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10 mars 2010 3 10 /03 /mars /2010 12:00
http://www.strictly-vibes.com/covers/D/dave_ghetto.jpgNote :


Sortie : 1975
Style : Early reggae, solo vocal, instrumental

Tracklist :
Money Is The Poor Peoples Cry
Keep On Trying
Stone In Love
Are You Sure
Bandwagon Skank
Ride Your Pony
Give Me Some Light
Power To The People
Smooth And Sort

Produced et Arrangé by Larry Lawrence
Recorded at Dynamic Studio & Harry J
Engineer : Karl Pitterson, E Morrison
Mixed at Chalk Farmby Vic Keary & Sid Bucknor

Dave and Ansell Collins were a Jamaican vocal/instrumental duo (sometimes billed as Dave and Ansil Collins or Dave and Ansel Collins).

Dave Barker (born David John Crooks, 10 October 1947 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a session vocalist, and Ansell Collins (born 1949, also in Kingston) is a keyboard player. They were working for producer Lee "Scratch" Perry in Kingston in the late 1960s, and joined forces in 1971, for the reggae single "Double Barrel". Released by Techniques Records, part of the Trojan Records label, it topped the Jamaican and UK charts in March of that year. It was the first record that drummer Sly Dunbar (then 14) ever played on.

The follow-up release, the similarly styled "Monkey Spanner" enjoyed the same international success. Most of their recorded work was written by Winston Riley. After cutting an album, Collins and Barker parted company; Collins becoming a session player and Barker, now resident in the United Kingdom, singing with several soul groups. They attempted a comeback in 1981 without success.

In 1986, Collins appeared as one of Ernest Reed's (Jimmy Cliff) back-up musicians in the reggae-themed comedy film, Club Paradise. He was billed as "Ansel (sic) "Double Barrel" Collins". . Collins has played and worked with The Upsetters, Black Uhuru, The Mighty Diamonds, Barrington Levy, Gregory Isaacs, U-Roy, Pama International and Jimmy Cliff.

Double Barrel was sampled by Special Ed on the song, 'I'm The Magnificent'.


Discographie :
  • Double Barrel - 1972
  • In The Ghetto - 1976
  • Heavy Heavy Monster Sounds of Dave and Ansel Collins - 1998 (compilation)
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9 mars 2010 2 09 /03 /mars /2010 12:00
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_b5Nsth5KE1Y/SNa5t9RzRvI/AAAAAAAAABU/fB5_zuWuHUg/s400/lonely+man.jpgNote :

Sortie : 1974
Style : Reggae Roots

Tracklist :
Lonely Man
Black Beauty
I'm A Free Man
If I Should Dream My Life Over
Losing Your Love
Peace In The Garden
Where Can I Find True Love
I'm Not Your Love
100 Pounds Of Clay


Freddie McKay (sometimes Freddy McKay) (1947 – 19 November 1986) was a Jamaican singer, whose career spanned the rocksteady and reggae eras.

McKay, born in Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica, is regarded as one of the most soulful singers to come out of Jamaica.McKay first recorded for producer Prince Buster in 1967, his first hit coming the same year with "Love Is A Treasure", recorded for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle set-up. McKay then enjoyed a fruitful spell with Coxsone Dodd, recording a number of popular songs for Studio One backed by The Soul Defenders, including "High School Dance", "Sweet You Sour You", and "Picture On The Wall", the latter the title track of his 1971 debut album. A second album, Lonely Man followed in 1974. McKay recorded a duet with Horace Andy in 1975, "Talking Love" which was also a hit in Jamaica. McKay enjoyed another hit in 1976 with "Dance This Ya Festival", which won the Jamaican Independence Popular Song Contest that year. McKay teamed up with Alvin Ranglin for the misleadingly titled The Best Of Freddie McKay (it was an album of new recordings) in 1977, McKay now adapting to the prevailing roots reggae style. The Ossie Hibbert-produced showcase album Creation followed in 1979, and Tribal Inna Yard in 1983.

McKay maintained a faithful following until his death in 1986 from a heart attack,shortly after finishing his final album, I'm a Free Man.


