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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Electro Dub , Reggae
Sortie : 2012

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Par http://odgprod.com

ODGprod a le plaisir aujourd’hui d’accueillir une toute nouvelle formation au sein du netlabel. Après avoir découvert le Dub à la sauce berruyère avec des artistes comme Dawa Hifi ou encore U.Stone, il s’agit de faire place à MDC qui nous offre son premier Ep nommé « Conception« .

Massive Dub Corporation se compose de quatre activistes multi-instrumentistes réunis autours d’une idée commune ; explorer le dub et ses frontières (si tant est qu’il y en ait). Ce jeune groupe né à Bourges début 2010 a su dès ses débuts marier à la fois la scène et le studio, navigant habilement de la MAO à la musique instrumentale. C’est ce juste équilibre que l’on ressent immédiatement à l’écoute des cinq tracks, rythmiques synthétiques et phrasés acoustiques s’accordent à merveille. Chaque morceau est abordé d’une manière différente, on passera ainsi au travers de divers ambiances ; du « french dub » électrique aux choses plus roots, ou encore orienté stepper et dédié aux soundsystems. MDC s’offre également deux combinaisons royales pour son premier Ep puisque l’on peut retrouver le fameux MC Brother Culture (sur Ninja Assassin) ainsi que le duo de chanteurs parisiens Fu-Steps (sur Babylon Soldiers). « Conception » célèbre un dub riche, aux multiples facettes, qui annonce déjà MDC comme étant un groupe à suivre de près.

ODGprod is pleased today to welcome a new band on the netlabel. After discovering the Dub « made in Berry » thanks to artists such as  Dawa Hifi or  U.Stone , it is time to makeway for MDC who gives us his first Ep called « Conception ».

Massive Dub Corporation consists of four multi-instrumentalists activists with one common idea, exploring dub and its borders (if there are any). This young band born in Bourges in early 2010, the project starts both in studio and on stage, navigating between CAM and instrumental music. It is this balance that we feel immediately along the five tracks,  synthetic rhythm and acoustic phrasing are mixed perfectly. Each piece is discussed in a different way, and we will pass through various environments, from the « french dub »  to things more roots, or stepper oriented and dedicated to the soundsystems. MDC also offers two royal featurings for his first Ep, we can hear  the famous MC  Brother Culture (on Ninja Assassin) and the Parisian duo of singers  Fu-Steps (on Soldiers of Babylon). « Conception » celebrates a rich &  multi-faceted dub, which foreshadows MDC as a group to follow.

Tracklist :
01. Good vibes 3:45
02. Ninja assassin ft. Brother Culture 4:07
03. Horns man (King Earthquake) MDC Cover 3:45
04. Babylon soldiers ft. Fu-Steps 3:31
05. Spiritual War 4:51

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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Reggae , Alternative
Sortie : 2011

By Valentin Zill  from http://www.reggaeville.com

Here it is! Finally. Sara Lugo has been a household name in the German Reggae scene for years, and she is increasingly getting recognized outside of Germany. Amongst her fans, you find illustrious names such as David Rodigan, Dub Inc, Rootz Underground, Ras Achis and so many more. It is hard to believe, but she came that far by releasing an EP and several singles only. The waiting is over now as Munich‘s golden voiced angel releases her debut album What About Love. Backed by amazing musicians, some of the best Europe has to offer, Sara presents twelve tunes full of love, sadness, joy, hope and all emotions in between. Twelve tunes changing from (incredibly good) Roots Reggae to (incredibly good) R‘n‘B, flavored with Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop influences. Be warned - if you press Play once, you‘ll feel like pressing Stop is a real sacrilege.

What About Love has been produced by Umberto Echo, Sara‘s longtime supporter, multi-instrumentalist, renowned Dub artist in his own right and producer and arranger of several dozens of top-ranking Reggae, Dub, Jazz and JAH knows what else recordings. The credits read like a who‘s who of Europe‘s most gifted Reggae musicians. Sara employs members of Dub Inc, Gentleman‘s backing band, the Oneness Band, Jamaram, the Next Generation Family, plus Jan Delay‘s guitar player Loomis Green, Jahcoustix, Florian Opahle (who played guitar for Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, a pretty well-known British Rock group, according to Wikipedia),  Ganjaman, and others. Music-wise, this album is a must.

