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4 août 2013 7 04 /08 /août /2013 06:00



Country : France
Genre : Abstract Jazz , World Jazz
Style : Experimental , Jazz Psychedelic , Indica

Label : All City Records
Year : 2013






12 track spiritual, deep jazz LP from Parisian producer Onra and friend – fellow producer, composer and arranger – Buddy Sativa. Combining as the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo this LP may be a surprise to followers of Onra, while Buddy Sativa will be known to some via his own 2011 jazz leaning LP “Deus Ex Machina” on Favorite Records. There they collaborated on their first jazz track -”Indica”. Pleased with the results they carried on, keeping it simple and adhering to straightforward play-more-jazz stylings they have crafted this LP over sessions sandwiched between their assorted commitments over the last two years. Opening the LP “Universe is Love”, a shout to Lonnie Liston Smith, is the first track they created under the new no-rules-spontaneity rules. The rest of the LP was created in a similar vein – a drum pattern for tempo or a bassline for tone and layering instrumentation repeatedly on top. Mistakes allowed and encouraged!

Spoken word from Brooklyn poet Aja Monet on “The Time is Now”, otherwise its an instrumental trip.So Yatha Bhuta – as it really is, insight, a mix of experience and spontaneity, a LP not created for release, more a liberating, therapeutic break from their other oft constraining aliases. Jazz because they like it and not for the sake of it, a chance meeting with the late Mati Klarweins son at an exhibition in Dublin, led to the icing on the cake as the record is beautifully housed by the artists “Conceptual Tree” painting.



Tracklist :

4. 360°
10. COS (X)


Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo - Untitled from 100to on Vimeo.

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12 janvier 2013 6 12 /01 /janvier /2013 12:00


Country : Japan
Style : Jazz World , Compilation



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Source :http://barabarasounds

Another compilation, but this time highlighting the wealth of homegrown jazz talent that has emerged at this end of the planet. Despite the subtitle, few of the 15 tracks here are actually "lost" — and weren't even in 1999 when this album came out. In fact a number of them were/became club standards, not least Teruo Nakamura's TBM classic Umma Be Me (which is of course by Hubert Eaves, was recorded in NYC and features all US jazzmen apart from Nakamura himself, which hardly makes it "from the land of the rising sun"

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8 octobre 2012 1 08 /10 /octobre /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : Italia
Style : Folk , Jazz World
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.oldeuropacafe.com
Somewhere between the melodic folk-inflected charm of Italian 60’s songwriters and the cabaret swoon of French chansonniers, Roma Amor’s new album is instinctively romantic and sophisticated. This album will seduce you with its summer-evening mellowness before breaking your heart with its beautifully sensual croon.
Wonderful ballads and torch songs about love inspired by the epic, fatalistic rugged grandeur of Aznavour, Brel, Piaf, and 60’s Italian songwriters, though in a much quieter and more delicate setting.
The album is sung in Italian with some French touches and the songs are from Roma Amor’s own harvest.
The result isn't experimental or innovative, but an acoustic and intimate album for fans of well-crafted singer-songwriting.

Tracklist :
1. Occhi Neri
2. Mon Amour
3. Le Coeur Au Chaud
4. A Te Che Mi Vinci
5. Disertore
6. Euforia
7. La Concièrge
8. Mélancolie
9. Elle Est Seule
10. Sensualità
11. Fuoco Sottile
12. Madrigale


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9 juin 2012 6 09 /06 /juin /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : Cuba
Style : Jazz World , Piano
Sortie : 2012

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Par Paco pour http://delaluneonentendtout.blogspot.fr

Avec une petite dizaine d'albums à son actif, et des collaborations prestigieuses (Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo, ou encore Orlando Cachaito López), Roberto Fonseca fait figure d'incontournable de la musique cubaine actuelle. Sur son nouvel album « Yo », le pianiste de La Havane évolue toujours sur une base cubaine tout en s'envolant très souvent vers l'Afrique, en compagnie de Baba Sissoko au n'goni, Sekou Kouyate à la kora, ou la chanteuse Fatoumata Diawara. Ils sont d'ailleurs réunis sur la merveilleuse communion africo-cubaine « Bibisa ». On retrouve aussi le chanteur Assane Mboup, de l'Orchestra Baobab, sur « Quien Soy yo », et plus surprenant, Faudel « le petit prince du raï », qui pose ses mélismes sur le très free « Chabani ». Mais Fonseca peut aussi prendre un virage rock avec une kora quasi Sanatanesque sur « JMF », ou cinématique avec un orgue Hammond très 70's sur « Rachel ». On n'oubliera pas « Mi Negra Ave Maria », composé avec sa maman Mercedes Cortés, illuminé par le spoken word de Mike Ladd. Un album de grande classe, d'une fluidité remarquable pour notre plus grand plaisir !

