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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Electro , Drum n' Bass
Sortie : 2012

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From http://www.skiddle.com

From the man responsible for some of the finest liquid-funk in drum & bass history, comes a brand new album of original dancefloor gold

Back in the groove in his own inimitable style, the original liquid-funkster Utah Jazz returns with yet another dose of soulful medicine that is set to hypnotise dancefloors worldwide. After the runaway successes of debut LP 'It's a Jazz Thing" and 2010's follow-up "Vintage", the Jazz Man is back with "Groove Therapy" - his third and most ambitious album to date.

Hailed by critics, music lovers and dancefloor ravers from Thailand to Tennessee, Utah Jazz remains one of the UK's finest exports, amassing a global army of admirers for his hand-crafted, heart-and-soul drum & bass flavours. From sunshine-drenched vocal sweetness, to funk-strutting party numbers and dancefloor-destroying grooves, The Jazz is all about the music. And it's never sounded so good...

WARNING: this is rare, refined and remarkable dance music.
It may cause your friends to envy your good taste
Utah Jazz Presents Groove Therapy LP - Vintage Recordings

"Truely unique. Utah Jazz's burgeoning success is nothing short of remarkable. It's been two long years since the debut LP of the finest liquid funkster in the galaxy - and what a way to return..." (iDJ)

..."Could Utah Jazz be the most underrated D&B producer out there? This unbelievable album certainly suggests so..."(DJ Mag)

.. "The most eagerly-anticipated album in years... Utah Jazz has got a rhythm, soul & vision, all his own and the entire Drum & Bass world will soon be stepping to his beat..." (Knowledge)

Tracklist :
01. My Own Way Intro
02. Circa 96
03. Loops For Days
04. Everything Is Everything feat Alex Reece
05. The Fountain
06. Conrad Funk
07. Do My Thing
08. Invisible Cities feat Collette Warren
09. Crossing Frontiers
10. The Warning feat David Boomah
11. Fair Play
12. Broken Home
13. Slice Of Nature
14. Infinity 155 Wax Tribute


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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Drum & Bass
Sortie : 2012

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From Wikipedia :

Based in Cambridge, Commix originally comprised George Levings, Guy Brewer and Conrad Whittle. As a DJ/production team, they began working together in 2002 and the trio released a series of 12-inch singles on the Aquasonic, Tangent Recordings, Good Looking Records, Creative Source and Brand.nu labels, with notable tracks including 2003's "Feel Something", and 2004's "Herbie" and "Surround". After Whittle's departure, Commix was signed to Goldie's label Metalheadz in 2005. The trio met when they were at an international pokemon competition.

Commix's signature track, "Satellite Song", was featured on the Metalheadz compilation Winter Of Content, while two other club favourites ("Urban Legend" and "If I Should Fall") were paired up on a 12-inch single. Their debut album, Call To Mind, was released in summer 2007, to generally positive reviews. Call To Mind was the second release of an artist album on Metalheadz, after Goldie's Rufige Kru alter-ego's Malice in Wonderland. The duo has also notably remixed tracks by artists including Bebel Gilberto, Adam F and DJ Die.

Commix's sound has been influenced by many different musical genres. Their sound features elements of liquid funk,[9] techno, soul and even house. Levings previously played saxophone, flute and piano, before venturing into the hip hop and electronic music scenes.[citation needed] Similarly, Brewer had a wide-ranging interest in music before being introduced to drum and bass.

Tracklist :
1. Time Has Come 5:47
2. Change On Me 5:40
3. MFSB 7:10
4. Everything 5:46
5. Golden 5:48
6. I Have You 5:52
7. Untitled (Sept 06) 5:02
8. Tracking You 6:26
9. Audience 5:37
10. EXP 6:24
11. Envious (Original Commix Demo Version) 6:59
12. Autumn Rides 7:11


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Origine du Groupe : Russia
Style : Alternative , Acid Jazz , Drum 'n' bass , Electronic , Instrumental
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.xorosho.com

Very lively and beautiful music, with a juicy tube, colorful Saxon, tight bass and a lively, slightly polygonal rhythm. As one my comrade: "It's beautiful, it shakes, winds, calms and invigorates at the same time, it's like a back massage, only through the ears!"
Petersburg team JUNIPER (Juniperus Russo), formed in 2009, plays in a style that can be identified only provisionally - a mixture of acid jazz, trip-hop, drum 'n' bass, funk, and other trends in modern music. Juniper began to build electronic sounds with live rhythm section, which underlies the whole structure of the compositions.

