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Origine du Groupe : South Korea
Style : Hip Hop







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Tracklist :
01.I'm Not Dead
02.Destiny (feat. MoJae)
05.죽일놈의 힙합 (feat. ATOM, SWALLoW)
07.Alert (feat. AP)
08.Don't Worry Girl (feat. MoJae)
09.Skit (feat. SWALLoW)
10.Friendship (feat. SWALLoW)
14.No Doubt (feat. MAKER)
15.Thank's To
16.BK Love (new ver.)
17.Nothing (feat. Manlee)
20.It's So Real (feat. Rapolic)

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop , Rap Jazz
Sortie : 1993

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From https://en.wikipedia.org
Guru's Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 is a jazz rap album by alternative hip hop artist Guru, released on May 18, 1993 (see 1993 in music) on Chrysalis Records. This album is one of the first albums to combine a live jazz band with hip hop production and rapping. It is the first such project to feature established rappers. Live backing is provided by a band that includes Lonnie Liston Smith, Branford Marsalis, Ronny Jordan, Donald Byrd and Roy Ayers. The album also features collaborations with N'Dea Davenport (of the Brand New Heavies) and French rapper MC Solaar.

Guru, quoted in the album's liner notes, talked about his natural affinity for both jazz and rap. "Jazz's mellow tracks, along with the hard rap beat, go hand-in-glove with my voice," he said.

Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 peaked at #24 and #91 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums and the Billboard 200 albums charts. The single "Trust Me" peaked at #50 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks chart. In spite of the lagging American sales, Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 was a commercial success in Europe, where jazz was much more popular in the 1990s.

Tracklist :
01 - "Introduction" – 1:20
02 - "Loungin'" (with Donald Byrd on trumpet and piano) – 4:38
03 - "When You're Near" (with N'Dea Davenport on vocals and Simon Law on keyboards) – 4:02
04 - "Transit Ride" (with Branford Marsalis on alto and soprano saxophone and Zachary Breaux on guitar) – 3:58
05 - "No Time to Play" (with Ronny Jordan on guitar and D. C. Lee & Big Shug on vocals) – 4:54
06 - "Down the Backstreets" (with Lonnie Liston Smith on acoustic and electric piano) – 4:47
07 - "Respectful Dedications" - :54
08 - "Take a Look (At Yourself)" (with Roy Ayers on vibraphone) – 3:59
09 - "Trust Me" (with N'Dea Davenport on vocals) – 4:27
10 - "Slicker Than Most" (with Gary Barnacle on saxophone and flute) – 2:36
11 - "Le Bien, Le Mal" (with MC Solaar) – 3:21
12 - "Sights in the City" (with Courtney Pine on alto and soprano sax and flute, Carleen Anderson on vocals and Simon Law on keyboards) – 5:10

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Origine du Groupe : Nederlands
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2010

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From http://www.hhv.de
… and then suddenly there was Joe Kickass. Seemingly out of the blue but with careful planning he dropped his well received ‘Let Me Introduce EP’ earlier this year on Project: Mooncircle.

His track with Morlockk Dilemma called ‘Real Emcee’s’ of the ‘Zeitgeist EP’ featuring a.o. Lewis Parker, Obba Supa and John Robinson added some more heads to his rapidly expanding fan base.

Now, Joe is back to bring you his first full length album entitled ‘Mind Joe’. It’s a diverse soul, jazz and oldskool infused ride, laced with witty and gritty vocals and wrapped in a sick
cover design sporting Joe’s own illustrations. Besides getting Portformat, Arts The Beatdoctor of The Q4 and of course Killing Skills on board, Joe again composed the majority of the beats himself proving himself as versatile as some kind of walking computer car that has yet to be invented.

This 12 track album selection brings your beloved hiphop back to life with it’s raw but musically underpinned sound and lets you dive in Joe’s mind as well as making you mind Joe for a long time
to come.

