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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2004


LE LIVE des Gladiators !!!

Tracklist :   
1. Intro
2. Head to My Toe
3. Hug Me Up
4. Bongo Red
5. The Belly Full
6. Look Is Deceiving
7. Hello Carol
8. Jah Works
9. Something a Gwaan
10. Big Fish
11. Stick a Bush

hd dvd rw


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14 décembre 2010 2 14 /12 /décembre /2010 11:00


Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 1976

Lion Zion was a young American reggae artist who showed up at the Black Ark one day to record. While some don't rate this album that highly, it is enjoyable listening and completely unique. With constant references to American situations, the material is in some ways even more relevant today than it was in 1976. Highlights include "Arise America", "Who Killed The Buffalo", and the humorous "Gas Guzzler". A nice album that certainly needs to be given a CD re-issue.

by http://www.upsetter.net

Tracklist :   
01 - American Revolution
02 - Buffalo Dub
03 - Who Killed The Buffalo
04 - Arise America
05 - Beautiful Day
06 - Children, Children
07 - Gas Guzzler
08 - Reggae In America
09 - 3rd Century
10 - Turn Towards The Sun

Producer : Lee Perry

Mixing Engineer : Lee Perry
Recording Engineer : Lee Perry
Engineer : B. Dangerfield

Vocals : Lion Zion
Drums : Anthony Creary
Bass : Lloyd Parks
Rhythm Guitar : Fil Callendar
Organ : Keith Sterling
Piano : Keith Sterling
Trumpet : David Madden
Tenor Saxophone : Glen Da Costa
Trombone : Vin Gordon


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10 décembre 2010 5 10 /12 /décembre /2010 16:00



Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2007

Malika “MotherSista” Madremana is honored to introduce herself in representation of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and all freedom fighters in the liberation struggle.

Malika Madremana is a Puerto Rican sista, born in New York City and raised in Cali, who has spent a lifetime on stage. Since the age of four, Malika has been singing and dancing in musicals and choirs. As a teen, she entered Performing Arts School to pursue voice. It was at this age that Malika was manifesting a strong consciousness against the system and its wrongdoings. Rastafari manifested in her life shortly after- and reggae music had the greatest impact and influence upon her ever since. Heavily influenced by the legends such as Bob Marley, the I-three’s, Abyssinians, Hugh Mundell, Jacob Miller, etc…she began writing and composing songs.

Malika officially began her baptism into the reggae field as a background singer and vocal arranger for a number of prominent and heartical artists. She has toured and performed abroad and internationally with legends such as Wadi Gad, Yami Bolo, Apple Gabriel, the Mighty Diamonds, Mikey Dread, Roots Natty, among many others. Malika has performed at numerous festivals and shows including the Ragamuffin festival in Long Beach, the Sierra Nevada Music Festival, Bob Marley Day Festival, Dreadstock, and the Monterrey Reggae Festival.

Livicated to the power of the music and the potential of the stage, Malika began her first album project in 2002 with the talents of producer/artist Blaaklung (Greensphere Records). Their efforts manifested in the album “Healing”, made up of 15 tracks of roots, dancehall, lover’s rock, and rockers cuts that established her as a songwriter and an upcoming artist to watch.

Malika Madremana is pleased to bring forth her newest release “Elixir”out of Greensphere Records/Madremana Music. This work was a blessed collaboration of talents and livity including the production of Blaaklung and the tribtutions of artists Batch, Tuff Lion,Vince Black, Kenyatta Itola, and Ras Attitude. Elixir is sure to exemplify Malika’s growth as a vocalist and songwriter. She wrote and co-produced 16 tracks of more roots, rockers, and conscious danehall tunes with uplifting lyrics that are intended to educate, as well as heal, with a smooth and fulfilling sound that’s like elixir to the ears.

The year 2007 is wide open for Malika Madremana to continue introducing herself to the world. Look forward to her bringing her “Elixir” for the Healing of the Nations…..

By http://www.cdbaby.com

Tracklist :   
1. Elixir
2. You Ain't Seen Nuthin Yet
3. Heaven's Door
4. Love Jah Rastafari - Empress Isheba, Malika Madremana
5. When It Rains
6. In My Hour
7. Jungle Fever - Empress Isheba, Malika Madremana, Ras Attitude
8. Lion in the Winter
9. Cool Breeze
10. You Fly - Empress Isheba, Malika Madremana
11. Why You Wanna Claim Me Now
12. Soldier Culture
13. Meaning - Batch, Malika Madremana
14. Vessel
15. It's Not Done Yet
16. Cool Breeze Remix


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5 décembre 2010 7 05 /12 /décembre /2010 11:00



Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae Ska , Rocksteady
Sortie : 1969


From Wikipedia :
Derrick Morgan (born 27 March 1940, Mocho, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica) is a musical artist popular in the 1960s and 1970s.He worked with Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff in the ska genre, and he also performed rocksteady and skinhead reggae.


