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Origine du Groupe : Ghana , Germany
Style : Nu-Soul , Alternative
Sortie : 2012

By Aaron Rodriguez from http://www.okayafrica.com

Like many gifted artists, Y’akoto is a bit of a transient. This half Ghanaian, half German soul singer spent the majority of her life shuttling between Western and Central Africa and Western Europe, and it’s clear that there is some cross cultural harmony in her music. The West African rhythms are apparent in a few of her songs, but the major element I hear is the brusque femininity of an American jazz singer like Billie Holiday. Sensuous is probably the only word that can accurately describe Y’akoto’s voice. She has a smoky timbre that stands out most prominently on the title track of her new album, Baby Blues. The song is just the type of bare bones, morose fare you’d expect on song about lost love. A piano, a distant grumbling drumb, and Y’akoto’s sultry voice are all you’re going to get on this one… of course if you’re like me, you’ll get that and a few dour memories of your past relationships.

If you aren’t keen on tearing up over failed romances, feel free to take a listen to “Tamba.” It’s just as beautifully moody as “Baby Blues,” only it will make you want to yell at a politician…you know, instead of an ex-lover.

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Nu-Soul , Blues , Experimental , Instrumental , Alternative
Sortie : 2011

By Nicolas Ragonneau from http://www.parisdjs.com

Los Angeles, CA: As we all know, the soul revival is more than well at hand. In fact, there are some hipsters who may argue that we’re on the downside of the bell curve. But like most notable musical resurgences, it is a beast that comes with its own filter. Only the real deal sticks around to see the end of the day.

In comes Adrian Younge—the real deal. Acclaimed for single-handedly composing, recording and producing the masterful score to Michael Jai White’s cult-classic film Black Dynamite, the multi-instrumentalist tracked Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Hohner Clavinet, harpsichord, synthesizer, vibraphone, guitar, bass, flute, sax, cello, and drums to create an authentic repro of the great blaxploitation soundtracks of the 1970s. The soundtrack was released in the fall of 2009 on Wax Poetics Records.

Younge’s latest incarnation, a bona fide group he’s dubbed Venice Dawn is set to release their first full-length album, Something About April, on November 29th, also on Wax Poetics Records, but the concept’s origins reach back over a decade ago when Younge, the budding hip-hop producer found himself confined by the limitations of the MPC. He began teaching himself how to play various instruments so he could fully realize his vision. First it was keyboards, then drums, sax, guitar, and bass. Fascinated with the sounds of Italian soundtracks by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Younge begins work on the soundtrack to the fictional film Venice Dawn, recording the album intermittently over the course of the next year. What developed was a sound equal parts Morricone and Air. Self-released in 2000, the first album was a moody, synth-drenched offering entirely composed, arranged, played, and recorded by Younge.
Fast forward to the most recent Venice Dawn output, released on September 27th on Wax Poetics as an Official Serato Control Vinyl 12-inch, (in limited-edition chocolate). The technology introduced Scratch Live software, allowing DJs to mix and scratch files from their computer using regular turntables. Control Vinyl in various colors soon became collector’s items among DJs.

Side one, “It’s Me,” features guest singer-songwriter Rebecca Jordan, and recalls the glory days of ’70s soul. Side two, a track exclusive to the Serato release, “ The Niacin,” features virtuoso Shawn Lee (Ubiquity), trumpeter Michael Leonhart (Truth & Soul, Daptone), and Italian cinephiles Calibro 35 (Nublu). The instrumental track expands into a free-form jam session that references both film maestro Ennio Morricone and hip-hop legend DJ Premier. Side one of this release plays as a normal vinyl record, while side two is designed to interact with Serato’s software.

“It’s Me” is just one of the 14 tracks included on Something About April. Overall, the album is uniquely true-to-form masterwork of a heavy, psychedelic mix of dark soul with hip-hop aesthetics and cinematic instrumentals in the vein of the aforementioned Black Dynamite soundtrack. Younge explains, “It’s a concept album that plays as a musical score to the trials and tribulations of a young couple in the 60s.” The album was recorded in a fully analog studio with vintage equipment along with some special guests, including legendary Motown guitarist, Dennis Coffey (featured on “Lovely Lady”).
Putting it mildly, Younge is as close to the epitome of a renaissance man as these times could offer. In addition to the Venice Dawn project and the Black Dynamite soundtrack endeavor (a film for which Younge actually doubled as editor), his other hats are as a law professor, a fiercely busy musical collaborator, the most recent of which is Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics, details to soon be released, and the co-creator of a brand new custom keyboard instrument called the Selene, akin to a modern Mellotron (waxpoetics.com/blog/the-album/the-selene) which is used throughout Something About April to accentuate its raw, gritty sound.
Younge has also produced, composed and arranged the soundtrack for a series cartoon version of Black Dynamite set to air on Adult Swim Summer 2012.

