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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2012

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By Paul Whitelaw    from http://www.bbc.co.uk

Has anyone ever sounded as joyous as Jimmy Cliff when expressing such deep concern for the state of the world? Now aged 64, the reggae superstar sounds as socially engaged as ever on this remarkably consistent set of mostly self-penned songs, which explicitly revisit the sonic terrain of his biggest 60s/70s hits.

What could've felt like an ageing artist desperately chasing past glories instead succeeds as a vibrant reconnection with what made him so great in the first place. The refusal to modernise that signature fusion of reggae, pop and soul is an astute decision on the part of Cliff and his producer, Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong.

These crisp, uncluttered arrangements are perfectly in tune with the instantly memorable, pleasingly familiar material Cliff’s made his name with. And much of it compares favourably with his best work.

He remains in tremendous voice, sounding fully engaged with a project that clearly means the world to him. Indeed, Rebirth is nothing if not his urgent state of the planet address.

And yet whether pointing his finger at corporate greed and expressing support for the Occupy movement in Children's Bread, or offering a heartfelt prayer to recession-hit families in Cry No More, he never sounds overly-earnest. Instead, the sheer exuberance and grace that he brings to these universal protest anthems more than makes up for the occasional lyrical lapse.

So, while a line like “Rebel, rebel, rebel, take it to the next level” is rather nebulous – a clarion cry generalised into meaninglessness – it's the spirit of Cliff's performance that matters most, rather than any specific meaning.

Which is why a song like World Upside Down – essentially a mirror-image sequel to his exultant 1969 hit Wonderful World, Beautiful People – doesn't sound as trite as it might in the hands of, well, practically anybody else. Even when ploughing through his rhyming thesaurus for broadsides against everything from “ecological calamity” to mere “vanity”, Cliff undoubtedly believes in every word.   

The title of this delightful album is no idle boast: this is the sound of a great artist fully re-engaged with his muse.

Tracklist :
01 – World Upside Down
02 – One More
03 – Cry No More
04 – Children’s Bread
05 – Bang
06 – Guns Of Brixton
07 – Reggae Music
08 – Outsider
09 – Rebel Rebel
10 – Ruby Soho
11 – Blessed Love
12 – Ship Is Sailing
13 – One More


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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2012
Durée 01:01:34

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Par http://liveweb.arte.tv

Quoiqu’elle ait chanté les chœurs dans les Slits, Hollie Cook n’a rien d’une « typical girl ». A l’âge où ses semblables écoutent des comptines sur un lecteur Fischer Price, la petite Hollie assiste aux répétitions de Culture Club, le groupe de sa mère, tandis que papa Paul Cook – batteur des – l’initie au rock. A l’adolescence, au lieu d’user ses pantalons sur les bancs de l’école d’art, la Londonienne part en tournée aux côtés d’Ari Up, la regréttée égérie punk aux longues dreads-locks, qui lui fait découvrir le chant.

Mais marcher dans les pas de son père en jouant sur des guitares crasseuses serait trop facile, aussi Hollie Cook va chercher d’autres racines musicales du côté du rocksteady, du ska et du dub. Sur son premier album paru en 2011, elle remet au goût du jour le reggae old-school – dont elle invite les figures de proue George Dekker (The Pioneers) et Dennis Bovell – en mêlant aux orgues et au skank des éléments plus pop (piano, chant éthéré), le tout étant relevé par la production très contemporaine de Prince Fatty. Un mélange qu’elle qualifie elle-même de « tropical pop » – adjectif qui devrait convaincre les festivaliers en manque de soleil.

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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 1983

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Producer : Junjo

Engineer : Anthony Hamilton & Scientist

Vocals : Michael Prophet
Backing Band : The Roots Radics & The High Times Band
Backing Vocals : The Tamlins
Horns : Dean Frazer & Nambo Robinson

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Tracklist :
1 2000 Years
2 Evil Doers
3 Certify
4 Jah Love
5 World Of Confusion
6 Give I A Try
7 It's A Time
8 Back Off
9 Jah Jah Rain A Fall


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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2012

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By Valentin Zill   from http://www.reggaeville.com

In life, some people get hyped for work they have not done, others laid foundations through hard work but never really got the respect they deserve. Of the latter is Clinton Fearon. With his latest album Heart And Soul, French roots experts of Chapter Two Records present yet another opportunity to catch up with this foundation legend‘s solo works (In France, by the way, Fearon gets much more recognition than in most other places).

