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Origine du Groupe : Germany
Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat
Sortie : 2012

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From http://soundcloud.com

Who the f_ck is Blockboy?

As an avowing vinyl-junkie, the native of Munich sees his inspirational roots mainly in Beat and Rockmusic of the early 70s as well as in the New York HipHop of the 90s.
In his recording studio and atelier in an old building flat in Munich, he regularly descends into spheres of visual art and sound, while swinging between bliss and desperation because of his perfectionism. With attention to detail, the communication designer plays and records all instruments himself, strictly according to the motto: keep it real!
To put a label on Blockboy's sound is not easy, since he moves between Ambient, Dubstep, HipHop, BigBeat and Funk - always enhanced by an affection for detailed samples of vinyl treasures.
Along with his band 'Octopussies', a HipHop-Funk combo, that he is founding member, guitarist and musical lead of, Blockboy already has a lot of live
experience and attention in Southern Germany - with hand-made music and real instruments. But now, after his first tracks on the well received sampler 'Yummy! Yummy!', his debut as a solo artist in the world of electronic music has arrived:
'Heartbox', which will be released as a limited collector's vinyl edition (of course!) as well as a Download edition, is the start of a trilogy of topically defined EPs, that showcase his incredibly wide spectrum. On 'Heartbox', Blockboy presents his affection for Downbeat, HipHop and deep sound - but it will be interesting, what else is to come...;)

Tracklist :
01 - The Worst
02 - Survive
03 - World against us - feat. MISTA MIN
04 - The Hornet
O5 - Well wicked
06 - The Renaissance
07 - Satellite - feat. CAROLIN ROTH
08 - Murder - feat. MISTA MIN
09 - Golden Junglehood


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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Abstract Hip Hop Jazz
Sortie : 2012

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From http://dustedwax.org

American producer and sound maestro Erik Jackson; shares his incredible album "Rainy Days" with the Dusted Wax Kingdom's audience. The release is a unique fusion of light melancholic drum & bass, romantic acid jazz and relaxing downtempo.

Tracklist :
01   Put On A Record (Intro)
02   It's Time
03   Now And Then
04   Tonights Forecast (Interlude)
05   Rainy Days
06   Starlight
07   Through The Storm
08   Be Mine
09   Genuinely
10   Staying Home Tonight (With You)
11   It's Getting Late (Interlude)
12   Dark Skies

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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2002

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By Paul Cooper  from http://pitchfork.com

Instrumental hip-hop is a tricky proposition. Until DJ Shadow's Endtroducing, the idea of releasing instrumental versions of rap tracks seemed ludicrous. Who'd want to listen to It Takes a Nation of Millions bereft of Chuck D's searing commentary and Flav's wisecracking? Would an instrumental version of Three Feet High and Rising be anything more than just a collection of oddball samples? Endroducing changed the rules. Shadow's curatorish crate-digging made voiceless hip-hop engaging and worthwhile pursuit. Of course, it wasn't too long before less notable and skillful beat-forgers converted Shadow's pioneering endeavor into a budget-priced bandwagon.

Dan the Automator is largely to blame for this. After resurrecting Kool Keith with the Dr. Octagon project, few Automator projects were deemed complete without an accompanying instrumental version. These albums attract me even less than remix albums. At least with a remix album, you might get an intriguing take on a tune you'd previously considered wet shit. Prime example of this is Matthew Herbert's Secondhand Sounds remix collection where he transforms putrid slurry such as Moloko's "Sing It Back" into fascinating concrète funk. But with your usual instrumental hip-hop album, it's the same album, only with the vocals excised-- and without even the expense of hiring Norman Cook to bully his engineer to rig up four samples and roll them into a wire ball of predictability.

It need not be this way! Reggae has a long tradition of released vocal and "versioned" readings of albums, like Burning Spear's Marcus Garvey with its Garvey Ghost dub version, and Johnny Clarke's Don't Trouble Trouble, and the Aggrovators' aptly-titled Johnny in the Echo Chamber. Surely, there's something that can be done about this!

