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Origine du Groupe : South Africa
Style : Blues Rock
Sortie : 2012

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By Zorn  from http://exystence.net

If Crimson House Blues’ first album doesn’t make you want to weep and dance and drink copious amounts of whiskey while feeling with your whole being all at the same time… there is something seriously wrong with you.It’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s catchy and it’s a perfect combination of “slit your wrists” deep, soul moving blues and rockabilly, sing-a-long, foot-tapping goodness.These local boys have been potting about the local blues scene for a while now, making lots of friends along the way and they roped in all kinds of surprise guests for their launch last week.From the inventive Tombstone Pete, to the hauntingly beautiful violin sounds produced by Rayelle Goodman, the band made sure the show was something no one would be likely to forget soon.The sound quality on…

the album is stunning and it feels as intimate as any of their live performances.

Redeye Riaan - Vocals/ Guitar, A - Train van Zyl - Guitars, Moonshine Ollie - Wind/ harmonica, Mr. Blonde/ percussion Blind doni Tose; Bass

Tracklist :
1. Going Down Slow - 8:18
2. Silver Dollars - 4:39
3. Desert Rose - 3:45
4. Dont Take My Whiskey Away - 3:36
5. Breaking Down Low - 3:57
6. Cant Slow Us Down - 3:19
7. Halfway Whore House - 4:39
8. Pickaxe Blues - 1:50
9. Over & Out - 3:47


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues
Sortie : 2012

By Jeff Leven  from  http://www.pastemagazine.com

Far more immaculate than illicit.

As charged with ritual significance and promise as the basic art form may be, it’s actually hard to find good modern blues records. Cheap production values with too many horns and rote shuffles clutter the landscape, and original voices are disappointingly scarce. But every now and then an album like Otis Taylor’s latest comes along in a gust of inspiration. Across these 14 tracks, Taylor shows a stunning range while studiously avoiding clichés.

Like Taj Mahal, he’s able to bring kinetic spirit and smooth musicality to Delta-based acoustic/banjo work (even stray Mumford fans will be dazzled by “Lay On My Delta Bed”), but he’s also able to pull-off electric urban romps that would equally woo Robert Cray devotees. His singing is crisp and unadorned while his playing is measured and tasteful. Sprinkled lyrically with a knack for character study and sketch-driven storytelling, these songs feel like songs rather than just vehicles for solos or nods to well-known patterns. In short, it’s a modern blues record that even non-blues fans can love and that blues fans can outright cherish.

Tracklist :
01 – The Devil’s Gonna Lie
02 – Yell Your Name
03 – Look to the Side
04 – Romans Had Their Way
05 – Blind Piano Teacher
06 – Banjo Boogie Blues
07 – 2 or 3 Times
08 – Contraband Blues
09 – Lay On My Delta Bed
10 – Your 10 Dollar Bill
11 – Open These Bars
12 – Yellow Car, Yellow Dog
13 – Never Been to Africa
14 – I Can See You’re Lying

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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues Rock , Alternative Rock
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.amazon.com

Popa Chubby is back with a brand new CD. This followup to 'The Fight Is On' is Popa's first North American release
with Mascot/Provogue label. The 10 song offering recorded and produced by Popa with help from engineer V.D.
King at Popa's own Serpentine Studio in the scenic Hudson Valley New York is a power packed and emotional
Rock/Blues romp that hits from front to back. Featuring Popa's signature searing guitar licks coupled with the power house rhythm section of A.J. Pappas (Bass) and Dan Hickey (Drums) Popa comes forth with his greatest work to date.
From the Hendrix inflected wailings of 'Back To new York City', to the Stevie Ray on steroids Texas boogie of 'She
Loves Everybody But Me', to the broken hearted dirge of 'Pound Of Flesh' to the classical melodic strains of urban
woe in 'A Love That Will Not Die' Popa does not let up.

