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Country : North America
Genre : Trip Hop
Style : Electro , Alternative

Label : Auto Prod
Year : 2013







Linked by fate and brought together by laser focus on storytelling through music, UNA is a ménage à trois of head, heart, and soul. With a barebones roster of Jennifer Nice on vocals, Richard Larsen on keys and production and Eddie Barajas on turntables, UNA imparts a larger-than-life sound on listeners, telling intricate tales in a direct, sensual and cinematic style. Inspired by the present, the past and things as simple as a feeling, UNA is a spirited bossanova track inspired by an insufferable crime of passion; an opulent lullaby based on a grand Biblical tale; an anguished, orchestral trip-hop ballad about an unstable affair. Could the magic of UNA be categorized into a genre? Maybe. Downtempo and electronica surely loom large in the trio’s repertoire, but so do blues, jazz, Latin influences, soul and funk; a retro-future sensibility with a sound firmly planted in the present. Dedicated to borrowing from all genres to tell their stories, a throughline persists; earnestly sultry vocals, penchant keys, expansive basslines, blithesome instrumentation and cavernous effects forming a pleasing marriage between light and dark that drips with charisma. Source


Tracklist :

1.The Astronomer 04:29
2.We Are the Lonely 04:50
3.The Myth 04:07
4.Out of the Dark 05:29
5.The Laughing Man 04:22 


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