Tracklist :
01. Turn Down The Sound [3:12]
02. It s Me [2:12]
03. Anna May [3:21]
04. Two hearts Combine [2:45]
05. Thunderstrike [1:56]
06. Reverie [2:24]
07. First Step On The moon [3:08]
08. Dusts Of Gold [1:53]
09. Midnight Blue [3:36]
10. Lovely Lady [3:52]
11. The Sound Of A Man [3:08]
12. Sirens [2:37]
13. Mourning Melodies In Rhapsody [2:38]
14. Something About April [5:05]
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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues , Reggae , Dub
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.amazon.co.uk

McDonald is a master of the contemporary blues. --The Guardian

A fully paid up, card carrying Prince of the blues. --Blues and Soul

Embraces the blues with authority, creativity and innovation. The distinctive Little Axe sound is a dreamy miasma, creaming up elements of funk, rock, soul and gospel. --Bbc
CD Description
If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog is the culmination of a 25 year long musical partnership between producer Adrian Sherwood and musician Skip Little Axe McDonald. Skip s roots lie in the blues, first taught to him by his father while growing up in Dayton, Ohio. Adrian is considered one of the world s most versatile and prolific dub producers and a sonic visionary. The new album features the legendary drummer, Style Scott, playing as a member of both the Dub Syndicate and Roots Radics ensembles, drawing on classic and new On-U rhythms. From start to finish this is a dynamic and uncompromising meeting of both forms of Roots music; reggae and blues. Immaculately played and defined as never before, If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog is, in the eyes of McDonald and Sherwood, their finest work to date.

Tracklist :
1. Song To Sing
2. Keep On Drinking
3. Come Here Dog And Get Your Bone
4. I Got Da Blues
5. Call It What You Like
6. I Ain't Going Down
7. Grace
Vocals – Madeline Edgehill, Valerie Skeete
8. Down And Dirty
9. Seeing Red
10. Moaning And Groaning
11. Garfield Elementary
12. National Style
13. Early In The Morning
14. Where From Here?

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Soul Blues Rock
Sortie : 1970

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Par Ayler pour http://american-music.forum-actif.eu

"Them Changes" est le grand classique de Buddy Miles - à défaut d'être devenu un classique tout court, ce que cet album mériterait pourtant. Les huit titres du disque sont tous remarquables, dans des styles différents, toujours efficaces.

Buddy propose une version plus Noire de son "Them Changes", avec section de cuivres et Billy Cox à la basse. Sa reprise du "Down By The River" de Neil Young est magnifique (Buddy se fend d'un solo de guitre), de même que celle de l'Allman Brothers Band ("Dreams").
Buddy rend un nouvel hommage à Otis Redding, son idole, avec une courte relecture de "Your Feeling Is Mine".

"Memphis Train", produit par Steve Cropper, est en fait un inédit du Buddy Miles Express, sans doute enregistré après les deux premiers albums du groupe (écarter un tel titre serait surprenant).

Sur "Paul B. Allen, Omaha, Nebraska", Buddy joue avec un organiste et un guitariste un jazz dans l'esprit de Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery, qui rappelera le "Rainy Day Shuffle" aux amateurs de Jimi - en plus abouti.

"I Still Love You, Anyway", est une composition de Charlie Karp, son nouveau guitariste alors âgé de seulement 15 ans, dont voici le témoignage de sa rencontre avec Buddy (et de la première partie du concert de Jimi au LA Forum en 1970) :
Plus folk, sans batterie, elle montre à quel point Buddy pouvait être un superbe chanteur, même là où on l'attendait pas forcément.

"Them Changes" ? Un grand disque.

Tracklist :
1. Them Changes - 3:19
2. I Still Love You, Anyway - 4:12
3. Heart's Delight - 4:07
4. Dreams - 4:51
5. Down By The River - 6:20
6. Memphis Train - 2:55
7. Paul B. Allen, Omaha, Nebraska - 5:31
8. Your Feeling Is Mine - 2:13




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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Soul Blues
Sortie : 1958-1967