Tracklist :
01. Back To New York City (4:38)
02. She Loves Everybody But Me (4:26)
03. Pound Of Flesh (6:27)
04. Warrior God (5:09)
05. The Future (7:27)
06. It's About You (4:48)
07. A Love That Will Not Die (4:30)
08. Keep Your Wood Pile Dry (4:46)
09. Stand Before The Sun (6:02)
10. She Made Me Beg For It (5:43)
11. Jesus Joy Of Man Desire (3:40)





Popa Chubby - Pound of Flesh (session... par nesposit

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Origine du Groupe : Mali
Style : Blues , Mali Blues
Sortie : 2011
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Par Benjamin MiniMuM pour http://www.mondomix.com

Les parrains de l'effervescente scène de rock touarègue sont de retour. Tassili, le nouvel album de Tinariwen, leur garantit l'avance qu'ils maintiennent sur les autres adeptes du genre qu'ils ont largement contribué à créer.

Tassili N’Ajjer est un massif montagneux du sud est algérien où le groupe, au début de sa carrière écrivit quelques unes des chansons qui ont forgé sa réputation. Pour renouer avec l’inspiration originelle et parce que la zone naturelle des musiciens, située dans le Nord Mali, est interdite à tous ressortissants étrangers, pour cause de présence de groupuscules islamistes, Tinariwen a choisit la région de Tassili pour installer leur studio mobile.

Enregistré, principalement en acoustique, sous la tente ou le ciel étoilé au milieu du désert, ce disque boisé et chaleureux tient autant du retour aux sources que d'un pas vers des musiques cousines et de nouveaux publics. Chants traditionnels revisités, anciens morceaux sortis des cantines de bivouac et nouvelles compositions ont donc été captés dans leur environnement naturel de sable et de roche. Ambiance de veillées mais surtout souffle spontané des voix ;  principalement celle du charismatique Ibrahim Al Alhabib ; et les résonnance limpide des cordes, plus qu’aucun de leurs 4 autres disques Tassili, reproduit fidèlement l’âme libre et poétique de leur musique.

Suite à leur notoriété grandissante, d’importantes tournées à travers le monde et le soutien de célébrités, Tinariwen s’est peu à peu fait une place dans le circuit international du rock indépendant et y ont noués des amitiés. Ils ont donc convié Tunde Adebimpe et Kyp Malone, respectivement chanteur et guitariste du groupe de Brooklyn TV On The Radio, à rejoindre leur campement pour sentir les vibrations du désert et enrichir de contre chant pop et d’accords inspirés une bonne moitié des morceaux de cet enregistrement. Après coup, Nels Cline, du groupe de Chicago Wilco a aussi fait sonné sa guitare sur Imidiwan Ma Tenam et la fanfare de la Nouvelle Orléans The Dirty Dozen Brass Band a posé les résonnances fantomatiques de leurs cuivres sur Ya Messinagh. Respectueux, ces ajouts extérieurs inattendus n’ont en rien dénaturé le propos de Tinariwen, ils soulignent les liens entre le blues d’Afrique et celui d’Amérique et réaffirment l’universalité de cette musique.

Tracklist :
01 Imidiwan Ma Tennam 04:40
02 Asuf D Alwa 04:11
03 Tenere Taqqim Tossam 04:13
04 Ya Messinagh 05:29
05 Walla Illa 04:53
06 Tameyawt 04:36
07 Imidiwan Win Sahara 03:44
08 Tamiditin Tan Ufrawan 03:03
09 Aden Osamnat 03:25
10 Tenidagh Hegh Djeredjere 04:36
11 Iswegh Attay 05:36
12 Takkest Tamidaret 04:56




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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues Rock , Folk , Country
Sortie : 2007

From http://www.cdbaby.com

David Grissom is a Texas based Guitar Player and Songwriter who has toured and recorded with artists such as Storyville, Joe Ely, John Mellencamp, the Allman Brothers Band, and the Dixie Chicks. His songs have been recorded by John Mayall, Trisha Yearwood, Webb Wilder, Lee Ann Womack and others. After playing on hundreds of records for other artists, his first solo CD "Loud Music" will be released in June 2007.