But even better than that is Sara‘s voice. She reveals her Soul socialization in every syllable she sings, transporting a wide spectrum of emotions in a way that I just cannot imagine somebody would not be touched by it.

Most of the tunes on What About Love have not been released previously. Thematically, Sara talks about love from various angles. Since her debut album is absolutely free of letdowns, I will only introduce my very favorites to you. Nothing To Worry shows an aspect of Sara we have not seen so far - pure upliftment, as she is reminding us that God always takes good care of us. This tune is so good it prevented me from getting mad when the nuclear plant in Fukushima exploded. They Know Not Love is a strong combination with Lutan Fyah. The story goes that Lutan did not sound rough enough for Sara, so she kept on sending him back into the vocal booth until he asked her: “Is that enough now, Miss Producer?” Part Of My Life is Sara‘s contribution on Greenyard Records‘ Design Riddim, talking about the love between siblings who found back together after a time of conflict. Locked Away is the tune Loomis Green recorded with Sara, a tune about a love that went wrong. Equally touching is the slightly melancholic One Of These Days. Slightly different from the version
released on Naptali‘s winning album Long Journey is their combination And They Cry.

Tracklist :   
01. What Happened
02. Maybe
03. Soul Chaos
04. Nothing To Worry
05. They Know Not Love feat. Lutan Fyah
06. Part Of My Life
07. Rock Steady
08. Familiar Stranger (acoustic Version)
09. Locked Away
10. One Of These Days
11. And They Cry feat. Naptali
12. If Tears

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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Instrumental Reggae
Sortie : 2001

From http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk

As Soul Jazz Records enter into the mighty vaults of Studio One , the most respected label in reggae history we present you with this showcase of Jackie Mittoo , one of the defining figureheads of reggae music, and his years at Studio One. From forming The Skatalites, at age 15, alongside Don Drummond, Roland Alphonso, Tommy McCook and others to his work as writer, arranger, producer at Studio One records during the sixties, writing and playing for artists such as Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths and The Heptones (to name a few), to his career as a solo artist as well as leader of bands such as The Soul Brothers, Soul Vendors and The Sound Dimension, Jackie Mittoo is at the heart of reggae music. He was one of the instigators of Ska music, Rocksteady and Reggae. In the seventies, DJ music and Dancehall were based upon classic rhythms of the sixties, many using the instrumental tracks that Jackie Mittoo created at Studio One at this time. This compilation features the work of Jackie Mittoo at Studio One. It features music recorded as a solo artist (as opposed to the numerous singers that he accompanied). Most of these are taken from his recordings in the mid sixties where he was recording on an almost daily basis at Studio One's Brentford Road studios developing the funky reggae sound that was his trademark. Soul Jazz Records are releasing this CD as the first of a series of Reggae artists to be covered following the success of the 100%Dynamite releases. Jackie Mittoo is as much an icon of Reggae as he is to fans of Funk music. He is without doubt the funkiest keyboard player ever to come out of Jamaica! This is the first volume of Jackie Mittoo' s music to be released on Soul Jazz Records. A second volume featuring his work for other producers in the seventies such as Bunny Lee and Sugar Minnot will be released later on in the year. "CD of the Week. The coolest man who ever lived" THE GUARDIAN***** "Named by MOJO as one of the 100 cult heroes of all time, this is a lovingly curated compilation" THE INDEPENDENT "After Soul Jazz Records' groundbreaking 100% Dynamite CD's comes Jackie Mittoo. If you've caught the funky reggae bug, you need this" MUZIK "Rocksteady, compulsively funky Ska and Soul. An excellent Soul Jazz compilation"

Tracklist :   
1. Get Up and Get It
2. Black Organ
3. Killer Diller
4. Totally Together
5. Hot Tamale
6. Reggae Rock
7. Oboe
8. Juice Box
9. Summer Breeze
10. Drum Song
11. P. Cafe
12. Henry the Great
13. Stereo Freeze
14. Wall Street
15. Darker Shade of Black