Yuri Nesterov - guitar
Vladimir - bass
Kirill Timonin - saxophone
Dennis Osheroff - trumpet
Alexander Levichev - drums

Tracklist :
01. Dubbeat
02. Intro
03. Benny
04. One
05. Flying Whale
06. Morning Funk
07. Newsax
08. Kite
09. Vertigo

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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Electro Drum & bass , Electro Hip Hop
Sortie : 1997

By 70's Baby Early 80's Child From http://90something.blogspot.com

I have to admit that Aquasky were my d'n'b heroes, I had to have all of their early Moving Shadow platters and their radical style shift on the debut album Bodyshock was actually Mindshock to me. Orange Dust is a bit schizophrenic mini-album put together from material recorded during their year-long stint on Polydor-owned label Passenger. There's some cool atmospheric d'n'b (Opaque, Orange Dust, Plane Invaders), some fine uptempo trip-hop (Universe) and also some dubious hip hop experiments with weak rap and excellent turntablism. This edition also includes remixes from the single Raw Skillz/Opaque.

Tracklist :
1. Opaque
2. Orange Dust
3. Universe
4. Plane Invaders
5. Rough (ft. Big Shug & The Scratch Perverts)
6. Rough (ft. Big Shug & The Scratch Perverts) (instrumental)
7. Raw Skillz (ft. Big Kwam & The Scratch Perverts)
8. Raw Skillz (ft. Big Kwam & The Scratch Perverts) (instrumental)
9. Opaque (Remix By Total Science)
10.Opaque (The Spirit-Ual Mix)
11 Aquasky feat Big Kwam and The Scratch Perverts-Raw Skills (Remix By Da Beatminers)





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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Trip Hop , Electro , Drum & Bass
Sortie : 1999

By Olaf Johnson  from http://www.amazon.com

I don't remember exactly when but I bought this CD. It was a few years ago at a flea market in the West Village/SoHo, NYC only because I mistook the name THC for another band (an underground Hip Hop group from the mid to late 90s). At some point in the mayhem of the flea market I saw the name and grabbed it up quickly. By the time I got home I had 20 or so CDs not remembering exactly what I bought and left behind. I put them all in our 100 CD Rotation Player in the Home Enterntainment system we had back then and a couple of days later this CD was in rotation and I immediately fell in love with it not even knowing what it was. I listened to Mandalay, Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Delerium, Lamb and the other top bands of those days and this album totally blows everything in that genre out of the pond. It is probably the most simple album you could ever listen to. There is no gimmicks and it doesn't over pretend to be cool, its just sweet vocals and original low key, lounge drum and bass tunes.

In modern day had this album come out today these guys would've been very big hits and totally be on par with The Knife.

Sadly, other than this Adagio album I don't believe the band made any other full albums. I only re-discovered this album whiles cleaning out some old stuff in the basement and I immediately put it into the iPod.

if you like this CD I definately recommend getting Pete Parsons aka Voyager 1998 Album self titled "Voyager".

