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Origine du Groupe : Greece
Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Downtempo , Ambient
Sortie : 2007

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By BEAT FACTOR from http://www.myspace.com

Very deep ambient called Chemisphere and continues with the melodic breaks Macrocosm , a really peaceful and profound track which unlashes some spiritual energies hard to be described in simple words. The third track featured on the album is Floating Mythodia , consisting in a deep and quiet progressive work, very atmospheric as well. Looks like the forth Silver Butterfly brings some energy and wakes up the listener, warming up the scene with some nice breaks, very mentally and sophisticated produced, and later it's time for Prism of Essence to calm down the spirits focusing on the mellow and deep break beat with ambient melody. Soulcolours is a beautiful ambient track, very hypnotic and nostalgic, but there's the great drum and bass called Airfield that takes the listener up, at least spiritual if not physical. The last but not the least is Nanosphere a cosmic and strange breaks tune, with some long and dizzy strings of melody.
Reflecting two personalities, so many various and complicated music tastes, mentalities, way of living and of perceiving the world, this album concentrates upon different things than the usual electronic kick ass monster party. It goes further, beyond the mind and the spirit, penetrating the consciousness and infiltrating in the feelings that we have regarding music in our way of understanding the concept. This album really enters "beyond the unknown".

Tracklist :
01 Monogramm
02 With You
03 Finding A Cloud To Ride
04 Soulsin
05 Love Letter
06 Divine Form
07 Treat Me Right
08 Symbosium
09 You Will See
10 Sky Pilot
11 My Garden
12 No Styl' Gia
13 Rosetta Stone
14 Last Contact





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