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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Rub a Dub , Reggae 8-Bits
Sortie : 2012

Par Niz pour http://www.nizetch.fr

Stand High a sortit un nouvel album "Midnight Walkers", analyse :

Je ne pense pas nécessaire de faire une présentation du Stand High Crew, mais au cas ou vous ayez hiberné pendant quelques années ou que vous reveniez du futur pour lire cet article, je vais m’y coller.
Stand High, c’est 3 membres MAC Gyver , Rootystep et bien sûr Pupajim le MC. C’est d’ailleurs par la voix de Pupajim et ce style si particulier entre toast et rubadub qu’est né le « dubadub » [1] style si cher au crew breton. Pupajim qui est, d’ailleurs, plébiscité par le public à même l’honneur d’être joué sur certaines radios dont Radio Nova et apparaît comme le moteur visible du crew. Mais Stand High c’est aussi et surtout une bande de déchaînés, toujours prêt à « pull-uper » [2] une tune et mettre le feu à une soirée qui s’enfonce dans la moiteur de la nuit. Stand High c’est aussi un « sound system » sans sono… les représentants les plus emblématique de la nouvelle scène, celle des djeuns avec des casquettes américaine avec l’étiquette encore collée dessus, des blousons de ski en plastique bleu fluo des années 80, des lunettes à la P. Manœuvre, des grosses envie de jumper à la moindre tune; c’est une scène qui attire un nouveau public, pas forcément attaché aux valeurs originelles du dub, mais plus à faire la fête à fond, a kiffer le son et les grosses basses; un public plus orienté club...

Pour finir Stand High c’est 10 ans à poser du son en soirée et cinq maxi: “Business of War”, “Hey Georges”, “Dubadub Definition”, “Amplifier” et “Mr Bossman”; Tous ou presque sont sold out et maintenant Stand High c'est un album : “Midnight Walkers”.

Ce nouvel album qui est disponible depuis la fin janvier en LP/CD et digital semble être un nouveau commencement pour les Bretons qui après avoir pas mal écumé les sound systèmes français ont voulu poser du contenu en studio. Le crew a des influences plus que nombreuses et diverses; bien sûr le dub des origines mais aussi la new wave, la bass music au sens général et même une petite dose de hip-hop. Ce melting pot d'influences a pour conséquence de proposer une musique qui n'a plus grand chose à voir avec le dub au sens stricto senso même si on retrouve un esprit de défricheurs et de bidouilleurs...
Assez proche du label allemand Jahtari ils creusent le même sillon d’une musique aux influences dub en proposant une version différente du reggae. Jahtari et disrupt l’on fait par leur approche « chip-tune » les Stand High emboîtent le pas avec des influences plus new wave parfumées au dub a dub.
Ils chamboulent les codes d’une musique souvent enfermée dans des lyrics militant où le rasta que nous ne somme pas tous, ne se reconnaît pas forcément. Attention, nous ne disons pas que les Stand High n’ont rien à dire que leurs lyrics sont tous légers. Certes par moment, l’ambiance est bonne enfant et le fond des textes n’est pas très profond. Ils racontent plus facilement leur "légende" et leurs soirées que la souffrance du monde. C'est une question de point de vue. Cependant certains morceaux marient avec brio une musicalité moderne, convaincante et un texte traitant d’actualité : « Boat People » par exemple qui fait le constat d’une certaine dissymétrie de traitement aux frontières en riches et pauvres. Le coté assez léger de certains textes comme le « The Bar » nous rappellera, un autre groupe français qui utilisait aussi le dub a dub avec brio mais en occitan, je veux bien évidement parler des Massilia Sound System qui dans leurs textes revendiquent une envie démesurée de mettre le oaï ! Une vision de la fête que, je pense, partagent les brestois nous le verrons plus loin dans l'album. Quoi qu'il en soit au niveau des lyrics, on a systématiquement le droit à des instrumentaux efficaces, léchés à la perfection pour proposer toujours une musique entraînante et novatrice.

