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Origine du Groupe : Poland
Style : Downtempo , Instrumental
Sortie : 2011

From http://exportlabel.blogspot.com

Blossom, who debuted a few months ago with a remix on Cuefx’s single “Whale”, is introducing his first solo album today. “Blue Balloons” is the result of several months of hard work. The final product is filled with many downtempo guitar motifs, distinctive complex rhythms and a complementing rich base line. All these sounds are wrapped in the unique aura that makes Blossom’s debut homogenous and balanced.
“Blue Balloons” has been released in the limited number of 140 items. It can be ordered through exportshop.

Tracklist :
01 169
02 Blue balloons
03 Canvas
04 Double K.
05 Nightbeat
06 Eternaldream
07 Noon's bourg
08 Three isles
09 Road of wind
bonus Cuefx - Whale (Blossom rmx)



FREE DOWNLOAD FROM NETLABEL  http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_-zGM5RsLUME/TPGC6HJpFoI/AAAAAAAACBo/ayx1uic3PBk/S650/export%2Bmain%2Bcopy.jpg

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Origine du Groupe : Germany   
Style : Nu-Jazz , Lounge , Lo-Fi
Sortie : 2008

icon streaming

From http://www.earitnow.com

Ok. Of the twelve tracks on this Rogall album (only one there is I think) there is only one track I truly enjoy and it's the one I'm going to pass along. I can get really into the beats on this LP and if there was an instrumental version I would pick it up in a heartbeat. But personally I don't like the vocals of Sideshow Bob (go to their myspace and you'll see an almost obnoxiously long scroll-down bio of the band). Not to say it's not everybody's bag but I am a bigger fan of chicks singing over this kind of music. I'll keep an ear out for these guys and maybe it will grow on me. Either way listen to the one I like, venture out and listen to their other stuff. Publicity is always good.

Note : this is a continuous performance by the following :
Earl Zinger - "Sideshow Bob" : voc
Hugo Race - "The Man Who Laughs" : voc / guit
Steve Moss - "The Mudman": sax
"Gypsy" Bev Lee Harling : voc / violin
Achim "the Tapdrum Monk" Färber : drums
Farda P. "the Hierophant"
Rogall "the Electric Mysterious Wonder"
San Ra on Baritone Saxophone
and - as a very special guest:
Henry Rollins - "The Strongest Man Alive" : poem

Tracklist :
01. Nuts 'N' Bolts
02. Underground
03. Drive Into The West
04. Widllife
05. After Last Night
06. Foreign Woman
07. Beyond Garden Walls
08. Crime Baby
09. 10 Ft. Tall
10. Telephone Call
11. Rising Star
12. No Deposit





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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Trip Hop , Downtempo , Electronic , JPop
Sortie : 2002

Par Guillaume pour http://www.dmute.net

Le dernier disque recensé des nippons d'Antennasia, riche de vertus évidentes, mérite de toucher les oreilles éveillées de la planète entière... Mais en attendant que les faveurs de la hype s'attarde sur leur dernier album, un Phased passé injustement inaperçu en France, on se réservera l’observation de l’univers du tandem San & Nerve , les faveurs de leur trip-hop matiné de dub.

Pour donner un aperçu des qualités de Phased, on écoutera d’abord Emotion, la première véritable chanson de l’album, qui nous introduit doucement vers des climats contemplatifs, apaisés et lumineux. Bercé d’échos et de reverb évanescente, l’auditeur est rapidement entraîné à l’abandon par les vocaux languissants de San. Le radieux Mamma, mama prolonge ensuite cette douce torpeur, et révèle au passage l’idéale symbiose des talents des deux partenaires. On ne saurait imaginer meilleur écrin pour les mirages du chant de San que cette composition à la basse binaire, aux accords hypnotiques, tout en séduction zen.

Au tour d'Urban lullaby, sur un tempo callé à 77 bpm et un sample de piano de Bugge Wesseltoft, de captiver par les poses lascives de San. Puis après Frozen qui s’inscrit dans ce même son distingué voire sophistiqué, c'est Fat Noise GospelKimono qui clôt ce disque de façon ravissante.

Entre esthétique sonore moderne des rythmiques ciselées et mélodies pop, l'impeccable Phased est d’une fraîcheur salvatrice, un oasis de sérénité pour citadins speedés, vers lequel on se tournera pour retrouver le juste biorythme.

Tracklist :
01 - Intro
02 - Emotion
03 - Mamma,Mamma
04 - Interlude
05 - Urban Lullaby
06 - Dub Handles
07 - Frozen
08 - Interlude#2
09 - Inside or Outside
10 - Morning Cafe
11 - (Sans titre)
12 - Kimono




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Origine du Groupe : Switherland
Style : Trip Hop , Downtempo , Lo-Fi
Sortie : 2007

From http://dustedwax.org

Classical trippy lo-fi beats fused with oldschool baroque sounds flow in the ether, creating a calming dusty reality!
Totally digable! This is an obligatory download if you are a bloody oldschool Ninja Tune junkie! Yummie!