Discographie :
  • Picture On The Wall (1971, Studio One)
  • Lonely Man (1974, Dragon UK / Dynamic Jamaica) (reissued 1996, Lagoon)
  • The Best Of Freddie McKay (1977, GG's)
  • Creation (1979, Plant and Joe Gibbs)
  • Harsh Words (1982 Gorgon)
  • Tribal Inna Yard (1983, Move)
  • I'm a Free Man (1988 Uptempo)
  • Freddie McKay & Soul Defenders at Studio One (1991, Heartbeat)
  • The Right Time Recordings (1997, GG's) (with Jah Stone)
  • The Right Time (1999, Rhino)
  • When You're Smiling (2002, Rhino) (Lonely Man + bonus tracks)
  • Doin' It Right (2003, Charly)
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8 mars 2010 1 08 /03 /mars /2010 22:10
http://jahtari.org/music/images/JTR07_A.jpgNote :


Sortie : 2010
Style : Reggae 8-Bits , Electro Dub

Tracklist :
A1 - Soom T - Dirty Money
A2 - Dirty Money version
B1 - Soom T - Survivor
B2 - Soom T - Doobee Dee
B3 - Doo Doobee version



http://jahtari.org/music/images/JTR07_B.jpgLa deuxième sortie 12" célèbre la rencontre entre le maître à penser de Jahtari - Disrupt et la pimpante MC de Glasgow - Sumati Bhardwaj aka Soom T. Après une série de dates et d'enregistrements communs, les deux complices sortent enfin le fruit de leur collaboration sur EP vinyle. Y sont présentés 3 cuts vocaux : Dirty Money, Surviror, Dooby Dee Doo accompagnés de deux versions digi-dub dans la droite lignée des productions du label.

Ruff and tuff 12 by Soom T, our Glasgow Jedi MC of the first order, who is drawing the pink light sabre here and is dropping the title tune "Dirty Money" with such an irresistible force that will blast every imperial stormtrooper out of the boots. Probably the biggest Jahtari floor fave during recent live gigs the riddim is originally based on a Commodore C64 SID-file from 1990 by Swedish chip rocker Johan Danielsson, aka. JLD. Johan, then a member of the C64-demo group Warriors Of The Wasteland, created the tune at the age of 15. Finally this forgotten gem is put into hyperdrive mode and shot into the Star Destroyer class. On B the ride continues with the high-G killer "Surivor" which is sure to instantly steam up the inside of your space helmet. After that the big lazerguns are being put on the table, only to light up a final "Doobiedeedoo" with them and kick it properly. No Jedi mind trick - just some spliffical beats for the Rebel Alliance. Get the full lyrics HERE!

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8 mars 2010 1 08 /03 /mars /2010 11:35
http://images.bluebeat.com/an/6/6/1/8/3/l38166.jpgNote :

Sortie : 1979
Style : Reggae Roots , Dub

Tracklist :
False Ruler
Holy Land Of Home
Devil Must Of Made You
Free Black Man
Jail House Set Me Free
Thats The Way You Feel
Dont Let Them Fool You
In Time To Come
Three Wise Men
Once Bitten Twice Shy
Dub Ruler
Holy Land
Devil Wise Black Roots
Black Roots
House Of Dub
Jester Not
Wiser Dub

Vocals : Earth & Stone & Albert Bailey & Clifton Howell
Drums : Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Fully Fullwood
Lead Guitar : Chinna & Dougie Bryan
Rhythm Guitar : Ranchie & Tony Chin
Piano : Gladdy Anderson
Organ : Carl Fats & Ansel Collins
Trombone : Lloyd Kerr
Trumpet : Chico Hamilton
Saxophone : Dean Fraser
Percussions : Sticky & Scully Simms