Tracklist :
1. Afterhours – 01:13
2. Akula – 02:18
3. Bare Flesh – 02:53
4. Birdman – 02:32
5. Black Coffee – 02:52
6. Choking On A Piece Of Joe – 03:04
7. Gimme A Break – 02:37
8. Gratitude feat. Arts The Beatdoctor Of The Q4 – 05:07
9. Leave It Up To You – 03:48
10. More or Less – 03:08
11. No Saints Asked feat. Auke Sprangers – 02:37
12. Rawness – 03:11
13. Shirlyn – 03:13
14. The True Captain – 03:05
15. Unga Bunga feat. Portformat – 02:29
16. What Is Music? – 02:45
17. X Marks The Spot – 02:17

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Origine du Groupe : North America , Switzerland
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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By Kevin from http://www.kevinnottingham.com

D Strong and Dave Sparkz just dropped this new album last week… definitely something to check out.

Unfold is a Combo of Gritty story telling, spiritual enlightment, aggressive emceeing, and nostalgic hip hop music. Los Angeles Emcee D Strong considers this some of his best work to date and after the first listen you might also agree. Dave Sparkz is a young producer from Switzerland whose production style lends big drums and a variety of ILL sounds that are seamlessly put together and show and prove quality. D Strong says of the producer: “He is my favorite producer right now out of anyone… Sparkz has a huge collection of beats.” Dave Sparkz also released an instrumental LP on Digi Crates Records entitled Ivory Lounge.

Tracklist :
1.Intro cuts by Chinch 33 00:46
2.Illiad 02:57
3.Invincible Sons All 02:51
4.Bogart cuts by Chinch 33 03:45
5.Golden 02:35
6.Invasion 02:20
7.Where'd the Devil go? cuts by Chinch 33 03:10
8.Gods Spark ft. Wildelux 03:34
9.Unfold 04:03
10.Reprisal Killings 02:43   
11.Rich Man Poor Man 02:21
12.What Ya Heard 01:58   
13.The Butterz 03:19
14.Outro cuts by Chinch 33 01:43

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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By Luke Winkie   From http://www.pastemagazine.com

It was more than a little surreal emailing a Rhymesayers publicist for a copy of Skelethon. One, because obviously Aesop Rock’s dungeon-dark mutterings were like the Socratic ideal form of Def Jux street-rap, but also because five years after None Shall Pass, the world’s skeptics began doubting if Ian Mathias Bavitz would ever start rapping again. A new family, a dead label, a litany of oddball sidetracks, and rumblings of personal strife and loss—you couldn’t really blame Aes for an impromptu quarter-life crisis. And Skelethon is a very single-minded, sober-hearted record: entirely self-produced, dipping in gut-busting, welled-up, radically efficient rhyming all streaked with the shadow, subtly badass insulation that Aesop has built a legacy on.

No feature-verses and no frills, no goofy party-cuts like “The Harbor is Yours,” Skelethon is dark, dank and dense. It’s Aesop Rock muttering to himself in a musty cellar, his vocabulary stretched across obtuse cultural debris like “cherry bomb” and “propeller hat,” and the self-designed beats are about as black as his voice. The record lives with angst, melancholy and a macabre grimness—probably the most focused Aes has ever sounded.

You could never call Skelethon soft. Sure he cribs through an opening trio of forgettable setlist-filler in “Leisureforce,” “ZZZ Top” and “Cycles to Gehenna,” but it settles into itself with a lot of elegance. “Crows 1” opens with a death-knell lullaby courtesy of Kimya Dawson, which Rock promptly detonates with his “black crows shredding innards/ the silhouettes are fencing lefty scissors” slash on a sauntering, seasick bass. “Saturn Missiles,” arguably the greatest single-act of pure technical flow this year, is essentially a heavy dose of Aesop Rock mythology on a scatterbrain breakbeat. The subwoofer bleat on “Tetra” feels like a futuristic club banger for a crowd that gets off on high-impact syntax—same with the eroded, velvet big-band samples skirting under “Racing Stripes.” For a guy who’s been journeying for more than a decade, this feels like a natural habitat—building the beats he’s most comfortable with and safely assassinating them with his wit.

