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Origine du Groupe : North AMerica
Style : Electronic , Downtempo , Abstract Hip Hop
Sortie : 2011

From http://www.electronicsoundscapes.com

The Secret Whistle are an instrumental electronica duo based in Oregon U.S.A.

With over 40 recordings under their belt in a few short years, Dan Friedman and Forest Gallien combine subtle elements of hip-hop, lo-fi retro, dub, ambient, and electronica into a unique synthesis of experimental organic sounds and textures, using various recording methods unique to their genre such as recording and looping live drum samples, layering multiple live bass tracks over each other, and manipulating samples from old vinyl records.

Backstroke Into The Next Galaxy is the opening tune for Capturing Something. Atmospherically enriched vinyl scratchy bass lines and retro soundscapes, support the ideal introduction to the album’s direction.

Escalating vinyl sweetness and masterfully crafted piano verses unfurl in Candy Coated Intelligence, enveloped by enigmatic voices murmuring melodically. More solid beats are about to take over.

Lying and Creativity bridges the album towards a more emotional and upbeat direction. Retaining the analogue vinyl coating, gradually builds up to an emotional crescendo, counter balanced by the soft and deep bassline.

Deepening the tempo and steadying the pace, Moon Top Mountains, immerge the senses over a dreamy mountain top panoramic view, taking the listener to deeper Secret Whistle soundscapes.

Keep on riding relaxed emotional sound waves, Particularly Striking introduces yet another direction of the album. Steady and clear electronic trip hybrid beats and thought provoking samples set the pace.

Still wrapped on vinyl goodness, Capable of Flight open wings and combines all The Secret Whistle elements introduced to the album up to now.

Bent Minds steps down the pace and gears up on emotional content. A deeper dive into the more emotional side of the album. Melancholic electronica meets organic instrumental atmospheres.

Trip hybrid, beat driven Back into Sleep wears a tricky hat as the title contradicts the track . Its hard to go back to sleep with its magnetising bass line and sharply manipulated samples. Yet another Secret Whistle style variant, setting a more night time but still atmospheric pace.

Keeping on a night time ride, Shadow Act V punches in with smart samples and animated bass lines. Future retro timeless electronica. Watch out for the shadow !

Touching ground Perdido, is a sentimental masterpiece. Melodic strings and misty snares gradually take the listener out of the night time pace of Shadow Act V.

Prison captures the senses. Floating organic strings interlude between the album’s story telling flow and Capturing Something.

Capturing Something is an amalgamation of all The Secret Whistle’s elements and soundscapes introduced in the album. Tranquil and groovy, serene and dynamic, this track rightfully deserves the album’s title.

Keeping an ace up the sleeve for the last track, The Mind Vacuum kicks off with a long intro and develops to a deep yet minimal masterpiece, encapsulating the album’s essence.

After releasing 2 E.Ps and 1 full length album, “Capturing Something” is the group’s first full length album on Electronic Soundscapes, showcasing the most mature Secret Whistle sound up to date.

Live triggered electronica and real played music instruments meet vintage vinyl soundscapes and layers of organic bass driven samples.

Tracklist :
01. Backstroke Into The Next Galaxy (2:26)
02. Candy Coated Intelligence (2:59)
03. Lying & Creativity (3:28)
04. Moon Top Mountains (3:31)
05. Particularly Striking (3:24)
06. Capable Of Flight (4:14)
07. Bent Minds (3:24)
08. Back Into Sleep (3:19)
09. Shadow Act V (3:28)
10. Perdido (4:26)
11. Prison (3:31)
12. Capturing Something (4:17)
13. The Mind Vacuum (3:55)





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