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Origine du Groupe : Mexico
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2010

by MCF  From http://www.cabezasunderground.com

El nuevo material de Guerrilleroz, grupo de rap de Monterrey, Nuevo León, por fin está disponible en descarga gratis. Se nota la madurez tanto en las producciones como en las líricas, el estilo de guerrilleroz siempre ha sido bastante purista y en esta ocasión lo reafirman sin disfraces, algunos beats me remiten a DJ Muggs vs GZA como influencia directa.

Lo que más me gustó de este disco es que las temáticas se salen de lo común en el rap mexicano, "Donde jugarán los gangstas" que aborda el tema del racismo. En cuanto a colaboraciones destaca una con Serko Fu, hay otra con Apathy que para mi pasa sin pena ni gloria.

En resumen este es un excelente disco de rap duro, que no busca encontrar el hilo negro ni nada por el estilo, pero cumple su cometido al 100%. Tracklist y descarga después del brinco.


Tracklist :   
02.Recuento De Los D-Años
03.Operación 2Mil10
04.Hasta Que La Muerte Nos Separe
05.¿Dónde Jugarán Los Gangstas?
06.155 Segundos De Barbarie con Apathy
07.Compas En Crimen
08.Cambia El Script con Serko Fu
09.Un Trago Al Suelo
10.Nadie Nos Detiene con Soldados Del Reyno
11.GRRZ No Está En Venta
12.Como Sin Nada
13.Gracias (Outro)
14.Hijos De Su Pinche Madre (Bonustrack)


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Origine du Groupe : Canada
Style : Hip Hop , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2010

DOOM a cappellas + DSTR beats = DOOMSTR EP

This is not a real collaboration with DOOM. It is a mixtape / mashup EP.
released 10 July 2010
Produced & Recorded by DSTR / deStar
Scratches on "Air (Money Bag Remix)" by DSTR / deStar
Exec. Producer Christian Bélanger
Design Christian Bélanger

    Recorded in Montréal (Québec) CANADA, at The Crib Studios.
    Made In Canada
    © DSTR 2010

Tracklist :   
1.It Ain't Nuttin' (Climaxin' Remix) 03:01
2.Vomitspit (Sugar Shack Remix) 02:01
3.Air (Money Bag Remix) 02:25
4.Melody (Lord Have Mercy Remix) 01:44
5.Rock Co.Kane Flow (Gorillas In The Mist Remix) 01:13
6.Climaxin' 02:43
7.Sugar Shack 02:01
8.Money Bag 02:25
9.Lord Have Mercy 01:44   
10.Gorillas In The Mist 01:13


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2006

Planet Asia & Architect have created the hottest joint this year, "Black Majik".
Checking in as King Medallion & Arch Angel the two have combined the hardcore verses of Planet Asia and the creative soulful sounds of Architect to make what most are calling the best work from both artists. Look for appearances from Del The Funky Homosapien, Rasco, Turbin, and Holocaust.

by http://www.rockreport.de

Tracklist :
01. Intro
02. Supernova
03. Black Music
04. Kausion (feat. Rasco)
05. Tombstones
06. Pt. 2
07. Malcolm X vs Mr. Marcus
08. Claps
09. Nonstop/ War Monger
10. This It
11. Science
12. Impulses
13. Stay
14. Fallicies (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien)
15. Precedent
16. Switch (feat. Holocaust)
17. Omega (Outro)


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop Jazz , Groove
Sortie : 1994

As one of the few "hip hop bands" on the scene when they emerged in the early 1990s, Bronx outfit Justice System was often compared to the Roots, a likening that probably worked against them as much as it worked in their favor. While their tight jam arrangements and juxtaposition of poetic rap with full-bodied band orchestrations was certainly reminiscent of their Illadeph contemporaries' approach, Justice System had their own sound and were musical innovators in their own right. Their 1994 MCA debut "Rooftop Soundcheck" captures a young, visionary collective with a focused sound, smart production, and top-notch batch of material.

