone amongst many others show Mr. Confuse’s respect for the remix culture, something which was always a major part in the career of the producer from Hannover/Germany who started DJing in 1999 and is producing and composing his own music since 2004. As a member of the Breakout crew in 2005 Mr. Confuse came up with the idea of reworking the 80s classic ‘Planet Rock’ by Afrika Bambaataa and transforming it into a heavy funk tune. Through the years Mr. Confuse released his music and remixes with many international labels (Good Groove, Dominance, Shiftin’ Gears and many more) and recorded a collection of different MixCDs.

In September 2008 his first solo album ‘Feel The Fire’ was released on DLP, CD and digital download. Mr. Confuse’s live band ‘Mr. Confuse & The Confusers’ was called to existence with a heavy horn section of seven players and true Hammond C3 sound also that year. Appearing as 14 musicians strong collective it is an impressive breaks big band. On ‘Feel The Fire’ are cover versions of Debbie Deb’s Freestyle-Electro-Classics ‘Lookout Weekend’ and ‘When I Hear Music’ in a heavy seventies Funk style. The 12inch version of ‘Lookout Weekend’ sold out quickly, but even three years after its original release the track is still a steady download seller. 2009 saw two more 12 inches following the album with the ‘Do It Right Now’ and the ‘Imóvel’ EPs. Mr. Confuse was also invited to feature on the first release on the 7inch label ‘Freesoul45
Records’ with two massive HipHop instrumental tunes that year. 2009 continued with ‘Feel The Fire – The Remixes’ which is available digitally and includes all remixes of the three 12inch vinyl plus never released before versions.

With ‘Do You Realize” Mr. Confuse is not only expanding his trademark sound but the album also introduces him as a musical director with an open ear for the bigger picture. With up to 23 international musicians he created incredible sounding big arrangements you would rather expect from the good times of big studios from the 60s and 70s. Here is a producer who not only reveals a deep understanding of the rhythms ranging from Afro to Soul and from classic R&B to HipHop, but who also has a vision of translating history into the future. ‘Do You Realize’? Indeed we do!

Tracklist :
01 We Gonna Bring The Funk To You – feat. Dan Salem
02 Catch Me – feat. Dan Salem
03 Big Livin’ – feat. Lady EmZ
04 Boogie Down – feat. Benjie
05 Let’s Get The Feeling – feat. Elaine Thomas
06 Never Let The Rhythm Go – feat. Georgie B.
07 Do You Realize – feat. Marc-Amadeus Figge
08 Man Made – feat. Dan Salem
09 I Know Your Love Is True – feat. Dan Salem
10 Hold On – feat. Dan Salem
11 Why Can’t You See Me – feat. Elaine Thomas
12 Too Hot – feat. Elaine Thomas and Dan Salem
13 Cool Smooth Waters – feat. Elaine Thomas 

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : R&B , Funk , Soul
Sortie : 2012

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From http://rubyvelleandthesoulphonics.com
“It’s About Time,” the full-length debut album from Atlanta’s Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, has quickly made waves around the globe since its recent September 2012 release.

In the US, the lead off single “My Dear” was featured as iTunes’ “single of the week”, sparking a digital soul-grab of 200,000 single downloads, and 1200 full album download sales, landing the album at #4 on the iTunes R&B charts. The same week, Jim Farber of The New York Daily News named the album in his much  sought-after top ten. Inaddition, Google Play is offering“MyDear” as a free track for the month of October for all its smartphone users.

In Europe, bloggers have posted a number of ecstatic reviews–finally having a Soulphonics full-length on their decks after the band’s former EU teaser-singles, most notably a 2010 inclusion of the single “Heartlite” on a compilation album by the UK’s Acid Jazz Records. Respond- ing to this rising buzz across the pond, a spring Europe tour is in the works, with the band’s avails there centering in April.

Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics roots are embedded in the rich sound and history of Georgia soul, beginning with the early 50’s and 60’s R&B that became so well known around the world. Having performed countless gigs since 2005, and with a slew of 45rpm singles already under their belts, the band has already contributed heavily to the steadily increasing awareness of genuine rhythm and blues music that exists today. They pack clubs and festivals with their original brand of soul, all of which is written and recorded in Atlanta. Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics are taking it world wide in 2012, with the release of “It’s About Time.”

Tracklist :
01. My Dear
02. Medicine Spoon
03. The Man Says
04. The Agenda
05. Looking for a Better Thing
06. Soul of the Earth
07. Coming Home to You
08. Mr. Wrong
09. Longview
10. It's About Time


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Disco , Funk
Sortie : 1979

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Wikipedia :

The seeds for Skyy were sown in Brooklyn, New York in 1973, when sisters Denise, Delores, and Bonne Dunning first met musician Solomon Roberts, Jr. The record producer/keyboardist Randy Muller (who was also a member Brass Construction and an arranger for B.T. Express) soon became involved with the project. By 1976, the Skyy lineup of the three Dunning sisters as vocalists, Roberts as the male vocalist/guitarist, Anibal Anthony Sierra on guitars and keyboards, Larry Greenberg on keyboards, Gerald Lebon on bass, and Tommy McConnell on drums had solidified.