The album contains twelve acoustic tracks Fearon had written for the Gladiators, which he joined in 1969. He spent 18 years with the trio before he moved on to other projects, with different bands and solo. Thus, roots reggae lovers are likely to already know all of the tunes on Heart And Soul: Chatty Chatty Mouth, Follow The Rainbow, Rich Man Poor Man, I‘m Not Crying... What is new is the acoustic interpretation of them.

Up front I need to clarify that I have never been too much of a fan of acoustic reggae albums. These tend to be a bit too simplistic for me musically - thus reggae‘s stunning, hypnotic catchiness gets attenuated a bit. In this case though, it leaves precious space for Clinton Fearon‘s singular, soulful voice to shine and make up for it. With bass, guitars and percussion, ranging from glasses of water to cowbells to congas and even a tama (the West African talking drum), instrumentation is varying enough to keep the riddims interesting.

Heart And Soul is a vibrant gem that just does not get boring. Make sure you check out the CD version: if you would opt for digital download, you would miss out on the booklet with Clinton Fearon‘s insightful remarks on the original versions of the tunes featured. Like this one, talking about Ernest Ranglin: “When he started on Let Jah Be Praised I was so excited I thought I was gonna pee in my pants!”

Tracklist :
01. One Love
02. Let Jah Be Praised
03. Chatty Chatty Mouth
04. Follow The Rainbow
05. Marvel Not
06. Untrue Girl
07. On The Other Side
08. Stop Before You Go
09. Richman Poorman
10. Streets Of Freedom
11. Jah Almighty
12. I’m Not Crying


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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.cicadelic.com

The Morning Dew Story (continued from the previous CD release "No More").  The next recording sessions by The Morning Dew were done during the dates of July 24-25, August 6 to 11, and August 25 to 26, 1968.  Ten songs were recorded, eight of them penned by Robinson.  He reflected on the songs of The Morning Dew by saying "We're the Morning Dew twenty four hours a day, so we've got plenty of time to do this".  Regarding the suggestive drug and sex references in song lyrics by many bands Robinson said that "anyone can write a dirty song, besides, if you're not high on drugs, it's hard to write about it". The changes from their previous singles could be explained in one word “psychedelic”.  The influence of The Beatles’  “Sgt. Pepper” album is evident on the opening band playing that segues into what becomes “Sycamore Dreamer” with its eerie John Lennon phased vocals and lyrics. “Then Came The Light” features Robinson on the wah-wah pedal while guest Lou Rennau plays the weird sounding oscillator.  Dubbed over the break is a message from Robinson, similar to the Jimi Hendrix monologue in his psychedelic masterpiece “If 6 was 9”.  “Then Came The Light” , “Cherry Street” and “Something You Say” would all show up later on The Morning Dew’s highly collectible Roulette album, issued in 1970 (albeit in different versions).  “Lady Soul” was The Morning Dew’s sarcastic reply to the fans at their shows that asked the band to play some soul music.  Robinson’s clever use of a double tracked fuzz guitar sound blended with help from the Missouri University Marching Band on horns turns the song into a odd blend of psychedelia and soul.

The ten-song demo tape was circulated around to record labels and A & R men.  Sligar stated “What helps so many other groups is the fact that they are in big cities, nobody from a record company is going to come to Topeka to hear a band somebody tells them is pretty good, you’ve got to take it to them”.  A stroke of good luck occurred when a local agent, was able to secure The Morning Dew a contract with Roulette Records.  This occurred in the fall of 1968.  A promoter/investor from Columbia, Pete Shanaberg (an affiliate of Lou Rennau) took the ten song demo tape with recordings from other Midwest acts (Don Cooper, Morgan Mason Downs) to New York and peddled these tapes to record companies. Consequently, Shanaberg was successful in obtaining record deals with Roulette Records for all the acts. Due to the time that had expired from the 1968 Fairyland recordings, Roulette wanted to hear some current recordings of the group so The Morning Dew recorded “Get Together” and “Young Man” in May of 1969 but both tracks were never released (although “Young Man” was later issued on the Roulette album, it was a different recording).  Unfortunately, Shuford had already left the band due to the draft and was replaced by former Burlington Express member, Blair Honeyman on the two recordings.
 A producer for Roulette, Fred Munao came to Topeka in June 1969 to hear The Morning Dew perform live. He was so impressed with the band that a recording contract was signed the day he came to hear them in Topeka. In August of 1969, The Morning Dew drove their van up to New York for the Roulette album recording sessions. The album was recorded in three days.  Three of the 11 songs recorded for Roulette had been previously done the year before at Fairyland Studios, “Cherry St.”, “Then Came The Light”, and “Something You Say”.  Seven other songs were new Mal Robinson originals. The band submitted to Roulette a proposed album cover but it was rejected in favor of a photo of a hippie couple in the nude on the verge of making love or finding the answer to life’s mysteries.  Unfortunately the album was delayed for unknown reasons and released in September 1970, over a year since its inception.  The album received little promotion from Roulette and sold poorly, but today is recognized as a classic with original copies going for over a hundred dollars.

