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Origine du Groupe : Sweden
Style : Nu-Jazz
Sortie : 2009

From http://shop.monocle.com

Hailing from Stockholm, this eight-piece Swedish group are one of the most promising young jazz collectives in Scandinavia. Originally formed as a sextet by trombonist and band-leader Peter Fredriksson, later additions included Sofie Norling's soaring vocals, creating a unique and uplifting sound that exemplifies the best of the Nordic jazz tradition.

Tracklist :
01 Looking East 05:38
02 Chapter One 04:53
03 Swell 05:40
04 The Search 04:15
05 New Friends 05:16
06 Green Eyes 05:37
07 Stockholm 04:57
08 The Aggressive 05:05
09 Sun 04:32
10 Helsinki 05:23
11 Fly Me To The Moon 06:43
12 The Runner 04:30
13 Quiet Nights 05:48

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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Nu-Soul , Nu-Jazz
Sortie : 2010

Par Sandrine pour http://www.leszindeructibles.com

TOK TOK TOK, c’est avant tout un duo black and white, formé par Tokunbo Akinro, chanteuse d’origine nigériane et Morten Klein, saxophoniste danois.
Ayant fait leurs classes musicales ensemble au Conservatoire d’Hanovre et à l’issue de différentes collaborations musicales, ils décident de former ce groupe en 1998,  auquel s’adjoignent d’autres musiciens au fil des projets .

Leur riche discographie – plus de 10 albums à leur actif –  alterne entre compositions originales et reprises de Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Lou Reed ou plus récemment Norah Jones, James Brown et Herbie Hancock.

C’est avec l’album « Revolution 69 » entièrement consacré aux Beatles que l’on applaudira Tok Tok Tok, sur la scène parisienne du Réservoir à l’occasion d’un concert privé France Bleu, le 20 septembre prochain.
En attendant, vous pouvez déjà vous procurer le Cd.

On y retrouve « Come Together », dynamique et entraînant, parcemé de solos au saxophone et soutenu par une  basse très funk, et« We can work it out », le tambour de basque en moins.
Blackbird » est quant à lui très étiré, la voix ayant pour seul soutien rythmique, contrebasse en pizz et batterie, avant l’arrivée de solos de saxophone.Même procédé pour  « She’s leaving home », où harpe et autres instruments à cordes ont disparu pour laisser place à une rythmique entêtante mais discrète, et des interventions parlées de Morten.
Dans un « Taxman » de velours, saxo et fender se substituent aux guitares électriques alors que « Get back » flirte avec des influences reggae, de part le choix des sonorités et de la rythmique.« Dear Prudence » et « Revolution 1 » sont quant à eux, littéralement cristallins et vaporeux.Changement total de registre, avec « Lady Madonna » à l’origine très enlevé et que l’on redécouvre dans une version on ne peut plus sensuelle.
Enfin, Intro a cappella de rigueur, pour  une version plus langoureuse de « Help ».
En bonus, une reprise de « Workin’ Day and Night «   laisserait elle présager d’un futur album consacré au roi de la pop ? A suivre…



Tracklist :
1 Come together
2 We can work it out
3 Blackbird
4 Taxman
5 Get back
6 Dear prudence
7 Il will
8 Lady Madonna
9 Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite!
10 She’s leaving home
11 Help!
12 Run for your life
13 Why don’t we do it the road?
14 Revolution 1
15 I’ll follow the sun
16 Workin’ day and night




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Origine du Groupe : Finland
Style : Nu-Jazz , Jazz , Post Bop , Garage Jazz , Instrumental
Sortie : 2007

The Stance Brothers is a new project by Teppo "Teddy Rok" Mäkynen, producer, drummer and live band leader of the globe-trotting Five Corners Quintet. The visionary behind the late Teddy Rok Seven and producer of such Finnish jazz luminaries as Jukka Eskola and Timo Lassy , Mäkynen and his new Stance Brothers project is a rhythmic force to be reckoned with.