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From http://avaxhome.ws

Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters

During the Kennedy era, the pop charts accommodated the occasional piece of early soul, but pretty much all of them were recordings that fit snugly into the realm of mainstream pop. (Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford’s "I Need Your Lovin’" in 1962 was a notable exception.) However, in July of 1963, a song came out that was so gritty, emotional and gospel-like, its pop chart peak of #4 was nothing short of a miracle. That song was "Cry Baby" by Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters.
Garnet Mimms was born Garrett Mimms in Ashton, West Virginia, on November 26, 1933, one of seven children. When he was a young man, the Mimmses moved to Philadelphia. Like so many other deep soul singers, Garnet (as he liked to be called) received his earliest musical experience in the church. His mother was an accomplished pianist who also sang in the choir and nurtured her son’s interest in singing.
Mimms attended Gratz High School, after which he began working at a laundry. That did not last long, however, as he followed his real calling by joining gospel quartets. All his associations were brief and he never recorded with any group. He was, however, with two Philadelphia groups, the Norfolk Four and the Evening Star Quartet, and later sang with the Harmonizing Four and the Sensational Nightingales. Garnet’s time on the gospel road put him in touch with two other singers, Sam Bell and Charles Boyer, who both would play a role in the Enchanters.
During a two-year stint with the Army, Mimms formed an R&B group called the Deltones. Upon his discharge in 1958, he sought out his old friend Sam Bell, and started a group called the Gainors, whose line-up also included Howard Tate (q.v.). In July of 1958, the Gainors made their first record, for the Red Top label in Philadelphia, who leased the master to Cameo. The Gainors got a regional hit out of "The Secret." Subsequent affiliations with the Mercury (1959-60) and Tally-Ho (1961) labels produced no further success.
In 1961, Mimms and Bell disbanded the Gainors and built a new ensemble by teaming up with their old friend Chares Boyer and a distaff member, Zola Pearnell, who had considerable choir experience. They called themselves Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters to emphasize what they felt was the strength of the group, namely Mimms’ incredible voice. The new group auditioned for the Philadelphia-born record producer Jerry Ragovoy, who by this time had relocated to New York City. Ragovoy was impressed enough to work with them.
Although the first recordings were billed as "Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters," Ragovoy actually used the Sweet Inspirations as the background singers. In 1963, they went into Bell Sound and created "Cry Baby." Ragovoy took it to a number of record companies, but because the record was so unusual for its time, they all turned it down. Finally, United Artists picked up the single and released it in July. "Cry Baby" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 on August 17, 1963, and made the R&B chart on September 7th. By October, it had reached #4 pop and #1 R&B—and the soul era, thank god, was finally upon us. (Janis Joplin, by the way, covered "Cry Baby" on her album Pearl.)
Mimms’ follow-up single, "Baby Don’t You Weep," was essentially a rewrite of "Cry Baby" that reached #30 pop. (By this time, Billboard had temporarily ceased publication of its R&B chart.) The flip, a remake of Jerry Butler’s "For Your Precious Love," did even better, peaking at #26. That fall, United Artists also released the album Cry Baby and 11 Other Hits, a genuinely good LP with little filler that reached #91 in Billboard. (The Who covered "Baby Don’t You Weep" in 1965.)
By 1964, Beatlemania was upon us, and deep soul would have to wait a couple of years to reach the pop top ten again, with Percy Sledge’s "When A Man Loves A Woman." Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters felt the sting of the British Invasion, and only made the pop top forty once more, with "I’ll Take Good Care Of You" (#30, 1966). From 1968-70, Mimms (now sans the Enchanters) and Jerry Ragovoy recorded without success on Verve.
In the meantime, Garnet Mimms had achieved a cult following in England, where he made eleven tours, one of which (in 1967) saw him opening for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Mimms left Ragovoy 1970, and subsequently recorded for Lloyd Price’s GSP label in 1972, but again without success. In 1977, Mimms returned briefly to the charts with a funk tune called "What It Is?"

Tracklist :
01. there goes my baby
02. tell me, baby
03. lookin' for you
04. prove it to me
05. a little bit of soap
06. that goes to show you
07. a quiet place
08. look away
09. every time
10. as long as i have you
11. it was easier to hurt her
12. stop, and think it over
13. thinkin'
14. keep on smilin'
15. nobody but you
16. so close
17. cry to me
18. angel on the doorstep (unavailable)
19. one woman man
20. cry baby
21. for your precious love
22. baby, don't you weep
23. one girl
24. i'll take good care of you
25. welcome home
26. until you were gone
27. the truth hurts
28. wanting you
29. it's just a matter of time





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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Nu-Soul , Blues , Alternative
Sortie : 2007

Par Adeline Lajoinie  pour http://www.welovemusic.fr

Macy Gray a su tirer les bonnes leçons de son passé. Son dernier album, The Trouble With Being Myself, avait été un relatif échec commercial en 2003. Pour BIG, son quatrième et nouvel opus, la chanteuse soul à la voix éraillée a bouleversé ses habitudes.

