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Origine du Groupe : Russia
Style : Alternative , Trip Hop
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.farfrommoscow.com

Just as with MyHoliday and InWhite, the matter of goal-oriented enterprise rises to the surface. Either because of Moscow's unforgiving music business or because of more universal, philosophical issues of time's passage and (vain) human enterprise, one needs a certain degree of faith in order to begin any project. Both time and fickle audiences, however, make self-confidence a rare quality. The odds are stacked heavily against long-term success.

And so, as a result, even the frontwoman of a gifted, "technically flawless" ensemble falls to extreme self-doubt from the outset. Solutions come from the strangest quarters: "My inherent lack of confidence has actually taught me over time how to handle things. I can get a handle on my bad habits with auto-suggestion: if you're getting ready to do something then don't doubt yourself. Be brave, step forth with confidence - as if you weren't gripped with fear! That kind of training will make you stronger."

Valentina Manysheva – vocal, piano, violin, songwriting
Dima Zilpert – guitars, vocal
Dima Losev – electric piano, synthesizers, kalimba, singing bowl, toys, electronics, vocal, handclaps
Dima Frolov – drums
Oleg Mariakhin – saxophones, trumpet, vocoder, handclaps
Nikita Filippov – live sound engineer

Kirill Afonin – bass
Dmitriy Fastunov – cello
Ramil Shamsutdinov – handclaps
Sergey Nebolsin – handclaps
Artem Amatuni – vocal (5)

Tracklist :
01. Changing
02. Breathe Out
03. Wrong
04. Silver Moon
05. Kissed By The Sun
06. Sparks
07. 7778
08. Hidden Place
09. Brave
10. Something New
11. Believe
12. Let It Go
13. That's Why My Heart Feels So Shy

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