The Stance Brothers represent raw garage jazz in its purest form. Who are these mysterious Stance Brothers? Vibesman Isiah Stance, his bassist brother Dwayne and the phenomenal drummer Byron Breaks are naturally responsible for the music we hear on the record, but still it seems that they are rather the embodiments of all the lost cult funk legends. The core of The Stance Brothers' sound stems from countless of hours spent jamming at their dusty garage. The trio's unfaltering will to excel in playing funk-influenced garage jazz comes second only to their passion for shooting hoops at the nearby basketball court.

by http://www.indiejazz.com

Tracklist :   
1. Steve McQueen  [3:19]
2. Prayer [3:49]
3. Roll Call [3:53]
4. Dynamite [3:30]
5. Bright Moments [2:20]
6. Capricorn [4:30]
7. Garage Days [3:17]
8. Jay's Lament [4:16]
9. Upside the Head [3:50]
10. Coll Hand/Turmoil [3:17]
11. Mean Spirit [2:50]
12. Blow Back [2:27]
13. She May Be Moody [4:04]


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Origine du Groupe : Deutshland
Style : Nu-Jazz , Electro Jazz , Lounge , Alternative
Sortie : 2010

From Official Myspce :
A short keyboard motif – its sound seems to emanate from a music box. It is joined by a bouncy, increasingly climactic groove with a jazzy-percussive trumpet on top creating an effervescent, pulsing atmosphere. “Boutique Korkut” – we are in the middle of the vibrant Belgian quarter in Cologne. Once again twilight falls, the sun sets and the night begins to the musical soundtrack of the Nighthawks.

The Nighthawks project, launched at the end of the 1990s, is the brainchild of trumpet player Reiner Winterschladen and multi-instrumentalist and producer Dal Martino. Since their first album “Citizen Wayne” (1998), the duo has been known for its profound and stylish jazzy lounge music. However, stirring up associations and images, the Nighthawks’ music goes much deeper than that. “I think it’s great and very important that the listener has visual associations while hearing the music”, says Dal Martino. “Our project started with film music. For me, it is still important that each track has a little script. We aim to trigger images which in turn release certain emotions.”

On their new album “Today”, which is their fifth studio album to date, the Nighthawks have embarked on an unusual and extraordinarily exciting world tour of a different kind. It is not really what one would have expected of them. At the start, they only had one aim in mind: “Back to the roots”, summarises Dal Martino. “In the sense that we let our ideas run wild and developed melodies and groove fragments without asking ourselves whether these sound fragments fitted together. The final structure of the album crystallised much later.” Their unceasing curiosity to explore new musical horizons has once again led the Nighthawks halfway around the world – especially to eastern regions.

Musicians certainly depend on ideas, suitable ideas. Ideas is something the Nighthawks have never been short of. However, at the start they did not know where these original ideas would eventually lead them. They were happier not knowing, aware of the restraining effect that too much rational analysis would have on their curiosity and instincts. Instead, the Nighthawks placed their trust both in themselves and their ideas. This time, their travels led them into the thicket of the Romanian forests, the glamorous Brazilian Trancoso, to the picturesque “Rialto Hotel” in Warsaw and to the almost deserted steppes of Iran. “I have been travelling around a lot these last few years, I was in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldavia,” says Martino. “Of course that affected our music, especially as I met fantastic singers such as Anna Maria Jopek from Poland or Emilia Istvan, a Roma icon, whose qualities have given the new album a unique character.”

Things cannot always be planned when you work on an album. Emilia Istvan is a case in point. “In Timisoara, I heard ‘Ederlezi’, a traditional Roma song which impressed me a lot. It’s a wonder that the song finally made it on to the album as Emilia is constantly on the move around the entire Balkan area. By lucky coincidence, I managed to record her voice in a hotel room in Bucharest. When the piece was completed I realised that it effectively represented the starting point of our journey which eventually led to ‘Male Tesknoty’ featuring the fantastic Anna Maria Jopek and Sting’s guitarist Dominic Miller.”