Plus loin dans l'album, on retrouve avec un peu de surprise deux morceaux très hip-hop old school. On ne connaissait pas les Stand High dans ce registre mais « Muskateer Sword » et « Home made » aux intrus minimalistes et aux textes auto-centrés parlent du crew, de leurs aventures… on y retrouvera des influences ou des clins d’œil au Hip-Hop américain de l’époque de Grand Master Flash et du courant de la fin des années 80… assez déconcertant mais très bien réalisé.

Le disque avance et le meilleur arrive avec des tunes digitales comme savent si bien le faire les Stand High : « The Big Tree » un ôde à un arbre, est un sublime morceau introduit en accapella pour une montée en puissance ou le flow aiguisé de Pupajim rebondit sur le riddim digital. Dans « Dub it » et « Holiday today » on sent l’ambiance des soirées « dubadub residance » du Vauban avec des morceaux entre dub steppa et électro avec une pointe de new wave; synthétiques, percussifs, répétitifs, et dansants, ils revigorent cette fin d’album. On enchaîne par « Speaker Box », un mix qui gratte, dirty style, découpé sur un riddim steppa militaire avec une basse pachydermique puis vient « Automatic Attack » expérimentation sonore qui finit sur une explosion très clubbing…

On ne pouvait pas en attendre moins des Stand High, ils produisent une musique étiquetée dub mais n’en ont plus (ou pas) la fibre… j’entends déjà les vieux de la vieille crier au scandale : "De mon temps le dub c'était différent". "On sait, ils sont comme ça, les jeunes de nos nos jours, ils se jouent des codes et ne respectent plus rien". Certes pas besoin d’être rasta et d’avoir des dreads pour kiffer et faire cette musique les Stand High l’ont bien compris. Par contre le dub est mis de coté, l'utilisation d’effets est minimale, les codes du genre sont très discrets et à notre avis le crew fait un pas de plus vers une musique de club. On retrouve les Stand High dans une position assez ambiguë à la limite schizo, entre dub et club, tunes posées et travaillées et tunes orientées dancefloor, une production entre prod de sound et album studio. Ça resemble au début d'une transition, ou les bretons tenterons de maintenir leur public de base avec des maxis vinyls plus sérieux du genre de Frequencies que Pupajim avait fait avec King Midas et tenterons de convaincre un public moins acquis au milieu du dub; beau pari...
Au final l'album est très dansant et va fédérer les dubbers et les clubbers sur certains morceaux, plaire aux amateurs de nouveaux sons ainsi qu’aux aficionados du crew; mais en tout les cas il va cartonner, c'est sur tout simplement parce que les Stand High sont une machine à tube !

Tracklist :   
01 - Commando
02 - Brest bay
03 - Boat people
04 - The bar
05 - Midnight walkers
06 - Entertainer
07 - Muskateer sword
08 - The big tree
09 - Home made
10 - Dub it
11 - Holiday today
12 - Speaker box
13 - Automatic attack





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Origine du Groupe : North america
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2001

From http://www.amazon.com

11 track album contains all new music from California's premier roots reggae band. Features legendary reggae artist Ras Michael on Nyabinghi drums & the soothing voice of Marcia Higgs, daughter of the late Joe Higgs, on backing vocals. Mixing was done by world famous engineer Scientist (Culture & Burning Spear) & mastering was by Jim Fox (Ziggy Marley).  


All songs performed and arranged by Groundation :

Harrison Stafford (vocals, guitars, percussion)
"Iron" Ryan Newman (bass)
James Stafford (drums, percussion)
Marcus Urani (hammon b3 organ, rhodes, piano, keyboards, melodica, percussion)
Jason Robinson (saxophone and flute)
Kelsey Howard (trombone)
David Chachere (trumpet)
Joshua Anderson (congas, percussion)
Shawna Anderson (backing vocals)
Alison Harris (backing vocals)
Paul "Papa" Spina (timbales)

With our honored guests:
Marcia Higgs (backing vocals)
Ras Michael (funde and repeater)

