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24 janvier 2010 7 24 /01 /janvier /2010 17:00

"Beat down Babylon" est sorti en 1972 sur le label Trojan, là c'est une réédition de 1987 en vinyl et 1997 en cd chez Pias, un chef d'oeuvre de 23 titres de pur roots reggae (alors qu'il n'en comportait que 10 en 1972), c'est donc une réédition qui ajoute bon nombres de titres de la période comprise entre 1970 et 1975. "Beat down Babylon" fut produit par Lee Perry.

"Da da" :

, "I've got a feeling", "Beat down Babylon", qui fit son succès fut utilisé par l'homme politique Jamaicain Michael Manley lors de campagne électorale jamaïcaine en 1972, "Curley locks" :
"a placed called Jamaica" :
,"demonstration", "Joshua's desire", "Poor Chubby" du reggae bien roots, à la sauce oldies agrémenté par une voix inoubliable.


Kerrie Byles de son vrai nom, Junior Byles est aussi connu sous le pseudo de Chubby, il est né en 1948 à Kingston, dans le quartier de Jonestown. Comme beaucoup de chanteur Jamaicain il a apprit à chanter à l'église, son premier groupe s'appellait "the Versatile". Il a tenter de mettre fin à ses jours à l'annonce de la mort d'Hailé Sélassié en 1975. Bien qu'ayant survécu, il n'a pass retrouvé son niveau musical.


Note :
Tracklist :
  1. (Festival) Da Da
  2. I've Got A Feeling
  3. Don't Know Why
  4. Demonstration
  5. Coming Home
  6. Beat Down Babylon
  7. A Place Called Africa 3
  8. Joshua's Desire
  9. A Matter Of Time
  10. Poor Chubby
  11. Fun And Games - Motion Dub
  12. Pretty Fe True - Pretty Dub
  13. King Of Babylon
  14. Pharoah Hiding
  15. Hail To Power
  16. Fever
  17. Auntie Lulu
  18. When Will Better Come
  19. The Thanks We Get
  20. Mumbling & Grumbling
  21. Curley Locks
  22. Dreader Locks
  23. The Long Way
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22 janvier 2010 5 22 /01 /janvier /2010 13:00

Deejay Trinity, born February 10, 1954 in Kingston, was a keen follower of soundsystems such as Tippertone, El Paso, Kentone and King Tubby's HiFi, to name but a few. At soundsystem Vee Jay the Dubmaster he started his career and there stayed for some four years. It's not sure whether he recorded his first tune for producer Derrick Harriott ('Owner Fi De Yard') or for Channel One boss JoJo HooKim ('Step Up Yourself'), both tunes released in 1976.

After doing some more tunes for JoJo, he switched to the then in-demand producer Joe Gibbs, where he recorded his most popular tune Three Piece Suite in just one cut! The tune utilized the riddim of Marcia Aitken's updated version of Alton Ellis' Studio One hit I'm Still In Love. The whimsical version by teenage schoolgirl duo, Althea Forrest and Donna Reid -- 'Uptown Top Ranking' -- was virtually ignored when first released; the preferred cut was Trinity's piece on the riddim! A slew of fine singles followed: John Saw Them Coming, 'Starsky and Hutch' and 'Judgement Time'. Joe Gibbs released Trinity's debut LP in 1977, predictably under the title 'Three Piece Suit'.

At the time of this album's original release deejay Trinity was -- alongside fellow deejays Dillinger and Ranking Trevor -- at the height of his powers and popularity. After his stay at Joe Gibbs' he went on recording for Prince Tony Robinson, Alvin Ranglin and he also released some self-produced albums. In 1987 he resurfaced as Junior Brammer - a fine vocalist - and under that moniker he put out two vocal albums.

The 'Three Piece Suit' album has been a sought after piece for a long time. Now Crazy Joe Records in France has re-released this classic deejay album in truly fine style. The digipack format includes two wicked bonus tracks, and comes in the original, amusing sleeve art. The sound quality is excellent, probably they have used the original tapes.

The ten album songs offered here utilize the classic Jamaican riddims which Joe Gibbs used for tons of his productions. Queen Majesty is Rocksteady style, riding the riddim of the same name. Strickly Cash tackles another rocksteady riddim, the Jamaicans 'Ba Ba Boom' tune. 'Heart and Soul' was a hit for Junior Byles, here Trinty lays down a wicked rendition called Render Your Heart. Bob Marley's 'Hypocrites' riddim is used in full effect on John Saw Them Coming. Jacob Miller, by the way, delivered a stunning version on the same riddim for Joe Gibbs as well. Studio One's Coxsone Dodd released several tunes on the 'Rockfort Rock' riddim. Joe Gibbs loved the riddim and Trinity voiced his cut calling it Kingston Two Rock, complete with some bizarre sound effects. Muhammed Ali is cut across the 'Joe Frazier'(!) riddim.