Both ‘Ederlezi’ and ‘Male Tesknoty’, a Polish hit from the 80s, demonstrate Dal Martino’s and Reiner Winterschladen’s unique ability to reshape a musically rather absurd original into a typical Nighthawks soundscape. The epic ‘Dust’, the last track on the CD with its somewhat Arabic melodic motif, is evidence of their universal pretensions. On top of this, their music is becoming increasingly compact. Not one note is out of place, not one sample is used just for the sake of it. The Nighthawks are resounding proof of the premise that less is better.

In many cases, their music works like a soundtrack to an imaginary film. The new album ‘Today’ is no exception. One should just listen to the bouncy grooving and mysterious ‘The Consul Is Driving’ which would make a brilliant soundtrack for a psycho thriller. The slightly wistful ‘To The Bar And Back’ would also perfectly complement the film noir genre. “Even after the recording process has started, an album such as this always requires numerous decisions to be taken. I could name each album ’One Million Decisions’. However, in the end I believe that only things that really strike a nerve with us pass through the filter of my spirit.”

The new Nighthawks CD, which has been called ‘’Today’’ for good reason, demonstrates what Dal Martino and Reiner Winterschladen are getting excited about in the here and now. It is a musical journey of discovery: soul, jazz, pop, reggae, Latin American and Arabic influences, melodies from Poland and the Balkan region – driven by their passion for experiment, the Nighthawks are not concerned with borders. Aside from their undoubtedly top class musicianship, it is their curiosity and their love of the unusual that makes ‘’Today’’ so exciting and entertaining.

Tracklist :   
1. Boutique Korkut 5:57
2. To The Bar And Back 4:50
3. Male Tesknoty 4:27
4. Rialto Hotel 5:23
5. The Consul Is Driving 6:07
6. Frankfurt-Trancoso 6:54
7. The Younger We Were 4:15
8. Slave To the Moon 5:54
9. Ederlezi 5:24
10. Dust 6:15

Dal Martino (bass, guitar, vocals)
Reiner Winterschladen (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jürgen Dahmen (Rhodes, percussion)
Markus Wienstroer (guitar)
Xaver Fischer (keyboards)
Thomas Alkier (drums, percussion)

Guest musicians:
Anna Maria Jopek (voc)
Emilia Istvan (voc)
Dominic Miller (git)
Zdzislav Marcinkiewicz (keys)
Zwanie Jonson (drums)



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Origine du Groupe : Italia
Style : Nu-Jazz , Lounge
Sortie : 2009

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From Official Site :
Smoma are three very talented italian musicians who got together in 2000 to perform. Tobia plays the keyboards and is the arranger, Andrea plays the trumbet and Simona is the lead singer with a powerful voice. They porfermed live formore than 100 days a year amd are one of the most important band in the live italian band. They perform in the trendiest italian club. They play hits arranged in chillout, lounge and soft dance style. Smoma is a fantastic Live-Trio

Tracklist :
01. The Sweetest Taboo "2009 Version"
02. On The Other Side Of The Horizon
03. De Mi VIda
04. Waiting In Vain
05. Secret
06. The Flight
07. The Devil Is Loose
08. All I Have
09. Love So Good Inside
10. All Alone
11. I Want Your Sex
12. All Around The World
13. Just You And Me
14. Give Me The Night "2009 Version"



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Origine du Groupe : Swiss
Style : New Jazz , Jazz-Rock
Sortie : 2010

"Pimp my Jazz! Science Fiction Theater a été dans les années 50, une série télévisée américaine, - la pseudo-science-recherche - principalement des vols spatiaux, la télépathie, robots et autres avait au contenu. Avec la même qualité acoustique attention à la naissance de l'auditeur se retrouve, après quelques mesures dans les années 60, un voyage à Alli Star Mclain, Perry Rhodan et le capitaine Kirk: 0rion seul dans le premier match, "Sweet Paranoia" se précipiter dans parsecs musicale, Enterprise, et tout ce que l'éternel immensité de l'univers peuplé après la 0HR. Entre bon marché et rapide, le quintette a présenté à la tombe Zurich Saxophone Professeur Christoph un monde où les décors sont plus des scènes, des animaux à fourrure de créatures Alpha Centauri fourrure encore d'Alpha du Centaure, et le plastique ou comme le plastique Klingl Easy Listening et Frickeljazz, Lounge Sounds, Surf & Trash, SF kitsch sonores musicales et cinématographiques, parsemé de passages de 0riginal, Chewbacca se bouscule d'attaquer les tomates tueuses - ça se passe dans un jazz-musique Tous ".
Henry Altmann Jazzthetik,, 9 / 2010  permalink