Tracklist :
1. Weak Heart
2. We Na Forget (Rome)
3. Wanna Know
4. Throwing Stones
5. One More Day (Live It Up)
6. Head Strong
7. If I
8. Waterfall
9. Nyabinghi Order
10. Jah Spirit
11. Each One Teach One

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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae Dancehall
Sortie : 1984

Producer : Triston Palmer & Ossie Thomas

Mixing Engineer : Scientist

Vocals : Phillip Frazer
Backing Band : The Freelance Band & The Roots Radics
Drums : Style Scott
Bass : Bagga Walker & Flabba Holt
Lead Guitar : Bingy Bunny & Dwight Pickney
Keyboards : Steely
Trombone : Nambo Robinson
Saxophone : Dean Frazer
Percussions : Django Timoschenko

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)

Tracklist :
01 - Phillip Fraser - Watch This Sound
02 - Phillip Fraser - The Sirens
03 - Phillip Fraser - The Joy It Brings
04 - Phillip Fraser - Wake Up Suzie
05 - Triston Palma - What A Bubbling
06 - Triston Palma - Dance Hall Fan
07 - Triston Palma - Out A Hand
08 - Triston Palma - Buy Out The Bar

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Origine du Groupe : V.A , Jamaica
Style : Compilation , Reggae , Dub , Neo-Roots
Sortie : 2012

Tracklist :
01 - John Holt - Police In Helicopter
02 - Human Spirit - Les indiens
03 - Steel Pulse - Sound system
04 - RND - Flok
05 - Black Grass - Oh jah ft. Jah Marnyah
06 - Rod Taylor - In The Right Way
07 - Sebastian Sturm - Don't Look Back
08 - Dezarie - Ghettos of Babylon
09 - Hollie Cook - Walking in the sand
10 - Professor - Mind of man
11 - Deborah Keese - Travelling
12 - The Aggrolites - Eye of Obarbas
13 - The Eclips Band - Corrupted society
14 - TelDem Com'unity - Get Be Stronger  Feat. Joe Pilgrim
15 - Aggrovators - Uhro express
16 - Funde - La peur du lendemain
17 - Scientist - Black out
18 - Ansel Collins with Sly and Robbie - German Soldier
19 - The Skatalites - African roots dub
20 - Negusa - Iwok
21 - Oye Primate - Ilegal
22 - Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Super Ape
23 - Zion Train - Terror Talk feat Dubdadda
24 - Niominka Bi & Ndiaxas Band - Afrique Jamaique (feat. Winston McAnuff)
25 - Keller Williams - Positive
26 - King Tubby and the Aggrovators - Feel so good dub
27 - Barrington Levy - Black roses
28 - Daïpivo - Fire  Dub P13
29 - Solo Banton - One Of The Greatest
30 - Nahuatl Sound System - Pescador de Fuego Tor ma in Dub Remix
31 - Corey Harris - Sweat Shop
32 - Willie Williams - Turn on the power

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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae , Dub , Psychedelic
Sortie : 1978

By Oufar-Khân from http://oufarkhan.blogspot.com

A follow-up to the highly acclaimed dub opus Super Ape, Return of the Super Ape, like most sequels, never reaches the heights of its predecessor. However, there are some exceptional moments that make the album worth a careful listen. Most notable are the dark Psyche and Trim, and the celebratory Dyon-Anaswa, and the near-comical Tell Me Something Good. Still, the album showcases the prodigious production skills of undisputed dub master Lee “Scratch” Perry's insanely layered textures and technical wizardry. With the Upsetters providing deft musical backing, Perry leads the listener through a surreal world of psychedelic Rastafarianism with lyrics like “We gotta get the vampire, we got to put him on a wire... Jah Jah is a natty dread.” Relentless, ganja-stoked basslines and eerie echoes punctuate all the tracks.