Note :
Tracklist :
01 - Song Of The Midnight Hour
02 - Queen Majesty
03 - Render Your Heart
04 - John Saw Them Coming
05 - Strictly Cash
06 - Rasta Dub
07 - Kingston Two Rock
08 - Mr Bassie
09 - Three Piece Suit
10 - Mohammed Ali
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16 janvier 2010 6 16 /01 /janvier /2010 15:40


Un très bel album de reggae roots lover , accompagner par la succulante Caroll Thompson . Le son année 80 reggae à rarement était exploiter de cette manière la .
Fanatique de Reggae , ruer vous dessus , pour les autres laisser vous tenter .

By DJ DemonAngel

Vocals : Carroll Thompson
Drums : Desmond Mahoney
Bass : Elroy Bailey
Guitar : Alan Weeks & Sowell
Synthesiser : Chris Edges
Keyboards : Noel Salmon
Trumpet : Vin Gordon
Percussions : Cleveland Watkis & Desmond Mahoney

This album is a true great it is over a decade old, yet when listened to it remains ageless. Caroll Thompson's high pitched voice along with the gentle reggae/lovers rock tunes make an unmissable album. The lyrics to these songs are relevant to most of us at some time in our lives.
This truley is an album that should be in everyones collection. WARNING:You may find yourself singing these songs whilst walking down the street.
Listen to Mr Cool if you don't believe me .

Note :
Playlist :
I'm So Sorry
No You Don't Know
Sing Me A Love Song
Mr Cool
Simply In Love
When We Are As One
What Colour ?
Hopelessly In Love
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7 janvier 2010 4 07 /01 /janvier /2010 17:00


Bob Andy's Song Book is a 1970 album of songs by Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter Bob Andy, recorded between 1966 and 1968.[1] Andy had first found fame as the lead vocalist of The Paragons, but his peak as a solo artist came in the late '60s when he recorded a string of singles for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label. In 1970, these singles were compiled on the Song Book album.[2] Many of the songs on the album have since been covered by a range of artists, including Taj Mahal, who covered "Desperate Lover" on his 1974 Mo' Roots album.[1] Vocal harmony on three tracks on the album are performed by Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh of The Wailers, and backing comes from Studio One band the Soul Vendors, whose members included Jackie Mittoo and Roland Alphonso.[1] The album was re-issued on CD in 1997, with extended versions of "Desperate Lover" and "Feeling Soul".[1] In the Rough Guides book Reggae: 100 Essential CDs, the album is described as "a masterpiece that belongs in anyone's CD collection - and not just of reggae music",[1] and it has also been described as "one of the era's classic albums".[3] Although the songs on the album have generated considerable royalties, Andy was not financially rewarded as Dodd claimed that, as with much of Andy's songwriting work, he had written the songs himself.
from wikipedia

Note :


  1. My Time
  2. Desperate Lover
  3. Life Could Be A Symphony
  4. Too Experience
  5. I've Got To Go Back Home
  6. I Would Be A Fool
  7. Going Home
  8. Stay In My Lonely Arms
  9. Let Them Say
  10. Unchained
  11. Feeling Soul
  12. Crime Don't Pay


'Friends' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Rasta Come Of Age - Friends - Change Your Mind - Spice Of Life - Come On Over - Honey - Rasta Reggae Music
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)

'Retrospective' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Too Proud To Beg - You Don't Know - Patience Is The Key - Life - Rock It Down - Fire Burning - Nyah - Check It Out
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)

'Really Together' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Kemar - Call Me - Call Me Dub - Come Back
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)

Album mix 'Freely'  
You Think It's A Joke - I Don't Want To See You Cry - Freely - No Video - Sun Shines For Me - Cherry - Level Vibes - Little Brothers & Sisters
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)

'Bob Andy's Dub Book' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Mind Jungle Dub - You Know It Dub - Tribal War Dub - Devastation Dub - Brothers' Faith Dub - Share It Out Dub - Rasta Victory Dub
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)

'Andywork' Album mix - Selected Tracks:  
Hang Your Head And Cry - Help Me Up - I Don't Want To See You Cry - It's Impossible - You Won't See Me - Rock It Down - Half The Way - Version
All tracks in mix © Andisongs (PRS)


'Zion'   (7" on Safire Music - JA)
© Andisongs (PRS)
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4 janvier 2010 1 04 /01 /janvier /2010 11:00
Una rara mezcla de Australia entre el reggae, el soul, el post-punk, el dub y algún que otro grito blusero que se edita este año.