Enter Fat Jon the Soul Physician, the beat creator for the Five Deez crew and a salve to all of us that have been exhausted by waiting for true instrumental hip-hop. Though the cover of Wave Motion may make blatant reference to Stevie Wonder's early 70s third-eye soul, the music is deep and dubby hip-hop cool. This ain't the stuff that'll sell K-Swiss trainers-- nor will Fat Jon be appearing on the glossy cover of Vibe. This, rather, is the stuff that discerning heads will take to their hearts, just as they did with the even more daring Soulmates by Bay Area genius Nobody.

Wave Motion opens almost programmatically with a sumptuous female vocal crying, "To the Sky! Take me home!," as some unidentified hepcat saxophonist hollows his low-down mojo. With these two contrasting elements, Fat Jon states that this record will be a celestially jazzy homecoming. A tight snare creeps in to add just the right amount of head-bobbing funk. With an opening as brazenly self-assured and soulful as this, I forget all my previous notions regarding instrumental hip-hop. "Feel the Void" adds to my enthusiasm. The track creeps up with a liberated bassline that wanders from rhythm to rhythm until a steady pattern emerges. Above these elements, a lonesome flute charts a course through heartache, only to be goaded into lovelorn desperation by occasional bass clarinet farps. Two tracks in, and I've forgotten all about Shadow's over-hyped (not to mention disappointing) The Private Press.

"Visual Music" is not as oxymoronic as its title suggests. It's an uncomplicated, gorgeous téte-a-téte between a restrained drum kit and an array of gently chiming guitars, reeds, and keyboards. "Watch Out" possesses a distinguishing brightness, a feisty club cut after the almost contemplative vibe of the preceding tracks. "For Stress" clothes the Neptunes' tighter-than-spandex snare sound in ambient spangles and Gil Evans horn ensemble lines. "Eyes" continues the jazz without sounding anything like a Digible Planets or Tribe Called Quest clone. "Wet Secrets" vies with "Watch Out" for the club action. "Wet Secrets" will lose out, as the harmonic piano clusters lend the track a meditative quality that will be lost on the Kristal'd and Red Bull'd masses.

And that's the overwhelming thing about Wave Motion. Fat Jon is a conscientious and gifted producer with a talent for creating tracks that work on multiple levels simultaneously. The grooves here are never less than utterly accessible and smartly funky. But like the album's artwork, there's a depth and a melancholy to almost all these tracks. "Feel the Void" is a standout in this regard, but "Depths" aches, too. Wave Motion isn't an accessory or an alternative like so many instrumental albums; Wave Motion is a serious proposition and a statement not only of Fat Jon's studio abilities but also of his introspective aesthetic. With the resilience and the emotional draw to outlast much of what constitutes any variant of hip-hop these days, this record puts Fat Jon on the radar. Expect great things.

Tracklist :
01 Where?
02 Feel The Void
03 Visual Music
04 Watch Out
05 For Stress
06 1975
07 Eyes
08 Wet Secrets
09 Depths
10 Automated Life Machines
11 Surrection
12 Disgust

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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2010

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Tracklist :
1 tokyo
2 eye
3 oboroge lamp remix ft. PG The Budori
5 gio
6 色 ft. 牛込謙治
8 woods
9 sonzai remix ft. lee
10 boon
11 girl
12 タラフ・ドゥ・カバル
13 roma
14 piano nostalzia
15 TOKI ft. ジャンベ ナリテツ
16 brain

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Origine du Groupe : France , Spain
Style : Blues , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://themalexkings.bandcamp.com

Welcome to Chicago EP is the presentation of what will be later released as an LP called Urban Concepts.

This EP is a tribute to blues. Chicago, the “Windy City” is the most important point of reference when talking about blues. But its influence does not end with this style, rock n roll, funky, soul, jazz and even hip-hop are a significant part of the urban musical culture of this city. This mixing of cultural and musical trends is clearly reflected in the album Urban Concepts.

While recording, several guitars were used, two Fender (Stratocaster American standard and Stratocaster american vintage commemorative 1957) and one Gibson (Les Paul American standard). The amplifiers used were Marshall plexi 1959 slp, Mesa Boogie Lonestar and Vox ac30. Samples and different effects (fuzz, reverb, echo, etc... ) were made with a Korg Electribe SX. All the tracks were recorded and self edited in a home studio.