Tracklist :
01. Roberto Fonseca - 80's (6:24)
02. Roberto Fonseca - Bibisa (4:33)
03. Roberto Fonseca - Mi Negra Ave Maria (5:21)
04. Roberto Fonseca - 7 Rayos (5:29)
05. Roberto Fonseca - El Sonadoresta Cansado (5:05)
06. Roberto Fonseca - Chabani (5:11)
07. Roberto Fonseca - Gnawa Stop (5:17)
08. Roberto Fonseca - El Mayor (1:22)
09. Roberto Fonseca - JMF (4:49)
10. Roberto Fonseca - Asi Es La Vida (4:31)
11. Roberto Fonseca - Quien Soy Yo (3:42)
12. Roberto Fonseca - Rachel (3:37)
13. Roberto Fonseca - Bibisa (Remix) (4:08)
14. Roberto Fonseca - 80's (Remix) (3:56)


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6 juin 2012 3 06 /06 /juin /2012 12:00





Origine du Groupe : France , Sardinia , Tunisia
Style : Alternative Fusion World Music , Jazz World
Sortie : 2006

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From http://www.allaboutjazz.com

Where does jazz stop and world music start? The boundaries are getting more blurred by the minute. We’re all postmodernists now, and many musicians under fifty reflect a range of influences beyond those traditionally associated with their own core style. Some, like French-Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le, are so polyglot as to be practically beyond category.

Le started out down the cultural miscenegation road with his first band, the multi-ethnic Ultramarine, whose 1989 album, De, was named World Music Album of the Year by the radical French newspaper Liberation. He’s continued to mix it up ever since—prominent genre-benders he’s worked with include Miroslav Vitous, Trilok Gurtu, David Liebman, Paul McCandless, Peter Erskine and Mino Cinelu. In the late 1990s Le became increasingly interested in Maghrebi music, working with Algerian singers Safy Boutella and Cheb Mami, and in 1998 he brought Maghrebi and Vietnamese musicians together on the album Maghrebi & Friends.

None of this, however, can prepare you for the galaxy of sound sources on Homescape, a series of alternating duets with Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu and Tunisian oud player Dhafer Youssef. Some of these sources are developed and explored, others are referred to only in passing, and they include—but aren’t limited to—post-Hendrix rock, Milesian harmon-mute free improv, Maghrebi trance music, Ellingtonia, ambient, a Papua New Guinea vocal choir (sampled and replayed backwards), Delta blues, Vietnamese folk tunes, flamenco, Iranian modes, a Sardinian choir, Australian aboriginal ritual music, French chanson, Gregorian chant, and Indonesian gamelan/gong music.

Guitars, trumpet/flugelhorn and oud aside, the music is generated by loops, samples and overdubs, and the entire heavily post-produced album was recorded and mixed in Le’s Paris apartment – since 2003, his friends and neighbours Fresu and Youssef have been dropping by to home-record. The duets with Fresu are typically in free-improv mode (the exception being Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn’s lovely “Chelsea Bridge”), while the Youssef duets tend to be song or structure-based.

In the main sunny and joyful, though not without some darker and more abrasive moments, the fifteen tracks—average length three minutes, a handful six or seven—resemble a series of round-the-world postcards sent by Le, who mixed and post-produced everything solo, to his collaborators. As a soundtrack to an evening communing with the big bamboo, the exotic and the very exotic drifting in and out of the mix, it’s rich, colourful and beguiling.

