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Origine du Groupe : Russia , North America , Australia , Mexico , Denemark
Style : Alternative , Trip Hop , Electro
Sortie : 2010

In a recording of the album took part Fannie (Turkey), THEreminGIRL (Russia), Pat Appleton (De-Phazz, Germany), Elizabeth Solana (Stervhia, Mexico), DJ Sid (USA), Marie Craven (Australia), Pearl (Denmark), Alex Popov (Russia), Anders Honore (Denmark), Raffi A. (USA), DJ Topor (Russia). Vibes of different nations and cultures were mixed in the album. You can hear in it many styles: from traditional classics and blues to modern ambient and trip-hop. And every one of the tracks has recognizable sound and author’s style of V.I.C.

from http://vicsound.bandcamp.com/album/paradise

Tracklist :
01. Intro Moscow (Reinvented RMX w DJ Sid-the Apocalypze)
02. Paradise (feat. Fannie)
03. MayBe (feat. Pearl)
04. Momentarily Here (feat. THEreminGIRL)
05. The President Of The USA (feat. Fannie)
06. Utopian Fate (feat. S.C.E.)
07. We Can Make It Better (feat. Fannie)
08. The Highs And The Lows (feat. Pat Appleton)
09. Between Clouds (feat. Cwtch)
10. LuLaBy (feat. THEreminGIRL)
11. Hidden Track
12. Outro

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