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Un album conceptuel d'abstract hip hop tout ce qu'il y a de plus banal , qui nous surprend à nous faire dandeliner de la tëte .
Simple , efficace , Willie Green nous embarque dans les aventures des "Héros et Vilains" litéralement .
A découvrir , en plus c'est gratos ! Merci l'artiste !
by DJ DemonAngel

...Of Heroes & Villains is born out of Willie Green's childhood love of cartoons. In his words, the premise of this instrumental narrative is "the ultimate battle between good and evil. He-Man vs. Dangermouse's Baron Silas Greenback". The album pairs Green's agile beatmaking with a keen ear for samples pilfered from some of his favorite cartoons. As an extra bonus, Green has included two exclusive non-album tracks featuring billy woods of SCFB and Nasa of The Presence, respectively.

Of Heroes And Villains Trailer from Willie Green


Note :

1. Final Adjustments
2. Preparations
3. A Turn For The Worse
4. The Plan
5. Synergy
6. Snitches
7. The Message
8. The Anomaly
9. First Encounters
10. A Thrill A Minute
11. Entermission
12. Nobody Gets Out Alive
13. Maid Service
14. Destination Please
15. Arrivals
16. Exiled
17. The Twist
18. Swords Crossed
19. Final Showdown
20. Victory Lap
21. Infinity Gauntlet ft. Nasa (of The Presence) [BONUS]
22. Family Ties ft. billy woods (of Super Chron Flight Brothers) [BONUS]

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