Tracklist :
01 - Yellowstoned
02 - Edirol My Ass Cause I Fucked Up Jaunsch
03 - Foreign Sense
04 - Deeper
05 - Distilled Music
06 - String Theory
07 - Miserere


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Origine du Groupe : Nederlands
Style : Electro Abstract , Ambient , Downtempo , Cinematic
Sortie : 2011

By Durk Kooistra   from http://www.humanworkshop.com

Bart Knol, a.k.a Gritt also works under the Trigg moniker. A totally different style and feel. While Gritt is known for his hard hitting dubstep bangers, Trigg Is easy going, full of playfull melodies and cinematic atmospheres. Bart has a studio full of vintage and modern synth's, but also a collection of obscure instruments and a Rhodes. Something you'll be ble to hear on this release. The contrast between his different projects are so big, yet each has a right of their own. Unlike many artists with multiple monnikers, Trigg never even hints to dubstep.

It has the lofi quality of Mentz and the ethnic winks of BASIC's work. A true Humanworkshop release. Timeless cinematic electronic music.

Tracklist :
01. Crest
02. Tron
03. Emesis
04. Dark Flower
05. Pillon
06. Yasmin
07. Seahorse
08. Transit
09. Shelter

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1 octobre 2011 6 01 /10 /octobre /2011 16:00




Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Electro Lounge , Downtempo
Sortie : 2010

From http://www.oneworldmusic.com.au

More than three intensive years of labouring are over. The work is done - Precious, Vargo's new album, is finished.

The duo from Hamburg, Germany, consisting of producer and multi-instrumentalist Ansgar Üffink and the versatile, beguiling singer Stephanie Hundertmark, was the first German band to be featured in the internationally celebrated CD series ‘Café del Mar’, and subsequently established itself as a permanent resident there. By now, Vargo tracks appear on far more than 150 compilations, which together have sold more than two million copies. Their debut album "Beauty" has become an international classic and managed to sell more than 50,000 copies all over the world without backing by a major label, building a worldwide fan-base and making Vargo one of the most successful bands of its genre.

However, all of these figures, events and success stories appear less significant, once you immerse yourself deeper in Vargo’s world. It turns out to be about much more than album sales or contributions to compilations, about more than intelligent, multifaceted music that is produced with a passion for detail and that fluctuates between Ambient, Trip Hop, Electronica and pop grooves. Ansgar and Stephanie have an objective, a strong wish, their aim is to communicate, to inspire and to stimulate.

'Precious has built on Vargo's work on 'Beauty', and eclipsed it' - The Scene


Tracklist :
01. Dear Friends - Prelude
02. Your Love
03. Slowdive
04. So Sensual
05. You're Not Alone
06. Warriors (feat Dan Millman)
07. Celebrate Goodbye
08. The Meaning of Life
09. Precious Part One
10. One Language
11. Precious Part Two
12. Dear Friends - Reprise (feat Duncan Wong)



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3 septembre 2011 6 03 /09 /septembre /2011 10:30




Origine du Groupe : U.K , Germany
Style : Acid Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , Lounge
Sortie : 2011

By Dj Uilson From http://djuilson.blogspot.com

After the huge success of their first 2 albums "Sitar and Bossa", and “D'Jazzonga” Bebo is back with perhaps his finest yet!
With the spirit of whatever "Nu Jazz" might be, with a way-cool cinematic bossa nova-jazz groove that could pass for a genuine late-'60s or early-'70s soundtrack recording, garnished with early 21st century electronic touches.
Bebo blends elements of dance music, jazz, trip-hop, swing and downtempo into one delicious, happy cocktail and suggests the exuberant insouciance of parties, rides in convertibles on warm, full-moon nights, and an afternoon spent dancing barefoot with friends with a glass of sangria in your hand.

The Album opens with the sublime title track, Nu-Jazz at its best! The albums flows into “Havana Jazz” and “Mambo & Cola” – lots of Brazilain Jazz here!
Next is the swingin' dance tracks of Louis Prima’s “Sing Sing Sing” and “James Bonds theme” both done “Bebo style”. Funky beats of “Jazz or NuJazz” get you into the groove with sensual parisienne singer Luma’s vocals on “that’s the way I like it” and London’s top Jazz singer Iain Mackenzie breaks your heart with “now and ever”.
Bebo gets back into cool seductive, jazz again with “chill radio bossa” and “the sun is shinin’” with “Jazz carnival” and “daikiri bossa dance” playing the album out.
Lastly Chin Chin has added a bonus remix track of “Sing Sing Sing” done by DJ Gabriel’s with a dance floor New jazzy-grooved beat put to it!


Tracklist :
1. Saronno On The Rocks
2. Havana Jazz Dance
3. Mambo & Cola
4. Sing Sing Sing
5. James Bond Theme
6. Jazz Or Nu Jazz
7. That’s The Way I Like It (Feat Luma)
8. Now & Ever (Feat Iain Mackenzie)
9. Chill Radio Bossa
10. The Sun Is Shinin’ (Feat Mr Concina)
11. Jazz Carnival
12. Daikiri Bossa Dance
13. Sing Sing Sing (Koko Chanel Remix)



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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Downtempo , Abstract Hip Hop , Trip Hop
Sortie : 2005

From http://www.cdbaby.com

"It’s the best downtempo album you’ve never heard of."

