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Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Indie , Alternative , Instrumental , Soul
Sortie : 2011

By Galaxia  from http://hangout.altsounds.com

When it comes to skateboarding and music you could instantly think of bands such as Flogging Molly, Minor Threat and Dropkick Murphys; bands that can easily rile up the listener due to it's punk/hardcore roots. Yet there is the somewhat hidden musical gem of Tommy Guerrero that has brought a more soulful and textured sound to the scene.

A huge skateboarding star in the eighties (As a prominent member of the Bones Brigade), he was well known for his very relaxed style of skating in his hometown of San Francisco and this has carried through into his music. His third album Soul Food Taqueria that broke through to moderate popular success in 2003 (Listed as the second best album of that year by Rolling Stone) showed hints of this chilled out approach yet fast forward eight years to Lifeboats and Follies it has finally been realized to it’s fullest extent and it is a joy to listen to.

From the first track 'Yerba Buena Bump' onwards, TG has set out with laidback stride with the dense and complex interplay between the guitar and trumpet that just immerses you in the music. Once the music has you in it’s grip with the likes of 'The Same Confusion' and 'Hope and Nomadic Static', it never lets go as it’s rich tone that has, so much emotion invested into it, guides the listener through whilst still having the casual drive of the percussion that adds such an infectious groove to the pieces.

The way in which Lifeboats and Follies can effortlessly layer that are incorporates and embraces funk, jazz and hip-hop with an expansive, almost cinematic experience truly is amazing as it moves from the relaxed and rich to the fervent and passionate (such as Ques S’est-il Passe) with such ease. But saying all this, the most impressive thing about Tommy Guerrero and Lifeboats and Follies is the accessibility. You don’t have to be a fan of Latin or soul music to enjoy this music as it has such diversity to it that there will something for almost everyone to like and even if it isn’t exactly what you would usually like, let alone be a fan of, it is guaranteed to hypnotize.


Tracklist :       
01 – Yerba Buena Bump
02 – Cut The Reins
03 – March of the Masses
04 – The Same Confusion and Hope
05 – Bullfights On Broadway
06 – Que S’est-Il Passe
07 – The Last Maverick
08 – Puesta Del Sol
09 – On The West
10 – Red For Green
11 – The Lonely and The Only
12 – Nomadic Static
13 – 6 Feet For 6 Figures


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