Tracklist :
01. I believe 03:45
02. pompous way 03:53
03. long long ago 03:45
04. militancy 03:55
05. earth land 04:05
06. i am flying 04:29
07. slavery 04:30
08. oh mama africa 03:41
09. hide out 04:40
10. on the ground 04:15
11. call me out 03:04
12. no fee 03:22
13. struggle 04:44
14. landscape 03:41
15. without direction 03:58
16. capitalism 03:49
17. come and sing 03:46

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2012

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From Official Myspace :

Combining musical versatility, instrumental prowess, beautiful vocal harmonies and a superb rhythm section, the Easy Star All-Stars have established themselves as one of the top international reggae acts since their live debut in 2003. They rock every crowd they play for, whether it’s to thousands at festivals or hundreds at club gigs and private events (like the wedding of NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s daughter). Thanks to their best-selling tribute album releases, Dub Side of the Moon (2003) and Radiodread (2006), as well as Until That Day (2008), an original EP, the Easy Star All-Stars have built a growing, dedicated fan base throughout the world, bringing together fans of reggae, classic rock, dub and indie rock into one big family. Their newest release, Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band, due in April, tackles the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in complete reggae fashion.

Originally formed in 1997 for Easy Star Records’ earliest recordings, the Easy Star All-Stars existed mostly as a studio entity until releasing Dub Side of the Moon in 2003. The group, which operates as a collective with a rotating cast of musicians and singers, was put together by Easy Star co-founders Michael Goldwasser, Eric Smith and Lem Oppenheimer. These three have directed and managed the band ever since. Goldwasser, as producer, musical director, arranger and guitarist, has been the man behind just about everything the All-Stars have done in the studio and on stage. He’s the one who spends months transforming songs by Pink Floyd, Radiohead and the Beatles into reggae tracks. As a producer, he has maintained a delicate balancing act by making albums that rock fans can embrace, without alienating the notoriously demanding hardcore reggae audience. Previous to 2003, the band made regular appearances in New York City, backing reggae legends Sugar Minott and Johnny Osbourne, and providing the live backbone for a celebrated tribute to Augustus Pablo. It wasn’t until Dub Side of the Moon’s tremendous success that a touring version of the band was assembled.

The other members of the Easy Star All-Stars, past and present, read like a who’s who of New York’s reggae, ska, dub and jazz scene. The core of the touring band has remained largely intact since 2003: Ras I Ray (bass, vocals), Ive-09 (drums), Kirsty Rock (vocals), Jennifer Hill (saxophone, flute) and Buford O’Sullivan (trombone). Menny More has handled deejay vocals since 2006. The current touring line up is filled out by Elenna Canlas (keyboards, vocals) and Shelton Garner Jr. (guitar, vocals), with either Justin Filmer or Marcos Ferrari handling dub engineering and sound. The band also rotates in Abou Diarrassouba (drums), Matt Bauder (saxophone) and Joanne Williams (vocals), depending on the tour. Other members of the collective—including vocalists Tamar-kali and Stephanie McKay, Groove Collective’s Jay Rodriguez, Antibalas’s Stuart Bogie, reggae legend Ranking Joe, trumpet player Pam Fleming (of the Burning Brass), deejay Dollarman, guitarist Junior Jazz, and keyboardists Ticklah and Jeremy Mage—all continue to make appearances or toured extensively with the group at one time. Michael Goldwasser still joins for occasional gigs, but spends most of his time in the studio working on the band’s musical output and his own outside productions for artists such as MacArthur Genius Grant recipient Corey Harris and Israel’s Hatikva 6.