"Welcome to Chicago " EP. es la presentación al público de lo que posteriormente será un LP llamado "Urban Concepts".

Este EP. es un homenaje al blues. La "ciudad del viento" Chicago, es la mayor referencia en cuanto a blues se refiere. Sus influencias no solamente se limitan a este estilo, sino que también rock´n´ roll, funky, soul, jazz e incluso hip-hop forman parte de la cultura musical urbana de esta ciudad. En el álbum Urban Concepts se reflejan claramente esa mezcla de tendencias y culturas musicales.

Durante la grabación se han utilizado varias guitarras; dos Fender (Stratocaster american standard y Stratocaster american vintage commemorative 1957) y una Gibson (Les paul american standard). Los amplis utilizados son: Marshall plexi 1959 slp, Mesa Boogie lonestar y Vox ac30. El uso de samples y efectos (fuzz, reverb, echo, etc... ) han sido realizados con un Korg Electribe SX. Todos los temas han sido grabados y autoeditados en un home studio.


"Welcome to Chicago " EP. est la présentation au public de ce qui sera prochainement un LP intitulé : "Urban concepts".

Cet EP. est un hommage au blues. La "ville des vents" Chicago est la plus grande référence en ce qui concerne cette musique. Ses influences ne se limitent pas uniquement à ce style, Rock and roll, funky, soul, jazz et même hip-hop font partie de la culture musicale urbaine de cette ville. L'album Urban Concepts reflète clairement le mélange de ces tendances et cultures musicales.

Lors de l'enregistrement, plusieurs guitares ont été utilisées: deux Fender (Stratocaster American Standard et Stratocaster American Vintage commémorative 1957) et une Gibson (Les Paul American Standard). Les amplis utilisés sont: Marshall plexi 1959 slp, Mesa Boogie lonestar y Vox ac30. L'utilisation d'échantillons et les effets (fuzz, réverbération, écho, etc ...) ont été réalisés avec un Korg Electribe SX.

The Malex Kings.

© All artwork photos taken by Alberto Felipe Coloma.

Tracklist :
1.Welcome to Chicago 04:23   
2.Dix-Neuf 04:10   
3.Jam session 04:21   
4.Requiem for a bluesman 03:23   
5.Behind the church 03:41

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Origine du Groupe : Canada , Ukraine
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012


(cc) by-nc-nd

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From http://dustedwax.org

The well-known dusted wax knights Mr. Moods and DJ Racy A.J teamed up for a collabo album called "Istanbul". Hot big beat
and trip-hop joints flavoured with lovely oriental drum patterns and motives bring an amazing exotic summer atmosphere.

Tracklist :
01 - Mr. Moods - Illusion
02 - Mr. Moods - Tribal Manners
03 - DJ Racy A.J - Stones (Mr. Moods - Polish Stones Remix)
04 - Mr. Moods - Egyptian
05 - Mr. Moods - Istanbul
06 - Mr. Moods & DJ Racy A.J - Desert
07 - DJ Racy A.J - Two Choices (Henshin Mix)
08 - Mr. Moods - Tituana Brass
09 - Mr. Moods & DJ Racy A.J - Zaman
10 - Mr. Moods & DJ Racy A.J - Altered State of Consciousness
11 - Mr. Moods - Tribute To RD Burman
12 - DJ Racy A.J - Dimout
13 - Mr. Moods - Boring Day
14 - Mr. Moods & DJ Racy A.J - Death Wish

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Origine du Groupe : V.A
Style : Abstract Hip Hop Jazz , Compilation
Sortie : 2012

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From http://millenniumjazz.bandcamp.com

Millennium Jazz is a label and service provider based in London and home to talent from across the UK & France. Founded in 2003 with the main focus of providing production and sound engineering for new artists and producers as well as workshops for young people.

Now with a colourful roster of experienced staff and talent MJM arel focusing on releasing material of various styles and genres.

The Jazz Jousters return with a follow up to their ‘Chet Baker Tribute EP’ as they have just completed Lab Off session #2 to showcase some of the group’s talent and love of Hip Hop Jazz and Jazz orientated music.