Tracklist :
01 - Lonesome Dove
02 - Loud Music
03 - Wide Lode
04 - Hi-tex
05 - Sake and Venom
06 - Nothin Makes a Man Go Crazy
07 - Whiskey Cryin
08 - Boots Like To Boogie
09 - Lucy G
10 - Mister Quincey
11 - Midnight Drive
10. A Riot Of Emotion




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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues
Sortie : 1970

Wikipedia :

Earl Hooker (January 15, 1929 – April 21, 1970) was a Chicago blues guitarist, perhaps best known for his slide guitar playing. Considered a "musician's musician",Hooker performed with blues artists such as Sonny Boy Williamson II, Junior Wells, and John Lee Hooker (a cousin) as well as fronting his own bands. An early player of the electric guitar, Hooker was influenced by the modern urban styles of T-Bone Walker and Robert Nighthawk. As a band leader, he recorded several singles and albums, in addition to recording with well-known artists. His "Blue Guitar", a popular Chicago area slide-guitar instrumental single, was later overdubbed with vocals by Muddy Waters and became the popular "You Shook Me".

In the late 1960s, Hooker began performing on the college and concert circuit and had several recording contracts. Just as his career was on an upswing, Earl Hooker died in 1970 at age 41 after a life-long struggle with tuberculosis. His guitar playing has been acknowledged by many of his peers, including B.B. King, who commented: "to me he is the best of modern guitarists. Period. With the slide he was the best. It was nobody else like him, he was just one of a kind".


Tracklist :
01. I Feel Good - 2:02
02. Drivin' Wheel - 3:19
03. Shuffle - 2:49
04. Country And Western - 3:05
05. Sweet Home Chicago - 2:52
06. Sweet Black Angel - 2:31
07. Boogie, Don't Blot! - 2:26
08. Cross Cut Saw - 2:24
09. Catfish Blues - 2:36
10. The Mood - 1:37
11. Funky Blues - 2:26





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Origine du Groupe : Turkey
Style : Blues
Sortie : 1999

Par niko pour http://undergroundturkey.blogspot.com

Encore une preuve que la musique traverse les frontières, et qu'elle n'hésite pas à faire des milliers de kilomètres.
Imaginez le chemin que celle-ci a du parcourir. En direct des immenses plaines du grand ouest américain jusqu'aux rivages verdoyants de l'Anatolie, laissez-moi vous présenter : Istanbul Blues Kumpanyasi.
Ce groupe formé en 1993 joue un mélange impressionnant de styles allant du blues, de la country vers l'improvisation et le folk sans renier leur héritage musical traditionnel.
Il existe bien des cow-boys en Turquie!!!
A l'écoute de "Sair Zamanlar", on est tout de suite subjugué par la fusion des genres qui sans être indécente est tout de même assez troublante. On redécouvre les thèmes propres à la musique américaine sous les sonorités du saz, des congas et bien sur de la langue turque.
Biskotin ouvre le bal, et tout le monde est invité à communier et à danser sur ce blues polymorphe. On y est, l'ambiance s'installe, la foule siffle, hurle des "yihaa" en envoyant les chapeaux en l'air.
Changement d'ambiance, Istanbul Blues Kumpanyasi s'installe au coin du feu et nous interprète Kurbağalı Bodrum. La fête prend, à ce moment une tout autre couleur. Les délicieuses sonorités de l'harmonica se mêlent dans les arabesques du guitariste.
Comme dans n'importe quel bal, il serait impensable de ne pas jouer quelques classiques.
C'est chose faite avec le fameux "On the road again", morceau country interprété par des célébrités comme Canned Heat et surtout Willie Nelson. Ils ont réussi à s'approprier avec talent ce hit et à lui insuffler une ambiance quasi psychédélique.