The Easy Star All-Stars—in any combination of members—have been a resounding success. The band has played at major festivals and headlined shows in over 20 countries on 5 continents. Their worldwide album sales have surpassed 250,000 units since 2003, with Dub Side of the Moon spending over 5 years on Billboard’s Reggae Chart. MOJO picked Dub Side as the second best cover album of all time. Radiodread spent almost 2 years on Billboard’s Reggae Chart and earned praise from the members of Radiohead themselves.

Tracklist :
01 – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
02 – Baby Be Mine
03 – The Girl Is Mine
04 – Thriller
05 – Beat It
06 – Billie Jean
07 – Human Nature
08 – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
09 – The Lady In My Life
10 – Dub It
11 – Close To Midnight


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Origine du Groupe : Spain
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2012

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Par ludovibz pour http://ludovibz.blogspot.fr

Impressionnant en live le groupe reggae "Emeterians" diffuse les bonnes vibes jamaïcaine partout en Espagne et en Europe

Basé à Madrid, le groupe se  forme en 2004, comprenant douze musiciens et un ingenieur son (PABLO: Bass; XALS: Drums; JAVIBI: Guitar; RIPOLL: Keyboards; FELIPE: Vocals, Rythm guitar; MARY: Vocals, Piano, Melodica; PIÑA: Vocals; SARA: Percussion; MARCOS: Trombon; JONAS: Sax; PEPAIX: Trumpet; JULEN: Sound Engineer).
'Power of unity' est leurs troisième opus après 'Seeds' (LP-2007) et 'Change the Mood' (2009), Contenant 15 chansons inspirées par les racines de la musique jamaïcaine, reggae roots !!!

Tracklist :
01-Too Many Weapons
02-Judging Not
04-Love Is The King
05-Pour Some Water
06-Blue Lights
07-Lesson Fe Learn
08-Send Me Some Love
09-Long Time
10-Life Is Not Easy
11-Give Thanks
12-Get A Blow
13-Dem A Wrong
15-Power Of Unity


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Origine du Groupe : V.A World
Style : Reggae , Dancehal , Dub , Electronic , 8-Beats
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.jahtari.org

The tape heads of the Jahtari echo machines have been finetuned, the reverb modules are
rewired, the bass implant is set to maximum blast and now the third episode of our ongoing
series called "Jahtarian Dubbers" is ready to rock your walkman for a long time to come.

Mikey Murka went up to the dancehall again, John Frum is back with a hauntingly beautiful dub,
Soom T is in top shape on one of his other riddims, Maffi team up with Ranking Levy from MyLord
Sound while the Jahtari Riddim Force is on the loose, El Fata rinses Tapes' smashing "Gold Love
Riddim", disrupt dug out a forgotten treasure from the vault and Rootah runs his tube delays
into the red zone.

Wearing the black belt for beatmaking and new in the Jahtari camp is Monkey Marc (who
supplied a wicked instrumental to the last Roots Manuva album). Our favourite sound system
champions Mungo's Hifi are about to blow your speakers alongside veteran Jim Nastics, plus
there's a very special Rootah version of a Dub Syndicate / Adrian Sherwood classic - with Lee
Perry (!) on the mic, lazergun in hand, straightjacket and all. So better pack enough supplies
for an interstellar trip - this one might take a while.

Tracklist :
01  Mikey Murka - Sweeter
02  John Frum - Healing Dub
03  Soom T - Bullets Will Bounce
04  Monkey Marc - Rudebwoy Dub
05  Ranking Levy - Mad Man Style
06  Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - Secret Laboratoy (Rootah version)
07  Jahtari Riddim Force - One Armed Swordsman
08  Jim Nastics & Mungo's Hifi - Nah Lef Africa
09  El Fata - Dancehall Girls
10  disrupt - Asteroid Dub Force
11  Rootah - Mr. Vibes

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Remix , Reggae , Ska
Sortie : 2012

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From http://mjarocker.podomatic.com


In honor of his recent birthday..!