Skelethon isn’t the sort of album you’re going to talk about in terms of weaknesses, but it certainly is clear where things have changed over the last five years. Compatriots like El-P and Blockhead painted past Aesop records with synesthesic flair, the gloomy keyboard drizzle of “None Shall Pass” or the music-box tinsel coursing through “9-5ers Anthem.” In reigning in and self-producing, Bavitz has made an album heavy on centralization and blunt-force trauma, but disparagingly lax on colors. These beats are sputtering and muddy, like primal thumps with a bad attitude—it’s tailored to fit the moody demeanor, but something is lost along the way. None Shall Pass has become the revisionist Aesop relic, simply because his grubby tones worked in exotic environments, Skelethon is digested in a single, subterranean suite. Effective, but occasionally flavorless.

In some ways Aesop Rock has been marginalized, mostly because of his friends, coworkers and former, scene-famous label. He’s been sent up more as a broad representation, rather than an artist. The way Skelethon dismantles those notions might be its greatest triumph. It’s a rap album at its core, with Aesop spouting such a catalog of dizzying, powerful and impeccably professional verses; anyone who slept on him starts to look very, very silly. The true joy of Skelethon is sitting back and watching an incredibly talented and incredibly keyed-in MC run circles around your brain. It may not be his best record, but it absolutely reaffirms why his craft is so vital.

Tracklist :
01. Leisureforce
02. ZZZ Top
03. Cycles to Gehenna
04. Zero Dark Thirty
05. Fryerstarter
06. Ruby ‘81
07. Crows 1
08. Crows 2
09. Racing Stripes
10. 1,000 O’Clock
11. Homemade Mummy
12. Grace
13. Saturn Missiles
14. Tetra
15. Gopher Guts


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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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By Ryo   from http://risingsunfreestyle.blogspot.fr

At first glance TOTAL looks like the beginning of a work of art in a studio or perhaps an obscure piece of art in a museum, either way there is no way to judge it by it's cover.

It's been five years since  THA BLUE HERB last released an album and besides a few singles they've been mostly quiet except for touring extensively and releasing two live/tour documentaries. TOTAL has been five years in the making and BOSS has had a lot of inspiration for his lyrics, but can it match their previous albums?

TOTAL starts off with an INTO RAW, an intro that as the title says, has a lot of  raw energy with a mixture of instrumentals that could easily be in any video game or film, it's that good at conveying emotion Definitely worthy of a battle scene in any period film. After INTO RAW we're sent into BOSS's world with WE CAN...

This song makes you feel like you're on a train going through Sapporo in the dead of winter, perfect traveling music with a great vibe. I can see why this played during the TOTAL CM and it showed the perspective of someone on a train in the Hokkaido winter. This song is totally about BOSS repping his home town, lyrics such as "This is Sapporaw. 47 Prefectures ROCK ON ROCK ON Susukino South 7th street At Home. From platform no.5 to the new Chitose Airport" This song is definitely about where Boss comes from and his perspective on life coming from a working class town in the isolated island of Hokkaido.

The next song called Everyday New Dawn starts off like a Herbest Moon song usually would (Herbest Moon is BOSS's side project of nothing but DUBSTEP and Dance music along with Calm), but with BOSS's trademark rapid fire rapping. It's a very good song to dance to, but don't let the mood fool you, this is about the road ahead and Phase 4 is about to begin. (For clarity please see their EP Phase 3 and their latest DVD Phase 3.9). The next song titled FULL MENTAL JACKET is BOSS's attempt as telling us who is he as an artist and his beginnings from B-BOY to rapper. The beat is very catchy and the piano is beautiful.

The 5th track is called Saturday Night, Sunday Morning & Afternoon and it truly makes one think of partying all night and into Sunday. If there's anything Boss loves it's party music and this song is definitely a hommage to that. SNSM is a brillaint mixture of BOSS's rapping skills and the instrumentals of a HERBEST MOON song. You could definitely hear the first half on a DUBSTEP mixtape anywhere in the world. Halfway through it stops abruptly with a crowd cheering and goes into another side of TBH with O.N.O.'s entrancing melodic beats and BOSS's soft and slower rapping.

