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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Trip Hop , Electro , Downtempo
Sortie : 2007

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From http://www.unamusic.net

A new single from the LA based trip-hop trio UNA, explains why it has taken more than the average amount to release new music. Continuing on the success of their first LP, one, is a reality play of life versus music. When that got sorted out, the band promptly got back to work and has produced a handful of the most extraordinary tracks in their repetoire to date, one of which is their newest single, We Are the Lonely.

While retaining their foundation of electronica and hip-hop, they, in the course of their journeys, have discovered a new land of emotional peaks and mesmerizing landscapes. We Are the Lonely features new instruments, vocal clusters, and bold, breaking beats. One thing they have not lost, the love of melody and lyric, keeping stride with the intent of the song.

Their first LP, one, released 2008, rose to number one in the US as Mediaguide's Top Debut for an Unsigned Band. UNA combines the compelling voice of Jennifer Cook with the inspired keyboards and guitar of Richard Larsen and the downtempo turntables and samplings of Eddie Barajas.

Tracklist :
01 Angels At My Door 4:45
02 Nightingale 6:03
03 Happy The Man 4:11
04 Barbara Henry 4:57
05 Casa Del Fuego 4:40
06 Fading In C# Minor 4:57
07 Freedom On Fire 5:16
08 Hate 5:03
09 Jonah 5:14
10 She Wolf 2:43
11 Wordless 5:19
12 Blue Dress 5:38

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