In the late 1970s, Skyy signed to Salsoul Records. After several albums that saw moderate success in the R&B market, the group crossed over to the mainstream in a big way with the release of the Skyy Line album in late 1981. Featured on this album was the single "Call Me," which gave the group their first (and only, to date) top 40 hit on the pop charts, peaking at #26 in 1982. It also became the first of several #1 R&B hits for Skyy. Meanwhile, the group continued to record for the Salsoul label up through the release of their 1984 Inner City album (Salsoul would fold in 1985), scoring several additional hits on the R&B chart during that time.

In the mid-1980s, the group signed with Capitol Records and released their next album, From the Left Side in 1986. Apart from the top ten R&B single, "Givin' It (to You)," the album saw limited success, and the group left Capitol soon thereafter.

Things were looking rather bleak for the band by the late 1980s. However, after signing to Atlantic Records, Skyy launched a major comeback in 1989 with the release of their successful Start of a Romance album. This release spun off two #1 R&B singles, with both the title track ("Start of a Romance") and the Quiet Storm classic, "Real Love" claiming the top spot. "Real Love" also became the group's second and final crossover pop hit peaking at #47 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 1990. The second single released from the album (between the title track and "Real Love"), "Love All the Way" also cracked the R&B top 50. By the release of the Nearer to You album in 1992, the hits had again dried up, and the band has not released a new studio album since then.

Tracklist :
01. This Groove Is Bad - (Solomon Roberts, Jr.) 6:20
02. First Time Around - (Randy Muller) 6:37
03. Lets Turn It Out - (Randy Muller) 6:37
04. Fallin' In Love Again - (Solomon Roberts, Jr.) 4:51
05. Stand By Me - (Solomon Roberts, Jr.) 5:04
06. Disco Dancin' - (Randy Muller) 4:12
07. Lets Get Up (S-k-y-y) - (Solomon Roberts, Jr.) 5:17
08. First Time Around (Remix) - (Randy Muller) 7:29
09. First Time Around (Disco Mix) - (Randy Muller) 9:02
10. First Time Around (Special Remix) - (Randy Muller) 6:30

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Origine du Groupe : Australia
Style : Alternative , Funk , Soul
Sortie : 2012

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By David Katz   from http://www.bbc.co.uk

The Australians’ hybrid soul and funk sound continues to impress.

During the last decade, Melbourne-based musical conglomerate The Bamboos have been making an impact with a hybrid sound tastefully referencing the great soul and funk of the 1960s and 70s, without ever falling into the retro trap.

That their material has been handled by Tru Thoughts, the Brighton-based independent that has brought forth musical delights by Quantic and Bonobo, already gives it a certain legitimacy – but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and Medicine Man, the group’s fifth album, goes down like a mango and lemon syllabub. It’s tastefully done, and possesses many hidden textures and contours; the more you get of it, the more you like it.

Perhaps the best thing The Bamboos have going for them is their superb musicianship. Bandleader Lance Ferguson is obviously a brilliant guitarist but he is never overly flashy with his lead licks; his solos help convey emotion in suitably brief bright blasts of treble, instead of overburdening a tune with unnecessary pyrotechnics.

Bass duties are shared between Ferguson and his creative foil, producer John Castle, who also plays piano and a spot of drums, and the bass lines on this album are suitably cavernous, helping to ground the material between melodic hooks and danceable grooves.

Where Does The Time Go?, sung by Aloe Blacc, is the kind of song that anyone of a certain age can relate to; as Ferguson, Castle and team propel the music forward, Blacc laments the passing of his youth. Co-conspirator Kylie Auldist features on a quarter of the disc, and even if her style is rooted in early 1970s funk, the band pull in enough original elements to make sure the work is always their own.

For instance, Window counterbalances Auldist’s blues-funk growl with light strings and a gently bouncing beat. Similarly, Hello Stranger has a great sitar accompaniment that hearkens to 1960s psychedelia, but never in a way that is constrained by the reference. Other guests include Tim Rogers of You Am I, soul crooners Bobby Flynn and Daniel Merriweather, and Megan Washington, whose appealing vocals grace a horns-heavy version of The Wilhelm Scream.

The music here would sound dynamite live, so look out for appearances. And even if you can’t make it to a show, this album is definitely worth investigating. Get your hands on a copy and dig in.

