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17 mars 2010 3 17 /03 /mars /2010 11:40
http://eastblok.de/catalog/images/voovoo-haydamaky_do_sieci.jpgNote :


Sortie : 2009
Style : Alternative Fuion , World , Rock , Punk , Reggae , Ska

01. VooVoo & Haydamaky - B¹dŸ Zdrowe, Serce Me (5:17)
02. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Tylko Z Nieba (4:41)
03. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Do Ternopola (5:27)
04. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Dumka Dla Kitona (2:18)
05. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Besarabka (3:52)
06. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Poleczko (5:41)
07. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Z Kolegami (4:44)
08. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Wysz³a M³oda (5:42)
09. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Dinata (4:32)
10. VooVoo & Haydamaky - Babilon System (5:43)


The story begins on the frontier. On August 25th 2007 in Dołhobyczów, on the eastern border of European Union, took place first “reconciliation concert”, European Bridge – Frontier 803. Many well known groups from Poland and Ukraine attended event, among them Haydamaky and Voo Voo. It was then, that Mirek Olszowka, Voo Voo manager, has hit upon an idea to unite those two elements into one musical being. Several months later bands started first jams together and on 20th of July played new, common program at Strefa Inne Brzmienia fest, created and produced by Mirek Olszówka. In autumn that year, both groups met in studio. Today you can taste the fruits of that session. Voo Voo and Haydamaky present true stories and truly men singing… The art of words and roots music. When talking about roots art, you have to keep in mind stability of attitudes and truths, their simple power, abundance of meanings, all metaphysical space – relations with human being, with God, love and the simplest, smiling affirmation of life. Their music is based mainly on Ukrainian repertoire, which is in natural way inspired by Balkan roots, scales an rhythms but it also grows from very rich rock style. Artists show the most expressive part of their music – devotion to their tradition, to music of roots combined with tremendous energy and deep imagination. Haydamaky and Voo Voo music is transformation of that what comes directly from national roots and ethnic traditions. It is also artistic reinterpretation of their personal experience and of western music. Voo Voo is acting like musical filter and emotional Haydamaky play builds on it. It should be added however, that this music would not reach such form without Voo Voo – one of the most all-round Polish band. And Voo Voo would not be itself if it did not add something own to it. It is thanks to sensitivity of Mateusz Pospieszalski – record producer as well as author and composer of a few songs from it – that we can safely speak about coherence of music material and - many a time – some astonishing points of it. Voo Voo seems to be an ideal partner for this encounter. It is a well known brand, but it is also wide open to resign from its own style and conform to the rules of the space it is just dealing with. The Project has also substantial overtone going beyond the art activity. It draws public attention to natural need for closeness in Polish-Ukrainian relations and a wall on frontier that bars from it. How deep are the rivers we have yet to cross? This is a significant question, both to traditional and contemporary culture. „When I started my own project Inne Brzmienia (Other Tones), I decided to create multicultural, international event, connecting artists and audiences from different musical scenes. This idea brought collection of prestigious records. One of them we present you now. Second part of the project is an annual international Inne Brzmienia fest. I would like, our festival could be the open place for presentation of ambitious and unique music, meetings of artists and public, discussions, artistic workshops, paintings, photography and movies shows. Its first edition took place in July 2008, in Lublin. Then, at the unique and thrilling concert, joint bands of Voo Voo and Hydamaky played for the first time together” - Mirek „Kiton” Olszówka says.

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