The next track is called My Loves Town and it's exactly as it says. Boss loves Sapporo. This song has a very soft, but old school hip hop beat to it. His love is very evident with the line " "welcome back" i smile and say "good to be back" MY LOVE TOWN/ DOWN TO LOVE TOWN"

Track 7 is called THA NORTH FACE and it is by far the deepest song in terms of lyrical content especially when BOSS says "BACK IN THE DAYS/'97/serving meals to my customers but I was always hungry. Thanks to friends who didn't ditch me. We were bluffing our best. Nobody had any expectations from the unnoted north. This is how I wanted to be so I don't feel any pain. I don't conform. Took or taken said or not said it's what has fed me these past 15 years"

The next song UNFORGIVEN talks about how the Japanese music business is a very unforgiving place and how one day you're on top and the next day you're not. A perfect example of this is the line "3,000 album sales make it a hit. What a miserable scene it has turned into, not like 15 years ago"

The next song is called LOST IN MUSIC BUSINESS and it's very much like RAGING BULL and it's entirely about how the music executives are greedy and don't care about the musicians or the music they make. Exactly why BOSS started THA BLUE HERB RECORDINGS. The next song GET READY is an extremely deep account of life in 1945 during World War II which very few people in Japan remember these days or will acknowledge, the past is the past after all.

Track 11 is called Stand on the Word and it's a very almost militant track that starts off saying "I'm not your typical Japanese" It's clear from the lyrics that this song is about standing up for what you believe in and being true to yourself.

Track 12, (there's 13 songs) I guess BOSS doesn't believe in superstition, don't blame him (lol) is called BRIGHTER and it's a very optomistic song especially when BOSS says "I don't know when it will be but my friend it will be brighter. I don't know if there will be salvation my friend it will be warmer. I don't know when the end arrives my friend you are still in time. We don't know anything but we wont be afraid. Brighter."

The final track is called RIGHT ON and it's the longest song on the album at roughly 8 minutes long. It starts off with a very upbeat, but deep instrumental, a trademark of O.N.O. as a producer, but once BOSS starts there are periods where it picks up a lot and becomes a very uplifting song and you can feel the emotion pouring out of BOSS as he raps about things he wanted to do but never got the chance and things he wants to do in the future and the beginning of PHASE 4. RIGHT ON has one key subject and that is DON'T STOP! No matter how much life gets you down and people put you down, just get right back up and keep going. I especially love when Boss says "I hear FUCK YOU'S from somewhere far away. I'll just give them a FUCK YOU TOO"

TOTAL has been five years in the making and it shows. It's a very well polished album with the sound you've come to expect from TBH, but with a few new twists to show that they are ever evolving. BOSS has had a lot of time to reflect on his 40 years on the earth and the lyrical content shows. TOTAL is exactly that. Complete. TOTAL could very well be their best album ever or at least equal to the rest of their extensive catalog of real hip hop from the streets of Sapporo.

A little note for people who don't know the group. All of their music is mostly in Japanese, but the physical copies of their music feature translated lyrics. Their website also has an english section wtih links to lyrics, audio samples and interviews. http://www.tbhr.co.jp

4.5/5 A Definite Buy. The only disappointment is that their latest single STILL RAINING, STILL WINNING/HEADS UP is not on the album, but it was a limited release so I guess that makes sense, just a little disappointing for fans though I would think. That is the only reason I could see this not getting a 5.

Tracklist :
02 - WE CAN


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2010

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From http://www.beatport.com

New York MC Hus has been making a lot of noise lately on the Hip Hop/Jazz Japan music scene and most recently, his single "Love Spaceship" is featured on Goon Trax #1 chart topping 2010 release "In Ya Mellow Tone 4".