Tracklist :
01. Where Does The Time Go? (Feat. Aloe Blacc) 03:38
02. What I Know (Feat. Kylie Auldist) 04:07
03. The Wilhelm Scream (Feat. Megan Washington) 04:28
04. Cut Me Down (Feat. Kylie Auldist) 03:36
05. I Got Burned (Feat. Tim Rogers) 04:20
06. I Never (Feat. Daniel Merriweather) 03:52
07. Midnight (Feat. Bobby Flynn) 04:04
08. Eliza (Feat. Megan Washington) 03:50
09. Medicine Man (Feat. Ella Thompson) 03:08
10. Hello Stranger (Feat. Kylie Auldist & Ella Thompson) 04:30
11. Window (Feat. Kylie Auldist) 03:31


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Jazz , Soul , Funk
Sortie : 2012

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Par Francis Dordor pour http://www.lesinrocks.com

Mayer Hawthorne, Robin McKelle : deux façons de s’inviter dans

les grandes traditions soul,

avec respect des canons ou malice.

Pour avoir décollé dans l’entourage des Herbie Hancock et Wayne Shorter, la voix expressive de Robin McKelle a vite inspiré des comparaisons flatteuses. On la jaugea à l’aune d’une Ella Fitzgerald, d’une Sarah Vaughan et c’était déjà beaucoup à assumer pour cette petite New-Yorkaise blanche sans pedigree. Avec Soul Flower, la voilà qui se glisse dans un autre sillon, celui tracé par Aretha Franklin, avec la même réussite.

Si ce quatrième album semble réciter par coeur toute la syntaxe de la soul de l’écurie Atlantic – celle des années Tom Dowd où chaleur rimait avec efficacité –, elle évite aussi tous les pièges du remake tiroir-caisse à la Seal ou l’exercice de style scolaire façon Ben l’Oncle Soul.

Compositions inédites, dans l’esprit, mais jamais soumises à la lettre, reprises de standards qu’elle personnalise (dont un Walk on by au pas de charge), Robin se révèle excellente cuisinière, faisant usage d’anciennes recettes de fabrication pour mieux y injecter une certaine dose d’intelligence et de passion contemporaine.

Mayer Hawthorne serait plutôt, quant à lui, une sorte de fashion vampire. Originaire de Detroit, il a débuté comme rappeur sous le pseudo d’Haircut avant de se replonger dans ce qui a forgé l’identité musicale de sa ville, le son Tamla Motown. Sur How Do You Do?, il cherche souvent à recréer l’esthétique du prestigieux label de Marvin Gaye et des Supremes, sans oublier l’essentiel : en retirer du plaisir.

Ce second album ressemble à ces ateliers de couture où de jeunes stylistes inventent des modèles en s’inspirant des collections du passé. Avec parfois des patchworks amusants quand il coud du Smokey Robinson sur du Stevie Wonder (Finally Falling) ou épingle du Supremes avec du Spinners (Hooked). Gentil vampire, Hawthorne séduit par sa fraîcheur à défaut de convaincre par son originalité.

Au milieu des années 80, le critique américain Nelson George avait inventé une étiquette pour un courant musical auquel Robin McKelle et Mayer Hawthorne peuvent se rattacher. Il appelait ça le “retronuevo”. On connaît la valeur des étiquettes et leur tendance à valser. Mais c’est toujours mieux que “solde”.

Tracklist :
01 So It Goes 05:20
02 Tell You One Thing 03:58
03 Nothing's Really Changed 03:34
04 Fairytale Ending 03:49
05 Miss You Madly 05:09
06 Don't Give Up 03:41
07 Walk On By 03:11
08 To Love Somebody 04:06
09 Change 03:42
10 I'm Ready 04:48
11 Love's Work 04:29
12 I'm A Fool To Want You 04:49


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Origine du Groupe : Colombia , U.K
Style : Nu-Soul , World Music
Sortie : 2012

By Joe Muggs  from http://www.emusic.com

A band manager of my acquaintance used to regularly warn his acts against “flutes and bongos.” And he was mostly right. When modern musicians — especially British musicians — start affecting the signifiers of conscious 1970s soul and jazz, it tends to be just that: affectation. Even Tru Thoughts, one of the finest jazz/funk/hip-hop labels in the U.K., has had its misfires on this front, bands and records that may brim over with virtuosity and good vibes, but fail to match to the heart, guts and, well, soul of their inspirations.

In fact, even Will “Quantic” Holland, Tru Thoughts’s star producer/bandleader, has veered into pastiche in the past. Not here, though; not by a long chalk, even though flutes and bongos abound. Alice Russell has previously voiced many of Quantic’s finest moments in England, and in these sessions recorded in Holland’s adopted home of Cali, Colombia, over a couple of visits by Russell between 2007 and 2011, it’s clear that absence had made the heart grow even fonder.

