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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://alterlabel.com
Le 13 avril 2011, Abelcoast nous quittait.
Quelques mois avant son décès, il élaborait un double album nommé Beats & Sugary Vibes, une sélection d'une quarantaine de ses meilleurs titres réalisés depuis le début des années 2000.
Pour commémorer sa mémoire, Alterlabel sort aujourd'hui le premier volume.
Le projet est resté dans les placards plusieurs mois, le temps d'apprendre à vivre avec la disparition d'un être cher, d'un artiste aussi rare que complet, du beat maker le plus doué et inventif qu'il nous ait été donné de rencontrer.

Tracklist :
1 - Abstract Form        
2 - Dragon    
3 - Cannibal Reza        
4 - Joe    
5 - Cool Ascension        
6 - Petit Bill
7 - Esperar        
8 - Hypnotic Hurt        
9 - Heat Sweet    
10 - Krack Ayers    
11 - Full Fun
12 - The Harvey Style    
13 - Pure Lude    
14 - Debra    
15 - Rezidu
16 - Ric & Rac
17 - Distribution (Of Rage)    
18 - Sampling Glory        
19 - Chronic Outro

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29 septembre 2012 6 29 /09 /septembre /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : Canada
Style : Abstract Hip Hop Blues
Sortie : 2012

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From http://ninjatune.net

As a real, genuine kid, long before he became Kid Koala, Eric San wanted an E-mu SP-1200 sampler – the Ark of the Covenent of hip hop production, used by his idols and heroes and imbued with legendary, almost supernatural, audio powers by rap aficionados worldwide. Unfortunately, he worked out he would have to deliver around eight million newspapers to buy one. Now, having hit his thirties, Eric finally has the machine he always craved.

Of course, music production has largely moved on, so Eric began working out what he could do with it - a kind of reverse engineering back to his childhood self. A little mucking around and it came to him – the blues was always about stripping music back to its bare essentials, which is exactly what the SP1200 does, too. Over three days he cut up and reassembled the bed tracks for 12 Bit Blues. No sequencing software was used. Using the pads on the machine and a multitrack, Eric played each part of the tracks in real time, before finally returning and adding cuts over the top.

The result is a really raw, immediate and strangely beautiful album, much like the music it draws on for its inspiration. In attempting to outplay and out-think the technology he is working with he revives the unworldly oddness of blues music before it became a staple of beer adverts and the jam-fantasies of middle aged marketing executives. This is the music, ripped and scratched and distressed until all those souls sold down the crossroads rise up and send shivers down your spine. It’s that real and, yes, that made up.

Tracklist :
1. 1 bit Blues
2. 2 bit Blues
3. 3 bit Blues
4. 4 bit Blues
5. 5 bit Blues
6. 6 bit Blues
7. 7 bit Blues
8. 8 bit Blues
9. 9 bit Blues
10. 10 bit Blues
11. 11 bit Blues
12. Denouement


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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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By Vincent Provini  From http://www.fipradio.fr

Si vous ne devez retenir qu'un album parmi la centaine qui sort aujourd'hui lundi 10 septembre alors ce sera "Dusty Rainbow From The Dark" du toujours profilique Wax Tailor.

En seulement trois albums le DJ/Producteur français a su imposer son talent dans le monde entier et il porte haut les couleurs de la musique hexagonale. Avec ce quatrième "Long métrage audio" comme il présente lui-même, Wax Tailor donne vie à un projet qu'il porte depuis 2006 et qu'il a mis en forme autour de trois étapes de création : la composition musicale, l'écriture de l'histoire et la réalisation. Guidé par un conteur (Don McCorkindale, voix mythtique de la BBC) tout au long du disque, on se laisse prendre au jeu du cinéma musical.

Fidèle à son habitude Wax Tailor réunit autour de lui un casting impeccable :  Sara Genn a travaillé sur l'écriture du "musicario" (ne cherchez pas je viens d'inventer le mot) et des musiciens du monde entier prennent les rôles principaux : Aloe Blacc, Jennifer Charles ou Charlotte Savary pour ne citer qu'eux.

La production du disque est juste parfaite et le parti-pris de composer exclusivement à partir d'échantillons de disques vinyls donne une sonorité rare aujoud'hui.

Vous l'aurez compris ce "Dusty Rainbow From The Dark" va vite devenir indispensable à votre discothèque. Si vous n'avez pas encore eu la chance de voir Wax Tailor sur scène réservez rapidement en cliquant sur le lien en bas de cette page, les places se vendent très très vite.

