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3 octobre 2010 7 03 /10 /octobre /2010 11:00


Origine du Groupe : Various North America
Style : Nu-Jazz , Soul , Funk , Groove , Rap Fusion
Sortie : 2004

This is an intriguing set. Although put out by the Concord subsidiary Peak, the jazz content is pretty low, with the flavor of jazz utilized much more than any serious improvising. However, the dance music is continuous and episodic, and keeps one guessing. A lot of different colors are used (whether it be Louis Van Taylor's tenor, Karen Briggs or Trey Duncan on violins, the keyboards, or the occasional vocalists), plenty of moods are covered, and the grooves never stop. Its main fault is that the electronic rhythms do not vary often enough (do dancers really need to have the beat stated so obviously all the time?), but in general this is a more interesting set than expected. It works best as background party and dance music.

by Scott Yanow

Tracklist :
01. Hey Shorty
02. Vanelli
03. Jak Ghetto
04. Howard's In
05. Enemy
06. Da Truth
07. Deringa
08. Kaos
09. Sumpin' Else
10. T.h.u.g. Theme
11. Vicious Vamp


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