On "Rooftop Soundcheck," Justice System's sound is equal parts jazzy and funky. The easygoing grooves and instrumentation would certainly garner comparisons to the original Roots crew, but "Rooftop Soundcheck" bears a much more full-bodied and choreographed sound than "Do You Want More?!!!??!" Driven by the sturdily flowing basslines of Coz Boogie and Eric G's energetic percussion, the music is smooth yet lively, marked by a crisp studio polish. I've heard some criticize this record as overproduced, but I find the group's balanced sound to be a strength—each of the instruments and sound elements is clearly distinguishable and comprises a tight, fluid sound. Guitarist Wizard C-Roc laces the songs with his rich funk licks, and the invaluable Mo' Betta Al holds it down on both the tenor sax and Rhodes piano, often on single songs. Individually Justice System is composed of some immensely talented instrumentalists, but together their results are truly extraordinary, bearing a tight and seamless quality rarely found in such hard-jamming bands, and their extended instrumental breaks and interludes provide countless highlights throughout "Rooftop Soundcheck." The LP thrives on its live sound and heavy-swinging arrangements, and the group proves its versatility by exploring a wide range of tempos, moods, and outside contributors—the sly, contagiously upbeat "Just Because" is based upon a killer muted trumpet part, while the deliciously moody "Soulstyle" plays like a rolling thunderstorm with its sparse bass and percussion and snaky sax echoes.

The punchy, abrasive Folex and the smooth, cerebral Jahbaz make for ideal complements, trading literate, abstract rhymes ripe with the vernaculars of New York's historic neighborhoods and hazy jazz clubs. With thick accents, vivid descriptions of such borough staples as the Hudson and Bronx Rivers, and wistful shouts to old favorites Coltrane, Gillespie, Thelonius, Bambaataa, Simon and Garfunkel, Flash and Caz, and Red Alert, they form a bright yet distant mood for the album, brilliantly creative yet somehow reverent of a far off time and realm. Sporting the chemistry of Phife and Tip and the stylistic vision of Camp Lo's Geechie Suede and Sonny Cheeba, Folex and Jahbaz celebrate the sheer power of live music and their abilities to rock any crowd, all the while boasting artistic spirit that makes it easy to envision them as scat artists or poets had they been born in decades past. "Rooftop Soundcheck" was digitally reissued as "Sounds of the Rooftop," which might be an even more apt title—the warm, mellow vibes make this an optimal listen for a summer evening, and the record oozes with the sounds of a busy, culturally rich city that might best be absorbed on a clear night from a towering rooftop.

The driving "Due Our Time" and "Trouble On My Mind" are the openers, immediately swallowing the listener with Eric G's expansive rhythms and the band's refreshing chord progressions as Jahbaz and Folex supply dizzying onslaughts of quotables with inspiring levels of conviction:

"Day after day I awake in the AM
Think of ways to survive, get my strength from a shaman
It's the same old, same old, the clock keeps tickin'
Got a few plans to get paid, but they never kick in
Damn another heartache, damn another heartbreak
So many people sleepin' while I'm just steady creepin'
Through the cracks and the holes tryin' to get some juice
Did a show or two so that I could get loose
With the band behind me, cold rock a party
C plays the line, girls shake their body
I can see it, I can see it, pray so this'll be it
Hopin', wishin', thinkin', so see it"

After the twangy "Flexin' tha Ill Funk" and exuberant "Dedication to Bambaataa" comes the single "Summer in the City," a warm weather anthem colorfully portraying a hot July Saturday giving way to a mild midsummer's evening, moving from the park to the basketball court to the street and back to a house party:

"Put your Timberland boots back under your bed
And buy yourself some Nike Wait-a-Minutes instead
So we can play ball for a little fun
I'll rock the sport full court or even just twenty-one
The playground is the place for mad kids to gather 'round
Freaks, I mean queens, on the side lookin' rather phat
So give me that booty back and take my beeper number
So we can swing the whole damn summer"

While the block party vibe of the original is more immediately irresistible, I actually prefer the subsequent "Sunshine Blend," a sparser arrangement buoyed by a staticky drum loop with laidback pipes and trumpet. "The Ill River Expedition" is less sunny but equally visual, allowing shine for both the MCs and the band with an extended instrumental outro. The tempo kicks up on the playful "Justice Funkin'," the rich, snarling jazz of "Take It to the Stage," and "Just Because," a lighthearted player's avowal:

"I did not hear her call me, I had the headphones on me
Sippin' on some coffee listenin' to some Sade
Ten AM on the dot, coolin' at my favorite spot
All my problems are forgotten as I'm shakin' to the sound
On the ground I dropped my Discman, damn, what a switch, man
She looked at me and this man froze in his toes
She said, 'Ayo Jahbaz, man, you're the one that has that
Summer in the City, yes, I've seen the video'
I said, 'Now hold up, wait a minute
A video a minute and I do want to get with it
'Cause your body is bodacious, my schedule's kind of spacious
I'll put you in between my Vibe and Source interviews'
But then my beeper blows up, damn, I gotta close up
Shop, I'm dedicated to my hip hop
Not frontin' I'm flossin', from Broadway to Shaw, son
My name is John Dawson and I got to move on, so kick it"

The aforementioned "Soulstyle" may be the record's highlight, a delightful groove that's as eerie as it is exhilaratingly smooth. Jahbaz shines rapping softly in double time:

"Versatility in verse, or is it straight originality
I quote a black poet 'cause he stocked up on reality
Justice System terrorist, the people wanna get with this
B-boy fashion, vocal vibe mentality
In my neighborhood the word is that Jahbaz be gettin' props
Praise and accolades because the skills I have are tops
Like a stallion, sportin' my medallion
Justice System funkin' like a stack of rotten scallions
I wear the funk like a fashion plate
So you can recognize the program from state to state
You can by the whole album but just like the dils-nick
Please don't bite the style, now chill kid, chill kid"

Despite a fiercely loyal club following, Justice System struggled to find airplay and was quickly dropped by MCA, relegated to the indies for subsequent efforts. With just a few reissues since its 1994 release, "Rooftop Soundcheck" remains a criminally overlooked record years ahead of its time; an expansive, stylish exhibition in superb songwriting and spectacular playing with hardly a second of skip material. Listeners still sleeping should graciously accept a late pass and prepare to lose themselves in the sounds of the rooftop.

by Pete T. for  www.RapReviews.com

Tracklist :
1. Due Our Time
2. Trouble on My Mind
3. Flexin' tha Ill Funk
4. Dedication to Bambaataa
5. Summer in the City
6. Santana
7. Ill-River Expedition
8. Justice Funkin'
9. Jacquelina
10. Just Because
11. Soulstyle
12. Take It to the Stage
13. Summer in the City [Sunshine Blend]


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2009

From Official Myspace :
Hailing from Virginia, Atari Blitzkrieg has been recording and producing since 1995 but due to real life situations didn't release his first single until 2007. The Rokkonorrottenhell single featured hip-hop icon Royce Da 5'9, Groovie Mann from the industrial band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and producer Krohme.

Since then, he has released close to 200 songs, has unveiled 16 EP's. 3 full-length albums, numerous guest appearances, produced a few songs for other artists including Ryu of Styles of Beyond and Little Indian and has worked with some of the biggest names in underground hip-hop; Daedelus, Rapper Pooh, Louis Logic, Vast Aire, Roc C, LMNO, Breez Evahflowin, Motion Man, Wildchild, Mr. Len, Blockhead, Moka Only, 4th Disciple & Bronze Nazareth to name a few. He continues to evolve his sound and blur genres while keeping his core principles; technology, violence, corruption and post-apocalyptic dystopia's intact.

He has been featured in magazines and websites across the world, was selected as an URB Next 1000 and recently saw a track off of The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers licensed for use in an upcoming indie film.

Tracklist :
1. Welcome to the Now
2. Today’s Horror Show
3. Third Finger Salute
4. Subconscious Tales of Dream Kids in Utero/Kill Everybody
5. The Cry From Within feat. Vast Aire, Breez Evahflowin’, LMNO & Krohme
6. It’s 12 O’Clock Do You Know Where Your God Is?
7. Hedcraktopen
8. Touch the Big Star
9. Profile: Julius Jackson/Amethyst
10. Wheres Your Eye feat. Akrobatik & Existereo
11. Knock Knock Bastard Face feat. Louis Logic & Roc C
12. I’m the Awesomest My Friends
13. Swhyneflew/The Voices In My Head
14. WTF!!!
15. Blood Coffee feat. Moka Only/Blood Pudding
16. Sunday Mourning
17. Faithful Visionaries
18. The Central Parking Lot Rangers feat. Vast Aire
19. Ragnarok feat. Mike McTernan of Damnation A.D.