Tracklist :
01 – Exordium
02 – Dusty Rainbow (feat. Charlotte Savary)
03 – Like an Hourglass
04 – Only Once (feat. Ali Harter)
05 – Heart Stop (feat. Jennifer Charles)
06 – Something Began to Glow
07 – No
08 – A Stop Motion Bloom
09 – The Sound (feat. Mattic)
10 – In the Mirror
11 – Past, Present & Future (Rock ‘n’ Roll)
12 – Not Alone
13 – Down in Flames (feat. Sara Genn)
14 – Time to Go (feat. Aloe Blacc)
15 – Magic Numbers (feat. A.S.M & Mattic)
16 – No Regret (feat. Shana Halligan)
17 – Phonovisions
18 – Into the Sky
19 – My Window (feat. Elzhi & Akua)
20 – From the Dark
21 – Heart Stop (feat. Jennifer Charles) [Radio Edit]
22 – Time to Go (feat. Aloe Blacc) [Radio Edit]

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18 septembre 2012 2 18 /09 /septembre /2012 12:00



Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Electro Dark , Abstract Hip Hop , Experimental
Sortie : 2012

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From http://shop.thecontentlabel.com

Two Years in the making, this project is a multi-movement sound-scape that touches on the contrasting themes of life (sadness, happiness, courage, fear, etc).

We set sail deep within the psyche with the drum heavy accordion screamer “The Devil is a Dancer”. Here, Porter takes his trademark emotionally driven production to new heights with the use of his own voice in the form of a sea shanty. We reach the shore but soon travel “Over the Mountains, Through the Jungle, And into the Cave”. Resting in an acoustic haze we find moments of pure psychedelic bliss.

Joyful moans turn to anxious shrieks as we follow the hypnotic rhythms and discover “The Piper is a Madman”. The vinyl version of the project ends with the epic “Ask her nicely and she’ll show you the scars” and as the title suggests, its layers are memorable and more than skin deep.

Tracklist :
1. The Devil Is A Dancer 08:13
2. Over The Mountains, Through The Jungle, And Into The Cave 05:34
3. The Piper Is A Madman 05:43
4. Ask Her Nicely and She’ll Show You The Scars 07:36
5. Forget (Digital Only) 05:03
6. Kiss The Pretty Ones Goodbye (Digital Only) 5:52
7. Ask Her Nicely and She’ll Show You The Scars (Yppah remix) (Digital Only) 04:31 
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Origine du Groupe : Japan
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2011

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By Charles Mahoney   from http://potholesinmyblog.com

Posthumous albums can be a difficult thing to judge. Some are used as an opportunity to compile unreleased and often unrelated scraps of material that had long since been abandoned, while others might be the culmination of a project that was already destined to see the light of day. The latter naturally tend to make for more cohesive bodies of work, but they may still be faced with the obvious drawback of eventually being finished by everyone but the artist themselves – potentially leading to new ideas and sounds that are far removed from what was originally intended. Spiritual State doesn’t appear to fall into either of these categories, which is no mean feat given that its release comes nearly two years on from Nujabes’ death.

Fans of the late Japanese producer will notice that the formula here is similar to that of his earlier work: the previous studio albums were a gratifying mixture of Hip-Hop and Jazz that never seemed to stray entirely into either genre, and Spiritual State certainly carries on in this tradition. The familiar cast of Uyama Hiroto, Cise Starr, Pase Rock and Substantial help to achieve the fusion, but as with Metaphorical Music and Modal Soul, much of the content is handled by Nujabes himself.

Perhaps what sets this apart from its predecessors, then, is that it manages to be tinged with sadness while alluringly beautiful at the same time. Even if Hyde-Out Productions have purposefully selected the more wistful tracks from an unused back catalogue, nothing about the album feels contrived, and it is a measure of Nujabes’ talent that his style has not been compromised in order to create something so unwittingly mournful. It’s hard to imagine how themes of transience and mortality could be evoked with more elegance than on the title track or ‘Island’, yet neither song feels exaggerated when compared to what the man had put out before.

Dejecting as it may be to think that Spiritual State can’t point us towards what’s to come from such a gifted individual (even if moments like ‘City Lights’, ‘Yes’ and ‘Waiting For The Clouds’ give a good indication of what an album put together in better circumstances may have sounded like), this is both a fitting musical eulogy and worthy addition to a short but none the less accomplished discography.

Tracklist :
01 – Spiritual state (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
02 – Sky is Tumbling (feat. Cise Star)
03 – Gone Are The Day (feat. Uyama Hiroto)
04 – Spiral
05 – City Light (feat. Substantial & Pase Rock)
06 – Color of Autumn
07 – Down on the Side
08 – Yes (feat. Pase Rock)
09 – Rainy Way Back Home
10 – Far fowls
11 – Fellows
12 – Waiting for the clouds (feat. Substantial)
13 – Prayer
14 – Island (feat. Uyama Hiroto & Haruka Nakamura)

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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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From http://lesoleilestrare.blogspot.fr

 Reminding me of the glorious days of ASP, Shitao released a project he started somewhere around 2009. "No Bridge Behind" is that kind of instrumental albums that carries you to another place, like, into space for example. While some tracks bring a trip hop feeling to the table, others are closer to the boom bap vibe. The album will make you think of Tricky, Moby, Massive Attack... it's dark, gloomy, cloudy, spooky and brilliant.