Tracklist :
1. Sweet Paranoia (5:43)
2. Die Kreatur (6:39)
3. I Spy (4:02)
4. Esmeralda (6:44)
5. Dirdy Birdy (6:34)
6. Brainwash (3:23)
7. Killertomaten (6:21)
8. Sweet Paranoia (5:13)



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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Acid Jazz , Nu-Soul , Nu-Jazz
Sortie : 1992

NEW !!! Desktopify this player music HERE

Loved and respected throughout the industry, Incognito are a long-running institution, headed up by guitarist/keyboardist Jean Paul 'Bluey' Maunick. Released at the height of the Talkin' Loud label's powers, this was the second release from Incognito's second incarnation. It fully marked their transition from the very 80s jazz funk to the very 90s acid jazz.

For those with longer memories, Incognito were the sophisticated group who emerged when Light Of The World splintered in the early 80s. After a decade resting, but with Maunick writing with a revived Incognito in mind, they were signed by DJ Gilles Peterson to his Talkin' Loud imprint in the early 90s.

Tribes Vibes and Scribes built on the success of 1991's Inside Life, which featured Jocelyn Brown's gargantuan reading of Ronnie Laws' classic Almost There. With American vocalist Maysa Leak now at the helm, the album is full of hook-laden, assured soul.

The lead single, a cover of Stevie Wonder's Don't You Worry About A Thing was a bold statement, squaring up to the master's Innervisions tour de force with aplomb. It earned them a UK Top 20 placing.

Tribes Vibes and Scribes is accomplished in both its playing and positive message. The dancefloor storm of opener Colibri its with scat vocals and soloing, never strays too far into indulgence; there is also the urban, orchestrated soul of Change. The jazz feel of tracks like L'Arc En Ciel De Miles saw the group's popularity in the US grow, becoming something of a staple on the burgeoning 'quiet storm' radio strand.

Tribes Vibes and Scribes is infused with is a tremendous enthusiasm and exuberance. It is this remarkable spirit that has kept the group so popular for so long and this record sounding like it was recorded only yesterday.

by  Daryl Easlea


Tracklist :
1. Colibri
2. Change
3. River In My Dreams
4. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
5. Magnetic Ocean
6. I Love What You Do For Me
7. Closer To The Feeling
8. L'Arc En Ciel De Miles
9. Need To Know
10. Pyramids
11. Tribal Vibes


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Origine du Groupe : Nederland
Style : New Jazz
Sortie : 2009

Meest opvallende aan het nieuwste project van Yuri Honing is de wijze van opname. Producent Floris Klinkert pikte voor hem inspirerende elementen uit het oeuvre van de saxofonist waarover nieuwe solo’s over werden geblazen. Na wederom wat geknip en geplak ging Floris aan de slag met Nederlandse zangers, creëerde een nieuwe basis en het was vervolgens aan Honing om voor de laatste keer saxpartijen aan toe te voegen. Resultaat is een gevarieerde frisse plaat met enkele tracks die zomaar uitgebracht kunnen worden op single.

De pop ontstaat niet alleen door de vocale inbreng van onder andere Janne Schra (Room Eleven), Sarah Bettens (K’s Choice) en Lilian Vieira (Zuco 103). Ook de sfeer, eenvoudige patronen en voornamelijk de glasheldere productie maken het album bijzonder strak. Met een randje gelukkig. Vuige beats in onder andere ‘Wasted’ (Bettens) en ‘Remember’ (Vieira) komen heerlijk tot uitdrukking. Fijne liedjes met een hoog D.O.X. Records gehalte zoals ‘Headringer’s Ball’ (Leine) zijn vrolijk en ongecompliceerd.