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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop , Rap Fusion
Sortie : 2010

media player


June 10th, 2010 -  DJ Muggs is one of the industries most talented and best known producers.  Since Cypress Hill's formation in 1991, the pioneering rap-rock quartet has come a long way from the streets of South Central L.A. Over the course of its 19-year history, Cypress Hill has sold more than 17 million albums worldwide, including more than 11 million records in the U.S. alone. The group has garnered 15 multi-platinum, platinum and gold certifications from the RIAA; headlined Lollapalooza, Woodstock and the group's own Smokin' Grooves tour, appeared on "Saturday Night Live," made the late-night talk show circuit---all the while breaking down the musical and cultural barriers between hip-hop, alternative, metal, rock, reggae, ska and Latin music. In 2008, DJ Muggs, along with Cypress Hill received a VH1 Hip Hop Honors, to celebrate the vision and innovation that the group continues to bring to Hip Hop, strengthening its force around the world. 

Yet, that only touches on what Muggs has done as a member of Cypress Hill, as his highly-influential solo-projects (Soul Assassin Series, Grandmaster's with Wu-Tang Clan's GZA) and not to mention producing hits for House of Pain "Jump Around" and Ice Cube "Check Yo Self" among many others.  Ill Bill was obviously honored to be working with Muggs, as he affirms "I've always been a huge Muggs fan and his Vs. series is one of the last places to hear the vibe that made albums by Cypress Hill & Gang Starr so dope. Not too many producers can craft an entire album on their own, let alone an album that's a classic. Muggs has done it many times over the past 20 years. It's an honor to be part of that legacy."

For the vast majority of his career, whether solo or in a group capacity, Muggs has established a precedent for working hand in hand with artists and creating cohesive bodies of work, rather then spreading around beats from project to project and that rings true once again on Kill Devil Hills "I prefer getting in the lab and actually creating projects with people instead of just sending out beat CDs. I'm a producer in the fullest extent, where I like to not only produce an album; but craft an album. Being able to start a record from the beginning and following through with it, making sure that all the songs compliment each other. I've always come from making albums and producing my records---I'm still into that" relays DJ Muggs.

Ill Bill was a founding member of Non Phixion who released their seminal debut, The Future Is Now, in 2002 and has also released two influential solo LP's.  Bill has also released an LP as a member of the bi-coastal conglomerate La Coka Nostra (which also includes Everlast, Danny Boy and DJ Lethal of House Of Pain and newcomer Slaine).  Ill Bill's The Hour Of Reprisal (2008) showed flashes of what the future would hold, as Bill & Muggs collaborated on two tracks ("This Is Who I Am" & "Only Time Will Tell") for Bill's most recent solo-LP.

Kill Devil Hills is entirely produced by DJ Muggs and features appearances by B-Real, Raekwon, Sean Price, Everlast, Slaine, Chace Infinite, O.C. Q-Unique, Vinnie Paz and others, but by going where instinct took them, Ill Bill & DJ Mugg's collaborative union manifested into a sonically cohesive album; seemingly very organically as Ill Bill asserts ""Production & conceptually, this record plays out like a movie. All the songs connect. It moves like a concept record the way the beats blend with the words even though we didn't plan it like that. It's basically it's own sound, the Muggs vs. Bill sound" and Muggs adds "the chemistry between us was very natural. Any decisions we had to make, it was easy, like we'd worked together for years.  When we sat back & heard the final product, man, we were both blown away."


Tracklist :
01. Cult Assassin
02. Trouble Shooters ft. Sean Price, O.C. & Sick Jacken
03. Paul Stanley
04. Illuminati 666
05. Amputated Saint ft. B-Real
06. Skull & Guns ft. Everlast & Slaine Of La Coka Nostra
07. Giants Stadium ft. Q-Unique
08. The Owl
09. Millenniums Of Murder
10. Chase Manhattan ft. Raekwon
11. Luciferian Imperium
12. Ill Bill TV
13. Secrets Worth Dying For ft. Chace Infinite
14. 2013
15. Kill Devil Hills ft. B-Real & Vinnie Paz
16. Narco Corridos ft. Sick Jacken & Uncle Howie



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Origine du Groupe : Canada
Style : Hip Hop , Rap , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 1999