In the last half century the rapid development of Jamaican music has been subject to many different forces - social, political, cultural, and political, cultural and musical. Of all these influences that of American popular music has been one of the most signifigant. And so the sway of American popular music has continued through until the present day, with Jamaica mirroring many of the movements, innovations, styles and concerns of its larger neighbour. One such a movement was the emergence of the sound of Philadelphia, the musical bridge between Motown and disco, a brand of soul which tends not to receive proper critical respect-no doubt partly, but perversely, due to its commercial success. If the engine of the Philly sound was session band M.F.S.B. so the rhythm was driven for Channel One by the immortal Revolutionaries. And the sweet harmonies of ballad groups such as the Delphonics and the Stylistics surely had a direct effect on the Jamaican vocal groups of the same era, as is evidenced by the Channel One output of the Mighty Diamonds, the Rolands, the Wailing Souls, the Meditations, Black Uhuru, the Jays and Earth & Stone. In 1972 Earth & Stone made their way, like so many other Jamaican artists, down to Brentford Road to work up their skills at Studio One. In 1973 they progressed to Channel One where they began to record for Jo Jo and Ernest Hoo Kim. As was common for the time their material was a mix of lovers and roots but with the balance tipped to the cultural side. Between 1973 and 1978 tunes such as "Jah Will Cut You Down" and "Three Wise Men" became popular on Channel One's Hitbound imprint. The duo of Albert Bailey and Clifton Howell created their own unique vocal interchange sound, each taking turn at lead and harmony. The "Kool Roots" set was out initally in1978 and collates most of the group's songs for the label. It's unusual for the time in that the vocal and dub sets were released together in the UK by Cha Cha containing both albums within a gatefold sleeve, an expense not usually afforded for reggae release and even the artwork was above the usual standard. The Pressure Sounds re-issue of this reggae classic has the customary sleeve notes by Steve Barker and certain elements of the original artwork are utilised. There is an eight page full colour booklet with photographs from the period of both Earth & Stone and the Channel One studio.
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3 mars 2010 3 03 /03 /mars /2010 12:30
http://www.boomkat.com/media/stock_images/BAFCD033l.jpgNote :


Sortie : 2000
Style : Roots Reggae , dancehall, DJ, solo vocal

Tracklist :
Sylford Walker - Give Thanks And Praise To Jah
Welton Irie - Rolling Stone
Sylford Walker - Lambs Bread
Welton Irie - Lambs Bread International
Sylford Walker - Cleanliness Is Godliness
Welton Irie - Stone A Throw
Sylford Walker - Babylonians
Welton Irie - Jah Come
Sylford Walker - My Fathers Home Land (Extended)
Sylford Walker - Deuteronomy
Welton Irie - Black Man Get Up Tan Up Pon Foot
Sylford Walker - Eternal Day (Extended)
Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon
Welton Irie - Ghettoman Corner
Une galette roots de bonne facture qui pèche un peu par la prestation de Welton Irie qui nous laisse un peu sur notre soif de dancehall péchu .
Mais rien que pour le morceau roots "Babylonians" de notre ami Sylford , cet opus mérite d'etre dans votre roots reggaethèque .
Jah Jah Man !!!

by DJ DemonAngel
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26 février 2010 5 26 /02 /février /2010 16:15
http://i1.soundcloud.com/artworks-000000762003-w314g7-crop.jpgNote :


Sortie : 2009
Style : Reggae , Dub , Remix

01. Dubmatix - London Calling (Album Version) [feat. Don Letts & Dan Donovan] (5:27)
02. Dub Antenna - White Riot (4:17)
03. Creation Rockers - Four Horsemen (2:54)
04. Nate Wize - Rock the Casbah (feat. Ammoye) (4:54)
05. John Brown's Body - Bankrobber (4:05)
06. Chomsky Allstars - Know Your Rights (3:41)
07. Wrongtom Meets Rockers - Lost in the Supermarket (3:41)
08. DubCats - Rudie Can't Fail (5:01)
09. Citizen Sound - One More Time (feat. Prince Blanco & Ammoye) (4:21)
10. Infantry Rockers - Rebel Waltz (3:59)
11. O'Luge & Kornerstrone All-Stars - Spanish Bombs (5:19)
12. Danny Michel - Straight to Hell (4:57)
13. Creation Rockers - Complete Control (5:43)
14. Dubmatix - London Calling (Roots Rock Version) [feat. Don Letts] (3:27)


Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe Strummer by Strummerville

This is a project that brings together Canadian artists and producers with contributors, friends and collaborators from England, Scotland and the USA. The contributing artists have selected songs from the Strummer/Jones catalogue and then reinterpreted these works in a booming dub-inspired style. The tracks run from straight-up roots dub to contemporary reggae sounds to dubbed out punk and dub-house styles. Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe Strummer hopes to further explore what Joe Strummer once described as a ‘rasta-punk interface’. Artists involved in the project include: Dubmatix, Don Letts, Creation Rockers, John Brown’s Body and Strummer’s friend and biographer Chris Salewicz.

Proceeds from the sale of this release will benefit Strummerville: The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music, a registered charity that aims to create new opportunities for aspiring musicians. Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, the charity seeks to reflect Joe's unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them.