Tracklist :
01.Karma (Katrah-Quey Remix)
02.Love Spaceship (Seasons End Remix)
03.Infinite Blackhole (Katrah-Quey Remix)
04.Soul Shadow
05.Love Spaceship (Original)
06.Fly Crow
08.Fool in Love
09.Venerable Leash
10.Karma (Mawk Remix)
11.Love Spaceship (Katrah-Quey Remix)
12.Infinite Blackhole
13.Walking Lotus

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2002

By Dalton Higgins from  http://www.amazon.com

If you’re into raps about worldly things like 9-to-5 jobs, male-female relations, and platinum pinky rings, you might want to click over to another album. Jedi Mind Tricks--Ikon the Verbal Hologram and Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind--flip bushels of out-there, sci-fi rhymes on this experimental and sinister underground favorite from 1997. Certainly, tales of Illuminati-esque government conspiracies, alien experiments, and other stratospherical explorations have never sounded so unique, aided here by ominous violins and creepy operatic squeals. "I Who Have Nothing" (complete with Shirley Bassey sample) should get votes for being one of the most depressing songs of all time; however, for folks blunted into Top 40 submission, it may well have the opposite effect. On the other hand, JMT’s heavy use of religious references and plodding lo-tech beats is not for everyone. Borderline geniuses or Star Trek geeks gone mad? The choice is yours.

Product Description

The Psycho-Social CD is the cult classic pre-quel to Jedi Mind Tricks "Violent by Design" album.

Described by The Source Magazine as "Ahead of its time" and by CMJ as "A must own for anyone who cares about hip-hop culture," The Psycho-Social CD is a must own.

Tracklist :   
01. Life Is (7:22)
02. Over You (5:36)
03. Nothing To Be Afraid Of (6:16)
04. Rumble (6:48)
05. Ease The Pain (4:42)
06. Pyroclastic (6:28)
07. Lullaby (4:17)
08. Call Her Name (6:53)
09. Check 4 Zero (7:13)
10. Epilogue (2:22)
11. Been Thinkin' (5:21)

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2011

From http://lessmtvmoretmv.blogspot.com

Riddlore? is an underground producer/MC/DJ active since 1983. I checked him out after some affiliation with Aceyalone, leading me to his latest 2011 output, 'The West Wing'. The album is Riddlore's? fourth solo full-length, his first release since his self-titled in 2003.

Hoping 'The West Wing' gets some love -- tight production and really unorthodox styles throughout.
Has definitely made me try to track down his previous material.

Tracklist :   
1.Damage Control
2.Sun Rise (feat. JD Curry)
3.Show Ya Light
4.Monkey Barz
5.Thats It
6.The West Wing
7.Locked and Loaded (feat. Burro Magic)
8.I've Gotta Way
9.This World
10.Jawz Of Life (feat. Burro Magic)
11.I Smell Smoke
12.Danger Us (feat. Rifleman (Ellay Khule) / Hines Buchanan /Nuvethad)
13.Livin Proof
14.State of the Union
15.B4 I Go (feat. Lil Rina)
16.Make It Count (feat. Rochelle Terrell)
17.The Whole World's Money (feat. Ira Lee)

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Origine du Groupe : V.A
Style : Hip Hop
Sortie : 2009

From http://waxattack.blogspot.com

After "the underground orgasm" (2005) and "the underground level" (2006), here's the third chapter of the saga ...

Tracklist :
01-forcer the sorcerer-the beginning
02-mental dimension-verbal format
03-ghettolandz-getcha open
04-mighty joseph-nyc kidz
06-joe sinister-da rewind
07-black mel-vibin' along
08-afiliashun-tell me if you open
09-jam dot-soul search'n
10-kae'daq-corpse perfume ayanami [remix]
11-dolomight - 1,2,3
12-p.s.p. -representing your ground
13-basement society-headcrack
14-ran reed-so whatcha want
15-wise fool-divine wisdom
16-red 1 a.c.c. -my people
17-d.vine and lewis parker-visions of mine
18-kms-sad love song
19-sons of intellect-worldwide
20-rick de ville-73

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