Si vous avez apprécié "Farewell Shalabiye" du groupe No Blues, et que vous vous prosterné devant le groupe américain Secret Chief, jetez-vous sur cet album.
Istanbul Blues Kumpanyasi a su rapprocher deux cultures opposées, ils ont prouvés au monde que le blues est un langage universel, un prisme doré au travers duquel la musique traditionnelle trouve son écrin.

Tracklist :
1. Biskotin     3:49   
2. Derbeder     3:36    
3. Kirik Hayatlar     6:20         
4. Kurbagali Bodrum     6:41    
5. Cigdem Pilavi     4:42     
6. Huseyni Twist     9:01    
7. Sair Zamanlar     9:10    
8. Izmir'e Donus     7:01     
9. On The Road Again     6:04    
10. Durust Duman     5:25     
11. Fourty Four     3:46    
12. Whiskey Headed Woman No.3     3:33



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Origine du Groupe : Italia
Style : Blues Rock
Sortie : 1999

From Official Website :

Leader e fondatore della Band è il chitarrista cantante Maurizio Glielmo, artista dai lunghi e prestigiosi trascorsi nella scena del blues italiano.

Per anni a fianco del leggendario Fabio Treves calca i palchi dei più importanti festival italiani e internazionali oltre a partecipare alla registrazione di due album “Treves 3” nel 1985 e “Sunday's blues” nel 1988 dove vi è la presenza di importanti artisti come Chuck Leavell (già con Rolling Stones, Almann Brothers, Eric Clapton, ed altri), Dave Kelly (Blues Band) eroe del British Blues, Pick Withers (batterista dei Dire Straits).

Maurizio Glielmo da così vita alla “Gnola Blues Band” che nasce ufficialmente nel 1989 con l'obbiettivo iniziale di percorrere gli intinerari più classici del blues. La band parte dalla interpretazioni degli standard (Elmore James, Muddy Waters) sino a fondere gli elementi della tradizione in interessanti composizioni originali. La GBB è sostenuta dal cuore pulsante costituito dalla coppia Bertagna/Pavin, rispettivamente batteria e basso, una sezione ritmica granitica capace di dare spazio e luce ai solisti ponendo particolare attenzione alle dinamiche. Insostituibile l'apporto pianistico di Roger Mugnaini, sempre pronto all'elegante accompagnamento della seicorde di Glielmo o a proporsi in personali “solo” sia al piano che all'organo.

L'attività live diventa ben presto frenetica e la credibilità musicale si concretizza grazie alle participazioni ai vari festival anche con artisti internazionali e alla prima produzione discografica “First Step” del 1991 che raccoglie lusinghiere recensioni dalla critica specializzata (Il Blues, Buscadero, Fare Musica, Mucchio Selvaggio, ecc.) fino ad arrivare al secondo album in studio “Walkin' through the shadows of the blues” che si aggiudica il premio come migliore disco jazz&blues dell'anno 2000 e viene consegnato da Ernesto De Pascale (Rai 2) al festival blues di Bordighera.

Profondo conoscitore dell'uso del dobro e della tecnica “slide” in generale, si esprime con personalità in questa tecnica tanto da essere consderato uno specialista a livello nazionale. Questa sua abilità gli consente di essere invitato in qualità di session-man per produzioni non prettamente blues ma sconfinanti nella musica leggera, rock e pop. Le partecipazioni come solista a produzioni altrui proseguono: “Goin' home” Rava B.B., “On the good foot” Back in Blues Band, “Vivo sulla luna” Matteo Bassi, “Grazie mille” Max Pezzali, “Madre terra” Tazenda, “E semm partii” Davide van de sfross, nella compilation del Sestri Levante Blues Festival con “Key to the highway”.

Nell'estate del 2003 l'incontro con la cantante di Atlanta, Sandra Hall, dove nasce un'intensa collaborazione che prosegue ad oggi con una serie di concerti ai maggiori festival in Italia (tra cui Pistoia Blues 07) ed in Europa e con la registrazione del cd “Red Bone Woman” (2007), undici brani di cui nove firmati da Glielmo con Mugnaini e la stessa Sandra Hall.

