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Unless you enjoy a fully-clothed, midsummer, smoky community sauna with barely enough elbow room enough to scratch your own nose, it is a given prerequisite to have ample dancing room whenever seeing these guys live. Having caught them at the end of their west coast tour, it's my advice to arrive early and stake out your boogie box. Anything less is sacrilege; the Motet and physical expression are inseparable. Though they've gone through a number of incarnations since their inception, the core group of this Colorado-born band has retained their subterranean funk threads, the somatically-inspiring Afro-Cuban hand-drumming of Dave Watts and, perhaps most distinctive of all, their signature, brassy jazz infrastructure. Add to that, the intermittent loungey bedroom vibe, inspiring 70s soul flashbacks for a closed-eyed groove solo, these guys bring a tangible heat to the atmosphere, regardless of the notable size of their faithful fanbase. Beyond the sizzle of the sax-fronted prowess, the Motet has a highly-developed sense of musical conversation within the band- something often lost in this scene where laying down a chewy funk line is supposed to be enough. But no, along with their core jazz influences, they bring one of the greatest assets of jazz's contribution to all of music- the respect for intertwined lines, weaving in and out and around each other with definite purpose and placement. In other words, this music doesn't only travel linearly, but it travels vertically, conceived in terms of how it breathes as a whole. That might sound a wee bit academic for a band that comes in a casual, down-to-earth package, but this is the phenomenon where the sophistication of jazz is not lost in the reincarnation through rock hybrids. Of course, it's no secret that music captures what words cannot, so find that little 'Play' button and go to town.

by Tamara Turner

Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Funk , Soul , Jazz
Sortie : 2004

Tracklist :

1. Cheap Shit (6:22)
2. Power (7:09)
3. Black Hat (8:14)
4. The Magic Way (9:40)
5. Fearless (6:12)
6. Corpocratic (7:07)
7. What's The Purpose (6:41)
8. Them Or Us (10:48)



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