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Origine du Groupe : Greece
Style : Alternative Rock , Garage , Psychedelic
Sortie : 2009

From http://underworldshakedown.blogspot.com

Sometimes artist’s little comments include the whole spirit that a reviewer is trying to describe. The Heavy Liquid album is dedicated to Lux Interior (lead singer and former of The Cramps) and to Mr. Hunter S. Thompson. If you don’t dig those two you’re probably unable to understand what the LAST DRIVE is about. Formed in the early 80’s in Athens, Greece they were the best English-spoken band in town and they kept the legend of their name until 1995 when they disbanded. Last drive’s music melting pot was a mix of garage, rockabilly, and surf. They took all the elements of 50’s and 60’s music and they made something fresh and unique in the late 80’s with the albums “Underworld Shakedown”, 1986 and “Heatwave”, 1988. Those albums are on top of the 80’s garage/rock’n’roll/punk era. On the next 3 albums, the band changed musical direction. “Blood Nirvana”, 1990, “F#ckhead Entropy”, 1992 and “Subliminal”, 1994, are heavier including heavy rock elements, dessert sound and represent the late 80’s early 90’s Athens decline and the raise of the political and musical underground movement. During their career except all the rock’n’roll and garage stereotypes that they always kept questioning, they sang about city’s decadence, the despair of being alone and the heroin as a part of the process that kills all the rebel souls. With having a hardcore political line and delivering their music in every little corner in Greece, playing anywhere they were invited they created a myth all these years. They played with the Wipers, Jesus and Mary Chain, the Gun Club. They toured in Germany with Dead Moon and they also played some shows in Spain. Finally they seemed to represent everything the Greek music underground was all about. In 1995 the disbanded and after 12 years, silence was broken with 3 sold out gigs in Athens that were followed with many more in Greece and Europe. Unlike many empty reunions this one was worth. The tense on those gigs was the proof with everybody going completely crazy. Those shows were captured on film and the “Time Is Not Important” release on cd/dvd was just a reminding war-up for this year’s full length “Heavy Liquid” on Drive’s own record label “Happy Crasher”. This album includes everything The Last Drive was and still is about. The sound is similar to the latest releases of the band and all the 80’s generation heroes fly like drunken ghosts while the album is on the instant replay. Beat literature, rock’n’roll attitude, massive hits, great artwork and smart lyrics from a band that doesn’t have to prove their history, instead they take it one step forward with this effort.

Tracklist :
01) A Glass of Broken Dreams
02) Get off my World
03) Hang the Bone
04) Magdalene
05) Headlong to the Edge
06) Pantherman
07) Maureen
08) Mountains
09) Hole in the Wall
10) Jack of the Highway
11) Goldfish
12) Alabama




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