As usual with ASP releases, it's free. And it's quality. The cover and artwork were done by Elise Boularan, a cool talented photographer.

Tracklist :
1. Behind
2. St. Petersburg Streets
3. Sleep With a Gun
4. Poor Thing
5. Awake
6. Cinema Lights go Down
7. Like The Dust
8. Three Colors


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Origine du Groupe : France
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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Tracklist :
3.STREET LIFE 03:08    
4.MY SPACE WORLD 03:26    
5.ROCK LOCK 05:17    
6.SILK STREET feat XTA KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Cristina Vece) 02:45    
7.SEXY BROWN 03:18
11.BLUE SPEED 03:05    
12.BEFORE LONG 04:50    
13.GLOBAL ISSUES 03:01    
14.ROCKET TRIP 03:14    
15.WAKE UP 03:16    
16.TOXIC SHOCK 08:53

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Origine du Groupe : Netherlands
Style : Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

(cc) by-nc-nd

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From http://dustedwax.org

Originally released from the Phonophanatic collective of beatmakers, here comes the debut EP by the Dutch producer deeB.
10 tracks of melodic acid jazz and instrumental hip-hop magic taking you to new relaxing dimensions.

Tracklist :
01 - Eleven11
02 - Leiden Lowlife
03 - Blik
04 - Inside The Outside
05 - Chillwings
06 - E-Type
07 - Daydream
08 - Dan Natural
09 - The Grand Illusion
10 - Coffee & Trees


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Origine du Groupe : Canada , U.K
Style : Abstract Hip Hop Jazz , Acid Jazz
Sortie : 2011

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From http://mrmoods.bandcamp.com

Collaboration with trumpetist Vicky Flint and beatmaker Mr. Moods.


Lyrics and cuts by Jesse Warner
Trumpet on all selections, Vicky Flint
Music background and twisted rhythms by Christian Denis (Mr. Moods).
Produced, mixed, mastered and arranged by Mr. Moods.

Tracklist :
1.The one and only (With Cheese) 03:43    
2.The end of the affair 04:21    
3.You got the feeling 04:05    
4.Subterranean horn 05:10    
5.My love for you 04:20    
6.Love is a prelude (With Skence) 04:42        
7.The one and only (Instrumental) 03:47

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Origine du Groupe : Hungary
Style : Beatmaker , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2012

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  some rights reserved







From http://suhov.bandcamp.com

A full-length beat lp from the collaboration of two Hungarian dj/producers, Mil and Suhov offers a personal view of the country's musical heritage.The genre is somewhere around instrumental hip-hop and features unique 70's and 80's samples. The creators raked up a dozen forgotten vinyls, including soundtracks, freaky Hungarian beat, jazz, disco and funky records. Howewer officially blocked, the Western music found its way to the Eastern Blocks' youth via the Luxemburg Radio, and created an underground club scene and some really hard-to-find singles. Mil and Suhov infused these items with dusty grooves and stricts rhythms so at last they can return to the dancefloor.

Tracklist :
01.Ördög (Devil) 02:50    
02.Meccs (Match) 01:44
03.Út (Road) 01:28
04.Soha (Never) 02:39
05.Zene nélkül (Without music) 02:43
06.Rejtett zug (Secret Place) 02:01
07.Fütyülök rá (I don't care a damn) 02:00
08.Szivárvány (Rainbow) 02:14
09.Kiáltozás (The Scream) 02:28    
10.Zöld Wartburg (Green Wartburg) 03:06
11.Fénysugár (Ray) 02:34
12.Levél (Leaf) 03:00    
13.Pénz Bábel (Money Babel) 02:47
14.Az utcán (On the street) 03:01    
15.Estefelé (At Night) 03:13    
16.Jóbarát (Good Friend) 01:47    
17.Színes éjszakák (Colorful Nights) 02:33    
18.Szerenád (Serenaide) 01:31    
19.Kígyó (Snake) 01:56
20.Nathalie Ütem (Nathalie Beat) 02:02    
21.Svihák (Wide boy) 00:51    
22.Várok (Waiting) 02:10
23.Röpke percek (Ephemeral minute) 02:55
24.Könnyű (Easy) 01:49
25.Próbáld ki (Try it) 01:46
26.Bázis (Base) 01:42    
27.Ki vagy (Who are you) 02:51    
28.Modern idők (Modern Era) 02:44


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