Tracklist :
 1. Dyon-Anasaw
 2. Return of the Super Ape
 3. Tell Me Something Good
 4. Bird in Hand
 5. Crab Years
 6. Jah Jah a Natty Dread
 7. Psyche & Trim
 8. The Lion
 9. Huzza a Hana
10. High Ranking Sammy

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Origine du Groupe : V.A , Jamaica
Style : Reggae , Dub
Sortie : 1978

Producer : Dennis Bovell

Tracklist :
01 - Errol Campbell - Jah Man
02 - Bagga Matumbi - Sun Is Shining
03 - Sonny Tomm - Movements
04 - Angelique - Cry
05 - Raaw - Lili Twill
Junior Brown - Jah Find Babylon Guilty
Errol Campbell - Jah Man Dub
Bagga Matumbi - Shining Is Shining
Sonny Tomm - Movement Dub
Angelique - Cry Dub
Raaw - Lili Twill (Dub)
Junior Brown - Babylon In A Dub

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Reggae , Blues
Sortie : 2007

By Robert R.  From http://www.popmatters.com

Corey Harris’ Zion Crossroads is quite simply a highly accomplished musical contribution owing to the continuing artistic, moral, and cultural tradition of the late and revered Bob Marley, among others. The music’s somewhat gentler and more lyrical than Marley’s: Harris apparently feels more assurance in the message than any need to insist on it. Opening with Michael Wagner’s trombone on “Ark of the Covenant”, the set begins with a declaration of faith in a spirit of peace and consolation.

If he’s not trying for Marley’s intensity and drive in delivery, he’s not faking. I won’t comment on the cogency of Rastafarian doctrines, but it’s not hard to see that the questions they address could nowadays be more real to many than they were during Marley’s too-short life. “No Peace for the Wicked” is positively revivalist in its moralizing, featuring a second vocal from Ranking Joe.  “Heathen Rage” has the same spirit and feel as the nearest Gospel gets to Marvin Gaye. The rhythm is reggae, the doctrine Rasta—religious, cultural, humanitarian, and with a belief in Hell and damnation.

Harris is a very musical performer with as much insight into reggae as he has brought to blues (of which there are echoes in some of the guitar-licks of “Sweatshop”). His depth of scholarship has the formal testimony of the academic CV, university studies, teaching appointments, and field research on African music mentioned in the notes of this album. On the one hand this connects him with European jazz performers who came up after 1945 playing 1920s and 1930s music, digging into blues and kindling the serious 1960s interest in that music which certainly underlies some of his earlier performing work. On the other hand, in a comparative historical regard, he’s not an anomaly within the sort of musical and spiritual traditions of which the music here might be a part.  The songs or hymns here are Harris’s compositions, expressing a body of fairly orthodox Rastafarian teachings. With the exception of one song in French, the language is a Caribbean patois English, and Harris, with little exception, sings with an authentic Caribbean pronunciation.

The historical scholar of slavery and later political activist, Walter Rodney, murdered in his native Georgetown, Guyana, is remembered in the apocalyptic context these songs attempt to establish. Harris sings an African intro to “Walter Rodney” accompanied by the African stringed instrument of Cheik Hamala Diabate (ngani), which surfaces again as a refrain and recollection in the band accompaniment to the main song “Walter Rodney”.  In the hymn in French, Africa is remembered: the violated and robbed, father and mother and sister. “Cleanliness” is the next hymn, and whereas “the last time it was with water”, meaning the Flood, the next deluge will be flaming and final. Noah’s ark won’t do; nothing will suffice short of establishing as “your Habitation… Hola (holy) Mount Zion”, and taking that as the necessary permanent centre of moral and all orientation.

There is a repeated reference on pressure gathering, and in the song “Plantation Town” it’s building still. The end is apparently nigh, and nigh too are the biblical as well as historical references in Harris’s allusive and terse texts. There is a strong sub-text to all of them, one of many good reasons to follow his injunction in “Keep Your Culture”: “If you don’t, who gonna do it for you/ If you don’t stop crying these blues/ If you don’t put up a fight/ If not you, then who… what you gonna do/…/ The lion still a-conquering/ Fighting still.”

Tracklist :
1. Ark of the Covenant
2. No Peace for the Wicked
3. Heathen Rage
4. Sweatshop
5. In the Morning
6. Fire Go Come
7. Walter Rodney Intro
8. Walter Rodney
9. Afrique (Chez Moi)
10. Cleanliness
11. Plantation Town
12. You Never Know
13. Keep Your Culture

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