However, this time the Jousters are paying homage to the late great Bob Brookmeyer, and as a sample source they used his version of the classic ‘Misty’, which Bob (Valve Trombone) played alongside the likes of Stan Getz (tenor sax), Gary Burton (vibraphone), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass) and Elvin Jones (drums), all of whom made up the ‘Bob Brookmeyer Sextet’ in 1964.

Once again we have a mix of talented international producers such as; Mr. Moods & Erik Jackson, Diligent Fingers, Skinnista, Joe Davies, DRTYDRDZ, Gadget, Elyon, Es-K, B 3 N B i & Blue Buttonz.

‘Misty’ also features vocals from Emma Louise, Gadget & Awakening Dawn on the closing track which makes this the first project to incorporate some of the vocal artists within the Millennium Jazz online community that is, The Jazz Jousters.

Tracklist :
1.Blue Buttonz - Beatboxin' with Bob 02:42
2.Diligent Fingers - Sway With Me 03:39    
3.Es-K - Chop Shop Blues 01:53    
4.Gadget - Sailing In The Mist 04:00
5.Mr. Moods - Misty (Slowmotion mix) feat Erik Jackson 05:05
6.Skinnista - Dells Dilema 02:51    
7.Elyon - Just A Dream 03:21
8.B 3 N B i - Misty Eyed 03:01    
9.DRTYDRDZ - Belle De Jour 01:36    
10.Joe Davies - Take A Stroll 02:32    
11.Blue Buttonz - Misty (The Blue Buttonz Tribute) 03:14    
12.Gadget - Give It To You Live ft Awakening Dawn & Emma Louise 04:18

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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012


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From Official Site :

With the kick-off party in Tokyo in July, DJ KRUSH's 20th anniversary of solo career opened its doors. The opening of the new chapter of the anniversary will be the long awaited releases of new tunes. To make the news even more exciting, it's gonna be a long term project where a single will be released online every month through next year. Got no choice but to experience the new world of KRUSH, through various & multi-angular approach every month

Tracklist :
01 - Koufu no Tsubasa - Breathe of wings
02 - Kuon - Far and Away
03 - Shuya no Chiheisen - Sleepless Horizon
04 - Kaginote - Phasic swing
05 - Kouro - Optical path
06 - Kuroi Ame - Black Rain
07 - Aoi Ame - Green Rain
08 - Genun - Passage Of Time
09 - Kyofu - Conflicts
10 - Yushin - Brave Heart

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Origine du Groupe : Greece
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://dustedwax.org

The Greek samples sculptor and beatsmith Mononome drops his second masterful EP for Dusted Wax Kingdom.
The tracks are structured completely out of samples and are reminiscent of the amazing jazzy vibes, lo-fi down-pitched drums
and powerful moods of the golden early 90s.

Tracklist :
01 - Forever Is Wasted
02 - Many Dreams Ago
03 - To Break A Broken Heart
04 - Fools Rush In
05 - Endless Nights

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Origine du Groupe : Hungary
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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Suhov Instrumentals from 7 Released Hungarian Underground Hip-Hop Album!

Tracklist :
1.Do2 - Álmodj (Suhov Instrumental) 05:33
2.Do2 - Ami ami az (Suhov Instrumental) 04:00
3.Do2 - Ucca Ucca (Suhov Instrumental) 04:18
4.Hazai Márka - Idill (Suhov Instrumental) 03:31
5.Joe - Tér (Suhov Instrumental) 02:09
6.Jószomszéd - Csak az olvassa (Suhov Instrumental) 03:46
7.Jószomszéd - Reggeli illúziók (Suhov Instrumental) 03:43
8.Jószomszéd - Vész (Suhov Instrumental) 04:40
9.ASK-HM -Lakótép (Suhov Instrumental) 03:45    
10.Mikrofontos & FMaN - Csapásszám (Suhov 55 Instrumental) 03:54        
11.Striktbeatz - Písz van a tatamin (Suhov Instrumental) 03:57    
12.Wemsical - Szegeden Szabadon (Suhov remix Instrumental) 03:38

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