Some of you thought it was a joke ... but it's very very real ... and finally here ... ! THE DRASTICS tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson .. imagine SIR COXSONE in the production seat instead of Quincy and you're about half-way there ... Included are I Want You Back, Rock With You, Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and The Way You Make Me Feel ... These aren't instrumentals or covers-per-se ... you just gotta hear it to believe it ...

The Drastics are a stepping razor don't you watch their size....they're DANGEROUS!

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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Dancehall , Reggae
Sortie : 2002

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From http://www.reggae-vibes.com

Like a bolt of lightening from the sky, Rasta messenger Warrior King has burst upon the scene, utilizing his gift of song to spread Jah truth throughout the land. 23-year old Warrior King was born on the 27th of July, 1979, in Kingston's Jubilee Hospital, soon moving to Clarendon, then settling in the growing city of Portmore at age eleven. "From birth I've always loved music, but it was not until I attended high school at the age of thirteen that I thought about it as something I could do myself," Warrior King explains. "At that time I followed Bounty Killer's style, but then my friend Warrior Mark, him said, 'You have the potential. You have the talent.' From there I started increasing my own thing, and with encouragement from my peers and inspiration and t'ing, the music started to flow."

Like many successful Jamaican entertainers, Warrior King gained his earliest stage experience in talent shows. "I started out with school concerts at first," he says. "At the time when I just came inna music, I used to do some combinations with a yout' named Likkle Blacks, Marlon Stewart. We used to do Tastee's Talent Show together, so we could really start getting exposed and gain experience." When he first started out Warrior King chatted in a hardcore deejay style, like his original hero, Bounty. A switch to the more holistic "singjay" sound came gradually. "It's a natural thing what just grow inside of me, even without me realizing," the singer reasons. "People started telling me they hear I can sing now. So, really and truly it's just a natural change." Even his name is an extension of this evolution. "I changed my name from 'Junior King' to 'Warrior King' because it have a more spiritual feel to it. Fighting against oppression, fighting against wrong. I'm Jah warrior, yuh know, fighting a war of rootical love.

Warrior King's 2001 debut single, "Virtuous Woman," was an international smash, its righteous lyrics prompting the Jamaica Observer to declare the singer "one of the artistes who made a difference in 2001." Since that auspicious beginning, Warrior King's compositions have consistently charted not only in his native Jamaica, but throughout the entire Caribbean, as well as New York, London, Tokyo and beyond. "A Friend Indeed" is currently getting heavy rotation in Jamaica, while "Jah Is Always There" was a recent summer smash on Atlanta's More Fire chart. The inclusion of "Never Go Where Pagans Go" on VP Records' compilation set "Reggae Gold 2002" further raised the artist's profile. Also included are "Virtuous Woman," "Never Go Where the Pagans Go" and other compositions that have built Warrior King's reputation.

Now the conscious singer has released his first full-length album. His VP Records debut, Virtuous Woman, features production by such heavy hitters as Sheldon 'Calibud' Stewart, Richard "Chabano" Brown, Lion Paw and Penthouse as well as guest appearances by Jahmali and dub poet, DYCR. With titles like "Love Jah and Live" and "Boast Not Myself," the CD's seventeen tracks are designed, says Warrior King, to "uplift people's heart, mind and soul in a positive way. All of the songs are written by me, through inspiration of the Father. Everybody can relate to a song on the album, I'm sure of that." The album opens up with "Power To Chant," a spiritual invocation of Jah that neatly sets the tone for what's to follow. Each song featured on the cd has a different style, but the message emphasizes purity and truth.

Warrior King believes that education is the key to betterment and hopes that his music will serve to convey the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, Hailie Selassie I. "As a Rastafarian you just don't sing music, you sing music with a purpose and a mission. To the four corners of the Earth," says Warrior King, "I carry my music, and the message of the King. And the message of love, to all people of all races."

Tracklist :
1. Power to chant
2. Never go where pagans go
3. Jah is always there
4. Africa shall be free
5. Breath of fresh air
6. Boast not myself
7. Love Jah and live
8. Rough road
9. Education is the key
10. Baby don't worry
11. Empress so divine
12. Virtuous woman
13. Oh mama feat.DYCR
14. Health and strength
15. What's going on feat.Jahmali
16. It's been a while
17. Mama (remix)


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