In 1957 Morgan entered the Vere Johns Opportunity Hour, a talent show held at the Palace Theatre in Kingston. He won with rousing impressions of Little Richard, and shortly after that, was recruited to perform around the island with the popular Jamaican comedy team, Bim and Bam. In 1959 Morgan entered the recording studio for the first time. Duke Reid, the acclaimed sound system boss, was looking for talent to record for his Treasure Isle record label. Morgan cut two popular shuffle-boogie sides "Lover Boy", a.k.a. "S-Corner Rock", and "Oh My". Soon after, Morgan cut the bolero tinged boogie, "Fat Man", which also became a hit. He also found time to record for Coxsone Dodd.

In 1960 Morgan became the only artist ever to fill the places from one to seven on the Jamaican pop chart simultaneously.[2] Among those hits were "Don't Call Me Daddy", "In My Heart", "Be Still", and "Meekly Wait and Murmur Not". But it was the following year that Morgan released the biggest hit of his career, the Leslie Kong production of "You Don't Know", later retitled "Housewives’ Choice" by a local DJ. The song featured a bouncing ska riddim, along with a duet by Morgan and Millicent "Patsy" Todd.

"Housewives’ Choice" began the legendary rivalry between Morgan and Prince Buster, who accused Morgan of stealing his ideas. Buster quickly released "Blackhead Chiney Man", chiding Morgan with the sarcastic put-down, "I did not know your parents were from Hong Kong" – a swipe at Kong. Morgan returned with the classic "Blazing Fire", in which he warns Buster to "Live and let others live, and your days will be much longer. You said it. Now it’s the Blazing Fire". Buster shot back with, "Watch It Blackhead", which Morgan countered with "No Raise No Praise" and "Still Insist". Followers of the two artists often clashed, and eventually the government had to step in with a staged photo shoot depicting the rivals as friends.

In the mid-1960s, when ska evolved into the cooler, more soulful rocksteady, Morgan continued to release top quality material, including the seminal rude boy classic, "Tougher Than Tough", "Do the Beng Beng", "Conquering Ruler", and a cover of Ben E. King’s soul hit, "Seven Letters". Produced by Bunny Lee, "Seven Letters" is often cited as the first true reggae single.[3] In 1969 Morgan cut the famous skinhead anthem, "Moon Hop" (on Crab Records). However, failing eyesight then forced him to give up regular stage appearances. Morgan still performs occasionally at ska revival shows across the world – often backed by the guitarist, Lynn Taitt. He remained popular in Jamaica and the UK into the early 1970s, and has lived primarily in the UK or the US since the late 1960s.

In July 2002 in Toronto, Canada, a two night 'Legends of Ska' concert was held. Reuniting were The Skatalites, Lloyd Knibbs, Rico Rodriguez, Lloyd Brevett, Lester Sterling, Johnny Moore and Lynn Taitt; along with Prince Buster, Alton Ellis, Owen Gray, Lord Creator, Justin Hinds, Derrick Harriott, Winston Samuels, Roy Wilson, Patsy Todd, Doreen Shaffer, Stranger Cole, Lord Tanamo and Derrick Morgan.[4][5] In 2007 Morgan appeared on the bill at the annual Augustibuller festival. His song "Tougher Than Tough" was featured in the video game, Scarface: The World is Yours.

Tracklist :
A1 - Seven Letters
A2 - First Taste Of Love
A3 - How Can I Forget
A4 - Stand By Me
A5 - Don't Play That Song
B1 - One Morning In May
B2 - Come What May
B3 - Send Me Some Loving
B4 - Mek It Tan Deay
B5 - Gimme Back
B6 - River To The Bank


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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2003


Ijahman Levi has one of the sweetest voices and the most harmonising lyrics of the past few decades. He has sometimes been bypassed by many Roots music lover and often overlooked as a quality international artist. “On A Journey” features two live events, the first in England and the second recorded in France. There are also some one-on-one interviews with the man himself, in fact the film opens with Ijahman sitting on his mother’s grave in Jamaica singing “Jah Heavy Load”. You then get a quick tour of his then house before the music starts with the awesome “Africa”, need I say more.

There are many top moments from the film, including some of his biggest hits and as always excellent musicianship from Carl and the rest of the band.