Romancing the elements of nature, the witching-hour lyricism of the Swollen Members (Madchild and Previal) delves deeply into topics that have yet to be captured or pontificated on wax. SM are shaman-like oddities in this game, and judging from their topic matter alone, they would seem to fit in more at a Renaissance festival than in hip-hop's machismo-filled atmosphere. Prevail and Madchild divulge their cloak-and-dagger lyrics in a highly animated manner, and their chemistry is very developed for a group embarking on their freshman effort. Western guitar riffs and staccato high hats augment the duo's mental gymnastics on "Out of Range," and the Alchemist leads a one-man symphony on the possessed "Horrified Nights." Swollen Members enlist a stellar supporting cast throughout, with Dilated Peoples ("Counterparts"), Evidence ("Bottle Rocket"), Everlast, Divine Styler, and Del's Hieroglyphics ambiance, prevalent on "Left Field" with Unicorn. The witchdoctors of hip-hop are definitely at the forefront of developing a new style, and after listening to the Swollen Member's debut, your view of hip-hop may never be the same.

by Matt Conaway

Tracklist :
01 Front Street
02 Out Of Range
03 Consumption (feat. Aceyalone)
04 Lady Venom
05 Shatterproof (feat. Others)
06 Bless And Destroy
07 My Advice
08 Brace Yourself
09 Circuit Breaker
10 Strength
11 Sunburn
12 Left Field (feat. Del)
13 Bottle Rocket (feat. Others)
14 Horrified Nights
15 Valentines Day Massacre (feat. Others)
16 Battle Axe Experiment (feat. Evidence)
17 Forceful (feat. Others)
18 Commited (feat. Son Doobie)
19 Counterparts (feat. Dilated Peoples)

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Note :


D’ abord prévu fin décembre ce n’est qu’en début de printemps que sort le tant attendu Wu-Massacre. Il s’agit là d’une réalisation commune aux rappeurs Wu-Tang Clan : Method Man, Ghostface, & Raekwon  (qui nous proposait déjà  un nouveau volume de Only Built 4 Cuban Linx en septembre dernier). La pochette est à la hauteur du contenu de l’album : tout simplement géniale. Dans l’esprit des dessins de comics Marvel qu’il a l’habitude de dessiner, Chris Bachalo présente sous différentes versions, les trois pontes du hip hop new yorkais. Wu-Massacre  sonne Wu tout craché : on tient là des morceaux efficaces avec des formules qui ont déjà fait leur preuve et montrent à quel point Wu-Tang et tout ses artistes satellitaires restent une référence obligatoire d’un pan du rap américain.


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Hip Hop

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

1. « Criminology Part 2.5″ produit par BT
2. « Mef vs. Chef 2″ (feat. Rhythm Roots Allstars) produit par Mathematics
3. « Ya Moms » (skit)
4. « Smooth Sailing » (Remix) (feat. Solomon Childs & Streetlife) produit par Ty Fyffe
5. « Our Dreams » produit par RZA
6. « Gunshowers » (feat. Inspectah Deck & Sun God) produit par Digem Trax
7. « Dangerous » (feat. Rhythm Roots Allstars) produit par Mathematics
8. « Pimpin’ Chipp » (feat. Rhythm Roots Allstars) produit par E Meal
9. « How to Pay Rent » (skit) (feat. Tracy Morgan)
10. « Miranda » produit par Mathematics
11. « Youngstown Heist » (feat. Trife da God, Sheek Louch & Bully) produit par Scram Jones
12. « It’s That Wu Shit » produit par Scram Jones
13. « Made Men » (feat. Cappadonna) produit par Mathematics


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Note :





Sortie : 2003

Style : Hip Hop , Rap


Tracklist :

1. Intro
2. Tibetan Black Magicians
3. Blood in Blood Out
4. Rage of Angels
5. Demonwomb Interlude
6. Animal Rap
7. Nada Cambia
8. Storm of Swords
9. Boondock Saints Interlude
10. Wolf
11. Walk With Me
12. Rise of the Machines
13. Pity of War Interlude
14. Kublai Khan
15. What's Really Good
16. Heart of Darkness Interlude
17. Raw Is War 2003





Bon alors pour être clair dès le départ, cet album est une véritable bombe, probablement un des meilleurs albums de hip-hop sortis cette année. Voilà comme ça pas d'ambiguité !