Tracklist :
1 -  Stranieri (Paolo Fresu / Nguyên Lê) (06:00)
2 -  Byzance (Dhafer Youssef / Nguyên Lê) (04:25)
3 -  Muqqam (Dhafer Youssef) (02:44)
4 -  Mali Iwa (Nguyên Lê) (06:27)
5 -  Zafaran (Dhafer Youssef / Nguyen Le) (06:02)
6 -  Domus de Janas (Paolo Fresu / Nguyên Lê) (02:18)
7 – Kithara (Dhafer Youssef) (02:18)
8 -  Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn) (03:00)
9 -  Safina (Dhafer Youssef / Nguyên Lê) (03:27)
10 -  Des Pres (Paolo Fresu / Nguyên Lê) (02:19)
11 -  Thang Long (Nguyên Lê) (05:33)
12 -  Neon (Paolo Fresu / Nguyên Lê) (03:12)
13 -  Mangustao (Dominique Borker) (07:26)
14 -  Lacrima Christi (Paolo Fresu / Nguyên Lê) (03:14)
15 -  Beyti (Dhafer Youssef / Nguyên Lê) (02:53)


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26 mai 2012 6 26 /05 /mai /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : India , U.K
Style : Jazz World , World Music
Sortie : 2001

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From https://en.wikipedia.org

Remember Shakti is a quintet which combines elements of traditional Indian music with elements of jazz. The band consists of English guitarist John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain (tabla), U. Srinivas (mandolin), Shankar Mahadevan (vocals), and V. Selvaganesh (kanjira, ghatam, mridangam), who are all of Indian descent. The band's name is derived from John Mclaughlin's acoustic Indian fusion band Shakti which was active in the 1970s. This band consisted of John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, L. Shankar, T.H. "Vikku" Vinayakram, and R. Raghavan. The word Shakti translates in Sanskrit to "female creative power" or "goddess."

Tracklist :
1. Luki
2. Shringar
3. Giriraj Sudha
4. Bell'Alla


Remember Shakti - Saturday Night In Bombay (1) par djelssadz

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22 mai 2012 2 22 /05 /mai /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Jazz
Sortie : 2011

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By Tim  from http://jazzandblues.blogspot.fr

When I was in college I had to take one humanities class to fulfill a requirement for graduation. I took a class on the visionary poet and engraver William Blake. I found it fascinating, although I admit that some of his more complex later works were a bit beyond me. Blake's work has had an effect on composer John Zorn as well, and he put together this suite performed by John Medeski on piano and organ, Kenny Wollesen on vibes, Trevor Dunn on bass and Joey Baron on drums. The music takes on a mystical and hypnotic feel, perfect for someone like Blake who claimed to see visions throughout his life. The most evocative pieces on the album for me were "A Dream of Nine Nights" and "Dance of Albion." The first opens with delicate piano, developing a spritely air with vibes probing and the whole improvisation anchored by strong loping and elastic bass and deeply rippling piano. The latter has a feel akin to Zorn's The Dreamers project with Medeski developing a repetitive piano riff, working dexterously, before cycling into a strong and ominous section, like dark clouds gathering on the horizon. "Liber XV" is evocative as well, with Medeski shifting to organ, and Wollesen playing dampened sounding vibes. Rattling drumwork adds to the eerie feel of the music. This music sheds light on Zorn as a composer, and it is interesting how he takes inspiration from different and diverse sources and communicates them to his fellow musicians.

Tracklist :
1 Eternals
2 Song of Innocence
3 Dream of Nine Nights
4 Light Forms
5 Aeons
6 Liber XV
7 Dance of Albion
8 Song of Experience


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27 décembre 2011 2 27 /12 /décembre /2011 14:00



Origine du Groupe : Poland
Style : Acid Jazz , Jazz , Electro Jazz , Alternative
Sortie : 2008

From Official Site :

Mikromusic is one of the most interesting groups to recently emerge on the Polish music scene. ey create an earthy fusion of acid-jazz and indie-pop delivered through the bright, angelic vocals of Natalia Grosiak.
Mixed together with subtle hints of trip-hop and Jazz, this mélange of styles has forged a truly distinctive sound which puts the group in a league of their own. e enigmatic voice of Natalia Grosiak together with the incredibly talented mikromusicians has allowed the group to gain wider recognition year after year.
Mikromusic have released three albums to date. eir debut album 'Mikromusic' featured guest appearances including, Leszek Mozdzer, the world-renowned Jazz pianist.

In late 2008, the much awaited second album 'Sennik' was released. e title, which means 'dream' re    ects the repetition of words woven into the theme of sleeping. e music draws on eclectic sources, including Jazz, Trip-hop, Funk, Bossa Nova and even Folk Music. is is blended with the poetic, womanly lyrics
of Natalia Grosiak.