Tracklist :
01.Unsaid Warning
06.Need To Destroy
08.Blue Wave
10.When I Sleep
11.Un Wave 2
12.Green Wave
13.Green Wave (Roller Rink Mix)
14.Body Electric

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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Drum & Bass , Downtempo , Electro-Jazz
Sortie : 2008

Featuring on various 12"s and compilations from well respected labels, including Hospital and Innerground, Utah Jazz has tended to target quality and substance rather than focusing on the quantity of output or capitalising on popular trends. Releasing his debut artist album, "It's A Jazz Thing", on Bryan G's V-Recordings offshoot Liquid V, Utah Jazz has cemented his position as one of highest calibre producers that would currently be categorized under the ever-broadening umbrella of liquid funk. Whilst several highly credible drum and bass albums have been released in recent months, to a greater extent than has been accomplished so far this year, Utah Jazz has achieved a balance between conveying a cohesive theme and displaying an uncompromising attitude towards diversity and character. The consequence is a collection of complementary tracks that are likely to be on rotation at home or in the car for longer than is usual for drum and bass.

Whilst other influences are apparent, the core of the 12 full tracks and 3 interludes that comprise It's A Jazz Thing is highly reminiscent the raw original sound of disco. Setting the tone, "Feeling Inside" begins the album with spoken word snippets and layered vocal samples, the powerful tight breaks highlighting the fact that not all modern soulful drum and bass is necessarily "liquid". Raising the energy levels with a full vocal, intensifying build up and a drop that releases a catchy hook, the album's second track "Back in Time" has been popular with DJs whilst receiving significant airplay on BBC 1Xtra. Following on, "Mesmerize" is the album's first subtle roller and the deep jazz sound it encompasses is found again later in the likes of the reggae tinged "Riddim Track".

"Piano Interlude" is one of three interludes that divide up what is a well-structured album. Whilst they do a job, they are perhaps generic and typical of a dnb producer working at a lower bpm. Additionally, there are tracks on the album that, whilst not distracting from the overall quality, are not executed as effectively as others. Unfortunately the final track, "Acoustic Jam", sounds less atmospheric and slightly immature when compared to many of the others. Leaving the end of the album isolated to a degree, it was also slightly disappointing that the collaboration with Atlantic Connection, "River Track", was not more arresting considering the strength and originality of Atlantic Connection's recent releases.

The deep, soulful and more euphoric aspects of early house are also smoothly captured. "Runaway", a previous single, features a familiar sounding warm 80s soul style vocal and the stripped down "The Message" is reminiscent of original New York or Chicago house. In contrast, the pitched up "head in the clouds" sample gives "Cloud 9" a uniquely UK feel. In leaving the vocal quite exposed alongside an understated bassline Utah Jazz avoids creating what could have been a more disposable peak time single whilst guaranteeing an instant reaction from fans of old skool hardcore.

It is, however, in the recreation of the sound of funk and original disco that gives "It's a Jazz Thing" its character. "The Only One" encapsulates the album's mood more than any other track and will probably be recognised as classic in years to come. An ideal summer anthem with each element, including an uplifting vocal, complementing the other perfectly, this is a sultry yet emotive 6 minutes evocative of idealisations of Detroit or New Orleans. With characteristically effective percussion, the more relaxed "La Cinta" continues this theme and is as fitting for Sunday mornings at home as it is in the car or as the soundtrack to evening at a beachside bar. "Funkless Life", produced alongside Soulmatic, is slightly sweeter and is comparable to several tracks that have been released on V since Marky and his counterparts exploded on to the scene in 2001.

With "It's a Jazz Thing" Utah Jazz has provided enough soulful energy to please summer ravers and enough depth and diversity to please more dedicated dnb fans. It is the intrinsic underground nature of drum and bass that often results in the potential of a particular style not being fully explored or perfected due to producers consistently seeking originality or aiming to balance a recent period of one style's dominance by taking the music in the opposite direction. What Utah Jazz has proven is that, although this album may not appear as original as those in recent years by Commix, Matrix and Futurebound or others, sometimes using a particular sound in a slightly different format, or crafting songs so that a style's potential is fully realised, can be just as innovative as more obvious attempts to create something fresh.