One of my favourite bits is when we see Ijahman’s 11th child, his new born daughter and the comment is made “InI blessed that Ijahman still has the gift of life”. Having stage managed a UK tour with Ijahman, I understand his philosophy and the hard journey he has had. He is a gentle man that demands nothing except quality from his musicians and your time to listen to his story in musical rhyme.

It’s pretty hard to find this DVD in the shops or online but there are a few places offering it, I found it at BlakaMix Shop but cannot vouch for the service, as I was fortunate to get my copy from the man himself. However, if you get the chance it’s well worth it, some seriously thoughtful tunes and a small insight into the quality artist that is Ijahman Levi.

Respect as always..

Reviewed by Dean Marcel from http://www.ukreggaeguide.co.uk

Tracklist :
1. Africa
2. President Mandela
3. Burn Burn
4. Book Of Prophecy
5. Are we A Warrior
6. Knock Knock
7. Lets get Eclipse
8. I Want To be Free
9. Beauty & The lion
10. Bob & Friends Over There
11. Armegeddon Warrior
12. Jah Heavvy load
13. Moulding

Bonus tracks in Jamaica

1. jah Heavy Load
2. Mister CB
3. Buffalo People 
hd dvd rw

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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae Legendary
Sortie : 1976

Premier album du trio jamaicain The Abyssinians, Satta Massagana est un album culte, plein de bonnes vibrations et de croyances pures envers Jah.
Nous pouvons retrouver une superbe version de Declaration of Rights où les frères Manning et Bernard Collins nous enchantent de leux voix douces.
Certes, les 14 titres ont le même tempo,tous ceux qui ne captent pas les vibrations du roots reggae diront que tous les titres se ressemblent, ils oublieraient que le reggae est une musique spirituelle à souhait et qu'il faut savoir capturer ses vibes, et oui, chaque titre est différent!.C'est en effet toute la philosophie musicale du reggae que l'on retrouve dans cet album.
Un album que nous ne conseillerons pas aux non puristes reggae mais à tous ceux qui savent apprécier le reggae à sa juste valeur... tout comme nous..

Chroniqué par Pachouille pour http://www.dmute.net


Tracklist :
01. Declaration of Rights
02. The Good Lord
03. Forward Unto Zion
04. Know Jah Today
05. Abendigo
06. Y Mas Gan
07. Black Man's Strain N/A
08. Satta Massagana
09. I and I
10. African Race
11. Leggo Beast
12. Peculiar Number
13. Reason Time
14. There Is No End



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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae Roots
Sortie : 1975

Some argue that the reputation of this release rests on the fact that it was created by the first Jamaican artist other than Bob Marley to compose songs that were written specifically for an album. Before Marley, Jamaican artists didn't have "albums" as a rule. If a singer had enough popular singles they might be rereleased together on an entire record later, but albums were rarley made.

The difference with Burning Spear (Winston Rodney and his back-up singers, Rupert Willington and Delroy Hinds) was that the strength of his music was never with singles. A Burning Spear song by itself didn't mean as much until you put it in a group of Burning Spear songs. It was with albums that Spear would gain his popularity and here was his first big breakthrough. It was a huge success in Jamaica and afterwords, Spear was signed up with Island Records until he gradually reached international fame.

This album may not be for everyone. The music is jerky and old sounding. The tracks are short and often repetitive. But there's something ethereally timeless about this set. The music seems to transcend space and time to make us beleive that it's always been there. As if Winston Rodney brought it with him from his premortal existance to be shared with the world in our present day. Perhaps I was going through a transitional period in my life when I first heard it, but anything Rodney ever did afterword (even if it was just as good or better) would never feel like this. It is truly a unique masterpiece.

P.S. The accompanying band, "The Black Desciples" also deserves mention in helping Burning Spear accomplish this unequaled acheivement.

by Matthew Channon  permalink

Tracklist :
1. Marcus Garvey
2. Slavery Days
3. Invasion, The
4. Live Good
5. Give Me
6. Old Marcus Garvey
7. Tradition
8. Jordon River
9. Red, Gold, And Green
10. Resting Place


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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2010
Live : Summerjam 2010, Fühlinger See Köln, Germany. Rockpalast Konzertmitschnitt.


From Wikipedia :
Julian Ricardo Marley (né le 4 juin 1975 à Londres) est un musicien de reggae britannique. Il est le fils de Bob Marley et de Lucy Pounder. Il appartient au mouvement rastafari. Julian a passé son enfance entre l'Angleterre  et la Jamaïque. Formé à la musique dès son plus jeune âge, il est entre autres claviériste, batteur, bassiste et guitariste.