Jusqu'ici, Macy gray était connu pour être une artiste plutôt solitaire et difficile. Mais, pour la première fois, la rebelle de 37 ans a accepté de travailler avec d'autres artistes. Une nouvelle ouverture d'esprit que l'on doit au rappeur-producteur aux mains d'or Will.I.Am, artisan des derniers succès de Busta Rhymes, John Legend et des Pussycat Dolls. «Will m'a signé sur son label et convaincu d'essayer de ne pas tout faire seule.» explique-t'elle. «Suite aux problèmes sur mon dernier disque, j'ai acquis pas mal d'humilité. J'ai alors découvert que les autres pouvaient m'apporter des énergies nouvelles, profitables à mon processus artistique.»Et les artistes invités à composer pour elle sont plutôt des pointures : Justin Timberlake, Teedra Moses, Natalie Cole ou Fergie. Ce qui permet aux douze titres de l'album d'être d'une vraie richesse musicale. N'ayant rien perdu de sa voix rauque et puissante, l'américaine surfe entre ballades gospel (Finally made Me Happy), funk énergique (Get Out) et hip-hop mâtiné de soul (Ghetto Love) où elle sample avec talent It's A Man's Man's World de James Brown. Natalie McIntyre, de son vrai nom, en profite pour se raconter un peu, expliquant les difficultés d'être une mère célibataire (Okay) quand on cherche, en même temps, l'homme parfait (One For Me).Macy n'hésite pas non plus à chanter tout le mal qu'elle pense de notre société matérialiste, basée sur le bling-bling avec les très efficaces et dansants Treat Me Like Your Money and Strange Behaviour. Sur ce dernier, Macy se met, avec un plaisir jouissif, dans la peau d'une femme qui tue son mari pour toucher son assurance vie. On pensait la chanteuse un peu perdu pour la musique, entre sa grande passion pour le cinéma (elle a joué dans Training Day, Scary Movie 3, Domino...) et sa future ligne de vêtements, Humps, créée spécialement pour les femmes «voluptueuses».N'ayant rien perdu de son mordant ni de son groove, elle confirme avec BIG qu'elle est restée une chanteuse hors-pair.


Tracklist :
01 Finally made me happy (ft. Natalie Cole) (4:02)
02 Shoo be doo (4:04)
03 What I gotta do (3:08)
04 Okay (4:09)
05 Glad you're here (ft. Fergie) (2:54)
06 Ghetto love (3:08)
07 One for me (4:09)
08 Strange behavior (3:35)
09 Slowly (3:54)
10 Get out (4:01)
11 Treat me like your money (ft. will.i.am) (3:27)
12 Everybody (3:17)
13 AEIOU (3:15)


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Origine du Groupe : V.A North America
Style : Blues , Jazz , Soul
Sortie : 2011
Durée : 67min


By http://polloking.blogspot.com

Segunda entrega de Black & White Blues
Y Viajamos atras en el tiempo para poder disfrutar de estas joyas de coleccion , en este antologico Video compilado de grandes artistas del jazz,soul y blues, para emocionarse !!

Tracklist :
Freddie King - Let the Good Times Roll - Excerpt
Otis Rush - I`Cant Quit You Baby
Otis Span - Spann's Blues
Ray Charles -'That Lucky Ol' Sun' 1964
Otis Redding live - Satisfaction
T-Bone Walker - Jazz At The Philharmonic
Howlin Wolf - I´ll be back someday 1964
Sunnyland Slim - Come Home Baby
Sonny Boy Williamson - 1964 - My Younger Days
Billie Holiday - The Blues Are Brewin'
Ella fitzgerald - Mack The Knife High quality
Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer
Earl Hooker - Earl's Boogie
Earl Hooker - Walking The Floor Over You Off The Hook
Magic Sam - All Your Love and Sam's Boogie

hd dvd rw

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues , Soul
Sortie : 1996

From http://www.los-angeles-music-week.com

Dynamic delivery, powerful lyrics, rhythmically intense artistry!
Margie Evans' passion for life positively rocks the soul.
Unforgettable collection of Blues, Traditional Gospel and Jazz
with crossover appeal. This rare find, "Drowning in the Sea of Love,"
is a must for every music aficionado.


