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Origine du Groupe : V.A World
Style : Electro Dub
Sortie : 2004

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Nine years ago, a loose collective of rebel souljahs calling themselves the Crooklyn Dub Consortium launched a new movement in sound with the seminal Certified Dope, Volume 1 (WSCD003), a compilation which defined a burgeoning style from the underground dubbed "Illbient" by the press. Once again, one-upping the downtempo dummies, the crooked knights--including Spectre, Scotty Hard, HIM, and Bill Laswell-- return to prove that good music will always outlive the hype. Certified Dope, Volume 4 (WSCD048) stands as a testament to the awesome power of the Sound. Count on the expanded Crooklyn Dub Outernational to define these crucial times with this latest slate of dubwise illtronica. Babylon's Burning, ya heard? Or do the powers that be want you to party and bullshit till oblivion? Crooklyn Dub has the sonic cure to get you through the commercial blues. And as always, all styles and flavors represented here ripple with originality. French dub powers Brain Damage and Lab lead the charge with the haunting collabo, "Ph neutre," sounds from the Other Side. From the deviant dub-hop of Philosophy Major's "The Soundless Hum of Prayer" to the digital roots of Zion Train's "Modimo," the kaleidoscopic mix is seamless yet unpredictable. Twilight Circus suprises us with the world class dub-funk of "Twlight Circus Meets WordSound Inna Crooklyn 2003 Style," while Bill Laswell takes it back to the old school with Sly & Robbie riding shotgun on "Finite State Machine Dub." Roots Control rides the crushing backbeat of "Boombastic" to dubwise glory. And Doug Scharin's HIM outfit has grown in leaps and bounds as they display adept musicality on "Disco Lips." Meanwhile, left coast assassin King Fader treats a Systemwide beat like Adrian Sherwood on "Eyupsultan" as bonny Prince Charming treats us to his delightful dub rendition of "A Touch of Romance." For the hard stuff, look no further than Scotty Hard, who's coughing up chunks of suspicious dub matter on "Smoke Damage." Teledubgnosis, too, lends some earth-shaking dub-rock to the set with "Ladies &Gentlemen.... Always." World famous DJ/Rupture represents with the tweaked out madness of "Pleasure Ruin Dub," and bass terrorist Spectre never disappoints with the all out low-end assault of "Al Quaida." Always light years ahead of the pack, the genre-bending, boundary-breaking WordSound proves, once again, that Crooklyn keeps on making it HOT. Much more than music, this is a sonic tonic for survival as Babylon burns.

by http://www.wordsound.com

Tracklist :
01      Ph Neutre
Brain Damage and Lab°     4:31
02     The Soundless Hum Of Prayer (Remix)
Philosophy Major     4:04
03     Finite State Machine Dub
Bill Laswell     4:49
04     Modimo
Zion Train     5:08
05     Eyupsultan (The King Fader Mix)
Systemwide     6:55
06     Disco Lips
HIM     5:32
07     Twilight Circus Meets WordSound Inna Crooklyn 2003 Style
Twilight Circus     4:02
08     Boombastic
Roots Control     4:25
09     A Touch Of Romance
Prince Charming     3:28
10     Smoke Damage
Scotty Hard     7:52
11     Ladies and Gentlemen… Always
Teledubgnosis     4:01
12     Al Qaida (The Bass)
Spectre     4:51
13     Pleasure Ruin Dub
DJ /rupture     3:24 


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