Note :
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3 janvier 2010 7 03 /01 /janvier /2010 11:40

African Child was born in Bele, north of Ivory Coast, August 3-1983 & started to travel in age of 8! When his mama was pregnant, his grandmamma come and tell her that this child is going to be a public person, I call him or her Farafina Ding that means African Child. When he was born his parent’s give him the name Adama Diarra, Adama means the first and Diarra means lion. African Child travel to Mali got his first guitar, struggling in the street playing the guitar wherever he goes. He started to work as a stage boy with a band called Tara’s band that played different music styles. He continues to Senegal and Gambia. In Gambia, African Child struggle to make a coffee shop to survive, entertain his customers singing and playing and always delivering peace and love message to the people. He started to work with a band called Afro Star as a stage boy and later on he become the guitarist and the bandleader. Over the time he was growing in the music and the suffering, frustration and the extreme poverty. The political manipulation and all those millions of people suffering and few people decide over other people’s life and with political brutality, violence and aggression and even tribal discrimination within people and people. African Child put his hard life into inspiration with a strong message of unity as a peacemaking force against brutality, violence and political domination. A strong nation and a free nation can only base itself upon education. Leadership does not mean domination. The world is always well supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others. He travelled to Sweden year 2000 and the vision of forming his band finally become reality, The Prophet Unification formed year 2002.
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15 décembre 2009 2 15 /12 /décembre /2009 15:00
Voili voilou les petits loups !
Les compils de fin d'année arrivent !
50 morceaux de Reggae music roots pour vous :

01 - Love Joys - Are you ready
02 - African Brothers - Youths of today
03 - Ken Boothe and Tu Shung Peng- Show me that love
04 - Calypso Rose - Calypso blues
05 - The Black Seeds - Take your changes
06 - Duke Morgan - Lick It Back
07 - Fouta - SOS

08 - Resistencia Suburbana + IVA - Represion brava
09 - Edi Fitzroy - Cry for my brothers
10 - Wayne Wade - Fire fire
11 - Yvette & Levi - Brother David
12 - Daweh Congo - Blue Moon
13 - The Heptones- 1e  world
14 - Ponto De Equilibrio - Ponto de equilibrio
15 - Fil Rouge - Ils Sont Tous Fous
16 - Junior Dread - Sufferer's heights
17 - Groundation - Dragons War
18 - Bim Sherman - My Whole World
19 - Keith Hudson - Fight your revolution
20 - Mo'Kalamity - Reggae Vibration
21 - Bim Sherman -  Fit to survive
22 - Carroll Thompson - Merry go round
23 - Freddie McKay Lonely Man
24 - Audley Rollens - Be wise
25 - Trinity - Three Piece Suit
26 - Stephen Chang - Always Together
27 - Horace Hinds - BlackMan Country
28 - Hemsley Morris - Little Things
29 - Jo Jo Bennet & Byron Lee - Rock Steady
30 - Noel Brown - Heartbreak Girl
31 - Junior Soul - Out Of My Mind
32 - Zoe - Liberia (Feat. Chuck Fender)
33 - The Black Seeds - The answer
34 - Tahuna Breaks - Empower Me
35 - Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses - Babylon is falling
36 - Lloyd Lovindeer - A tale of two couples
37 - Little Tempo - Our time is now (right now) (on the kete rock)
38 - God God Dammit Dammit - Entrè
39 - Tiken Jah Fakoly & Dub Incorporation - Diversité
40 - Aura Meets Lee Perry - Can't See You
41 - Miikey Ras Starr - Market place revolution
42 - Rebellion the Recaller - Like A Lion Feat. Chuck Fenda
43 - Natiruts -  Iluminar
44 - Echo Ranks - Shinobi warrior
45 - Bawajafar'n'free - Arrétez De Croire Ci
46 - The Ethiopians - Free
47 - Pupajim - Television Addict
48 - Sizzla - Hard ground
49 - Michael Prophet - Conscious Man
50 - Winston McAnuff - Ras Child
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12 décembre 2009 6 12 /12 /décembre /2009 14:00

Le Zoes deuxième album „exils African « (2004), reggae d'auteur et nouvelles histoires pour radio soul les Brothers et les Sisters unit facilement ensemble, montre une chanteuse et un Songwriterin mûries. Précisément que „le Could IT accélérateur de prise You « s'est aussi tenu pendant des semaines célibataire „les Rocksteady » dans les Playlists de tous les ions d'acte de radio. L'album l'a créé les super bien 30 nombreux Charts européens et a fait des Zoe un artiste demandé sur des festivals dans toute l'Europe. Ils harmonierte particulièrement bien avec les volumes italiens „un Smoke « . Inspiré par il a tiré toujours à nouveau cette coopération créative l'artiste la saison de festival entière après en Italie, où on l'a reçue joyeusement dans les salles de concert soldées. Que le Zoe a été promu au favori de public, n'est pas aussi resté dissimulé à la presse italienne qui a élu elle pour découvrir musicalement l'année. En Allemagne moins populaire, la chanteuse réussie n'a pas été distinguée avec le Reggae-Award dans la catégorie Best Female artiste.
Note :
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11 décembre 2009 5 11 /12 /décembre /2009 12:00

http://www.strictly-vibes.com/covers/L/lloyd_serious2.jpg Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Serious Times
Jook Them
Mash It Down
A Tale Of Two Couples
Ride Ride Ride
Manners Up Yourself
No Dreadie
Dem A Cut
Holy Holy Holy