Tracklist :
1. Don’t You Worry
2. Good Thing Queen
3. Women, I Wonder Why
4. I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
5. Giving Up The Streets For Love
6. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
7. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
8. Another Blues Day
9. Trouble Trouble
10. Evil Gal Blues
11. Let The Telephone Ring
12. In His Eyes


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues Soul , Jazz Funk Rock
Sortie : 2010

Par Franck Cochon pour http://dr-john.mondomix.com/fr

Sur la photo de famille de la great black music made in la Nouvelle- Orléans, Malcolm John Rebennack a.k.a. Dr John est ce barbu du 1er rang bardé de gris-gris et d’amulettes qui pose fièrement entre les Meters, Allen Toussaint, Eddie Bo et Professor Longhair. Canne au pommeau rutilant, sourcil froncé et air faussement menaçant, Dr John peaufine depuis plus de 40 ans son personnage du Night Tripper, croisement entre un marabout africain et un sorcier vaudou, grand pourvoyeur d’un mélange musical composé de funk, de rock, de jazz, de blues et de psychédélisme. Largement arrosé de sauce créole et orné de plumes d’Indiens, le tout est connu des locaux sous le nom de Gumbo.

A près de 70 ans, calé derrière ses claviers, sa voix gouailleuse trainant sur la rythmique comme un serpent attiré par la chaleur d’une paire de bottes laissée sur le pas de la porte, le Doc produit toujours son élixir miracle que les camelots-escrocs en roulotte n’ont jamais pu copier. Un breuvage pur concentré de Louisiane, de ses marécages crasseux et de son immense patrimoine musical qui, une fois la fiole vidée cul-sec, occasionne foultitude de sentiments voire d’hallucinations visuelles. Certains ont vu l’aube virginale du gospel s’ouvrir pour révéler des Indiens en tenue d’apparat parés pour la transe, d’autres rapportent la liesse communicative d’un brass band les ayant guidés tout droit dans un bayou moite et hostile où les percussions causent d’énormes piqûres de moustiques. Fréquentes aussi sont les visions de ce club de jazz pour gens biens dont les murs tombent pour laisser place à un rade mal famé où les tessons parleront dès que la guitare aura fini de cracher son blues rocailleux. On raconte que certains ont même vu des alligators sortir du disque.

Euphorisante, énergisante, mélancolique, et parfois grave quand elle se fait plus politique, la potion du Dr John cuvée Tribal s’impose comme un grand cru. Ne pas hésiter à doubler les doses.



Tracklist :
1. Feel Good Music (3:22)
2. Lissen At Our Prayer (4:00)
3. Big Gap (4:32)
4. When I'm Right (I'm Wrong) (4:13)
5. Jinky Jinx (3:23)
6. Change Of Heart (3:40)
7. Sleepin' In My Bed (5:35)
8. Whut's Wit Dat (4:20)
9. Tribal (6:51)
10. Them (3:17)
11. Only In Amerika (3:08)
12. Potnah (4:17)
13. Music Came (4:06)
14. Manoovas (4:09)
15. Seroungin' (2:36)
16. A Place In The Sun (4:19)


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Rythm & Blues , Funk Soul Groove
Sortie : 1971

By Andrew Male  from http://www.mojo4music.com

Herman Parker Jr. was born at the heart of the blues in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1932. He died tragically young, from a brain tumour in 1971. In between, he produced some of the most soulful blues of the ’50s and ’60s. Mentored by Sonny Boy Williamson and Howlin’ Wolf and talent-spotted by Ike Turner, Parker started out as Little Junior who, with The Blue Flames cut the riotous Feelin’ Good and the eerie Mystery Train for Sun Records. Parker’s downhome late-’50s sides for Duke brought him success but when he moved away from hard blues he lost his audience. As a result, most scholars tend to write off Parker’s later, more soulful sound. This is a shame as his final recordings contain some of the most warm-heated sunshine soul of the period. Cratediggers rate this album (alt. titled Outside Man in its Capitol incarnation) because of Sonny Lester’s clear production, and in-the-pocket groove from Jimmy McGriff’s soul-jazz combo and Parker’s three Beatles tracks – Taxman, Tomorrow Never Knows and Lady Madonna – where the singer’s good-hearted character cuts through the clichés, even going so far as to blanche at the meanness of George Harrison’s lyrics on Taxman (“Oh, this is awful!”). Also worth tracking down is Parker’s glorious cover of Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away from the same period; an epic spoken-word reworking of the Willie Nelson country classic that deserves to sit alongside such other soul overhauls of white radio standards as Isaac Hayes’ By The Time I Get To Phoenix and Bobby Womack’s cover of The Carpenters’ Close To You.

Tracklist :
01 - Love Ain’t Nothin’ But a Business Goin’ On
02 - The Outside Man
03 - Darling Depend on Me
04 - Taxman
05 - Rivers Invitation
06 - I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
07 - Just to Hold My Hand
08 - You Know I Love You
09 - Lady Madonna
10 - Tomorrow Never Knows


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