Most importantly however, and a rarity in drum and bass, he has produced a textured and themed album that is more that a collection of 12"s. The execution of the ideas behind the album, its influences, and overall quality, provide it with the potential to be a critical success outside of drum and bass. As vinyl sales fall it is vital to gain support from people who have diverse tastes and do most of their listening at home, from the people who bought Timeless and New Forms. Utah Jazz has the product right, the marketing and PR may be more difficult.

by  rob

Tracklist :
1. Feeling Inside 5:38
2. Back In Time 5:14
3. Mesmerize 5:56
4. Piano Interlude 1:05
5. The Message 6:39
6. Cloud Nine 5:41
7. Funkless Life ft. Soulmatic 6:39
8. Atmosphere Interlude 1:12
9. The Only One 5:59
10. Riddim Track 5:54
11. La Cinta 5:00
12. Sultry Interlude 1:12
13. Runaway 7:01
14. River Theme ft. Atlantic Connection 5:54
15. Acoustic Jam 4:29


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From Myspace :
By the end of 2003, Mourah starts his musical carreer with the release of his debut album FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER. It is a fine and pure piece of work that finds its centre in a raw blend of acoustic and electronic sonorities.

Author composer arranger and performer, he brings us here an ensemble of diverse themes in their intensity and style: «It is not a homogeneous album with tracks following a logical sonority in order to set a scene in the listener’s imagination. It is rather a kind of collection of my first (serious) musical attempts as a composer exploring different fields such as trip-hop and drum’n’bass amongst others…Therefore there is no main connecting thread running through the tracks, here what links them is the rupture from one to another. It is not an one-hour single journey but rather eleven journeys of five minutes each».

In sum, it reflects shared experiences first with a funk band called Anticlockwise in Geneva (1995) and later with his friend Dj Kmi (co-founder of Geneva collective Audioactivity) in the quest of the art of djing by mainly mixing drum’n’bass and breakbeat tunes.

It would finally be the Portuguese independent label Nova Zona/ Zona Musica to give him the first chance of showing his skills. Aware of his lack of experience they bet, nevertheless, on the one hand on his sensitivity and on the other hand on the cultural richness an early immigration to switzerland might have given him. It is in some sense, on a personal level a return to his roots, to an unknown country after his father's death. A page is now turned and many more are about to be written. To our concern, musical ones.

FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER was nominated for best national album 2003, at the Dance-Club Music Awards, rewarding alternative and electronic music both Portuguese and international. For him the highest point of a global acknowledgment by the media and specialized press.


Origine du Groupe : Portugal
Style : Electro Drum & Bass , Trip Hop , Downtempo
Sortie : 2003

Tracklist :
1 – A bow
2 – J. Butterfly
3 – Let it slow flow
4 – Lisbon underground Genova
5 – World in peace
6 – Moonlit
7 – Os mudos da vale
8 – I did not know
9 – Heavylightness
10- Higher love (Dub Version)
11- Silence



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‘Seba & Paradox Beats Me’ features 12 tracks of Deep, Melodic and truly Timeless Drum and Bass. The Vocal talents of New York resident Robert Manos are present throughout the cd; in tracks such as DJ Fabio’s favorite ‘Cant Let Go’, DJ Flights top 2005 track of the year ‘Stone Cold’ and the awesome and emotional ‘Last Goodbye’. The tracklisting really shows both of the labels diversity with the Source Direct-esque ‘Its Not a Dream’ and ‘No Words Can De-scribe It’ right through to the 1970’s Funk grain of Paradox’s ‘Futures Extinction’ and the dark vision’s of Seba’s ‘External reality’. In all, this is a CD that will never gather dust on the shelf. Too much of today’s Drum and Bass doesn’t have that shelf life that can be played for years to come. Identity is everything in music. This IS Seba & Paradox at their very best. Enjoy!.


Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Drum & Bass , Electro
Sortie : 2006

Tracklist :
01. Paradox - Future's Extinction 6:24
02. Seba & Paradox - Stone Cold 6:02
03. Seba - Shapeshifter 5:45
04. Seba - External Reality 5:29
05. Seba & Paradox - It's All Love 5:18
06. Seba & Paradox - Last Goodbye 5:40
07. Seba & Paradox - Remembrance 6:13
08. Seba & Paradox - Can't Let Go 6:34
09. Seba & Paradox - No Words Can Describe It 5:40
10. Seba & Paradox - Wakeup Call 5:17
11. Seba & Paradox - You Didn't See It, Did You? 5:29
12. Seba & Paradox - It's Not A Dream 5:39



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"Dance Mother" est un premier disque qui tient ses promesses mais nous laisse un peu dubitatif. Il faut dire qu’à l’origine, Telepathe est un duo dont le premier EP se voulait assez noisy. Alors quand on s’aperçoit que Busy Gangnes et Shahin Motia ont choisi d’abandonner les expérimentations bruyantes et autres distorsions pour se tourner vers les voies de l’électronica, on est un peu surpris par l’aridité de l’ensemble.

Difficile de dégager un sentiment plutôt qu’un autre dans la musique de Telepathe tant les compositions semblent traverser notre époque avec un sentiment de détachement quasi salutaire. Dès les premières notes de So Fine, l’électro minimaliste de Telepathe nous plonge immédiatement dans une ambiance froide qui nous rappelle les balbutiements de la New Wave. Mais l’humeur des deux filles de Telepathe ne semble pas être à l’hédonisme tant leur musique sonne comme un lendemain de fête trop difficile. Dans ces conditions, on a du mal à accrocher à l’electro-clash de Chrome’s On It, seule ombre au tableau de ce disque austère.

Mais au milieu de cette ascèse, on retrouve certains éléments de style de TV On The Radio – David Sitek a produit "Dance Mother" - sur In Your Line, tant le morceau pourrait sonner comme une chute de studio du groupe. Batterie tribale, synthétiseur vaguement réverbéré et voix distanciées sont au cœur de ce titre qui constitue indéniablement la réussite de ce disque en demi-teinte. Parmi ces atmosphères sobres on gardera aussi Lights Go Down dont les blips concassés tentent une sortie progressive de ces ambiances glaciales. Cette touche de concupiscence sera de courte durée, le reste du disque retombera rapidement dans sa distance ultra raisonnable.

Ce premier disque d’une nouvelle sensation de ce début d’année est plutôt bien ficelé, malgré un ton impassible qui risque de se finir aussi par une distance de notre part. Gageons qu’au delà de la performance technique, Telepathe saura mettre une touche de sensualité dans son prochain album.

Par Mathieu



Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Electro Pop , Drum & Bass , Psychedelic

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :

01. So Fine
02. Chrome's on It
03. Devil's Trident
04. In Your Line
05. Lights Go Down
06. Can't Stand It
07. Michaël
08. Trilogy : Breath Of Life, Crimes And Killings, Threads And Knives
09. Drugged


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Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Dubstep , Electro , Drum & Bass

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :

01 - One
02 - It Was A Train
03 - AmeriCa B
04 - Five / Zippyshare
05 - Alpha / Zippyshare
06 - Taylor Rain
07 - 3 Gun Crime
08 - Big Swing SounD
09 - Big Swing DuB
10 - Outro


JazZsTePpa est un collectif formé en 2006.
Initié par Gal‐Bar‐Adon et Mathieu Pe (UK), et rapidemment rejoint par Katalze, BarbZ et ShmueL! (deux musiciens de Jazz), le groupe évolue dans un style musicale fusionnant le Dubstep, la Drum 'n Bass et le Nu-Jazz (Jazzstep?).

Leur premier album, sortie sur leur propre label (après plusieurs maxis sur MG77, Hot Flush ou Studio Rockers) fin décembre, est donc le résultat d'une alchimie parfaitement maitrisée entre la puissance et la profondeur d'un Dubstep aux basslines bien lourdes accouplée à la sensualité des instruments à cuivres et des percussions Jazz.

Bien que composé a 70 % de morceaux tirés de précédentes releases, ce premier Lp reste une bonne claque de fraicheur britannique (euphémisme).

Par David


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