"There's not a gimmick to be found here -- it's just a collection of twelve four minute songs that exist as ends unto themselves, and though its premise is none too exhilarating, its results are -- and then some."

"...their music is just lovely...The music itself covers so many grounds - some parts Sigor Ros with the xylophones and cellos - some parts mixing steady beats with cranky bass guitars - this stuff is awesome. I'm really excited about the new album."

"Whether it's a string arrangement, a train, the wind, or the members playing several different instruments, these guys just have a knack for making music with soul."

"Low In The Sky surprised me. They're simple with their complexity, and the lack of lyrics doesn't bring their intensity down. Recommended for fans of Four Tet, Department of Eagles, Boards of Canada, and Prefuse 73."

Tracklist :
1. Cool Sanson
2. Dear Birds
3. The Cowboy Natural
4. Are You For Real
5. Fax Mn
6. Perdendosi Morendo
7. Heavens to Murgatroid
8. Horses in the Sun
9. The Mayors House
10. Go Federal
11. Astronaut Practice
12. At the Source of the Longest River



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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Downtempo , Rap , Alternative , Psychedelic
Sortie : 2010

From http://decorativestamp.org

‘Sold out Cyclone’ was spawned from a splendid wingspan of chequered faces from within the belly of a bloated 2008. Four saucer-eyed characters collided in different places, curious and wonderful spaces, with accents that entwined one another’s damp tongues. They clutched one another as the 19th Century west London carnival screamed past their temporary abode rattling the windows wildly and dancing upon sleeping ponies. They new all was true and well when the earth tilted slowly and rained warmth across their welded brows.

Tracklist :
1.Aluminium Tins Weep 03:39
2.Dreamers Are Insomniacs 01:49
3.I Choose to Pick Them Up 04:46    
4.Rain Ricochet a 04:07
5.New Policies Orchestra 02:12    
6.Tattoo of a Gramophone 01:43    
7.Horse Tranquiliser 04:14    
8.Bottle Tissue 04:43    
9.Marrano Came Round 03:43    
10.Rain Ricochet b 02:20



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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Electro Tango , Downtempo , Lounge
Sortie : 2001

Par José Ruiz Pour http://www.amazon.fr

Si on se laisse prendre au jeu des percussions, on est assez éloigné du titre du projet. Mais si on avance un peu plus, pour laisser entrer le bandonéon, on est cuit : le tango a pris une drôle de revanche. Avec des plages comme "La Del Ruso" ou l'adaptation de "Chunga's Revenge (signé Frank Zappa), la musique de Gotan Project prend des ailes. Des allures d'oiseau merveilleux, planant par-dessus les frontières de genre, avec un cœur qui bat au rythme de la milonga argentine. Piano, violon, guitare viennent rejoindre le festin, une célébration joyeuse de la rencontre de l'électronique et du tango. Au cœur du dispositif, un génie multi-instrumentiste nommé Philippe Cohen Solal, un drôle de clavier dubbeur insatiable, et bassiste puissant, et le délicat guitariste Eduardo Makaroff. Le trio, en invitant quelques figures du tango argentin (Nini Flores au bandonéon, la chanteuse Cristina Vilallonga...) vont produire cette aventure exaltante, où la musique va aussi servir d'écho à quelques cris de guerre et de révolte. "Queremos Paz" ou "El Capitalismo Foráneo", avec leur groove obsédant de tango du 3e millénaire, prennent soudain une douloureuse résonance, dans l'Argentine ruinée de l'année 2001.

Description du produit

L'oeuvre - très précieuse - de musiciens inspirés, de surcroît visiblement érudits : avec ce disque remarquable, ce collectif français, appuyé de quelques spécialistes sud-américains (la pulpeuse Cristina Vilallonga en tête) célèbrent avec volupté les noces du tango argentin et de l'électronique. Et le moins que l'on puisse dire, c'est que tout au long de cet album chaleureux (et très étonnant : nos amis reprennent même un morceau culte de Frank Zappa, Chunga's Revenge !) le mariage est une totale réussite. Une preuve supplémentaire (comme si besoin était !) que l'electro peut s'accommoder à toutes les sauces, même piquantes !


Tracklist :
01  -  "Queremos Paz" – 5:15
02  -  "Época" – 4:28
03  -  "Chunga's Revenge" – 5:02 (cover of the title track from Frank Zappa's 1970 album Chunga's Revenge)
04  -  "Tríptico" – 8:26
05  -  "Santa María (del Buen Ayre)" – 5:57 (featured in the Hollywood film Shall We Dance? featuring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.)
06  -  "Una Música Brutal" – 4:11
07  -  "El Capitalismo Foráneo" – 6:13
08  -  "Last Tango in Paris" – 5:50 (cover of Gato Barbieri's theme for the 1972 film Last Tango in Paris)
09  -  "La del Ruso" – 6:22
10  -  "Vuelvo al Sur" – 6:59



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