Released by: Mojo Brand Records
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24 février 2010 3 24 /02 /février /2010 13:00
http://www.blackheartsound.com/images/products/200608011136270.fred200.jpgNote : ++


Record date : 1982
Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Love And Only Love
Give Jah Your Heart And Soul
Voice Of The Poor
Cut Eye, Cut Eye
News Carrier
Homeward Bound
Africa Africa
What Your're Not Supposed To Do
No Further Woman

Producer : Lloydie Coxsone

Backing Band : The Creation Steppers


Un album homogène dans l'ensemble , du reggae roots des années 80 bien conscient de qualité chanter par l'ami Fred Locks , qui accompagne le groupe avec brio .
A mettre dans la playlist reggae de votre Ipod sans hesiter ! Car il n'y à pas que Bob Marley dans la vie !

by DJ DemonAngel
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10 février 2010 3 10 /02 /février /2010 14:00


Since the core Black Uhuru crew (and by this, I mean with vocalist Michael Rose) is not likely to get back together anytime soon, newly released live dates from their heyday are always welcome. The wonderful Tabou1 (who released a great Gladitors disc a few months back) has just released Black Uhuru's Live 84.

As you'd expect from the title, this disc is a live date from 1984, featuring most of the group's biggest hits ("Shine Eye Gal," "Puff She Puff," "Sponji Reggae," etc.) but unfortunately, nowhere in the liner notes (nor in the promo material) is there any indication as to exactly where or when the disc was recorded. But, oh well... the music is still there.

Though I've never seen him in person, I can tell from the numerous live shows I've heard, Rose is one hell of a performer. Unlike many performers, his stage voice is not at all different from his studio voice. He manages to capture the essence of each song and magnify it during live shows, knowing when to talk and when to let his band do the talking.

Live 84 is a very good set of thirteen cuts covering 74 minutes. Included, in addition to the aforementioned tracks, are "Plastic Smile," "I Love King Selassie," "Youths of Eglington," "General Pentitentiary," "Happiness," "World is Africa," "Sinsemilla," "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," and the pro-life anthem "Abortion." With a lineup like this, it's hard to go wrong.

"I Love King Selassie" is a stand-out high point due to its strong spiritual nature. "Youths of Eglington" is also quite good, due mainly to its incredibly catchy hook and bubbling riddim. And if you're aren't singing "there's a stalk of sinsemilla growing in my backyard" by the end of the disc, you must be deaf.

The sound quality of the disc is quite good (though it could be a tad better, I'd say). The very fact, though, that this is Black Uhuru with a previously unreleased live disc is enough to make one overlook any problems. Hunt this one down.


Note :
Sortie : 2000

Tracklist :
  1  Shine Eye Girl
  2  Plastic Smile
  3  Puff She Puff
  4  I Love King Selassie
  5  Youths Of Eglington
  6  Push Push
  7  General Penitentiary
  8  Happiness
  9  World Is Africa
10  Sponji Reggae
11  Sinsemilla
12  Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
13  Abortion
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6 février 2010 6 06 /02 /février /2010 15:00
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26 janvier 2010 2 26 /01 /janvier /2010 11:00

Mousaillon ! élever la grand voile et danser sur le ponton , ça va suer du rhum !
Les pirates d'Orange Street parti à l'abordage d'un trésor inextimable qu'est la musique jamaîcaine , on trouvaient ici une perle sonore dont ils ne sont pas près de lacher pour quelques pépites d'or .
Il n'y aura pas de pitié , ce sera une énorme vibration  dans vos oreilles qui finira par vous destituez de vos jambes et de vos têtes que vous ne controleraient plus , due à la déflagration de good vibes instaurer par l'assaut de nos pirates Orange .
Rocksteady Reggae Roots Lovers seront embaucher pour se déhancher sur le dancefloor , les autres n'auront plus qu'à subir la pression sonore ambiente .
Bijou , colector du son à l'ancienne ! Orange Street à bel et bien pirater vos ouies pour votre plus grande jouissance !

by DJ DemonAngel


Note :
Tracklist :
-.CD I.-  DOWNLOAD1.gif
01-Follow the River-
02-Sugar Cane-
03-Fruit Lady-
04-Crisis Situation-
05-Day and Night-
06-Menelik in Adoua-
07-Sweet Sandy-
08-Girl i Kiss-
09-Sugar One-
10-Move it Up-
11-Make it to the Top-
02-Girl of my Dream-
03-Silly Slug-
04-Wonderful Land-
05-Wonderful Dub-
06-Wonderful Melody-
07-Under the Sun-
08-Coming from the Hills-
09-Soul Sufferer-
10-Gal an Money-
11-Boogaloo Gal-
12-Golden Age-
13-Western Superstar-
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