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Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Reggae , Electro Dub
Sortie : 2009

By DreadySam from http://www.ukreggaeguide.co.uk

Formed in 1988 dub/dance pioneers Zion Train are one of the best live dub acts in the world. They have 11 studio albums under their belts and innumerable production credits, remixes and song writing collaborations. Their 2007 album, “Live As One” won the Jamaican Reggae Grammy for “best dub recording.” September 2009 saw the release of Zion Train’s “Live As One Remixes” album on their own Universal Egg label.

The remixes and production on “Live As One Remixes” came from all over the world including Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia and Italy. Remixers include Rob Smith, Digital, and Dub Terror, mixing up different genres including dub, drum & bass and dubstep.

The album starts with a beautiful mellow down tempo remix of 'Why' by Alambic Conspiracy followed by a Dub Creator mix of 'What A Situation' which brings the tempo up slightly. Vibronics enter the mix with 'Boxes & Amps', this is a great track but then who better to remix a track than a fellow dub master? The remix album steps up the pace with 'What A Situation' by De Niro, a track that has a dubstep flavour to it. It is a nice track and fits well in the middle of the album. Weeding Dub's remix of 'Baby Father' is a great dubby tune with an upbeat riddim. The album ends with 'Terror Talk' by Digital & Lutin, a Drum & Bass mix of an already great track turned into a top notch Drum & Bass tune.

This album has been put together brilliantly and the tracks follow each other with ease. There is a great variety of genres to be heard in the 15 tracks. The remixes all have that distinctive dub in them from the original track and are still very much Zion Train tunes at the core.

Dub and Dance fans alike should love this album filled with quality tunes from around the planet. Truly an album produced in the global village :)


Tracklist :
01. Alambic Conspiracy – Why (Remixed by Paolo Baldini in Pordenone, Italy)
02. Dub Creator – What A Situation (Remixed by Dub Creator in the Netherlands)
03. Rob Smith – Boxes and Amps (Remixed by Rob Smith in Bristol, UK)
04. Digital Dubs – Baby Father baile step mix (Remixed by Marcus "MPC" in Muzambinho studio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
05. Vibronics – Boxes and Amps (Remixed by Steve Vibronics in Leicester, UK)
06. Brain Damage – Give Me Good Sensi (Remixed by Brain Damage in St Etienne, France)
07. What A Situation - De Niro (Remixed by Roberto Nirino in Torino, Italy)
08. RDK Sound System – Boxes and Amps (Do you love the soundsystem rmx) (Remixed by Jadranko Kerekovic, Tomislav Vrkljan and Vanja Ohnec in Zagreb/Croatia)
09. Weeding Dub – Baby Father (Remixed by Weeding Dub (France))
10. Professor Skank – Life that I Choose (Remixed by Stefanos Paterakis in Crete, Greece)
11. Dubsync – Baby Father (Remixed by the Dub Sync,dubbed by Madaski @ Dub the Demon recording studio, Turin, Italy)
12. Studio As One – Terror Talk (Remixed by Jarek "Smok" Smak" & Mario Activator in Warsaw, Poland)
13. BungaloDub – Why (Remixed by Dukas for Invasion records, DF Mexico)
14. Dub Terror – Boxes and Amps (Remixed by Simone Lombardi in London, UK)
15. Digital & Lutin – Terror Talk (Remixed by Digital & Lutin in Ipswich, UK)



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