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Origine du Groupe : V.A World
Style : Alternative Fusion , Electro World Music
Sortie : 2003

By http://hadtocallitsomething.blogspot.com

More dub goodness from Youth, as in Youth In Dub, featuring an assortment of chilled dub grooves and some original remixes by Youth.

Tracklist :
01. Celtic Raga's - Bjhanji (Youth Remix) (5:06)
02. Clive De Carle Pres. New World Orchestra - Tea Time In Bengal (4:25)
03. Youth vs. Coldcut - Sahara Orchid Dub (5:47)
04. Abakus Feat. Ranajit Sengupta - California Sunshine (6:44)
05. United States Of Dub - Tiger Moon (5:16)
06. The Kumba Mela Experiment Feat. Brother Culture - Junkie Deluxe (4:39)
07. Pitch Black - Melt (Youth Remix) (6:20)
08. Brother Culture - Turn It Around (Youth Remix) (6:06)
09. The Kumba Mela Experiment Feat. Brother Culture - Peace And Love (Groove Corporation Remix) (10:42)
10. Ranajit Sengupta - Secret Ragas (6:13)


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