Tracklist :
1 Słonecznik
2 Sennik
3 Zasypiam
4 Bo Mi
5 W Źrenicach
6 Cisza Przed Burzą
7 Burzowa
8 Pociąg Do Domu
9 Nie Będę
10 Kardamon I Pieprz
11 Świat Oddala Się Od Ciebie
12 Kołysanka Karolinki
13 Thank God I'm A Woman (Bonus)





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4 décembre 2011 7 04 /12 /décembre /2011 13:00





Origine du Groupe : Austria , Australia , North America
Style : Jazz World , Jazz Guitar , Folk , Instrumental
Sortie : 2008

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From http://www.cduniverse.com

Internationally acclaimed guitar masters Wolfgang Muthspiel, Slava Grigoryan and Ralph Towner working under the moniker of MGT release their debut album, 'From a Dream'. Grigoryan's virtuosity has earned him a cult following in Australia and Muthspiel's reputation stretches well beyond the borders of his homeland, Austria. The American-born Towner is a celebrated acoustic guitarist who is known as a truly inspirational innovator on the modern musical landscape. He has made many notable recordings of jazz, classical music, folk music and world music over the several decades

Tracklist :
01 - Tammuriata
02 - In Stride
03 - Beneath an Evening Sky
04 - Nardis
05 - From a Dream
06 - Eos
07 - Chez Ta-Dah
08 - Icarus
09 - Bird's Eye View
10 - Hand in Hand



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21 septembre 2011 3 21 /09 /septembre /2011 14:00




Origine du Groupe : Switherland
Style : World Jazz , Experimental
Sortie : 2010

Par Guillaume Lagrée pour http://lejarsjasejazz.over-blog.com

Le Jazz est né d'une migration vers l'Ouest, de l'Afrique et de l'Europe vers l'Amérique. Le voici qui revient vers l'Est de l'Europe avec cet album albano-helvète. Une chanteuse d'origine albanaise vivant en Suisse accompagnée d'un trio de Jazzmen helvétiques, tel est le casting surprenant de cet album.

Un seul point commun réunit l'Albanie et la Suisse: les montagnes. Et pourtant ça marche. Personne ne renonce à son identité. Tout se mélange pour former une nouvelle alliance musicale née du mariage du chant balkanique mystérieux, étrange, passionné allié à la douceur paisible de Jazzmen suisses.

Quand vous lirez ou relirez Ismael Kadaré, l'écrivain albanais que le comité Nobel oublie honteusement de couronner depuis 30 ans, écoutez en accompagnement cette musique. La belle Elina et ses hommes vous emmèneront à tire d'ailes au pays des Aigles, des montagnes de Suisse à celles d'Albanie. Attention, le charme, l'envoûtement de cette musique sont de plus en plus forts au fil des écoutes. Vous voilà prévenus lectrices curieuses, lecteurs voyageurs.

Pour qui, comme moi, ne parle pas l'albanais, les textes sont traduits en anglais dans le livret de l'album. Album qui se termine d'ailleurs en anglais par une reprise de Nick Drake " The Riverman ". Une chanteuse suisse albanophone accompagnée de Jazzmen suisses romands chantant de la pop music anglo saxonne dans un album édité par une maison de disques allemande, telle est la merveille du monde globalisé dans lequel nous vivons. Et c'est ainsi que Mercure est grand (Hommage à Alexandre Vialatte, Chroniques de la Montagne).


Tracklist :
01. Kënga e Qamiles (trad. Albania) -2:54
02. Ki zandana me kamerav (trad. Romani) -5:14
03. Lume Lume (trad. Roumania) -5:56
04. Do marr çiften (trad. Albania) -5:38
05. Kur më del n’sokak (trad. Kosovo) -4:20
06. Ha bu ander sevdaluk (Aytekin G. Atas) -4:48
07. Dhen mboro Manoula (trad. Greece) -5:26
08. Nënockë (trad. Albania) -4:52
09. Hapi sytë e zes (trad. Albania) -4:43
10. S’paske pas një pikë mëshire (trad. Albania, I. Myzyri) -5:15
11. Kaval Sviri (trad. Bulgaria) -6:58
12. Riverman (Nick Drake) -7:53



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