Russell’s voice remains formidable, but it’s her song-writing that comprises the core of this record. The arrangements and production meticulously recreate the feel of Minnie Ripperton and Rotary Connection, or vintage Colombian cumbia, but they are backdrops for the songs with a life all their own, rather than knowing retro nods. There are great stylistic twists, too: “Boogaloo 33″ reminds us just how much mambo there was in classic rock ‘n’ roll, and the opener “Look Around the Corner” delivers the same liquid-sunshine string arrangements and grooves of Nuyorican soul. Through all of this, Russell is Quantic’s anchor, singing with her characteristic blend of toughness and smoothness, and investing these impeccably written songs with emotional life.

Tracklist :   
01. Look Around The Corner
02. Here Again
03. Travelling Song
04. Magdalena
05. I’ll Keep My Light In My Window
06. Una Tarde En Mariquita
07. Interlude
08. Su Suzy
09. Boogaloo 33
10. Road To Islay
11. Similau
12. I’d Cry
13. Magdalena (Reprise)
14. Look Around The Corner (Reprise)

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Soul
Sortie : 2012

By Agent J  from http://www.groovement.co.uk

Whether you’re a recent classic soul sound convert (lulled by the sounds of Hawthorne and Blacc, perhaps) or you’ve been with it all the way, throw your dollar Lee Fields‘ direction. Recording since 1969 and now firmly ensconced in Leon Michel‘s Truth & Soul stable, Fields is rapidly gaining a new generation of respect from those eager for more Dap style soul.

Take a little time out from the blips and bass of 2012, and re-engage with your Shitty is Pretty soul.

Tracklist :
01 – Faithful Man
02 – I Still Got It
03 – You’re The Right Kind Of Girl
04 – Still Hanging On
05 – Intermission
06 – Wish You Were Here
07 – Who Do You Love
08 – Moonlight Mile
09 – It’s All Over (But The Crying)
10 – Walk On Thru That Door

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Jazz Funk
Sortie : 1976

By A mind with no ceiling From http://oufarkhan.blogspot.com

For those of you who remember the James Mason album, and thought like me that it was a unique one, well here is its companion on the tiny Chiaroscuro label— with a similar sound and James himself participating on guitar & writing! This is a gem of an album, more instrumental than Rhythm Of Life, but with that eerie jazzy sound that's made it so great. A few cuts have vocals, and you'll also recognize a very famous Erykah Badu sample in the mellow number "Dreamflower" (the lady has some  taste...). But the whole thing's fantastic, deep and so unjustly forgotten.

Tracklist :
1. Love it
2. Truth is the key
3. Dreamflower
4. You'll be with me
5. Things spring
6. Charlie
7. Revelation
8. Out of this world
9. Downtown sound
10. Blue neptune

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Soul , Funk
Sortie : 1975

From http://www.funkmysoul.gr

I always was looking for this vinyl and finally I got my hands on it.

A modern soul classic — and a darn hard record to find! The Reflections were an obscure male quartet with a sound that mixed deep soul vocals and smooth modern production, and as far as we know, they only ever cut this one LP for Capitol. Melba Moore gave the group their start, and the album features arrangements by the likes of Paul Griffin, Bert DeCoteaux, and JJ Jackson. Includes the wonderful spacey soul cut "She's My Summer Breeze", plus "Are You Ready", "One Into One", "Now That You've Taken Your Love", and "Love On Delivery". Great stuff — and one of those gems that keeps us diggin through rare vinyl!

Tracklist :
A1 Day After Day (Night After Night) 4.35
A2 Love On Delivery (L.O.V.) 5.30
A3 Now You've Taken Your Love 5.40
A4 Are You Ready (Here I Am) 3.49
A5 She's My Summer Breeze 4.23
B1 All Day, All Night (Runnin' Around) 3.31
B2 One Into One 4.15
B3 Telephone Lover 4.03
B4 How Could We Let The Love Get Away 4.12
B5 Three Steps From True Love 3.43

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Origine du Groupe : V.A
Style : Funk , Soul , Groove , Compilation
Sortie : 2012

Tracklist :
01 - Gil Scott-heron - Free Will
02 - Andy Bey - Tune Up
03 - Nancy Dupree - James Brown
04 - The Eleminators - Love Your Woman
05 - The Stance Brothers - Dynamite
06 - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - He Said I Can
07 - Buddy Miles -  Dreams
08 - Spacek - Light up my life
09 - The Pepper Pots - Dreams of Coming Back
10 -  Lee Fields -  I don't know where i'm going
11 - Signor Wolf - Porno Gun Theme
12 - Otis Grove - Waiting
13 - Pretty Purdie - Modern Jive
14 - Adrian Younge presents Venice Dawn - Sound of a Man
15 - Sapan Jagmohan - Meri Aakhon Mein Ek Sapna Hai
16 - Tara Priya - Memories
17 - The Excitements - Fat back
18 - The Make Up - Drop The Needle
19 - Garnet Mimms - A Quiet Place

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