Engineer : Keith Gordon
Remixing Engineer : Paul Davidson
Recording Engineer : Paul Davidson

Producer : Lloyd Lovindeer

Vocals : Lloyd Lovindeer
Backing Vocals : Grub Cooper & Ricky Walters & Lloyd Lovindeer & George Barrett & Maxine Tabois & Beresford Barnett
Drums : Derrick Stewart
Bass : Howard Bedasse
Guitar : Steve Golding
Organ : Conroy Cooper
Piano : Courtney Robb
Percussions : Lloyd Lovindeer & Steve Golding
Stylophone : Steve Golding

Studios :
Recording : Concert Recording (Kingston, JA) & Devon Road (Kingston, JA)

O cantor,compositor,percussionista e produtor jamaicano Lloyd Lovindeer, foi mestre do ´´Pocomania Day´´, em seu elemento no ano passado no concerto National Labour Day Concert em Falmouth, Trelawny. - em Falmouth, Trelawny,Jamaica. Lloyd Lovindeer evoca imediatamente o pensamento do furacão Gilbert em ´´Wild Gilbert´´. Na canção ´´Wild Gilbert´´ Lloyd canta sobre as tragédias que o furacão Gilbert desencadeou em cima da ilha em 1988. Ainda há mais sobre este artista resoluto armado com os poemas líricos espirituosos, mas você tem que escavar para encontrá-lo. Isto porque ele não gosta de falar sobre si mesmo; você apenas tem que fazer as perguntas corretas. É ainda mais difícil do que ele soa. O que é fácil, entretanto, é ficar pensando sobre toda a situação grave e uma canção apropriada de Lovindeer. Recorde o hit dos anos ' 70s ´´Blinking Bus ´´onde deplorou o típico passeio jamaicano nos ônibus. Recorde também´´Babylon Boops´´ e ´´Happiness in the Park´´.Para muitos pode com segurança ser chamado de ´´ um homem para todas as estações´´.Lloyd Lovindeer começou a carreira nos dias da High School quando estava em um grupo de dança chamado 'Fabulous Flames'.Era difícil às vezes, mas todos eles foram dedicados à música assim que fizeram todos os sacrifícios necessários.Quando saíram da escola que começaram a executar profissionalmente. Depois que saíram da escola ganharam o ouro no festival de competição, que foi realizado aproximadamente em 1969/ 1970,e então conseguiram uma oferta para excursionar no Canadá. O grupo acabou aproximadamente em 1980.Em seguida Lloyd trabalhou em um escritório no Canadá em uma companhia de seguros de vida no departamento de exame, mas decidiu voltar para casa por causa do frio e do inverno. Decidiu-se pela carreira solo,e no começo,foi difícil. As canções que queria gravar os produtores não se mostravam interessados nelas porque eram um comentário mais social, o que alguns chamariam de acordo consciente da realidade.Canções escritas como ´´The Blinking Bus´´sobre o sistema de autocarros na Jamaica, e ´´Man Shortage´´,temas que são ainda muito apropriados nos dias de hoje. O cantor gravou dois álbuns ´´Serious Times´´em 1978 e ´´Dance Hall General´´ em 1985,contando com músicos como Peter Ashbourne no baixo e bateria, Derrick Stewart na bateria,Howard Bedasse no baixo,Errol Gayle e Steve Golding na guitarra e percussão,Conroy Cooper no órgão,Courtney Robb no piano,o próprio Lloyd nos vocais e percussão, e os backing vocais de Desi Roots,J.C. Lodge e Mallory Williams.´´Serious Time´´ mostrou temas como Serious Times,Jook Them,Mash It Down,A Tale Of Two Couples,Ride Ride Ride,Manners Up Yourself,No Dreadie,Dem A Cut e Holy Holy Holy Então Lloyd foi o artista número um no Caribe.Lloyd está trabalhando em um álbum agora, ´´The Sounds of Jamaica´´. Ele tem trabalhado nele pelos dois anos passados… Terminou que passou a ser álbum duplo, e é uma coleção do seu material em todos esses anos..

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11 décembre 2009 5 11 /12 /décembre /2009 10:30
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