Honing zelf blijft opvallend op de achtergrond. Een wat kitchy solo’tje of intermezzo hier en daar; soms een dienende rol bij vocalen. Helemaal geen gek gevolg als je kijkt naar het proces van opnames. ‘Phase Five’ is een resultaat van eerdere praktijken van de actieve saxofonist. Waaruit kan worden geconcludeerd dat het idioom en de ideëen van Honing bijzonder redbaar zijn.

by jazzenzo.nl

Tracklist :
1. Fingers Crossed
2. Swallow
3. Wasted
4. Interlude 1
5. Headringer's Ball
6. Spin and Return
7. The Girl
8. Stay
9. Early Riser
10. Interlude 2
11. Remember
12. Y.U.R.I.FLO.R.IS



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Note :





This is a lovely album. While it does little to escape the trademark Scando-new-jazz sound (a sophisticated, minimal austerity), it's all the better for it. A Norwegian duet between vocalist Sidsel Endresen and keyboard player Bugge Wesseltoft, it's a quiet, graceful set, varying from traditional folky songform to abstract avant-jazz.

During Endresen's earlier tenure at ECM, I saw her perform with the arch English eccentric Django Bates (plus group). That collaboration worked, and so does this one, the third between Wesseltoft and Endresen(on Wesselftoft's label, Jazzland).

I must admit, I've been previously unimpressed with Bugge Wesseltoft, and particularly his bleedin' "new conception of jazz" (unlike others). Here though, he's the perfect foil for Endresen, conjuring subtle, evocative settings for her spare vocals, playing with real grace throughout. He's witty and sophisticated when supporting the nod to cocktail-bossa on the attractive "Survival Techniques 3"; abstract and funky on "Heartbeat" (no, not that one); intelligently explorative on "Hav"; and simply, humbly supportive on a ravishly stark version of Neil Young's "Birds".

The centrepiece "Names, Numbers" is wonderfully sinister, thanks to Wesseltoft's freaky distorted stylings, his basslines stalking rather than walking. It sounds almost like a mid-sixties Raymond Scott piece, until Endresen punctures the mood with her aloof poetry. Lyrically, abstract, minimalist dashes of single words and short phrases are the order of the day, perfectly suited to her clear Scandinavian intonation.

Introspective female singer-songwriters of a certain ilk are usually, lazily, matched up against Joni Mitchell. But there's no mistaking Endresen's similarity to Mitchell on occasion - the similarly fragile yet firm, slightly croaky voice; similarly progressive settings based around jazz and world music.However, Meredith Monk also comes to mind - particularly in the extraordinary post-speech tape-cutups of "Survival Techniques 1+2" and layered vocals of "Voices". Likewise, others who've matched the song with jazz and experimentation (the likes of Robert Wyatt and Annette Peacock, say - even Laurie Anderson).

Enough comparison - Endresen has her own recognisable musical voice, building an increasingly impressive body of work. "Out Here, In There" is a starker piece than the previous (excellent) Undertow for Jazzland, but still surprisingly varied given the lack of personnel, this constraint only serving to stimulate creativity. Recommended.

by Dan Hill

Origine du Groupe : Norvegia
Style : Electro Jazz , Ambient , New Jazz , Vocal ,Experimental
Sortie : 2002

Tracklist ;
1. Truth
2. Out here. In there 
3.  Survival Techniques 1+2
4. Survival Techniques 3 
5. Names, numbers
6. Hav 7. Birds
8. Voices
9. Heartbeat
10. Ido
11. Try

Bugge Wesseltoft: all keys, percussion, programming.
Sidsel Endresen: all vocals



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Note :



Second full-length album from the Naruyoshi Kikuchi Dub Sextet features more hard bop mixed with dub tracks based around Miles Davis tracks, new funky uppers like the new track "Monkey Mush Down," the hip-hop/break-beat style track "Dismissing Lounge Frm The Limbo," and more Mastered in New York.



Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : New Jazz , Electro Jazz
Sortie : 2008

Tracklist :

1. (I’ve lost my) Taylor Burton
2. Koh-I-Nur
3. Orbits
4. Despute
5. Ascent
6. Monkey Mush Down
7. Dismissing Lounge From The Limbo




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