Nel 2006 esce l'album “Gnola Blues Band live at Spazio Musica” registrato in due serate presso lo “storico locale” di Pavia, ed anche per questo lavoro ci sono le ottime critiche delle maggiori riviste specializzate. Sempre nello sesso anno Glielmo partecipa alle session in studio di tre brani nel disco “Spazio Blues”, una compilation con i migliori musicisti che ruotano intorno al mitico locale pavese

Nell’estate 2009 la band accompagna il cantante chitarrista Roy Roberts con una serie di concerti nei più importanti festival del blues in Italia ed in Europa. Nel settembre dello stesso anno Maurizio Glielmo inizia le registrazioni assieme a Jimmy Ragazzon e da li a breve esce “Blues, ballads and songs” cd prodotto da Fabrizio Scotti per l’etichetta GOOD COMPANY, lavoro in gran parte acustico che ripropone brani di blues tradizionale e riletture personali di alcune cover. È del marzo 2010 l’utimo lavoro per celebrare i vent’anni della band, “20 Years on the Road” (sempre per la GOOD COMPANY) appare come una compilation con alcuni brani estratti dai cd precedenti e l’aggiunta di 5 brani inediti.

Consigliamo di partecipare ad un concerto della GBB


Tracklist :
01. Blues Fallin' Down
02. Walkin' Through The Shadows Of The Blues
03. Foreigner Blues
04. Midnight Cryin'
05. Muddy, Slide Tribute
06. Perrissa Beach
07. Tonight (I'm Goin' To Cry)
08. I'm Alone
09. Tuff Times
10. Tulane Avenue Shuffle
11. Mean In Love
12. Baby, Baby
13. Can't Help Myself
14. Roger Boogie



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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Blues , Blues Rock
Sortie : 2003

By Jon From http://www.amazon.com

Get ready for the charge of the West brigade

I just got this and am thrilled by this CD. Leslie and really still do it and it has b*alls, power, emotion, fire and just raw, hard nosed blues. My favorite.

Leslie hasn't last it a bit, his selections of songs are great. It is also great for a blues guitarist to play along with.

Simple, rough, in your face great hard edged blues. If you like musicians like Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter, you will love this.

By the way, who is this nerd whose posting should be eleminated about this bozo's fade out obsession. He says the same thing about Winter, knows nothing, and he really pulls down the reviews for the great artists. If this guy had an IQ of 10, he would know that every single audio software that I know of can make his little songs end up with fadeouts, non-fadeoouts, delays, non-delays.
I would like Amazon to take this child Daniel Anderson from (Unley Park, SA Australia) and remove all his non-reviews and learn how to fade-out songs any way he likes.

Tracklist :
1. Crawlin' Kingsnake
2. Boom Boom
3. Mean Mistreater
4. I'm Ready
5. Talk to Your Daughter
6. Don't Start Me Talkin'
7. Hellhound on My Trail
8. Born Under a Bad Sign
9. Down by the River
10. I Got the Blues
11. Why I Sing the Blues



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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Blues Rock
Sortie : 2008

Par Philippe "marseillan" pour http://www.amazon.fr

Certes à premiere vue (la pochette du cd) on ne se précipite pas dessus...Et pourtant , grave erreur que de passer à côté de ce bijou bluesy-funk. D'accord question guitare, on est loin de feu SRV, mais question feeling et groove, ça balance severe. C'est carré, ça tourne, c'est péchu, bon enregistrement, bonne voix. Ca ne révolutionne pas le genre, mais ça fait longtemps qu'on n'a pas entendu ce style, point trop hard blues, ni trop blues mou. En résumé ils ont l'air de ne pas se prendre au sérieux et c'est tant mieux !!!


Tracklist :   
01. Good Time Charlie
02. I'd Rather Be Blind
03. I Believe to my Soul
04. Doggone Man
05. Teardrops
06. Insomnia
07. On the Game!!!
08. Out of Reach
09. We Play the Blues
10. Rainin' In Bordeaux
11. Nobody But You
12. Under Pressure



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