Vous me direz : "d'accord, mais c'est quoi Jedi Mind Tricks ?" Un duo producteur/MC venu tout droit de Philadelphie. Le producteur Stoupe et le MC Vinnie Paz nous proposent ici leur troisième album (après The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human sorti en 1997 et réedité en 2003 et Violent by Design sorti en 2000). Le travail de Stoupe se rapproche de celui d'un RZA par exemple.

En effet, en orfèvre du sample il utilise beaucoup sur cet album de cordes et de rhythmiques latinos (écoutez Nada Cambia, A Storm of Swords ou Kublain Khan) ce qui confère à l'album un charme particulier. Chaque morceau possède une couleur propre et chaque son vous surprendra (Blood in, Blood out ou The Wolf). Maintenant si vous ajoutez un MC fou furieux à ce producteur génial vous obtenez un cocktail des plus détonnants. Vinnie Paz se pose sur ces beats avec un flow énorme et des textes carrément hardcores (Animal Rap) aidé sur certains morceaux par quelques invités prestigieux (Kool G. Rap ou Ill Bill & Sabac Red de Non-Phixion). Un véritable bonheur pour tous les fans de hip-hop. De vrai hip-hop...

Chroniqué par Tibo


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http://www.accesshiphop.com/images/covers/15094_b.jpgNote :


Sortie : 2008
Style : Rap , Hip Hop

Tracklist :
1. The Visualz
2. Gravity
3. Glass Bottom Boat
4. No Soles Dopest Opus
5. The Mystery
6. A Day Like Any Other
7. Pyrite
8. Directions (feat. T-Love)
9. The Head Bop
10. Victim of My Own Imagination
11. Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 89.9 Siah Freestyle
12. Hairy Bird Intro
13. Hairy Bird Reprise
14. The Cure for Stagnation
15. Untitled
16. Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito 89.9 Yeshua Freestyle
17. Transatlantic
18. Halftime Show with DJ Eclipse 89.1 Siah and Yeshua Freestyle
19. GFYH Intro
20. It's Good For Your Health

"Glory Be. Fondle 'Em do it again. Wide funk vibes and Birdland dwarfisms mixed up with inspiried verbiage... for full-on, beat- switching story-telling, check the 11-minute epic, 'A Day Like Any Other.' Bliss." -- Muzik (Vital Release) --Muzik
"Siah & Yeshua have heated up the Hip Hop crucible with an ambitious and creative EP... the chemistry between the two MCs flow like liquid lightning, especially on 'A Day Like Any Other', their 11 minute tour de force of verbal tag-teaming. As well, [they] whip up jazzy brews on the musical tip, drawing from influences as far and wide as Igor Stravinsky, Herbie Mann and Quincy Jones... a rarely-heard, amazing effort that quenches the creative thirst of both mind and ear. Siah & Yeshua represent the fullest, underground Hip Hop at its height of cutting-edge creativity." -- O-Dub, URB (The Next 100) --Urb
"If you are into Hip Hop that borders on the cutting edge musically, then you'll definitely want to check for [this]. Standout joints include the 11-minute beat excursion "A Day Like Any Other", "The Visualz" and "No Soles' Dopest Opus." This record is definitely not for the one-dimensional fan of Hip Hop." -- Beni B, (The Vinyl Exchange) --The Vinyl Exchange
Product Description
Siah and Yeshua Dapo ED... A name that brings back memories of a time when independent Hip Hop was at its zenith. They released their 1996 debut vinyl-only EP "The Visualz" on Bobbito Garcia's famous record label Fondle 'Em Records. The EP featured rapping from the group's two MCs, production from Jon Adler, and a guest appearance by Ken Bugaloo. The group's song "The Cure for Stagnation" appeared on the 1998 compilation album "Deeper Concentration." "A Day Like No Other", a remix of the group's song "A Day Like Any Other", was released on Mary Joy Records in 1998 and featured Yeshua Dapo ED, Murs, EL-P, and Shing02 freestyling over beats from the original song. Siah and Yesh also went on to record various solo tracks. Now, for the first time in its entirity, the group's collective work is available on CD. This deluxe package contains liner notes from Bobbito and Siah plus rare never before seen photography, artwork and live show flyers. Also special bonus material: MP3 instrumentals of the first 6 tracks, and live freestyle MP3's. A true collector's item!
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