En 1989, il s'implique dans la création de la maison de production « Ghetto Youths Crew » en compagnie de ses frères Ziggy et Stephen.

En 1996, il réalise un album solo, Lion in the Morning, et entame une tournée internationale. En 1997, il participe avec son frère Damian au festival itinérant Lollapalooza à travers l'Amérique du Nord.

Son dernier album, Awake, est sorti en 2009.

Le 2 Juillet 2010, il participe au "genesstival", festival ayant lieu chaque année dans la commune de Génelard, en Saone et Loire.

Le 13 Juillet 2010, il participe au Festi-Roc, un concert qui regroupe plusieurs artistes dans la commune de Saint Aubin des Chateaux en Loire-Atlantique.

Le 17 juillet 2010, il est en concert à Manosque (04) pour les 25 ans des "Musiks à Manosque".

Il vit depuis de nombreuses années à Londres avec sa femme Edwina Dasilva, avec qui il a 3 enfants: Jacob (13 ans), Havana (12 ans) et Trinity (6 ans)

hd dvd rw

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Nizetch Hifi : Season II - Episode I Boom Season II Start
Lien pour Télécharger

   1. Jah Jah Voice Is Calling - Peter Broggs - Jah Warrior CD
   2. Jah Jah Voice Dub - Jah Warrior - BSI Records CD
   3. More Warrior - I'n'I Oneness - UK Roots Reggae Recordings LP
   4. More Dub - UK Players - UK Roots Reggae Recordings LP
   5. Separation - Naptali - Black Legacy 12"
   6. Dub Separation - Naptali - Black Legacy 12"
   7. Patience - Afrikan Simba - Jah Warrior CD
   8. Patient Dub - Jah Warrior - Jah Warrior CD
   9. Jah Equity - Tena Stelin - Mr Modo 12"
  10. Iration Time - Sound Iration - Mr Modo 12"
  11. Hand Made Dub - Splitz Horns vs Dr.Vax - Scoops 7"
  12. Hand Made Version - Splitz Horns vs Dr.Vax - Scoops 7"
  13. Some Of The Youths - Parvez - Scoops 10"
  14. Some Of The Dub - Vibronics - Scoops 10"
  15. Bless Up - Winston Mac Anuff - Sip A Cup 10"
  16. Black Apostle Dub - Gussie P All Roots - Sip A Cup 10"
  17. Jah Children Cry - African Princess - Jah Shaka 12"
  18. Jah Children Dub - Jah Shaka - Jah Shaka 12"
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Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae
Sortie : 2008

Après les rafraîchissants, "A Drop" réalisé par Bazbaz et "Paris Rockin" avec le groupe Java, Winston McAnuff resurgit, plus fougueux que jamais, avec un album 100% roots, "Nostradamus". C’est le brillant Clive Hunt, metteur en son notoire, qui tient les manettes, signant une production aux partis pris tranchés, sans concession, solide et dépouillée. Ce qui séduira les amateurs mais pourrait dérouter un public plus large, c’est d’entendre la voix de McAnuff se détacher si nettement de l’instrumental. D’autant que le débit vocal est saccadé et l’articulation perfectible. L’ensemble, néanmoins, forme un tableau original et réjouissant. L’atmosphère sombre et éthérée de Mix Up Mood, où un mélodica égaille une rythmique sèche comme l’acier, est taillée sur mesure pour notre lion rugissant. Un morceau qui restera la grande réussite de ce disque et figure parmi les meilleurs titres de McAnuff.

Clive Hunt ne cherche pas à gommer les petits défauts du chanteur. Après tout qu’importe, le reggae a déjà tant de grands vocalistes. Il sait que l’émotion repose sur la réalité, ici celle d’un artiste inspiré à la voix disons… rock ! Mise à nue, sa clairvoyance touche. Ainsi le prophétique Nostradamus, qui donne son nom à l’album, fait on ne peut mieux écho à la crise mondiale. Les chansons sont bonnes et efficaces, du naïf Sunday Morning à l’incisif Set Us Free qui clôt un opus homogène. Malicieux, "Nostradamus" revisite les codes du reggae roots sans les plagier. Clive Hunt nous guide dans l’univers d’Electric Dread et donne à entendre l’essentiel : des bonnes chansons.

Chronique écrite par Nicolas Pradat   pour http://www.reggaefrance.com


Tracklist :   
01. Mix up moods
02. Nostradamus
03. Slave driver
04. Vain imagining
05. Takin it all
06. Love is the song I sing
07. Sunday morning
08. The bait
09. Pick up
10. The pack
11. Set us free




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